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Breaking the Rules Izzy Zanella Wasn T Looking For Another Reason To Butt Heads With His Navy SEAL Teammate, And Nemesis, Danny Gillman But Then He Met Danny S Beautiful Younger Sister, Eden When She Needed It Most, He Offered Her A Place To Stay, A Shoulder To Cry On And And When She Got Pregnant With Another Man S Child, He Offered Her Marriage But Eden S Devastating Miscarriage Shattered Their Life Together And Made The Intense Bad Blood Between Izzy And Danny Even WorseNow Eden S Back, And She S On A Mission To Rescue Her Teen Brother, Ben, From Their Abusive Stepfather Even If She And Izzy Can Prove That Their Broken Marriage Is Still In One Piece, Winning Legal Custody Of Ben Is A Long Shot But They Re Not Alone Danny And His Girlfriend, Jenn, Offer To Help, And He And Izzy Agree To Bury The Past And Fight For Ben S FutureAs They Plan Their Strategy, Izzy And Eden Grapple With The Raw Passion That Still Crackles Between Them While Danny And Jenn Confront New Depths In Their Own Rocky Relationship But Events Take A Terrifying Turn After Ben Befriends A Girl Fleeing A Child Prostitution Ring When The Young Runaway Seeks Refuge With Eden And Izzy, Her Pursuers Kidnap Ben And A Deadly Standoff Begins Now They Must All Pull Together Like Never Before And Strike Back, Swift And Hard, To Protect Their Unconventional Little Family And Everything They Hold Most Precious

Ed Gaffney, Suz divides her time between Framingham, Massachusetts and Sarasota, Florida She has two grown children,

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  • Hardcover
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  • Breaking the Rules
  • Suzanne Brockmann
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
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    Very satisfying Yes, at times a little too angsty, and somehow the suspense plot to me wasn t all that suspenseful, compared to some of SB s past work, but it was Brockmann, you know Her writing and the way she expresses her male characters POV is like no other except maybe JR Ward Lots and lots of detail, plenty of humor although with writing for a character like Izzy Zanella, how can it not be funny , lots of emotional moments, two passionate yet troubled romances, and a plot human sex trafficking child prostitution right out of the headlines all made this book a mostly un put down able winner.The plot revolves around the youngest Gillman, 14 year old Ben, who happens to be diabetic and view spoiler gay I m guessing in the future we ll be seeing of Ben and less of her very popular gay character Jules Cassidy, since Jules already got his HEA hide spoiler

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    4 stars Romantic SuspenseI m a huge Suzanne Brockmann and Troubleshooters series fan, and zany Izzy Zanella has always been one of the most entertaining, endearing characters, so I ve been anxiously awaiting his story Unfortunately, this didn t quite live up to my high expectations, and it s one of my least favorite books in what has been a mostly spectacular series I have to be honest that I d probably give this an average 3 star rating if it wasn t Brockmann because it felt overly angsty and dramatic like a freakin Jerry Springer episode for most of the book I mean, talk about some seriously f cked up, dysfunctional people in need of major counseling Jeez Dan Gillman is such an asshat, and I think Jenn deserves so much better I never forgave him for that crass comment he made about Jenn being a chunky consolation prize in Hot Pursuit I just think in the real world Jenn would probably wake up one morning with a big eureka aha WTF did I do with my life moment and dump Dan and run back to her career in New York.I still love sweet, funny, adorable, goofy, and protective Izzy, and I came to care about Eden much than I had before in this Was I satisfied with their HEA For the most part, yes, but it sure was a winding and mighty bumpy road to get there It s not my favorite addition to the Troubleshooters saga by any means, but Brockmann s superior storytelling still kept me transfixed as always, so I m giving this 4 stars.

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    I have loved 14 out of the previous 15 Troubleshooters novels, but this one, the one I ve been waiting for every since Izzy was introduced in the series, is the absolute worst Into the Fire was not that interesting to me, but at least it had a good plot and good characters, I just wasn t that into it Breaking the Rules is just god awful I don t know whether to compare it to The Jerry Springer Show or a Lifetime movie or one of those ridiculous after school specials that were full of cheese Really, if it wasn t for Izzy, I wouldn t have even gone past the first quarter of the book Let s clarify I really give this book 1 1 2 stars, 1 star for Izzy and 1 2 a star for everything else Total nightmare.To start with, I get that Suzanne Brockmann is a proud gay rights advocate, especially on behalf of her son I love Jules Cassidy, and adding him to the series was a stroke of genius He s smart and funny and sexy and extremely competent at his job, excellent character all around I didn t feel he was pushed on me, or that his gayness if that s even a PC term was all some sort of promotion of gay rights He really worked as a great character Then we get his eventual husband, Robin A little less believable, but still lovable, and still workable We get it, it s important to her to show gay people are regular people too But now we get Ben Ben who has been introduced to us before, with no hint of being gay, and maybe because he was still too young, but now he s out and he s proud and everyone needs to accept that now, including his sorry excuse for parents, who will never be convinced, thus wanting to cause him harm and send him away to a cure all camp for gays As if Ben s home wasn t bad enough, with drug and alcohol addicted parents, now Brockmann has to make them go from horrible parents to the devil themselves, because it wasn t enough with the prior abuse, she s adding .Speaking of the parents and how much abuse the Gilman kids had to endure from them, how is it even possible Danny had no idea what was going on in his own brother s house When he went with Izzy to get Eden out, who had been locked into a bathroom until she decided to give her baby up for sale so her step father could profit how is no one thought, hey, this step father isn t the best guy to be around a teenager Yes, the parents are bad, really really bad, but how can Danny, Eden or Ben be so great Granted I don t think they are, but they are painted as kids who survived with no severe issues So many issues left to be sorted out, I don t buy it being all straightened out at the end Danny goes from calling Eden a whore throughout two whole books, to feeling sorry for her when he learns the truth Why did he do nothing to help before if he thought she was headed down the wrong path He thought she was a whore at 14, who else was gonna tell her not to do that stuff, certainly not their mother He turned his back on the whole situation And Eden, well, I think at least she survived as best she could I felt she grew up some during this, but she s still 19 She needed a lot growing up before she deserved a book In the modern age, I do NOT want to read about 19 year heroines and their struggle to find themselves and true love If I did, I d go back to Twilight As for Ben, he seemed mature than Eden, and at 15, boys have a little on their minds than preaching about gay rights So Ben is described as having no friends, except Nisha, he s stuck in a hell hole of a house with drugs and alcohol all around him, beaten by his step father, no computer, no entertainment really, and all he s interested in is pushing it everyone s face that gay is okay That does not sound like a typical 15 year old, especially not one that s been surrounded by abuse, abandoned by his brother, and even by Eden for a time.And correct me if I m wrong, but I thought I was reading romantic suspense, no So we have the messed up family, gay rights, not one, but TWO romances, custody issues, drugs, alcohol, hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan, now we have to add the child sex slave industry Really Because there wasn t enough going on before that And maybe I m a little snobby, or maybe it s simple minded, but there are certain things I don t want to read that are happening, implied or otherwise, in a romantic suspense book based on military personnel A Nisha with a past, certainly, okay, throw her in if you must Reading in the present about the things Nisha does, present tense, right smack in the middle of the book even, not really sexy Because there s nothing that will turn me on faster and make me excited to keep reading a freaking romantic suspense book than reading about a 16 year old Asian girl who looks 12, turning tricks for 5 a head For bus money Yep, sign me up I could go on and on, but obviously I didn t enjoy this book So many things left unsaid in this review Dan s such a ill tempered know it all asshole that doesn t deserve a HEA Jennilyn is too nice and good for him, except apparently she s giving up her beloved job for a train wreck, so maybe she s not so smart too short of appearances by too few of the other Troubleshooters oh, and let s add Lindsey s had a miscarriage, because why not Eden s sooo beautiful and every man wants to f ck her or touch her she can t do any normal work, so stripping it is it s just never ending with this book The only thing that makes this book even the tiniest bit bearable is Izzy That s it And even then, I don t think this book did him justice He deserved so much , so very much If you like Izzy in the least, then maybe you tough it out and read this book If you don t like Izzy, or you don t want to see him involved in such crap, skip it, I m begging you

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    Breaking the Rules is the 16th installment of the Troubleshooters SEAL Team Sixteen series, and from what I understand, it s going to be the last for awhile In this book we get two romantic relationships in the making, both centered around a single plot, and no easy feat, that But in my opinion Ms Brockmann pulled it off with flying colors.If you ve been following the series you ll know the background of Izzy and Eden s turbulent relationship and where Breaking the Rules is going, but here s a reminder in case it s been awhile since you read the last book From the cover Sometime in the not too distant past, the once torrid romance between Eden Gillman and her Navy SEAL husband Izzy Zanella took a drastic cooling turn Both seem permanently wedded to mutual disdain, but then something happens that changes the chemistry Eden discovers that her younger brother Ben is the victim of abuse by his stepfather To rescue him from the tyrant s custody, she knows that she must reconstruct her tattered relationship with the man that she had most cherished What she doesn t yet realize is the full saving strength of that lovers reunion.That s as far into the plot as I m going to go, other than to say that the other couple in the story is Dan Gillman and Jennilyn LeMay, whose relationship also ended on a sour note before it ever had a chance to begin To be honest, I hadn t planned to ever read this book because I wasn t all that sure I d be able to enjoy it Honestly, those Gillman siblings left me less than impressed at the end of the last book and in fact, I was pretty well miffed with them both Eden, even though she was young and immature, seemed very selfish to me, so than her age would have excused, and Dan well Dan was just an ass and there was no excuse for him There was no doubt in my mind that the best thing for Izzy and Jennilyn would have been to cut their losses, walk away, never look back, and forget they ever heard the Gillman name.Thank God that didn t happen, because for me this book ended up being all about the relationships I found myself quickly engrossed in the story and while I still had issues with some of Eden s choices, I have to say that Izzy had than his fair share of not too bright decisions, too There were many times when I really wanted to yell at them both and tell them that they were too needy, too insecure to be in any kind of relationship together, let alone a romantic one Fortunately by the end of the book I could see that they truly did love one another and keeping in mind that not all relationships are perfect, but if two people want to make it work, they can That s the hope I have for Izzy and Eden.Now, as for Dan and Jenn If you read the last book you ll recall that he had said some rather crappy things about women who are not built model thin, and he said it in ear shot of Jennilyn who is a healthy, attractive, plus sized woman, who he was sleeping with I was so, so angry So Angry Not because the comment was just about the size of the woman, but because it was about how much easier heavy women are to get into bed and keep there because they don t have as many options as skinny women do they re needier and are grateful for what they can get And I was even angrier than Jennilyn didn t kick his sorry ass out the door Where was her pride Instead, she gave him the chance to prove himself and at the time I really, really thought she was pathetic Wow very few books have touched a nerve with me the way this one scene, in this one book, did Just thinking about it after all this time sends my blood pressure up a few notches My point in telling you all this is that because of what took place before, I had a hard time cheering for Danny and Jenn s happily ever after. I just didn t get the level of groveling I needed from Dan to prove to me that even though he was an ass back then, he d redeemed himself enough to deserve such a wonderful, caring woman as Jennilyn By the end of the book, even though I wasn t one of their biggest fans, I did find myself happy for them and hoping that their life together would be one of nothing but happiness.As I said, the only reason I wanted to read this book was to find out what happened with both couple s happily ever afters The story itself the underlying plot was good, but there were definitely times when I wasn t interested in what was happening and skipped ahead to the relationships I wasn t as impressed with the flow of the story as I have been with past books but still found that I couldn t put it down So despite the angst, the misunderstandings and the many Too Stupid To Live moments from some our characters, namely those Gillmans, I really enjoyed this book But, I need to get something off my chest Here goes Over the last several books we were introduced to Jules Cassidy, a gay FBI agent who I adored Funny, sexy, intelligent he had all the makings of a great character and I loved his role in the stories, especially his happily ever after which was so well deserved So what s the problem Well, I ve started to feel like Ms Brockmann is using her books as a soapbox from which she is lecturing her readers on tolerance and acceptance of those among us who are gay or lesbian Yes, it sucks that there are still people out there who think they have the right to tell another human being who they can or cannot love And yes, I understand that they are her books and that she can write them how she sees fit, but there reaches a point when, as a reader, I get tired of being preached to and this has become an ongoing theme in the last few books Anti war, racism, prejudice, or save the Abbot s Booby regardless of the issue at hand, I feel that musicians, celebrities, authors, and in this case, Ms Brockmann specifically, would do better to reach out to people other than her devoted fans who have followed the series from the beginning and who have loved every minute of it I can only imagine what it would be like to live with so much intolerance and hatred directed at me because I don t fit someone else s idea of what normal should be, but it s one thing to promote public awareness by writing stories and scenes in which your characters show us what it s like, and it s another thing entirely to beat your readers over the head with it, book after book Ms Brockmann, I admire your dedication to this cause that is so near and dear to your heart, but we get it, and we stand with you, however we aren t the ones who are in need of the constant reminder.So, now that I have that off my chest, for those who are still with me, I d like to share two of my favorite quotes from the book They both come from the hilarious mouth and mind of Izzy Zanella, and are a small sampling of the witty writing that I loved so much in this book You don t need that information, Cassidy said Unless you can reassure me that you ll limit your participation to surveillance only He cleared his throat rather loudly Cross my heart, Izzy said, and if I lie, sweet baby jeebus can poke me in the eye Fabulous, Cassidy said, dryly I m completely reassured AND Call me when you arrive, Dan said, still doing his best imitation of the admiral of the fleet, but then added, Please Probably only because Jennilyn was standing beside him and had given him a nudge No doubt about it, the woman brought out the non asshole ish side of the fishboy I will, Izzy said And if Dan could play nice for Jenn s benefit, Izzy could do the same Thanks for calling me There was a pause then Thank you for helping like this I, um, really appreciate it, man Izzy hung up his phone, aware that somewhere to the South Satan was ice skating while flying pigs did loop de loops overhead.I m hoping that the information I heard, that this would be the last Troubleshooter book for a long while, is wrong I love Ms Brockmann s heroes and heroines, the exciting storylines and the truly wonderful happily ever afters that have kept me coming back for There are still so many amazing characters waiting to tell their stories, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day they ll get their chance.I m giving Breaking the Rules 4 stars solely because of Izzy, who I unashamedly adore There s just something about this incredible Navy SEAL who, despite his physical, mental and emotional strength has such a vulnerable heart I just want to bring him home and love him forever.

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    Reviewed at Cross My Heart Writings and Reviews Breaking The Rules, Troubleshooters 16, covers about every social situation you can think of as Brockmann continues her campaign of tackling the big issues head on dysfunctional family, abusive parents, child sex trafficking, prostitution, life as a gay person, religious cult like interventions, kidnapping, alcohol drug addictions, custody issues, emotional immaturity, relationship phobia, lack of communication it s all here At times, it borders on emotional overload, but this author one of the queens of multiple plots weaves it all into a spellbinding story that kept me turning the pages Family dynamics plays a major role in Breaking The Rules Most of the book centers around the extremely dysfunctional Gillman family and the problems that occur when Eden resolves to get her little brother Ben away from their abusive step father The danger level escalates when Ben gets involved with Neesha, a young, homeless girl who managed to escape imprisonment by child sex traffickers Izzy steps in to help Eden, resulting in Izzy and Dan having to work through their differences to do what SEALS do Save the day I ve been waiting for Izzy s story since he first strutted across the pages leaving one liners in his wake I ve always felt there was a greater depth to this man who used jokes as a shield Izzy can be so funny flippant, but he s also smart, protective, dependable, passionate, and so HOT The sexual chemistry between Izzy and Eden is like matches gasoline explosive But the miscommunication between these two is a killer as their lack of trust in each other almost does them in The same issue exists between Dan and Jenn They love each other problem is how do they make each other believe it Per Brockmann style, readers are treated to than one story romance in Breaking The Rules While there were times I wanted to slap some sense into both couples Izzy Eden and Dan Jenn it was a satisfying journey watching them fumble their way to a hea Add in detailed plot lines rich in emotional turmoil, action, and lots of sex and you ve got another great addition to the series A Must Read

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    Eden Gillman has moved to Las Vegas to try to get custody of her younger brother, Ben, from their violent step father She has appealed for help to her older brother Dan who is currently in a hospital in Germany recovering from injuries suffered in Afghanistan But when that fails, she turns to her estranged husband, Izzy Zanella Even though Izzy hasn t seen Eden in a year, he hasn t been able to get her out of his mind Izzy and Eden, along with Dan and his girlfriend Jenni, band together to help Ben when he gets mixed up with some nefarious criminals.The 16th book in Brockmann s Troubleshooters series is a little different from the rest This book was a little about social issues and family dynamics than the usual terrorist plot I was happy to see Izzy back with Eden, and Danny back with Jenni The romance portions of the book were split pretty evenly between the two pair The suspense portion really doesn t kick into full gear until the last third of the book It didn t matter I enjoyed this story anyway My rating 4.5 Stars.

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    I think this review will piss off some die hard Brockmann fans, but I didn t LURVE this book the way I d hoped to I love Izzy s sense of humor but I found the whole lot of them to be emotionally immature throughout most of the book I can accept that they all had reasons for emotional immaturity and Eden s only 19 , but that doesn t mean I have to want to read about it I read contemporary romance because I like to read about adults, not because I want to remember what it was like to be in college with my roommate Helen overreacting to everything with either a crass comment or tears It got old then and it s really old now.Also, while I share Brockmann s politics, there are times in the book where her politics got in the way of the story I felt like I was reading a speech rather than a novel and I read the books because they re novels, not looking for political rhetoric.Still, I was nearly late to work in desperation to finish this book Brockmann s grabs you by the nose in all of her books and leads you around this world she s created I may get irritated, but I still enjoy the ride.I probably won t rush out for the next one though I ll go back and visit Senior Chief Wolchonok to remind myself what Brockmann s like when she s completely on her game.

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    Izzy Izzy Izzy Many fans of the popular Troubleshooters series have been waiting for Zanella s book and now it s finally here But it turns out that Izzy isn t the only hero of Breaking the Rules Danny Fishboy Gillman also features prominently along with his girlfriend Jennilyn May whom he met in the previous novel, Hot Pursuit Izzy s heroine is the ever young and nubile Eden Gillman, making this a Gillman family reunion when you add in little brother Ben Gillman.Izzy helped me get through this book It was so heaped in introspective character musings I m all for talking and thinking about your feeling but when I read romantic suspense I expect some action and suspense in with those feelings There was very little action until the last quarter of the book What there was, was a lot of Danny acting immature Jenn trying to get Danny to act mature Ben giving lectures on gay rights and sounding like a Junior Jules Izzy trying to help Eden but keeping his distance while having sex with her, because it s only sex And Eden taking after big bro Dan and acting immature Nope, my hopes for a mature Eden when it came to her relationship with Izzy were for naught She had her moments but ultimately, I didn t feel like she had grown much since we last saw her in Dark of Night, which in Troubleshooter land, was nearly two years ago.Izzy and Eden still believe that neither cares for the other except for the physical attraction still between them Izzy would like for them to have a second chance but Eden wants none of that What will it take for Eden to realize what a great guy she has in Izzy Near death, that s what Seriously, she wants his help but on her terms which is not how you treat someone who has been there for you and done some major helping out for you in the past As in marrying you so you could have medical care during your pregnancy Yet, Eden does make some attempts at maturity but she then ventures back into immature, high school drama land when Izzy doesn t do what she wants, she runs off, knowing there are gunman out there, possibly looking for her.Dan and Jennilyn, what a cute couple Except for Dan acting like an ass and Jenni coaching him on how not to blow his fuse when speaking and acting rational would go a lot farther Aside from his good looks and the great chemistry, I m still not sure what Jenni saw in Dan She loves him desperately but why I don t feel like it was ever fully answered As a couple they too have their moments They can be down right romantic and you do get that while Dan s initial intentions towards Jenni started out as an extended one night stand, he has come to truly love her I do get why he loves her She puts up with his crap LOLThe fifth wheel in this family affair is Ben Gillman Diabetic, goth dressing teen who is also out of the closet Why does Ben sound so much like Jules He s 15 yet the way he talks, the words, phrases and lecturing remind me of Jules so much I understand that Ben has had a less than idyllic childhood and has for the most part, raised himself with some help from Eden, but he s still a teenager.Anyone who has read Brockmann before is familiar with her stand on gay rights She makes it clear that she is pro gay rights through her novels and her personal views I have no problem with it, in fact, I ve come to expect there to be mention of it In Breaking the Rules I felt it was over the top We not only got the gay rights agenda but child sex slave rings, religious zealots, abusive parents and alcoholics I read for enjoyment, not to be lectured to and with far too many issues to focus on, it began to wear on me, leaving me less than pleased with this aspect of the book.It sounds like I didn t care for the book at all I had a number of issues with it but there is still that feeling of familiarity Of knowing these characters and caring about them that keeps bringing me back, no matter how annoying I may find them at times I do think Izzy was the constant in the story, showing that wicked sense of humor that not everyone gets or appreciates He is that hero that doesn t like to acknowledge his heroic deeds but continues to do them while making his smartass comments While I would have preferred action, I did like the final, big action rescue scenes with the whole gang getting into the fight.I think Breaking the Rules might have worked better for me had there either been less of Danny or Eden or maybe the actually Troubleshooters from Tommy s TS Inc making some time on the pages Unfortunately, except for a brief appearance from Lindsey Fontaine Jenkins and some of the guys from Team 16, that didn t happen and the action was at a minimum up until nearly the end.

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    Finally Izzy s book Izzy has long been my number one man from Suzanne Brockmann s Troubleshooters series and with so many wonderful heroes in there to choose from, that s saying something I suppose it was inevitable that his long awaited story was not quite the awesomeness that I was hoping for, but Brockmann is such a wonderful writer that it s hard to feel too disappointed.Whilst I didn t think Izzy was given quite the opportunity to shine in this angst ridden story, and Dan continued to be a bit of a downer, the author writes such amazing characters and tight plots that you cannot fail to be entertained No one writes a military hero quite the way that Brockmann does, and she really brings her men to life I love that about her books.I don t think the child sex trade suspense element quite worked for me, and not because of the confronting nature of the topic, but because I always wanted those parts to hurry up so I could get back to the main characters I loved Izzy and Jen and was happiest when they were on the page Lucky they are such great characters, because their respective partners Eden and Dan are not among my favourites And yet, I still really enjoyed it I m so sad that Brockmann is taking a break from this series, and I hope she hears the whispers of these characters calling to her soon there are still so many amazing stories to be told and I don t think I could ever get tired of these books.

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    Loved Izzy, liked Eden, Hated Dan, and felt sorry as hell for Jenn for marrying that SOB This story was frustrating at time, but also nail biting at other times Bottom line I couldn t put it down despite the many times I rolled my eyes I m happy to have read it, but I think SB is doing the right thing by ending this series on a high note.

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