Hunt Through Napoleon's Web

Hunt Through Napoleon's WebOf All The Priceless Treasures Gabriel Hunt Has Sought, None Means To Him Than The One Drawing Him To The Rugged Terrain Of Corsica And The Exotic Streets Of Marrakesh His Own Sister S Life To Save Her, Hunt Will Have To Challenge The Mind Of A Tyrant Two Centuries Dead The Calculating, Ingenious Napoleon Bonaparte

Gabriel Hunt is the pseudonym used by the group of authors writing this series.

[Epub] ➟ Hunt Through Napoleon's Web By Gabriel Hunt –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Hunt Through Napoleon's Web
  • Gabriel Hunt
  • English
  • 07 October 2018
  • 9780843962574

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    Gabriel s long lost sister, Lucy short for Lucifer , has been abducted by an Egyptian extremist cult to coerce Gabriel to find Napoleon s hiding place of a fully intact version of the Rosetta Stone which is believed to have some Ark of the Covenant type powers Joined by Sammi, a girlfriend of Lucy s, Gabriel trots from Nice to Corsica to Marrkesh in search of his sister and the Second Stone.Though it is technically the final book of the six book series and the denouement functions as a good send off, reading it out of order didn t affect understanding of the story or give anything away from the other books Most of the novel is focused on Gabriel trying to find Lucy and infiltrating the cult s compound, which continues to be some fun escapist adventure There is a colorful enemy and an archeological treasure to be recovered, again really hitting that Indiana Jones sweet spot well Benson s prose works fine and the plotting is suspenseful without being overcomplicated, making this another quick airport beach read from a series I m glad I found.

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    Review in a day or two If this really is the last hurrah for Gabriel Hunt, he goes out in fine form thanks to Raymond Benson As with the preceding five Hunt books, HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON S WEB starts out in a rush Gabriel and a cohort in the midst of a spelunking accident and gets faster from there Oh, there are a few quiet moments mid book, but like the best pulpy thrillers both old and new the quiet doesn t last long.Benson s story balances the hunting for clues and high adrenaline adventure aspects pretty well, driving home the point I ve made with each book that Gabriel Hunt really is a modern Indiana Jones, albeit one with a familial support system than Indy had in the original three movies Of course Gabriel gets a woman, no surprise there The least suspenseful part of the book is the how will they end up in bed question it s become such a predictable part of the books that I don t even worry my little head about it beforehand, unless there s than one potential bedmate in the book and in this case, there s not Benson also provides we faithful readers of the series with a moment we ve been waiting for through several books now, and it is a satisfying one.On the downside, if this is the last Hunt book, there s at least one series long mystery that has not been resolved and that left me a little frustrated The background mystery of what happened to the Hunt parents when they disappeared from that cruise ship a decade ago is an intriguing one, but it s also one I d hate to see go unresolved forever Hopefully, publisher Charles Ardai can convince someone to bring out at least one Gabriel Hunt book And if Raymond Benson writes it, I m okay with that too Benson, or Christa Faust, or Ardai himself they ve provided I think my three favorite installments of the six, not that I ve been disappointed in any of them.

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    I have now read all six of the Gabriel Hunt novels The first five were excellent, and this last one was just as excellent These stories have been classic adventure fiction, with a great action hero main character, wonderful action sequences, exotic locales, and the hero getting the beautiful women every time Maybe cliche, maybe trite, but I enjoyed them anyway I wish Charles Ardai would produce of this series I would definitely read them.

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    HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON S WEB 2014 by Raymond Benson This is the sixth, and five years later, the last book in the Gabriel Hunt series This is pure pulp fiction reminding us of why the genre was so popular in the past, not that it has disappeared Raymond Benson writes a fine thrilling tale that starts with a cliff hanger, literally, and shoots though action scene after action scene When our hero, Gabriel Hunt, finds out his estranged little sister Lucy has been kidnapped by a shadowy, pro Egyptian group of ruthless men who want Hunt to recover a second Rosetta Stone, he has few choices In Paris where she lived he discovers Sammi, Lucy s friend going through her apartment The sinister group soon arrives and Sammi proves she is a match for Gabriel s wits and courage Fast forward to the pair, separated by incidents, both on their way to Marrakech and on to Corsica in search of the lost treasure But of course there are others who protect the treasure and will gladly kill to preserve it This was a quick read, ideal for a day at the beach or a journey where the scenery leaves much to be desired As was true of pulp fiction in it s glory days, you shouldn t try to make too much out of this, merely sit back and enjoy the ride.

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    A little language, a little suggestive, but an interesting book and a quick, easy read.

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    A good book shame its the last in the series, I hope there is but I doubt it.

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    For those of you who are not familiar with the Gabriel Hunt series, here is a quick rundown It is a series based around explorer Gabriel Hunt, a modern day Indiana Jones, who is backed by his family s 100M trust Gabriel speaks many languages, is an excellent outdoors man and adventurer, archeologist and quite the lady charmer His younger brother, Michael runs the family trust from NY, he is an exceptional historian and researcher, who aids his brother s globe trotting adventures in search of ancient artifacts from the family s NY building While not entirely unique set up, each book is written by a different author, so far there are 6 books with no author writing than one I have read two, the first Hunt at the Well of Eternity Gabriel Hunt, 1 and the last Hunt Through Napoleon s Web I chose this one because I was familiar with author Raymond Benson s work writing James Bond Benson does a good job of writing Hunt The story starts with a death defying cave climb, then maintains a rapid pace as Gabriel races to save his sister from the clutches of a seemingly evil group Benson has fun with the characters, I enjoyed his Hunt better than the first book in the series He keeps things light and fun while suspenseful As an adventurer hunting artifacts, Hunt is either escaping or avoiding traps and dangerous situations, constantly Benson keeps Hunt realistic is how he acts and what he does, within the boundaries of an adventure book We are with Hunt as he thinks through and solves the puzzles, w o any completely implausible coincidences to let him off the hook One thing with this series, each author brings their unique voice to the characters, here Benson s strength is with plotting a full throttle adventure, while others tend to morph Hunt a little into the author s familiar genre This was a very rapid read, it took me less than a week, while I was working full time Not a heavy read, but an enjoyable read, perfect for a vacation.

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    Another fine addition to the Hunt series If you like Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, etc then Gabriel Hunt is right up your alley Good stuff, Maynard Also, you can t go wrong reading Raymond Benson He knows how to write adventure.

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    In Gabriel Hunt s last outing, the modern day Indiana Jones abandons the artefact finding in favour of tracking down his recently kidnapped younger sister, Cifer short for Lucifer Travelling through Nice, Corsica, and Marrakesh, Hunt is thrown into battle against a conglomerate determined to return Egypt s precious artefacts back to their rightful owners It is in this creed, they lure Hunt through kidnapping his sister to find the elusive Second Stone, hidden by Napoleon, a stone which would allow those who possess it the ability to conquer all enemies Driven by Cifer s safety and the thrill of the hunt no pun intended Gabriel conquers terrain and man alike on his quest to forge the return of his blood While not as good as previous instalments notably the retelling by Ardai, Schow, and Faust Benson does a good job at maintaining Gabriel s charismatic and womanising persona without adding anything unique or book specific to the lead character The subtle references to James Bond are a nice Easter egg for the nerdier types out there and kept inline with the typically tongue in cheek light heartedness of the series The Hunt books are the perfect form of escapism, this one fits the bill without being great Nonetheless a solid read and hopefully, not the last we see of Gabriel Hunt 3 stars.

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    The sixth and final Gabriel Hunt novel.Hunt s sister has been kidnapped by the Organization of The Pharoahs The ransom they want is Hunt himself, who they want to find a second rosetta stone, evidence of found in some of Napoleon s papers He had it hid and several traps set to guard it.The OOTP has been hunting for it for thirty years and now they want Gabriel to find it Or else Lucy dies.Gabriel s task is twofold rescue Lucy and keep the stone out of the wrong hands Everyone involved seems to think there s some secret to power in the hieroglyphics The book was supposed to be released today as an ebook according to Dorchester s web site, all announced books would be released as ebooks on the dates and trade paperbacks in about six months still has it down as a mass market paperback and asks, if you want read it on Kindle, let the publisher know Who knows what s going on.

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