Murder At Witches' Bluff

Murder At Witches' Bluff Renowned Author Silver RavenWolf Unites Puzzling Mystery, Shocking Horror And Real Magick In This Adult Themed Novel, Creating A Page Turning Delight As The Nights Of The Year Get Longer, This Is An Ideal Book To Read Curled Up In Front Of A Fire, Or Safely Tucked Under The Covers The Story Of Murder At Witches Bluff Takes Place In Cold Springs, An Evil Place With An Evil History As With Many Small Towns, The Citizens Have Many Skeletons In Their Closets As The Mystery Unfolds, You Ll Wonder If Someone Is Willing To Kill To Make Sure Those Secrets Are Not Revealed Siren McKay Returns To This, Her Hometown, To Sort Her Head Out She Has Been Acquitted Of Murdering Her Lover Because Of The Testimony Of A Stranger The Truth Is, She Killed The Man But Why Did She Do It Why Did The Stranger Lie To Save Her And Why Does The Entire Town Hate Her So Is It Only Because They Wrongly Think She Is A Witch Do They Have Other, Darker Hatred Is She Really A Witch Together With Tanner The Alcoholic Firefighter, And Billy The Carousing Cop, The Three Must Stop The String Of Mysterious Fires That Are Ravaging The Town Meanwhile, The Body Count Starts To Rise Can They Trust The Mysterious Lexi, A Retired, Wealthy Stage Magician What Secrets Does He Know That He Is Not Revealing Which Side Is He Really On And Then There Is The Mysterious And Beautiful Gemma, Siren S Half Sister Just How Far Will Gemma S Perversions And Hatred Of Siren Go This Exciting Novel Will Keep You In Heart Numbing Suspense As You Go Through The Twists And Turns Of Revelation For Exciting Fiction With Real Magick, This Book Is A Must

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

❮Epub❯ ➞ Murder At Witches' Bluff ➝ Author Silver RavenWolf –
  • Paperback
  • 450 pages
  • Murder At Witches' Bluff
  • Silver RavenWolf
  • English
  • 19 October 2017
  • 9781567187274

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    There were a few errors in my copy, some glaring apparently one female character had an adam s apple LOL and she was BORN female, so I m thinking that s a mistake not picked up in editing All that aside, it was a page turner, it is so refreshing to read Witchy books written from OUR perspective, full of all the lore and craft but not acting in a teachy teachy sort of way A breath of fresh air A pity books of horror and suspense are not to my taste though It might have had a couple stars added if they were Thank you Silver Ravenwolf love your work

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    True to its title, Murder at Witch s Bluff has it all, murder, mystery, magick, and even a little romance As someone who once enjoyed Silver Ravenwolf s non fictional material as well as her previous book Beneath a Mountain Moon, I was very interested in reading of her fiction that wasn t geared specifically towards the teenage market.In this book, Silver has defiantly captured the feel of small town America with all its vices and virtues The characters, for the most part, are well thought out with a few exceptions The central character, Siren McKay, is portrayed as a very strong willed woman even in the face of the terrible violence that she was exposed to, and the victim of, in a relatively short amount of time I absolutely loved the character of Nana Loretta, and the descriptions of her magickal practices were an added bonus.I also felt that Tanner s struggle with attempting to find if magick and witchcraft had a place in his life is also one that many of us have also struggled with ourselves I also liked that fact that this book portrayed a gay character Lexi who wasn t too stereotypical Although her part was relatively small, Gemma was completely psychotic as any murderous villain Though he starts out as a very unsympathetic character, Uncle Jess become endearing as the author peels back the layers to reveal the man behind all the gruff Other than Siren herself, I felt as though Serato, was one of the most interesting of characters in the book At times it almost felt as if he was a narrator, as his observations of the other characters in the book were so accurate and greatly helped to move the story along.I failed to comprehend the exact purpose for the character of Rachael in the story It seems that the author either had planned to do with her and decided not to do so, or that she was always intended to be a throw away character for the purpose of adding to the list of suspects I also would have liked at least one scene depicting Siren applying her trade as a hypnotherapist.Overall the plot was well conceived if not original, although I have to admit that the story did not unfold in the direction that I had previously thought it would Although there were a few continuity errors and than a few typos, it did not detract from the over all story itself in my opinion The mysterious in this novel are numerous, although some will not be as mysterious as others to the observant reader The pacing is fast throughout the book with virtually no slow spots Fellow crafters will enjoy the inclusion of descriptions of actual spells and ritual, as well as the inclusion of actual Wiccan poetry that has been found in non fiction works.I was a bit disappointed with the fact that the author chose not to include a scene in which the characters who were either absent or unconscious at the book s climax were told the truth about the novel s central mystery and how they dealt with this information instead the reader is left to infer for himself how they reacted Although the final scene wraps up all but a few loose ends, they seemed to be inconsequential in the face of what actually transpired.Overall, I really enjoyed this book I felt that the bad far outweighed the good and would recommend Murder at Witch s Bluff to anyone interested in magickal fiction, or just anyone who loves a good story

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    New York Siren McKay, donna tenace dal passato misterioso, viene accusata di aver ucciso il proprio marito ma quando tutto sembra perduto, viene scagionata grazie all intervento di un misterioso testimone Decisa a rifarsi una vita ritorna a Cold Springs, la piccola cittadina della Pennsylvania in cui era nata e cresciuta Questo luogo, tanto ostile quanto spietato, secondo un antica leggenda fu abitato da una stirpe di streghe che fu massacrata dagli abitanti del villaggio Siren, mentre un killer le d la caccia, viene a conoscenza di tutti i segreti del suo passato e delle oscure maledizioni che avvelenano Cold Springs Le streghe di Cold Springs un thriller dove le streghe sono dalla parte dei buoni , la stessa autrice del libro, Silver RavenWolf, una vera sacerdotessa Wicca Nel complesso un romanzo carino anche se in alcuni punti risulta prevedibile e scontato.

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    Ci ho provato, ero curiosa di vedere come la leader di vari movimenti neo pagani se la sarebbe cavata con un libro non didattico.Ho resistito fino a oltre la met , ma non sono riuscita ad andare oltre Classica trama a la harmony, con eroina bistrattata, eroe pronto al salvataggio ed una misteriosa eredit spirituale che serve solo per incuriosire il lettore e portarlo ad approfondire la conoscenza del magico mondo della magia.Peccato che il tutto sia cos scontato da non necessitare di una prosecuzione della lettura.

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    Ho la fortuna di avere questo libro a casa, personalmente l ho trovato davvero interessante, bello ritrovare riferimenti a riti e formule realmente esistenti e ricostruzioni fatte da una vera wiccan, ma sottoforma di romanzo che le rende pi scorrevoli e contestualizzate Chi cerca libri sulle streghe dovrebbe senz altro leggerlo Gli ho dedicato uno spazio anche sul mio blog per chi fosse curioso

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    Not bad for a novel from a non fiction writer I am not a huge fan of mysteries and so the witchcraft was the only thing keeping me turning pages.

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    Es la segunda vez que lo leo, y a m me encanta, no puedo decir m s, no se que tiene, que me gusta, me gusta y me gusta, y ya est.

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    Horrid horrid horrid She needs to stick to nonfiction Ugh, did I mention horrid

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    It is a great book to read

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    I wrote a review of this book for ForeWord when I was a book reviewer there The review can be found at

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