Turn Homeward, Hannalee

Turn Homeward, HannaleeThis children s book offers a first hand look at the removal of the Roswell mill workers, an often overlooked event in War Between the States history Patricia Beatty manages the keep the story entertaining while also education, and while there are occasional jumps in narration and the story feels a little short, young readers will have gotten an introduction to the period which will likely leave them interested in learning Beatty is also surprisingly adapt utilization dialect I would recommend this book for students between 4th and 6th grade interested in history. My love for this book can not be described properly nor adequately This has got to be one of my ultimate favorites from when I was a little girl Maybe it s something to do with the fact that it s a young girl having to be strong and stick to wits to find her way back to what she knows best got me Fantastic read and I would recommend it. Written for middle school readers, Turn Homeward, Hannalee, is a quick and interesting read Although I knew much about the Civil War, this is an episode I was wholly unfamiliar with The book tells the story of young Hannalee Reed who is captured by the bluebellies and sent to Indiana to work in a mill the story is an interesting and little known twist on the North s own version of slave labor That author has beautifully captured the South s vernacular and dialog, lending the book an especially authentic feel Reminiscent of Katherine Patterson s books, it s a great read, even for adults. When I started to read this book It was amazing When Hannalee Gets taken away the book got rely interesting I enjoyed This book very much Patrica Betty did a very Good job writing this book. It s about A southern 12 yearold girl named Hanalee She got taken away from home Now she s trying to find her way back home Setting Around Civil War time More often than not, you come across a children s book entertaining and to the point than any adult book, ever This is one such book. Making my way slowly through all of the Sonlight books I bought for US and world history This one was a Civil War book and while I am growing increasingly intolerant of poor Confederacy stories, this is one about some children from Georgia who went missing during the war It mostly sidesteps slavery and the exploitation of people of color I think the author did that on purpose She chose an event location where there were no slaves working and focused on that story It s a bit of a copout It is also a good story and a good intro into the terribleness of war and the poverty that inevitably follows the losers of a war.It gave me things to think about, that were not necessarily the intent of the author However, the writing was solid and the book used the speech patterns of the people of rural Georgia without making it ridiculous to the average reader I think this is going to be one of our summer read alouds. I needed to read this book as I run the gift shop in a historic house in Roswell, GA and was looking for appropriate materials to carry This young readers chapter book is a fictitious accounting of a Civil War atrocity that took place in our community, and I was checking it for authenticity I found the book very well written, accurately researched as much as is possible for this difficult story and a sensitive portrayal of the mill workers in the south It is not a story about slaves in the south, for, after all, mill workers and that class of citizens would not have had slaves, but their vision of the civil war is also relevant.I think Ms Beatty wrote a wonderful, sympathetic story with rich characters that the young reader could identify with while learning a valuable history lesson. Our family enjoyed this book as a fun read aloud It really made the kids think about life during the Civil War for all the poor Southerners who were just trying to mind their own business and live their lives and how the war effected them This is the story of one 12 year old girl who is deported North when General Sherman shuts down all the textile mills in order to help force a Northern victory You get a good sense of the people on both the North and South both the good, bad, and the ugly A real eye opener One of the most interesting moments is when Hannah and her brother witness a real battle It s not at all what they thought it would be And it was really good at convincing my kids that War is an ugly thing that destroys lives on both sides of the conflict. During The Closing Days Of The Civil War, Plucky Year Old Hannalee Reed, Sent North To Work In A Yankee Mill, Struggles To Return To The Family She Left Behind In War Torn Georgia A Fast Moving Novel Based Upon An Actual Historical Incident With A Spunky Heroine And Fine Historical Detail School Library Journal Author S Note There Are Few Authors Who Can Consistently Manage Both To Entertain And Inform Booklist

From Contemporary Authors Online Patricia Beatty s historical children s fiction invites readers to share in her fascination with the past Reflecting her interest in meticulous research, which she likened to detective work, her stories recreate past times for modern readers Critics cite her strong sense of humor, as well as a sharp sense of place, as strong points of her fiction A committed f

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  • 208 pages
  • Turn Homeward, Hannalee
  • Patricia Beatty
  • English
  • 09 October 2018
  • 9780688166762

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