Shrek!In Shrek s case, it s safe to say I prefer the movie Although I m not a big fan of that either I m of a classic fairy tale kind of person I like my prince and princess beautiful. This is about the delightfully dreadful Shrek the ORIGINAL Shrek Yes, Shrek is a hideous and vastly unpleasant and stinky ogre, yes there is a donkey, and yes there is an ugly princess waiting to be rescued But, the similarities between the movie end there This is basically the tale of how Shrek goes around causing havoc, delighting in disgusting people, once he is literally kicked out out of the house, er, hole in the ground, by his parents When he meets a witch who gives him a prophecy, he decides to accept the quest and go find the monstrous princess The illustrations are purposely repulsive, but they certainly do reflect the story well I feel they are a bit juvenile in style, reminding me of a child s crayon drawings, but I think this is intentional SPOILERS I can certainly see why they made the movie Shrek a bit loveable and capable of change and doing good The Shrek in this story is not exactly heroic, though he does get the girl and lives happily ever after as they terrorize others Still, I found the stortelling oddly beguiling and, while not my usual cup of tea, it makes a great choice for Halloween or monster themed reading. Shrek is another memorable classic book from the great mind of William Steig and it is about how Shrek, a repulsive ogre, tries to find the princess to marry after he leaves his parents home Shrek is a great book for children who love reading books about monsters.William Steig has done a great job at both illustrating and writing this modern day fairy tale that is full of attitude William Steig s illustrations are truly beautiful and hilarious especially of the images of Shrek himself as he has a green and warty face, a purple shirt and yellow and green striped pants, which make him, look hilarious than menacing I also love the images of the trees in this book as they look simplistic yet beautiful, giving this book a somewhat simplistic tone William Steig makes this story extremely hilarious and full of attitude as Shrek is a character who loves being repulsive and scaring off innocent bystanders, but at the same time, he gives a powerful message to the audience about loving yourself as Shrek loves his own repulsiveness, even if other people do not like his repulsiveness William Steig makes this book extremely unique as it was one of the few books to have a repulsive character as the main character of the story.Parents should know that this book does contain the word jack and that might offend many parents who do not want their children learning such a word Even though jack is used to describe a donkey in this book, the way that the a word is being used now might confuse smaller children and might even entice them to say the word so often Also, another con of this book is that, in my opinion, it was not as memorable as the movie which is why I gave it a four star rating Shrek seem repulsive in this book than he was in the movie and that aspect of his character sort of made him a less likable character in the book, while in the movie, Shrek was a benevolent ogre who was upset at the way that people treated him and that made him a very likable character in the movie Also, I felt like the character development was not as strong in this book as it was in the movie and the audience might not feel any kind of bond towards the characters in this book Shrek is a great book for children about the importance of being yourself no matter what other people think, but the movie might be a better choice about learning this message since the movie developed the characters much better than this book could I would recommend this book to children ages six and up due to the use of the word jack.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog THE MAGIC SEED Once upon the time there was a greenish ugly ogre in love It would be the beginning of this childlike illustrated book for children which, as a modern fairy tale, gives us, through its outlandish little characters and drawings the story of an repugnant ogre who, following the order of his repugnant and greenish parents of getting out to spread the evil, leaves his home to see world and, after many adventures, he ends up by saving an enchanted princess with whom, being uglier than him, he falls in love , and they were happy ever after.Or otherwise Once upon the time there was a modern fairy tale written by a cartoonist and storyteller named William Steig Flying away, this book dropped in a kingdom called DreamWorks, ruled by a Big Wizard named Steve Everybody saw it as a little book, but Steve the Magician saw it as a Magic Bean instead He sowed it and, immediately, a plant started to grow and to grow, being seen, with cheers and hearty ovations, by millions and millions, both parents and children, as the tree became higher and higher the sky as the limit and from the sky, five shining stars were lit ever after to this phenomenal, seminal little book. I went to see Shrek the Musical this evening with my children and we bought the book at the concession stand I had no idea that the original movie was based on a children s book.Loosely based Very loosely.But Shrek is still our beloved ogre in this book and he revels in his hideousness and delights in his horrible ogre ways Perfectly Shrek This has been on my to read list ever since the first movie came out yeah, I m slow And although I didn t really expect anything like the Pixar movie story, this still took me a bit by surprise But in a good way William Steig s story is delightfully horrendous and wondful love story, and I m sure the kids will love it, after I can explain that, no, this is not the movie Shrek, this is the original. Fat raindrops began sizzling on Shrek s hot knob from Shrek You tell me, picture book or porn I ve only seen snippets of the film but I can t even imagine what the two have to do with one another I usually go for odd little stories but this was off than I m okay with Picture book Shrek is REALLY, really ugly and mean He makes movie Shrek look handsome and the princess might make your kid have nightmares There s also a Book It s a Book moment with a jabbering jackass Look at me, I ve already given away all the fun parts I can see a kid who is really into Roald Dahl type bad guys digging this immensely. Read it when the kids were younger love the film. Best EPub, Shrek Author William Steig This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Shrek , Essay By William Steig Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I was just watching Shrek 4 movie and it occurred to me that although some intellectuals says that the realization that we are all one being instead of many kills romance because romance can on lt be between two people ACTUALLY realizing our oneness with spirit is the most deeply emotional romance of all.Just imagine that God is like Shrek before traded his married life with his kids and good friends and admirers to be a solitary feared ogre again just for a day Just as Shrek had the perfect life but he wanted to experience what it would be like to be on his own So God had a perfect existence before the creation was created and before he took on many different forms each with an individual consciousnesses all of them suspicious of God and believing only in their own selves Then just look at how romantic it was when finally shrek won fiona s love and how much better he appreciated his life once he returned to it all the romance love joy and appreciation was there once he got back.So , My freinds it IS romantic that we are all one Being but just suffering from amnesia and living an alternative reality because hen we truly fall in love with our only real self and accept we have no separate existence and stop chasing the illusion that we exist apart from God and others well It IS intensely romantic and emotional like between Shrek and Fiona when the finally believed that the love between them was real the ONLY REAL existence and would break the spell of the alternative existence It s one of those things you can never understand with your intellect but makes perfect sense very deep sense to your heart.God is like shrek and we are all like fiona Except that shrek was not conscious of the consequences of his decision to trade his perfect life for a selfish life and what it would take to return to his perfect life with even greater appreciation for it Except God was fully aware of the pain of parting when a part of him was separated off and made to forget fully aware of the depth of longing both He and his wife would feel to reunite once memory love was restored and fully aware of the increased depth of joy upon being reunited which was God s will and plan.I remember Shrek said to Fiona the best thing about today was that I GOT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN and that is why we were separated and made to forget and live an alternative existence so that we could FALL IN LOVE AGAIN WITH OUR PERFECT EXISTANCE all over againThanks for allowing me to share my thoughts Robbie less

William Steig was born in New York City in 1907 In a family where every member was involved in the arts, it was not surprising that Steig became an artist He published his first children s book, Roland the Minstrel Pig, in 1968, embarking on a new and very different career.Steig s books reflect his conviction that children want the security of a devoted family and friends When Sylvester, Farmer

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