The Unreasoning Mask

The Unreasoning MaskUn romanzo di fantascienza, uno dei pi noti di Farmer E a ragione una space opera che fa viaggiare la mente, apre nuovi orizzonti Un esperienza quasi psichedelica Ok, esagero, ma non troppo.Di cosa parla il libro Il protagonista il capitano di una nave spaziale, che viene investito di una missione pi grande di lui Divinit , o semplici esseri immportali, gli parlano Un grande pericolo minaccia il Multiverso.Non tutto viene spiegato, non siamo dentro CSI permane il mistero, alcuni passaggi sono dei deus ex machina, ma va bene cos Di Farmer avevo letto altre cose, pi dei divertissements fantasy Qui siamo dalle parti di una seriet quasi metafisica Libro importante, per chi ama la fantascienza. Great short story by one of my top 5 writers Very recommended It Is Capable Of Alaraf Drive Instantaneous Travel Between Two Points Of Space Three Of These Special Ships Were Built To Explore And Make Contact With The Many Sentient Races Inhabiting The Universe Suddenly, One Of The Ships Mysteriously Disappears And Then It Is Discovered That An Unidentifiable Creature Is Marauding Through The Universe, Totally Annihilating Intelligent Life On Planet After Planet Ramstan, A Thoughtful And Moral Man, Becomes A Fascinated Yet Reluctant Pawn In The Hands Of The Strange Forces Which Arise To Fight The Deadly Destroyer Ultimately, He Is The One Man Who, In A Fearful Race Against Time, Can Stop The Destruction But What Price Must He Pay For Becoming The Savior Of Intelligent Kind The Unreasoning Mask Is Farmer At His Best Fast Paced, Complex, Slightly Mystical, High Action Adventure If I were to rate this book solely on creativity, I d give it five stars However, the meandering plot line and the fact that the story feels like it ends prematurely left me wanting Also, the character development is rather shallow for my tastes I don t regret having read this book, but I won t be reading it again. Farmer is best known for the Riverworld series, this book does not belong in that series, but it is a major work of sci fi It centers around Hud Ramstan, the Muslim captain of the remarkable bio ship Al Buraq The action takes place in many universes that actually make up the body of an infantile God Though the novel can be dry at times, it is an excellent read, and a very exciting story. What makes Philip Jose Farmer s Unreasoning Mask interesting is his visualization of the universe and god as the same thing The universe is god, an unknowing, uncomprehending super entity which is comprised of different universes it s cells and we the inhabitants are part of god, yet parasitic The god universe is unaware of itself, like a baby, and it is up to us to parent it, teach it to talk, assist it to grow and mature However, we are only able to know the god universe, it is also unaware of us as sentient beings The story runs at a frantic pace as H d jumps from world to world escaping not only the Tolt who are trying to regain their egg shaped god the glyfa , but also the bolg, a massive planet killing antidote against the humanoid parasites To the novel s detriment, almost all of these fascinating points are delivered via monologue at points where even the other characters have been restrained and forced to listen I would have preferred that it was delivered via dialogue Great conceptual novel, a little unevenly delivered. Written in 1981, this sci fi novel attempts to explain the Universe or rather the Pluriverse I think it was a way too ambitious of a goal Multiverse is popular now, but it was new back then So many possibilities, too many for this novel Strangely, it was a chase story, instead of cars, space ships All done by a new type of propulsion system The alaraf drive Never heard of that one before have you Al Arafat is the seventh sutra in the Qu ran The seventh verse I get it One of the pluriverses The alaraf drive works to move space craft around in the Universe but no one knows how it does it Is it a time machine or does it jump to different pluriverse It is never made clear The drive is also untraceable but it isn t, thus the car chase plot Who would ride in something they didn t understand Everyone one in this book I get the time machine explanation The ship moves in time but not space The Universe though moves around the ship But that might just take a spacecraft to different Universes How would that work Doesn t really matter though, it all seems controlled by a non sentient God Or somebody out there And there is a big bad killing sphere that just suddenly appeared here and there The Bolg Someone had to make it Obviously, it was a non sentient God The story is meant to be confusing and tries to explain the devices in the story by simply stating the existence of an unexplained technology God s voice maybe The title gives away the point It is not supposed to be rational That might be true, unfortunately, stil, none of the characters were likeable I didn t care if they lived or died When they died there was no emotion I liked Farmer s Riverworld series This book though just missed its mark If there was a target Oh well Read something else. All in all, a pretty fun read, but definitely no masterpiece.I think the author bit off a little than he could chew with the metaphysics of this story, so that the story had a bit of a Star Trek effect where a truly disturbing revelation was treated like a problem of the week type thing I love Star Trek, so that didn t ruin the story for me, but it feels like Farmer was trying to get into the mysticism and strangeness of it all and then pulled away at the last minute for the sake of action Again, it s hard to fault him for that entirely, since the action was great.I liked the universe pluriverse that he built, the alien species and the unique form of space travel, and I wish he d done with it The story was a hell of a ride, it dragged a little in the middle, so I give it three stars. I ve read all of Philip Jos Farmer s books, and of his stand alone sf novels, this is one of his best Apparently I m not alone in thinking this Interzone editor David Pringle included The Unreasoning Mask in his book, Science Fiction The 100 Best Novels, and sf author Ian Watson called it a masterpiece, Farmer s finest This novel might be viewed as a thinking person s version of Star Trek s The Doomsday Machine or The Immunity Syndrome but it s really much than that, with its metaphysical themes and implications, as well as its well conceived world building of alien cultures and psychological examination of human motivations.Captain Ramstan commands a rare alaraf drive starship which allows it to jump instantaneously to distant regions of space Just as Ramstan sets off an interstellar incident by stealing the god idol of an alien world called the glyfa , he is alerted that one of the alaraf ships has disappeared, a victim of a world killer called a bolg What is the mysterious connection between the glyfa and the bolg, and why does Ramstan begin to have waking visions of a mystical being from his long extinguished Muslim faith Ramstan, chased by the aliens who worship the stolen god, races across the pluriverse to find the answers The Unreasoning Mask is a gripping, captivatingly disturbing book Even at his most fantastic, Farmer manages to entrance with a compelling degree of realism, in particular in regard to his portrayal of human nature, which in his fiction seems to carry at least as much bad as it does good Don t miss this darkly riveting sf adventure. If you like speculative fiction ideas, explanations and descrptive worlds and dont mind a dated writing style, this would be a good little read The Unreasoning Mask takes you for a ride on a new experimental living ship that has feelings like a dog for its master, a soft spot for its captain, and a type of hyper warp drive that Farmer calls Alaraf drive The ship is very cool and seems to be able warp its living tissue into many different forms Its crew s purpose is one of scientific exploration Farmer lets loose exploring some epic and grandiose ideas of a multiverse which also accounts for the use of his alaraf drive.The ship s captin is Hud Ramstan, a tough ambitious captain with a clean image and of a middle eastern backgroud, he is a cold and detached, uncomprimising character Unwittingly, and perhaps due to forces that he cannot control, Hud breaks his own high morals and is thrown into a situation where he must sacrifice his career and risk his entire crew for his own survival Paranoia and secrecy seeps in as Hud does his best to hide his intentions from the crew until he can figure out what the forces are that are guiding him.The book also runs through a few quotes from other writers on perception and the mind Most well known is the Moby Dick quote on Ahab s obssession for the white whale It is here that we find the origin of Farmer s vague title, The Unreasoning Mask, which the character Ahab uses to describe is irrational behaviour and satiating need to find the white whale, and how man s deed is in his actions, while the outward appearance is nothing but a pasteboard mask I also felt a possible connection with the ideas of the metaphysical that affecting the outside world and making your mark required breaking through certain walls to obtain ones goals.From the Moby Dick quote, I was able to draw similarities between the two stories both involving ships tasked for one purpose, but hijacked by its own captain for his own purposes to chase something that possibly does not exist and is based on irrational ideas and disembodied voices I think from this book I had an idea of Ahab s perspective, such as paranoia of mutiny, hidden agendas, power struggles with ship mates etc Conversely, while reading this book, I had an idea of what a passenger on Hud s ship would be thinking during the voyage by thinking of Ishmael and Queequeg in their own little world of tasks and trials Perhaps if I understood Farmer s other quotes, I would gain further insight into his tale, but I will leave that to those widely read.Farmer s descriptions of strange worlds is always enjoyable However, I didnt like it when Farmer would jam massive descriptions into hasty dialogue it both downplays the beautiful world Farmer created, and it just doesnt seem realistic for a captain to be spouting how the multiverse was created while being attacked Apart from that, not a bad little read.

Philip Jos Farmer was an American author, principally known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, but spent much of his life in Peoria, Illinois.Farmer is best known for his Riverworld series and the earlier World of Tiers series He is noted for his use of sexual and religious themes in his work, his fascination for and reworking of th

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