Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation

Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation Teenagers And Young Adults Comprise A Growing Market For Books On Witchcraft And Magick, Yet There Has Never Been A Book Written Specifically For The Teen Seeker Now, Silver RavenWolf, One Of The Most Well Known Wiccans Today And The Mother Of Four Young Witches, Gives Teens Their Own Handbook On What It Takes And What It Means To Be A Witch Humorous And Compassionate, Teen Witch Gives Practical Advice For Dealing With Everyday Life In A Magickal Way

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation
  • Silver RavenWolf
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9781567187250

10 thoughts on “Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation

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    Un libro con mucho trabajo detr s, informaci n sobre Wicca, correspondencias m gicas, hechizos Entonces, por qu dos estrellas Bueno, resulta que todo est inmerso en un tono paternalista y condescendiente Yo ya no soy una adolescente, pero os aseguro que si hubiese le do este libro con 15 a os me habr an rechinado los dientes Querida Mam Silver como dices que te llaman, no es muy justo que escribas cap tulos enteros sobre la tica y la moral en la brujer a mientras conviertes tu libro en una oda para tu ego Siendo as , no es de extra ar que muchos miembros de la comunidad pagana no recomienden tus libros Qu dir a mi querida Tiffany Dolorido si te leyese S , vale, ya s que es una peque a brujita de ficci n, pero sinceramente, la adoro En su primera aventura, Tiffany Dolorido es una joven bruja, y al ser una ni a, encuentra varios personajes adultos que la tratan con condescendencia Como aqu Zoolog a, eh Es una palabra muy grande, no Pues no, la verdad es que no Condescendiente s es una palabra grande Zoolog a es bastante corta, en realidad El profesor entrecerr los ojos los ni os como Tiffany s lo daban problemas Los peque os hombres libres Da igual a qui n te dirijas o su edad No importa si son ni os o adolescentes aunque en el cap tulo dedicado a los padres tambi n te gastas una condescendencia de a pa Ni los ni os ni los adolescentes son tontos ni necesitan tu paternalismo y condescendencia No recomiendo este libro para iniciarse en Wicca, y no porque la informaci n sea mala o incorrecta Para nada, sino porque dudo que pod is leer m s de dos p ginas sin querer dar cabezazos contra la pared.Ay, si la Tiffany te viera

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    BOO Silver s book is like Taco Bell for the soul i.e not good for you and gives you gas.I bought this for my daughter, based solely on the HUGE recommendations amongst the community I found it shallow and just awful as did my daughter, who knew about Wicca from us and participating in ritual on occasion than this book could ever reveal.This is just a mass market fluff approach to Wicca, and really seems to have no faith in teens ability to grasp higher concepts of Neopagan Philosophies Not recommended at all, there are plenty of actual beginner Wicca books that treat teens as normal humans and don t feel the need to translate everything into kewl speak to be understood Silver is NOT kewl so her efforts come across as someone TRYING to be kewl and failing miserably No actual Teen Witch I have known has ANY respect for this book, which is generally laughed at in pagan circles with knowing sighs.

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    This book, like almost all Llewellyn Press books, is total crap It s a dumbed down version of a religion that Allister Crowley thought up over the course of a very drunk weekend If you want to read something about real pagan religions, take an anthropology course If you want to be a magician, turn towards Peter Caroll and Robert Anton Wilson.If you want to piss off your parents, start getting good grades.

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    Let first start off my saying, I will use the word patronized a lot in this review So be prepared This is my first Silver Ravenwolf book, and although she s not seen in the best light, I decided to give it a try because my opinion may not coincide with others however, I pretty much agree with most reviews on here Ravenwolf is an awfully patronizing person whose knowledge on the subject and even knowledge on what teens like is pretty atrocious I don t have a huge breadth of knowledge on Wicca and Witchcraft, but seriously, bro Even I could sniff out this shit She speaks to teens like they are just newly born dumbing down information and prodviding Teen Speak where she thought necessary I m pretty sure teens are intelligent indiviudals who don t need to have something dumbed down to them Just sayin Also, I must talk about her hilarious choice of spells Oh boy, it made me laugh She called the chapter spells just for you and the majority of them are love and beauty spells Yes, because ALL teen are superficial and only want love and beauty Sure, it s pretty much the necessity of most teens, but if she provided something that made teens seem less needy and her less patronizing, then I wouldn t be hating on homegirl so much.Throughout the book she talks about what REAL witches do and don t do I love her definition of real witches, because, you know, she knows everything.Anyways, if you want to read this book, do it but prepare to be underwhelmed and maybe even a little offended.

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    There are soooo many reason this one is on my Bad Book list.1 It s not Wicca Silver herself is no Wiccan so the idea that she can write about Wicca which is an othropraxic religion that requires initiation to experience know the Mysteries is laughable.2 Advising kids the lie to their parents No Just no If a kid is in a situation where studying paganism would get them into trouble kicked out of the house or worse then put DOWN the books, put away your athame and work on your grades at school Get a job Then, when you have moved out of your parents house and are paying your own way, the gods will still be there and you can study practice to your little heart s content.3 The spells Thankfully she doesn t go into how to POWER the spells she hands out in her book So if people try it, it s likely to fizzle But the kind of spells she hands out Calling on frost giants Are you serious This is a prime example of why cherry picking aspects of cultures you know nothing about is a BAD IDEA The jotan giants don t like humans If called they would cheerfully squish you And she s telling emotionally distraught teens that frost giants are their friends and will help them Give me a break There is so much that could be said about this book and why it should be avoided, but those three are the biggest issues in my mind.If you read this book, do so with a HUGE grain of salt and a bottle of aspirin on hand.

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    This book has nothing to do with REAL Paganism or Wicca What it is is a bunch of psycho babble from a woman who repeatedly refers to HERSELF as an insanely famous and well thought of Pagan authority snort She writes this book both to appeal to teenagers, but also to convince their Christian parents that Paganism and Christianity aren t that different, the the point of referring to the Gods and Goddesses or Spirits as just God , singular.It s a HORRIBLE book that no one should take factually from an author with a superiority complex.

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    Researching Witchcraft in an effort to grow as a Fantasy writer This book had a simple overview and lots of spells but not much about what magic is , and come to think of it, very little about what Witches actually worship.20 pages in I started feeling weird about the author s writing style She definitely seemed to have an agenda, and contradicted herself a few times This website pretty much summarizes what s wrong with this book

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    This book can be the worst thing you could taint your mind with when it comes to introducing yourself to Wicca or Paganism as a whole Not only does Ravenwolf encourage teenagers to lie to their parents in this book, but she also uses FALSE historical facts to fuel her anti Christian agenda.I wouldn t recommend this book for my cat, let alone someone searching out a new faith system.

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    I would freely admit that when I was a teenager, this book helped reassure me I do not come from a particularly occult friendly family, so it was nice to be told by a respectable adult that I wasn t a bad person for what I believed I would definitely hand this book over to any teenager who is going through something similar to that Most of the book is about getting over that hump being able to accept yourself for who you are, and as a teenager, that s a pretty big hump.Adults, especially those who know even the tiniest bit about Wicca, will not benefit from this book, likely not at all It is the most basic information you can get on the subject, presented in a way that is very friendly and easy to understand The author uses examples from her life, and even includes some information for parents Is it a thorough manual for becoming Wiccan No Is it a timeless grimoire No The spells are very plain, generally easy to do, no tons of memorization, and geared toward teenagers There s nothing wrong with that Some authors can be very dry, and very few authors write for kids.For a young person who has had no prior exposure to Wicca and witchcraft, it is perfect and recommended, but if you intend on giving it to someone, make sure you follow up with them and give them supplemental information and books.

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    Uno de esos libros que no valen lo que cuestan y que te hacen plantearte seriamente si merece la pena la tala de bosques por su culpa El material aprovechable, con sentido, l gico y bien informado es m nimo La mayor parte de sus datos estan falseados o son directamente mentira Eso por no contar que la mayor parte del volumen que ocupa el libro son recetas y m s recetas para diversos tipos de hechizos que no tienen nada que ver con la religi n Wicca, e incluso que a veces vulneran algunas de las normas morales de la misma.Tampoco se salva por su lenguaje en principio claro y accesible Es infantil y est escrito en una clave maternalista Basa su reputaci n como buen libro en la popularidad de la autora, y no profundiza en ninguno de los aspectos b sicos de cualquier religi n.Es gruesito, as que puede servir para calzar mesas que est n muy tocadas.

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