WitchlightPoorly written, way too cliche, flat characters, wholly unsatisfying The third MZB book I ve read, and it failed to deliver at every level Countless times I yelled out WHAT while reading This was usually followed by some of the biggest eye rolls I ve ever performed in my life Useless, lifeless book. I love Marion Zimmer Bradley s writing but have never read her books outside of those associated with the Mists of Avalon series So this novel was my first foray into her general fantasy fiction.It was a strange ride, although I did read the entire book in one day as I had to find out what happens This is a sort of mystery novel with a sci fi fantasy twist The main character, Winter I have to say the names in this novel were a little like something out of a bad renaissance fair Everytime a new character was introduced I rolled my eyes awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar house where strange things keep happening and no memory of her life except that she checked herself into and out of an insane asylum The book then follows her path as she attempts to discover what or who is causing the horrible events dead animals on her doorsteps, doors being left open, electrical systems exploding as well as what has happened in her past to cause such a dramatic memory loss.As with all of Bradley s novels this is well written and entertaining Unfortunately it did not convince me that I wanted to continue to branch out into her other forms of fantasy writing Perhaps it is a fault in myself that I am comparing this book to the Avalon series rather than allowing it to stand on its own, but I think I will float in Avalon just a bit longer. I ve read a number of Bradley s books and enjoyed most of them though Mists of Avalon was by far her best But this was horrid Don t waste your time. I ve read a few books by MZB, so I was pretty surprised at the subject of this book Where I usually associate her with fairy tale kingdoms Arthurian legends, this book is solidly in the present 1990s The end result is something that both pleased disappointed me.Winter is a young woman running from something that she is unable to describe Previously she was a self assured young mover shaker on Wall Street, but took a leave of absence from all of that due to reasons she is somewhat unable to put her finger on Taking refuge in an old house after being released from a mental clinic, she tries to ignore the signs that something is after her Each day she finds all of the windows doors in the house open It isn t until she once again finds dead, flayed animal corpses on her front door that she attempts to get help from local psychic researcher Truth As the manifestations become violent, her dreams of a mysterious man from a past she can t seem to remember begs for her help.Witchlight is volume 2 in MZB s Light series, a fact I was unaware of until I came onto to write this review Don t worry you should be able to read this book without having to read the previous books, although future books seem to require that you ve read everything that has gone on before.I rather liked the idea of this book It s just that the book didn t deliver on everything that it promised The magic in the book is the best part, which isn t surprising for MZB she has a knack for making magic enticing to read It s just that the characters weren t all that appealing Every time that I thought Winter was getting over her whole is this magic or insanity thing, she d jump right back on to that bandwagon Frankly, it got really old after a while The ending was also a little rushed in my opinion It just seemed to be kind of a huh that s it type of thing I was rather underwhelmed.Still, even mediocre MZB is still fun Fans of her far better written work will be sorely disappointed with this book, although new fans should like it plus they get the added bonus of moving on to better books by her This was good enough that I ll be looking for the other books, but not really good enough to really warrant keeping it This is one that I ll probably be trading with friends or the local used book store for other reading material. Thirty something Winter Musgrave awakens one morning possessing only ragged shreds of memory about her very identity Even scary are the mutilated animals she keeps finding in the yard, and the creepy way in which things keep flying off shelves Hysterical, Winter seeks the assistance of a team of parapsychologists, and by following their advice, she begins to recover bits and pieces of her past She also discovers that she has some formidable psychic abilities Witchlight cannot even hold a pale candle to author Bradley s acclaimed The Mists of Avalon While Mists drew its readers into a rich, credible fantasy world, Witchlight reads like soap opera As a character, Winter, described as a Wall Street trader, is remarkably overwrought and helpless I kept thinking that a mild tranquilizer would go a long way toward helping her to get a grip The plot revolves around a place called Nuclear Lake really , where as college students, Winter and her friends dabbled in black magic Something happened that prompted Winter to leave school only weeks from graduation Though she lost touch with her clique, it is now imperative that she reconnect with each of them Bradley wraps things up with a melodramatic scene in which Winter reunites with her now dead former boyfriend The final pages are trite and treacly Give this one a miss Bradley can do much better. After the mess that was Ghostlight book one in the Light series I was relieved to find this one was written a little better It isn t really necessary to read them in order, although you will miss out a little on the backstory of some characters And there s been some uproar about the fact that this book was co authored ghostwritten, completely written, noone seems to know for sure by someone other than Marion Zimmer Bradley, despite her name being on the cover.When Winter Musgrave finds herself in an old house all she remembers is that she released herself from a mental institution The rest of her past is fuzzy, and strange occurrences keep happening around her, the worst of which being the mutilated animals on her doorstep Having been a powerful trader on the stock exchange, Winter is surprised to learn that she once went to the local college and was studying the arts, but left before she was to have graduated Realizing that the phenomena happening is getting violent though, she desperately seeks her friends from back then, hoping they can fill in the gaps before it is too late.Winter bounces all over the place in personality She goes from being cold to hopeful to reminiscent and back again over the spectrum This is to be expected, she s undergone a lot of stress But it just didn t feel genuine at times In fact, the only character who really felt real was Truth, and maybe that s because she was in the first book The rest were just flat characters who were there to serve a purpose At least they had some interesting histories though, so you did care about where they came from.This book started out great You really wanted to know what happened to Winter and cheered for her when she started making discoveries about herself But by the end of the book, the pace was all off and things started happening too quickly The author also assumes that the reader has than a base knowledge of the occult magic etc and if you don t, it can make the concepts of this book difficult to understand I had a general idea of what was going on, but I suspect I missed a lot of the nuances that having a broader knowledge depth would have given me It just made the book difficult to read.I think someone familiar with the occult and magic in different forms might enjoy this book than the average person It definitely has a specific audience unlike some of the other books with Bradley s name on the cover I ve got one of the Light series at home that I ll probably read, but they re definitely not books I would seek out otherwise.WitchlightCopyright 1996303 pagesReview by M Reynard 2013 More of my reviews can be found at www.ifithaswords.blogspot.com I liked this better than the first one It had a little bit plot twists in it Although the main character was a bitter woman, kind of like Truth was in the first book, Winter finds herself and discovers that she doesn t have to be so bitter and angry over her past and how much forgiveness heals Thrown in are some interesting things about the paranormal and some witchcraft and occultism, makes for a interesting read I wanted to learn about the Grey Angels , but that seems to be being saved for a later book in the series The ending of this book was a bitter sweet one This book also touches controversies such as prejudice and womens rights and is it right to have an abortion or perhaps, will it haunt you for the rest of your life And ultimately it s your choice and you have to pay the piper in your own way Anyway, debates and discussions that can be saved for later All and all a pretty good book. Marion Zimmer Bradley, One Of The Most Beloved And Praised Fantasy Storytellers Of Our Time, Has Once Again Written A Compelling And Powerful Novel With Larger Than Life CharactersWinter Musgrave S Past Is Largely Blank, Her Memories Missing Or Tissue Thin She Seem To Be Possessed Objects Shatter When She Passes, The Corpses Of Animal Appear On Her Doorstep And She Has The Terrible Feeling That Something Horrible Happened In Her Empty Past Results Of Which Are Now Haunting Her With Unbridled FurySeeking Help, Winter Turns To Truth Jourdemayne And Learns That The Key To Unlocking Her Lost Memories Lies Within Herself And In The Magickal Circle Of Friends In College But The Circle Was Broken Long Ago Winter Must Reconstruct It Is She Is To Save Her LifeNot Just The Story Of A Woman S Search For Her Missing Past, Witchlight Is A Powerful Novel Of Contemporary Fantasy That Pulls Readers In And Hold Them Until The Final Page Anyone Who Loves Good Contemporary Fiction Will Devour Witchlight Winter Musgrave awakens one morning in a remote farmhouse, and realizes she has amnesia She cannot remember exactly how long she s been living in the house or why she came there She has vague memories of being a successful New York stockbroker, but doesn t know why she quit until she begins to find dead, mutilated animals on her doorstep, and flashes of the horror she s endured come back to her In the fear that she is causing occult phenomena unconsciously, she seeks out psychic researcher Truth Jourdemayne who appeared in the previous novel of this series, Ghostlight to help her, and she goes on a quest to unravel what happened to her, back when she was a member of an occult circle in college What happened to her college boyfriend, with whom she was truly in love Who is she, and what are her powers Most importantly, what is the malevolent force that seems to be following her Not bad, but several aspects of the plot are a bit dubious, and the ending is a bit unbelievable. I should have read this book BEFORE I read Gravelight, but since there was nothing on the books telling me which order was correct, I ended up reading them as I did Of the three I ve read Ghostlight, Gravelight and Witchlight, I liked Witchlight the best It has several of the characters present in the other two books, and they play a somewhat minor role The main character, Winter Musgrave, has recently checked herself out of an asylum for the wealthy She can t remember most of her past, and she thinks she s haunted or possessed She seeks the assistance of psychic experts, but she must figure out what s happening on her own while discovering and confronting her past.I really enjoyed this book, and even though I was warned about unusual twists, I was still surprised by them I thought the story was tighter than the other two books, and I found it satisfying Truthfully, I had a hard time putting it down.

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Ham

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