Not An Angel (Poryria Vampire, #1)

Not An Angel (Poryria Vampire, #1) After Kira loses her husband and her baby daughter, she finds herself at a bridge wanting to end her life She is saved by a mysterious man who also invades her dreams while she heals in the hospital Ultimately she realizes that her suicidal thoughts aren t the product of her depression but the manifestation from drugs she is being forced to take Her stalker was always jealous of her relationship with her husband the stalker s brother and wants Kira for his very own, going at great lengths to get her deemed incompetent and placed under his guardianship.Trace, her mystery man, has great responsibilities as a Protector of Poryria, and doesn t have the time or heart to protect humans directly Until he finds Kira Now he will stop at nothing to make sure she is and stays safe He finds himself drawn to Kira and falling for her quickly and risking everything, including his safety for her.This book draws you in and refuses to let you gomaking everyday tasks like, oh you know, eating, sleeping, etc very difficult While I managed to do the things that are required of me, putting the book down was pretty difficult.Kira was a very strong character her fight and will to survive even though her brother in law was a psychopath is admirable Her feelings for Trace were sincere and she acknowledged how quickly she formed a bond with a perfect stranger That actually does happen in real life too.Trace was also a very strong character fierce and protecting, he is the perfect alpha male He defies everything and everyone for the woman he loves.Mikal Mike Trace s brother, is a good supporting character His bond with Trace is strong.Jeff The psycho is just that.psycho.I found that I was drawn quickly into the worlds of Kira and Trace and enjoyed every minute of the ride.Please note This book contains adult scenes. Not An Angel is an absolute must buy I loved this book I loved Dawn s writing style The plot and characters are well formed The pace was fast, and keep me devouring the pages I could not put it down It made me laugh, cry, and even get frustrated The description of everything is laid out great If you have an imagination as I do, it ll be like you are there with them The things Kira had to deal with in her life just broke my heart Trace, was a complete gentleman with a wild side He was so yummy to read The bond between them is so strong and the book has steamy part that is sure to fog up glasses I can t wait to get my hands on the next.Come see her Interview andat That cover had me sucked in. I must say Im a cover love kinda girl I know its wrong but hey Not an Angel is Dawn Chartier s first book and I must say I am impressed The storyline was intriguing and kept me captivated till the very end I read this in one sitting The characters that Dawn has created are smokin the boys well I can envisage Trace aka pic above swoon and his brother I must say I am a sucker for men with bicepes ready to bulge out of there clothing lol but put all that aside Dawn has created her own world of the Vampires This I really enjoyed A fluent flowing storyline that Im sure will captivate you till the last pages Characters with depth, heart and even soul evil that dwells within and makes you skin crawl and sadness that Im sure will bring a tear to your eyes Im not going into the storyline much with this story as the blurb describes it well Just be prepared for some lovin, action and sexy scenes and even moments where Im sure you want to slit the throat of the evil minded brother in law ooops yes. I would love the read to have been a little longer but being a short read it contained every aspect one could want from a short story Not An ANgel will certainly fill an afternoon with pure interest a short read but definetly worth your time.I will be keeping an eye out forof Dawn s future reads This book left a lot to be desiredIt seemed to me like the author tried to fit a whole lot into a very short book While I didn t think this book was awful, I did find it to be quite predictable and strangely unrealistic view spoiler So, Jeff killed his brother and niece so he could finally have Kira all to himself Totally didn t see that one coming Insert sarcasm here What kind of background does Jeff has that he s able to track Kira the way he does That s not normal And please don t get me started on all of his threats to become her guardian In what court of law She lost her huband and child. of course she would be distraught Who wouldn t be There s no way the police are to let some guy Jeff get on TV and say that she s crazy and needs help Not gonna happen As for Kira and Trace s relationship which developed seemingly overnight. all I have to say is. ooooook The ending was the piece de resistance Where the hell did that come from All of te sudden they adopt a kid and NOW she s ready to become a vampire She wasn t two minutes ago But now she s sure hide spoiler Kira McCoy Wants To Die Losing Her Husband And Daughter Tragically Left Her Without Hope Now Her Disturbed Brother In Law Will Stop At Nothing To Have Her For Himself All She Wants Is To Find Peace, But Instead Finds Herself On Top Of A Bridge Ready To End Her Suffering Protector Of The Poryria, Trace Stuart Is Called To Defend His Race Or Embrace Death Defending Humans Is Not Part Of The Plan, But He Cannot Stop Himself From Saving Kira Realizing That He Shares A Special Bond With Kira, Trace Defies His Queen And Rushes Into The Heart Of Darkness In Order To Rescue The Woman He Loves Will Kira Be Able To Reach Past Her Own Pain To Pull Them Both Into The Light Just when you thought a new twist to vampires couldn t be found, along comes an author that puts a new spin on those creatures of the night For the vampires of the Poryria Series by Dawn Chartier, full vampirism occurs only when giving into the darkness that s in all their souls They can t be out in direct sunlight and only have to feed occasionally, but most of the other myths are untrue for Chartier s sexy men This made for a refreshingly entertaining story that has me excited to return to the world Ms Chartier s created.Kira McCoy has experienced many losses, along with a scarily overprotective brother in law, that has led her to the edge of a bridge wanting to end it all Luckily for her Trace Stuart and his brother Mike happen upon her and bring her back from near death Through his psychic abilities Trace stays with Kira through her dreams to help her recover Though she calls him an angel, Trace is anything but As a protector of the Poryria he saves his kind from full blooded vampires called Vrykolakas and tries to abstain from interacting with humans After a previous experience with loving a human came to a tragic end, he swore he d never get involved with a human again but something in Kira calls to him and calms his ever darkening soul He has to go against his own kind to defend Kira against a number of villains both human and preternatural And just as his soul appears lost, it s the love of a mere mortal that saves him right back.Trace is the quintessential hero, honorable and sexy He s sworn to protect his kind but has always felt separate from them That s why he s so drawn to Kira She s felt deeply alone for a long time too and it s through their shared dreams that their relationship solidifies Once they interact in the real world, he has to convince her of what he really is and hope she accepts him These scenes were funny as each vampire myth was shot down by Trace He never pushed Kira into a relationship even though he mentally could have He let things develop slowly and sweetly and rescued her when she needed him most Their sexual interludes are steamy and sensual and very worth the wait Their connection was off the charts and I was breathlessly awaiting their coming together Not only was Trace a great lover and powerful warrior, he was also a caring brother in his dealings with younger brother Mike Their brotherly banter was realistically entertaining and I loved their moments of bickering It made Trace evenlikable and charming and had me rooting for him every step of the way Kira s rather weak at the start of the story Everything she s been through has worn her down and left suicide her only option As she interactswith Trace you see a different side to her, she gains strength and the ability to not only stand up for herself but also the man she loves She gets the chance to kick some butt and does an admirable job of it By the end she d won me over and seeing her start her life anew was heartwarming.The villains in this story are larger than life Brother in law Jeff is truly creepy and manipulates everything and everyone to get his way His obsession with Kira is out of control and the steps he takes to try to get her to be with him are shocking The new breed of Vrykolakas that Trace and Mike chase throughout the story isdangerous than any seen before Chason is diabolically smart and just as manipulative as Jeff His kills are extremely bloody and done in a taunting manner When the truth comes out about who he really is, a whole new can of worms is opened that will have ramifications throughout the rest of the series.There are lots of secondary characters that also added to my enjoyment of this story Mike is the typical younger brother trying to earn his birthright and make his brother proud He s snarky and sexy and now that he owes a debt to a human, things will definitely gethumorously difficult for him and I can barely wait I LOVE his character and was very drawn to him from the moment he came on the scene Not only am I looking forward to what happens with his character but the other hunters of Deveraux, Landon, and Spyder have me chewing at the bit to learnabout them They re sexy and mysterious men who left a lasting impression on me and once you see them you ll know what I mean They re definitely bad to the bone This was a fast paced, adrenalin rush of a story that had me on the edge of my seat from the very start It offers a fresh take on the vampire myth and I give the author credit for coming up with something new and entertaining The characters were memorable and the romance was full of heartache that had me fully immersed in the story and sad when the final page was turned For those wanting a fresh voice in the world of the paranormal, look no further than Not An Angel by Dawn Chartier. This is one of those OMG books what a compelling novel The storyline reached out, dug its claws into my mind and refused to let go I could not put this book down The female character, Kira has lost so much in her life She lost her husband and child thinking that it was all her fault She has so much hurt and sorrow There were times that I cried with her Her brother in law wants her he wants to control her and does everything in his power to get to her Can I just say what an alpha male douche bag He made me so mad I could scream Kira realizes what he has planned for her and she finally breaks away from him, at least she tries to Along comes Trace the man of Kira s dreams They have this instant connection that just sucks you right in, it makes it impossible to not carry on reading to find out what is about to happen Trace has lost someone close to him as well He goes through life just concentrating on his job until he sees Kira, he immediately feels the need to save her and help her not realizing that together, they will work through their heartaches Trace is a hottie of note Just the type of hero any girl wants to jump in and save the day He and Kira go through major trials while together, but they always make it out at the top They are there for each other and they both save each other at some point in the book Kira is a woman filled with passion and love She is strong and very admirable Together they are unstoppable This novel had everything from suspense to action to romance and humour I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely like to readofDawn Chartier s novels. Title Not An AngelAuthor Dawn ChartierPublisher The Wild Rose PressPublication Date 2010Genre Erotic Paranormal VampireLength 174 pagesRating 5 DiamondsHeat Level EroticReviewer Starla KayeDate 5 13 10What a wonderful second chance at love story It has everything from the tragically broken hearted woman who has lost so much to a man who believes he can never have someone special to love in his life Plus it is a human vampire tale of love.Kira is a heroine with a tragic past that immediately wins over the reader As the story develops, she shows a strong side, a side worthy of winning the heart of this very unique hero Trace is a vampire Guardian who has hunted rogues for centuries He has known only death and duty all his long life Then one day he risks all that he is to save and protect a human woman, someone he will never be allowed to have true feelings for Yet The characters were beautifully developed There were many conflicts, external and internal, and all of them difficult to overcome The reader is pulled into these unique characters lives from the first sentence Death was her only savior I couldn t stop reading, even though I knew being a romance how it had to end. I enjoyed Trace and Kira s story For a short read, it was really good I enjoyed Dawn Chartier s writing styleshows a lot of potential I wished the author would have taken the time to make the story longer and to explain certain aspects of the story I have to agree with other reviewers, I too, could not understand why Jeff s mind worked the way it did but I guess he was truly insane I would have also like to knowabout Kira s tragic story I think she could have gone into detail about what she went through Same could be said for Trace Overall a good read for someone that likes short stories with just enough romance I would like to see the author write about her other characters would definitely read. This was a nice story of a second chance at love I liked the premise of the book, but I wished that the author had spent a bittime on the world building What happens between Kira and Trace is pretty much just chance and that was too bad I would have liked to have seen a reason why Trace would have found Kira other than happening by when she was in trouble I also couldn t figure out why Jeff would do the things he did, unless he was completely insane, but that was just me.I liked Dawn Chartier s writing style and thought the story had potential If you want a light read with a lot of romance that you don t have to think too much about, this story is for you.

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