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Everest : Mountain Without MercyDavid Breashears, The First American To Scale Everest Twice, Was A Veteran Of Nine Previous Himalayan Filmmaking Expeditions When He Agreed To Lead What Became His Most Challenging Filmmaking Experience The Expedition Was Organized By Large Format Motion Picture Producer MacGillivray Freeman Films And Was Comprised Of An International Team Of Climbers Their Goal Was To Carry A Specially ModifiedPound IMAX Motion Picture Camera To The Summit Of Everest And Return From The Top Of The World With The First Footage Ever Shot There In This Spectacular Format A Stunningly Illustrated Portrait Of Life And Death In A Hostile, High Altitude Environment Where No Human Can Survive For Long, Everest Invites You To Join Breashears, His Climbers, And His Crew As They Make Photographic History Author Broughton Coburn Traces Each Step Of The Team S Progress Toward A Rendezvous With History And Suddenly You Re On The Scene Of A Disaster That Riveted The World S Attention Everest Incorporates A First Person, On The Scene Account Of The Most Tragic Event In The Mountain S History The May , , Blizzard That Claimed Eight Lives, Including Two Of The World S Top Climbing Expedition Leaders It Is A Chronicle Of The Courage And Cooperation That Resulted In The Rescue Of Several Men And Women Who Were Trapped On The Lethal, Windswept Slopes Everest Is Also A Tale Of Triumph In A Struggle To Overcome Both The Physical And Emotional Effects Of The Disaster On Everest, Breashears And His Team Rise To The Challenge Of Achieving Their Goal Humbled By The Mountain S Overwhelming Power, Yet Exhilarated By Their Own Accomplishment

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Everest : Mountain Without Mercy book, this is one of the most wanted Broughton Coburn author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Everest : Mountain Without Mercy
  • Broughton Coburn
  • English
  • 23 June 2017
  • 9780792270140

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    I initially got this from the library for photographic context while I was re reading Into Thin Air I should mention here I have a bit of an obsession with mountain climbing books ever since I first read that book, coupled with a deep desire to just chill here at sea level for the rest of my life Nothing about this hobby sounds appealing, yet it fascinates me to no end Because it was a National Geographic production, the pictures were excellent and gave me some of the best visual context I ve ever had of Everest landmarks the South Col, the Yellow Band, the Hillary Step, which is no longer there as of the 2015 quake as well as the trek in from Lukla But once I started reading the text, I was transfixed and or less read this giant coffee table book in one sitting This is the story of the team that made the IMAX film Everest the story is also covered in a chapter of Ed Viesturs book, No Shortcuts to the Top, which I also read this year because, again, obsession They set out to make their documentary the highest grossing IMAX film ever in the spring of 1996, thereby unwittingly becoming witnesses and rescuers in the 1996 tragedy detailed in Krakauer s book, as well as countless others mostly of inferior quality They do discuss the 96 tragedy in this book and the IMAX team s subsequent climb as well as all of the technological innovations that went into building an IMAX camera that could function at high altitudes , but they also delve into subjects other books only glancingly cover, if at all the culture and religious lives of the Sherpas are rendered in fascinating detail and again, because it s National Geographic, there s a wealth of information about the geology of the Himalayas The book, which was written in 1997, also discusses the fear that a large scale earthquake in this area is imminent This fear would sadly come to pass in 2015 I really enjoyed this and would like to read about the religious traditions of this area So maybe my mountain climbing book fixation is satisfied.For now.

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    y l quy n s ch u ti n t i c v ch leo n i Everest cao nh t th gi i, th t l th v.T c gi vi t r t c n th n v chi ti t, v i nh ng b n c th , c c gi i th ch c c th ng tin khoa h c, a l , truy n th ng a ph ng, nh ng h nh nh th t c a o n leo n i t t c nh ng g ng i ta c th quan t m v ch chinh ph c ng n n i n i ti ng n y M t chuy n leo n i Everest ngo i vi c t n k m c n c n chu n b chu o t th i gian, s c kh e, trang thi t b , ch n th i i m, ng i d n ng kinh nghi m, nguy n t c k lu t, ch v c may m n.M t c u chuy n c th t, h ng tr ng v c nghi t ng nh ng v n l i cu n nh ng ai say m chinh ph c thi n nhi n.Tr c khi xem quy n s ch n y, t i c xem b phim Everest 2015 , v i nh ng c nh quay tuy t v i v n i dung n t ng, d a tr n c u chuy n c th t Khi c d p c c quy n s ch n y, h nh dung l i nh ng c nh phim th t s ng ng v hi u th m v s kh c nghi t c a thi n nhi n, n m t cao n o , ng i ta ph i ch u ho n to n tr ch nhi m v m ng s ng c a m nh, k t ng i leo n i nghi p d l n ng i d n ng y kinh nghi m, v m i sai l m s ph i tr gi r t t.My first read on Everest topic, very interesting Carefully written, detailed with maps, scientific explanation of what readers would want to know of the topic, ranges from geology, health, local tradition, illustrated with wonderful pictures and the beauty of the real story, all as I expected before buying this book.I have watched the movie before, and reading this book makes me re live impressive scenes and strongly impacts my feelings that how fragile people are on the quest to the top At some height to the top, each person must be responsible for his own life.

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    For only the second time in my life I have intentionally bought a coffee table book By way of update and confession, I have yet to buy the table Everest Mountain Without Mercy is a companion book to the IMAX film Everest I also own and love that film This book is an excellent supplement and a great work in its own right Broughton Coburn is the primary author of this National Geographic Society publication But there are supplementary articles and essays by scientific and medical experts discussing everything from geology to high altitude physiology Each of them covers a specific facet of climbing Everest that needs to be understood if the endeavor is to be fully appreciated However, the real stars of this work are the photos and the quotations from climbers This is a big book but not a long book It can be read cover to cover or leafed through with equal enjoyment Having read several other volumes of Everest literature, I can say this one does justice to the conventions of the subject East meets West the trek to base camp the grand geology of the Himalaya the personality of the mountain the tragedy of lost life and the triumph of reaching the summit If this is a subject you have yet to explore, or are considering revisiting, Everest Mountain Without Mercy is a wonderful offering.

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    This book is a mixture of Everest expedition, geology, religion, Sherpa traditions, cultural history, climbing history and stunning photographs and maps I enjoyed all the climbing sections, the photography and the geology which was about earthquakes I was reading this book a week after the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and a paragraph in the book was talking about earthquakes in the region which was quite sobering The section on the actual 1996 disaster on Everest was pretty heartbreaking.

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    Everest Mountain Without Mercy by Broughton Coburn National Geographic Society 1997 796.522 is a stunning book It s the story of the 1996 expedition to Everest led by David Brashears to film an IMAX movie The film project was put on hold, for the team was on the mountain during the terrible Everest tragedy when climbers from several parties were killed by a sudden storm This is a wonderful book My rating 8 10, finished 2009.

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    I got this book from the library after recalling the tragedy on Everest the previous year It was fascinating and I dreamed I was stranded at the summit after reading it I took it out again when I got Into Thin Air Both books together made the tragedy so real My feelings about guided tours to the summit as a wealthy but inexperienced climber are well aired in my review of Into Thin Air.

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    I ve read Into Thin Air The Climb and wanted a third perspective on the May 1996 tragedy on Everest This was a well written and excellent description of all parties involved It gave individuals Ed Viesters and others from the IMAX expeditions voice in what took place Though the story was tragic, it shows courage and sheer will as well.

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    I adore this book an excellent addition to any Everest library The photos and production are breathtaking.Yep, it s a coffee tabler, and it sits in my living room It s a potpourri of Everest nessif you have seen the Imax film, then this is a must have, and even if you haven t i can t imagine anyone being disappointed with it.

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    I read the book after watching the movie Everest I felt the book was movie script Reading the book and looking at awesome pictures, I connected with the plots and stories I read about 1996 season on Everest from different authors.

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    Slow start I am sure some may enjoy the beginning few chapters but I didn t I just wanted to hear about the climb.

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