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Hello Dubai Dubai Has Risen From Next To Nothing To An Awful Lot In Little ThanYears How And Can It Go On Has It Sold Itself To The Corporate Dollar Is It Anything Than A Mall In The Desert Will The Sands Return Joe Bennett Answers These Questions And In His Guide Exploration Of Dubai

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Julian Joe Bennett born 20 April 1957 is a writer and columnist living in Lyttelton, New Zealand.Born in England, he emigrated to New Zealand when he was twenty nine Bennett is a columnist for Christchurch s newspaper The Press and the author of several books.

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  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Hello Dubai
  • Joe Bennett
  • English
  • 17 March 2019
  • 9781847376749

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    I m a big fan of Joe Bennett, having read all his books including the ones that don t appear on GoodReads He has an easygoing style and a likeable nature I envy his ability to mix well with anyone and everyone, and the way he relates to so many people from every level of society And, as I m a Kiwi, with a love of dogs, who spent several years living in Lyttelton, I feel like I can relate pretty well to him as well Hello Dubai is the story of Joe s experiences while touring the United Arab Emirates Being a natural observer of people, his writing focuses on those he met during his travels, although there is some interesting historical information scattered throughout the book as well I learned a lot about the area and came away with the realisation that it s just another part of the planet full of people, mostly good, from all walks of life, who are just trying to get along, be happy and look after themselves and their families.

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    I really enjoyed this book without a plot as described by the highly observant author, Joe Bennet In the same vein of one of my all time favourite shows, Seinfeld, and the show about nothing, this book is proof that there needn t be a thrilling plot line to be engaging and enjoyable.In fact, I had a blast hurtling down the desert highways of the UAE in Joe s hired Nissan I m not much into history, but his injections of historical info about the region were brief enough not to bore me, and interesting enough to teach me about this strange new world I am yet to visit myself.Most of all, I enjoyed Joe s writing He is highly observant of the human condition, and not afraid to insert his own opinions and ideas, expressed via his highly profficient yet not at all conceited command of the English language.I enjoyed the clever imagery, A whole fleet of 4WDs was drawn up to it the house like pigglets on a sow , and desperately wanted to take offense at a clever paragraph about females and check outs, but was too impressed by his humour sometimes the truth is just too close to the bone.I hadn t heard of Joe Bennet before sorry, I m Australian , but should have known he wasn t one of us from the humility and lack of bravado in his writing I enjoyed the vast and varied cast of characters that he introduces us to, from the seedy bars filled with immigrant workers to the sparkling homes of the ex pat elite Prostitutes, homosexuals, sheiks and of course the vast changing desert all play their vital role in piecing together the story of this land of contradiction.Loved it Looking forward to his latest With a title like, Double Happiness How Bullshit Works, it s bound to be a cracker.

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    I have never been to Dubai but every weekend in the newspaper, Emirates tries to entice me by telling me that I could be in Europe for dinner I expect that would mean that I d be in Dubai for lunch Dubai is hot both literally and figuratively , Dubai is the place That s what Joe Bennett thought too, so he thought he d go there, check it out and write a book about it If only it was that easy for the rest of us, eh Hello Dubai is a very wordy book I m sure that a sight in Dubai such as a cricket game, a hotel or a shopping mall could be described in succinct terms It makes Dubai come across as verbose and boring which my friends who have travelled there assure me that it s not Maybe it s because Bennett describes a lot of parties and shops in great detail for example, pages about each shop I love shopping, but I couldn t write pages about Kinokuniya or Sephora It seems to lack direction is this about the Western expat s life The African or Indian young man working hard to send money home The Islamic families There s a little bit of each and it jumps around between It s a series of vignettes linked to try to make a whole book However, I did find it much interesting when Bennett was discussing life outside Dubai Perhaps he s just not that into big cities Perhaps this book could be best summarised as watching Dubai from a distance you have a vague idea of what s happening, but can t hear it or see the fine details.

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    Author Mr Joe Bennett was born in UK and later moved to New Zealand He has written several travel books I ran into this book when I was browsing bookstores in Kuala Lumpur The cute cover caught my eyes immediately I am always keen to learn about Dubai After all, its legend has become such a hype that nothing seems impossible in this arid land So what exactly is it like to travel or live in Dubai Readers can embark on an interesting journey with Joe.Joe was an amiable 51 year old man He liked to talk to people and normally hoped to have conversations with anyone He was blunt on his reflections He didn t seem to like capitalism well He constantly sympathized with the lower class people He blamed capitalism caused the inequality He even despised his British ancestors for causing such troubles During his journey, he introduced some historical facts to the readers I learned the basic roots of UAE how the Brits created the current ruling families, the nuanced relations between the emirates Joe s observations were perceptive It allowed me to see this country in a different perspective.I am not sure how long he stayed in Dubai Besides Dubai, he also had traveled most of the UAE in this book The UAE is not a big country He rent a car and drove around to see the rural areas The rural areas were bleak Sandy landscapes stretched endlessly There was little signs of life Even in country towns, foreign immigrants were seen everywhere, but few Emiratis It seemed most of the residents in this country were just birds in passage They would leave as long as the environment changed Hello Dubai is an interesting book with some reflection of the country Joe showed us how lives in Dubai was like Especially, he depicted why Dubai seduced so many expatriates It was indeed a heaven for these global elites He visited shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and attended parties in the desert Dubai is really a climax of capitalistic miracles However, there is always shadow behind everything Maybe it is a lost paradise that will continue to summon everyone s imagination.

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    Joe Bennett has the kind of travel experiences I have, and loverandom, unplanned, shocking, scary, fun, risky, awesome, hilarious adventures in a foreign land I never did like Dubai, and I still don t now Despite how revolted I am by its hypocricy, materialism, and complete disregard for applying the basics of humanity, I was ashamed to feel a flutter of excitement in my traitorous heart at the thought of living such a spoilt and indulged lifefor a minute.

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    I live in Dubai so was intrigued to read a book from a traveller Too often writers concentrate on the brashness of Dubai and don t get the real sense of the place I thought Bennett got it spot on and I enjoyed his very true observations The only thing I didn t get was his dislike of the radio and that it s in English with bad djs I m not sure I could live here without some sort of understandable radio although I suppose I d rely on podcasts to see me through Worth a read.

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    A lightweight look at Dubai A bit disappointingly laddish in parts but generally mildly diverting armchair travel The basic takeaway is that Dubai is modern capitalism and free marketeering made flesh Simpson neither apologises for, excuses or justifies this, just presents the reality as he sees it Not a book I d read again, nor a place I m inspired to visit.

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    The book is very nice for new comers to Dubai,it explains the visit of Joe to Dubai and UAE and the amazing spots,with a little bit of history and reality about what made Dubai as it is for now,for me I didn t learn much new things cause I already been there and I now it alittle bit nice book if you haven t been to Dubai and will make you wanna go there

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    I would neither give any stars nor recomend this book as some of the sentences and stories insulting Islam even though not all the stories relating to Islam I think the writer is purposely doing that to provoke and insults Muslims.

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    Went back read this a second time, now that I have been living in Dubai for 7 years read it the first time just before I moved here It s still not a very good book at all Kind of waffling pointless.

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