The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Pink Carnation, #1)

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Pink Carnation, #1) Deciding That True Romantic Heroes Are A Thing Of The Past, Eloise Kelly, An Intelligent American Who Always Manages To Wear Her Jimmy Choo Suede Boots On The Day It Rains, Leaves Harvard S Widener Library Bound For England To Finish Her Dissertation On The Dashing Pair Of Spies The Scarlet Pimpernel And The Purple Gentian What She Discovers Is Something The Finest Historians Have Missed A Secret History That Begins With A Letter Dated Eloise Has Found The Secret History Of The Pink Carnation The Most Elusive Spy Of All Time, The Spy Who Single Handedly Saved England From Napoleon S InvasionThe Secret History Of The Pink Carnation, A Wildly Imaginative And Highly Adventurous Debut, Opens With The Story Of A Modern Day Heroine But Soon Becomes A Book Within A Book Eloise Kelly Settles In To Read The Secret History Hoping To Unmask The Pink Carnation S Identity, But Before She Can Make This Discovery, She Uncovers A Passionate Romance Within The Pages Of The Secret History That Almost Threw Off The Course Of World Events How Did The Pink Carnation Save England What Became Of The Scarlet Pimpernel And The Purple Gentian And Will Eloise Kelly Find A Hero Of Her Own Okay, this book started out so cute It s a great mix of historical fiction granted with several liberties taken , chick lit, and a cute little Superman Lois Lane man in a mask love story It was just a fun read Until the sex scene So I don t recommend it In hind sight, although it was cute, it also was very shallow to begin with I HATE it when fun books turn out to be dirty when you re already half way through Does anyone know if there s a website out there that gives tv movie type ratings for books That s always been my biggest trepidation with reading is stumbling across foul language, violence and pornographic material For me reading is sometimes way graphic than seeing something in a movie If there isn t a website like that out there, would you check a monitoring system like that before you read a book I would rather like my two hours back that I spent on this book It s not that it was bad, rather, it had an intriguing premise, but the past future aspects were poorly merged, the part of the story set in present day was absolutely unsatisfying and the Georgian smut felt out of place, perhaps because of the highly formal nature she tried to give the characters.The lesson to be learned there is you can t do Pride and Prejudice with an R rating. a Scarlet PimpernelAnagallis arvensisb Pink CarnationDianthus caryophyllus a Purple GentianGentiana verna d Pink Champagne abimage error This book was crap It was just complete and total crap The thing that made me the most angry is that at the back of the book the author has a historical note where she talks about this garbage in light of its place in the historical fiction genre Oh My Gosh THERE WAS NOTHING HISTORICAL ABOUT IT The Scarlet Letter is historical fiction Cold Mountain is historical fiction This, as I have already said, is crap Mentioning Napoleon and the year 1803 does not make a book historical fiction It makes it a crappy romance novel that mentions Napoleon and the year 1803 Oh, and p.s the Bastille was not around in 1803 see pg 137 It was demolished in 1789 and the stones were used to build a bridge, so a dramatic rescue of a prisoner held captive there really would not, unfortunately, have been dramatic or heroic at all Who was this author s editor She should get a refund In addition to pathetically obvious anachronisms, the book featured a weak, obnoxious, and just all around ridiculous main character and some of the most painful situational cliches that I have come across in years, such as the manly hero being rescued by his mother, complete with the whole, Mom What are you doing here This is so embarrassing type dialog that just makes you cringe when you read it Oh and yes, that is how he s rescued, and no, I don t even care that I just gave away a spoiler hopefully it will deter you from reading the book yourself. I was bitterly disappointed in this book Given the quality hard cover, the lovely cover art and the blurb, I was expecting something that strives to be Heyer or Austen I would have been happy with something that fell along the lines of Tasha Alexander or Deanna Raybourne Heck, I would counted myself lucky if the book had been vaguely reminiscent of Mary Balogh or Julia Quinn Instead I got something that fell far short of all of those.Instead of sparkling wit of Heyer and the mannered prose of Austen, I got a by the numbers, derivative, cliche historical romance novel that weirdly also wanted to be modern chick lit and a rollicking spy adventure as well.The heroine Amy is a firm and permanent resident of the too stupid to live category Seriously This girl did one dumb thing after the other Just from the glimpse of a black cloak, she believes she has discovered the identity of the Purple Gentian a famous spy a la the Scarlet Pimpernel So she sends the man a note to meet her at night in a deserted park So very smart The fact that the real Purple Gentian happened to coincidentally have a conversation with the other man who was a leering jerk where he learns about the assignation, is what largely saves the stupid twit from being raped.But Amy is not the only dull knife in the drawer For a super spy who has eluded capture for years, Richard is also remarkably inept First he has pretty much told his entire family his secret identity Isn t that like rule number 1 in the spy handbook You don t tell anyone your identity especially not your mother and your younger sister And then there is the scene where he and Amy are in the apartment of the head of Napoleon s secret police to steal papers Instead of getting in and getting out, they have a conversation on issues of love trust and almost end up making love right then and there Sigh There are not words enoughAnd there were many moments where I just rolled my eyes so hard There was also a very modern feel to the language that struck me as out of place While not overtly anachronistic in word usage, the tone was just off It was too droll, too arch I got the impression that author was doing this on purpose and trying to let us in on the joke But imo, it failed miserably.Also, I could pretty much predict how the H h were going to act and react to each other This book was just stuffed with romance novel obviousness Not one character did anything surprising or unpredictable Actually, I retract that last statement a bit This book was not a total waste Jane, the heroine s cousin was actually an excellent character She had all the brains, wit and composure the heroine should have had Had Jane been the heroine of this novel and been allowed to retain her character this may have been a much different story.And I do have to admit the book was funny in some places Toward the end of the novel the scene where Richard s family shows up and wants to meet Amy was a entertaining.But even with those one or two positive things, the book overall was still a big disappointment.I can t recommend. Where I got the book bought retail yes full price from my local indie bookstore at an author event.The plot it s 1803 and Amy, who grew up dreaming of joining the Scarlet Pimpernel s league of daring rescuers, is on her way to France to join her brother The Scarlet Pimpernel has retired, and now the Purple Gentian stands between England and the machinations of Napoleon, so naturally Amy wants to be on his team She must not allow herself to be distracted by handsome Lord Richard Selwickmeanwhile, in the present day, graduate student Eloise is trying to solve the mystery of the identity of the Pink Carnation, and must not allow herself to be distracted by handsome Colin SelwickCan a novel with as much gravitas as a herd of My Little Ponys gamboling amid clouds of pink cotton candy really be classified as historical fiction I m not saying that the settings aren t accurate enough and I couldn t catch Ms Willig out in any particular, but the tendency of the 1803 characters to lapse into decidedly 21st century speech with a chick lit flavor and display some very un 1803 attitudes to sex and marriage ensured I was kept well aware that this was pure historical ish fantasy And great fun at that, strangely enough, even though I had to work hard to keep from getting steamed up about the adverbs Oh, the adverbs Characters speak thrillingly, knowingly, bluntly, dourlyyou get the picture And if I had a penny for every clich d phrasethis is definitely a young author s first go And then there are the sex scenes well, one and a half oh gosh, words fail me And darn it, somehow it works Even the modern day interjections, which are obviously intended to provide a framework for future books As long as you re looking for a beach read, go ahead and enjoy this is the historical fiction equivalent of a very fruity drink with an umbrella in it, and sometimes that just hits the spot I won t say I loved this book, but it fit nicely into those moments when I wanted to read but was too tired to tax my brain with actual thought So it gets 3 points for overall quality and about.7 for sheer bloody nerve. If you go into this expecting historical fiction with Napoleonic spy action, you re likely to be disappointed I was expecting of a historical mystery spy adventure, but soon caught on and was able to adjust and enjoy it for what it is And what it is, is a fairly typical fluffy Regency Romance, except that it s set in the French court and does have a dose of spies to make it interesting Confirming its status as a Romance series is the fact that the main characters change in each book.It s also very light on historical accuracy, but that didn t stop me from having fun reading it It s purposely silly and far fetched, and I do enjoy silly So instead of being horrified at the liberties taken with the time period, I found it mostly fun There were times when I found it a bit long winded, though And I still could have done with less of the romance, especially the sex scenes I always feel that those scenes are out of place in a Regency novel they drag something too modern into the historical setting.There s also a second story line set in the present day about a woman who is researching the Pink Carnation for her dissertation It looks like it will span the sequels as she discovers about the past It also looks like there will be a romance in her future I thought the framing story was OK, but could have done without it It made the book longer, and I m not sure I liked being pulled out of the other story for this one But I think it might grow on me as the series progresses We ll see I do intend to continue reading when I m in the mood for something silly, light and fluffy, with a bit of derring do in the court of Napoleon. This is what I get for being lulled into a false sense of security by a nice cover and an interesting premise This book promised to be a historical fiction with a bit of mystery thrown in Instead, it turned out to be a banal bodice ripping generically bad Regency romance novel I could deal with the fact that the modern parts of the book were completely unnecessary I could even deal with the fact that the way people spoke acted in the 19th century parts and the modern parts were exactly the same i.e., wildly anachronistic for the Regency parts I could even deal with the fact that it was impossible to tell how much modern day scholar Eloise knew of the story the reader learned, considering many of the details would NOT find their way into the diaries letters that she was supposedly reading and why oh why did Willig just not do the 19th century bits in letter diary form I could deal with all these things IF the writing, characters, and plot were any good Unfortunately, those three things were so horribly done that the previous details I mentioned only added insult to injury First of all, the two main heroines present day Eloise and Regency Amy were Chaotic Stupid When the main trait of your characters is Too Stupid To Live you know there is something wrong The love interest, Lord Richard, besides having a lame secret identity name the Purple Gentianyeah, I know was also dumb beyond belief And this was the man who apparently outwitted the French Secret Service for years Either the French Secret Service is even incompetent than the average villainous mook, or Lord Richard survived on sheer luck Why do I hate this book Let me count the ways Everyone acts like a 12 year old, and not a particularly bright 12 year old There is so much stomping, foot stamping and door slamming that I almost wanted to keep count to see how many times Willig managed to fit it in And these are supposed to be grown adults And they do dumbass things, like Lord Richard and Amy both ending up in the bad guy s room for secret spy reasons and instead of being quiet and stealthy and getting in and out fastthey make out on the bed and then stand around shouting at each other until the bad guy and his guards surround them SERIOUSLY, HOW IS LORD RICHARD STILL ALIVE Especially given the fact that he mostly spends the book whining, leering at the heroine, not being particularly stealthy, allowing himself to be tailed without ever figuring it out, and having the heroine, her cousin and her governess figure out his true identity in about a week HOW HAS NO ONE ELSE BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE IT OUT THEN Truly, I think in this parallel timeline where the Scarlet Pimpernel was a real person, a dreaded Stupidity Epidemic swept through France and Britain, rendering both the Continent and the Isles thick as concrete Amy was perhaps one of the most annoying heroines I ve ever had the misfortune to encounter She is the main culprit of the stomping, juvenile behavior She actually has an argument with Lord Richard that devolves into I m not speaking to youHow matureShut upYou just spoke to meThat doesn t count thing I did with my brothers when I was about 8 Plus, she made a point to get a job tutoring Napoleon s stepdaughter in English so she could have an in with the governmentand then the entire subplot was dropped as we never saw the stepdaughter again or heard anything of any tutoring AND she was one of those heroines who despite being a privileged, sheltered girl has no concern for propriety at all and seems to willfully try to ruin her reputation every opportunity she gets, despite the fact that at the time a ruined reputation was actually A Serious Business that could shame not only her but ALSO her family including her cousins I mean, this girl nearly loses her virginity on a BOAT with a poor hired guy ROWING HER AND HER PARAMOUR on the Seine Sex in public with a witness Does the girl have no shame You don t think she d feel at all awkward by the fact that, you know, someone WAS WATCHING HER I know it s hard to think logically when you re in the middle of getting hot and heavy with a guy you like, but at the very least it should ve given her a moment of pause But, no, it barely registers Not to mention the scene where her governess upbraids Napoleon as if he s a naughty child and isn t even thrown in jail for what would ve been considered treason The only person who showed ANY intelligence at all was cousin Jane Basically she was the only one that ever figured anything out without having it dropped in her lap and she used the common sense that God gave her instead of acting like a spoiled, selfish brat You d think that an author who was getting a PhD in history at Harvard could write a decent historical novel You d be wrong This is the epitome of bad writing, idiotic characters, plot contrivances, and no apparent historical research. AMAZING..BLOODY HILARIOUS..SMART.WITH THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF SMUT, MAKING THIS BOOK A DEFINATE KEEPERI ADORED this book The author had me sold on the rest of the series and any of her future contributions to the book addict cause, within the few pages of the prologue A combination of Julia Quinn s wit, and C.S Harris and Deanna Raybourn s sleuth story talent all rolled up with what is obviously, and originally 100% Lauren WilligThe characters we re real, perfectly flawed and relatable as well as genuinely lovable The story was well written and fast moving The who dunnit theme or in this case the who is it theme managed to keep me guessing atleast till the half way point Which I must add, is not often accomplished..It s a light hearted, fun loving, easy read with the feel of a epic story In other words its the perfect combination of mystery, romance, and witty dialouge for any historical romance fan who craves a little length to their reads Happy Reading

Lauren Willig is the New York Times bestselling author of nineteen works of historical fiction Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages, awarded the RITA, Booksellers Best and Golden Leaf awards, and chosen for the American Library Association s annual list of the best genre fiction After graduating from Yale University, she embarked on a PhD in History at Harvard before leavin

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