The House Between The Worlds

The House Between The WorldsWorld Walker Or TweenmanFenton Was Only A Tweenman, Without Body Or Shadow His Body Lay Back In The Laboratory Where Dr Garnock Was Experimenting With A New Drug Yet Fenton Was In The Fiary World Of The Alfar, Helplessly Watching The Faerie Queen Of The Alfar Attacked And Captured By The Hideous, Goblinlike Ironfolk And He Was Fading, Irresitibly Being Drawn Back To His ObdyHe Had To Return To Save The Faerie Queen And To Save His Own World From The Ironfolk But Not Even Sally Lobeck Would Believe Him Garnock Refused Him Drug And Confiscated The Tailsman That Would Let Hem Return In His Body As A Worldwaker, Free To Move Through The Gateways Between WorldsHis Only Hope Lay In Finding The Mysterious House Between The Worlds But The House Could Only Be Found When And Where It Wanted And Apparently, It Didn T Want Fenton To Find It

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Ham

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    This is basically a swords and planet story updated to the seventies The world is slightly different than ours Besides the Berkeley name change the author mentions in the preface, cars run on alcohol, and Dungeons and Dragons is played on a board.The researchers in The House Between the Worlds are the worst caricatures of the unscientific wishful parapsychologist The ones who complain that you should only count the times they got it right, not believing statistics mean they will get a good run The kind who complain that experiments are designed to stifle psychic powers Who think that just because Einstein couldn t see atoms, his formula are no better than their spotty statistics, so why won t anyone believe them Funnily, the parapsychologists Fenton knows decide that what he is doing is ESP and teleportation, and that this proves their theories And refuse to believe Fenton when he tells them of other worlds They are as closed minded to supernatural ideas that contradict parapsychology as they are to scientific ideas that contradict parapsychology.Fenton himself is annoying as hell He hoards information In his travels he learns very important information about the Alfar enemy, and never bothers to say anything about it He learns that the enemy s minions travel through multiple worlds and dismisses it as unimportant when speaking with the Alfar though at least one of the worlds contains a potentially powerful ally He never tells his friend in the Alfar who she really is to him.That said, I always wanted to keep reading, and always wanted to know how each mess he got into cleared itself up It s worth reading, if you re willing to put yourself back into the seventies mindset it was written in.

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    What a thrilling ride This is a real gem of paranormal fiction As both a parapsychologist and a SCAdian, this was a treat to read to see the fledgling view of both, the beginnings of a dream and a delightful fantasy blended together by an artist s hands is truly a wonderful thing, and the imagery and research put into this book were phenomenal How wonderful it must have been to be a part of all these things, taking place at the epicenter of some of the most liberal ideas of the time

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    I did really enjoy the first 60 or so pages, but then the book just seemed to get bogged down in strangeness.Maybe if I knew anything at all about Dungeons and Dragons I would have enjoyed this book , but I don t so I didn t LOLAh well, on to the next.

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    This is the only novel by MZB that I found tolerable.

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    A good popcorn fantasy read Have to agree with many other reviewers comments lots of cool female characters who never really get to shine in the story, researchers who show their own bias that they complain about in others, some repetition to pad out the story, a main character who doesn t tell others key things about their enemy.but with all that, the story flows, and I enjoyed the delve into semi connected mirror portal worlds Would make a good DD campaign.

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    Reread Love Mist of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, many of the Darkover series, this one didn t work for me

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    Well, I ve never finished it, so that obviously says something.

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    Interesting ideas about psychedelics and how society uses them

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    Copyright 1981 This has always been one of my favorite books, but it s illuminating to read it again with new eyes Some of the messages there Learned them at 10 as fiction Learning them again at 45 as than fiction Possible spoilers in the quotes The gnomes message in the rock world about all life being one Others having forgotten that all life is one, and meaning harm to dance world, tree world, light world So making them, in pain, one with self substance, showing them once that all life is one Cam s learning to let go and trust his instincts He did not know if he was reading the old man s thoughts, or whether it was intuition or clairvoyance Maybe, in the universe he was now inhabiting, there was no difference between them He simply knew Jennifer had somehow known that he was ready for that knowledge Cameron Fenton had been a parapsychologist for ten years And he knew, now, that he was only beginning to learn the very first thing about parapsychology It was an opening door, a new world he was entering, a new universe.The dig at organized religion How long had the Worldhouse been in operation Probably, he thought, from time immemorial if time had any meaning in the new picture of the cosmos which the very existence of the Worldhouse had given him And somewhere along that line, control of the Gates had slipped In Pentarn s world they had fallen under control of a power mad dictator who was using them recklessly for his own purposes, without realizing what this might do to the Gates And in Fenton s world, their existence had been forgotten, kept secret, eventually fallen into the hands of amateurs and volunteers because the scientific establishment was less and less ready to accept anything like that The time could be measured in millennia here, too Certainly the Worldgates had not been known in historical times But historical time, according to some new theories, was only a fraction of the time man had lived on this planet unless you wanted to stick to the exploded theory that history had begun in 4004 BC when God created the world in seven days, fossils and all, to confuse the ungodly.The observation that parapsychology is one of the few fields where no amount of evidence will change people s minds What would it matter, then, if we did prove that some people can hear things believed to be out of earshot and see things out of the range of their eyes Most of us have known all along that clairvoyance and clairaudience are facts why should we spend all this effort trying to prove these things to ignoramuses who have told us they wouldn t believe them with ten times the evidence, anyhow And having gone that far Fenton was forced to stop and wonder what was a fact anyhow The idea of risks and path and purpose All the same, Fenton said, I have the right to choose what risks I will take He had been taking risks, knowingly, ever since he chose parapsychology as a field first, the risk of abandoning a respectable psychologist s profession, then the risks of strange talents, experimentation with drugs that could loosen the inner girders of the mind He wondered if all those risks had been run to prepare him for this moment of choice.The total sceptic and the true believer Sally laughed and nodded I forget which scientist it was who said that the universe is not only queerer than we imagine, but queerer than we can imagine, she said That s so, Uncle Stan agreed In your business Cam told me you were working in parapsychology too you ought to know that, if anybody does You must get awfully tired of skeptics who don t believe what s right under their noses And almost as tired, I d imagine, of people who believe all kinds of hogwash without a shred of proof You folks really have to walk a chalk line, in that business, don t you Skepticism on one side and credulity on the other, and both of them completely blind to logic and rational proof, either way Oh, you re so right, Sally said That s why we try to make sure the people we take in the department are fairly stable to start with Accept an ignorant and logic proof skeptic, breach his skepticism, and he turns into an equally ignorant and logic proof True Believer And this He just didn t like the idea of being a Flat Earther of the mind, the kind of person who didn t want facts muddling up his prejudices.

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    La casa tra i mondi, in originale The House Between the Worlds un romanzo fantasy del 1980 scritto da Marion Zimmer Bradley, famosissima in tutto il mondo per i noti cicli di Avalon a sfondo fantasy, e di Darkover a sfondo fantascienza e pubblicato per la prima volta in italia da Fanucci nel 1997.La trama presto scritta sono i giorni radiosi degli studenti e della contestazione, e ci troviamo all Universit di Berkeley, negli anni settanta Cameron Fenton uno studente che fa praticantato presso l universit , e decide di prendere parte a un nuovo esperimento, durante il quale vengono adoperate delle potenti droghe allucinogene di nuova progettazione che per danno risultati piuttosto sconvolgenti, al di l di ogni immaginazione Sar cos che Cameron si vedr catapultato in un mondo fantastico quanto terribile, lucente quanto cupo, alla presenza di Kerridis, principessa degli elfi, rapita da un orda di mostri senza cuore, gli Ironfolk, nemici mortali degli elfi, che la conduce nelle oscure caverne dove vive un umano, Pentarn, loro capo L equilibrio dei mondi ora in mano a Cameron Fenton.Classico libro fantasy, dove si usa il pretesto dei mondi paralleli in cui il protagonista riesce a penetrare nel corso di esperimenti con l uso della droga LSD troviamo i soliti noti clich con le popolazioni in perenne lotta tra di loro, la classica contrapposizione buoni cattivi La trama risulta essere troppo lunga, soprattutto la prima parte che a tratti veramente pesante, dove l autrice approfondisce troppo i dubbi esistenziali del suo protagonista, che si traducono in continui periodi interrogativi, retti da domande sopra domande, in merito agli eventi che stanno accadendo.Quando qualcosa comincia a muoversi in questa casa dei mondi , la trama diventa pi avvincente, ma praticamente tutto ci avviene alla fine del libro, fuori tempo massimo Sicuramente non il suo romanzo migliore, si fa leggere senza infamia e senza lode Tipica lettura d evasione senza alcun impegno Presto dimenticato.

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