Beneath A Mountain Moon

Beneath A Mountain Moon Welcome To Whiskey Springs Birthplace Of Magick, Mayhem, And Murder Black Magic And Cold Blooded Murder, Bone Chilling Visions And Prophetic Nightmares, Forbidden Love, Karmic Retribution, And Epic Courage The Generations Old Battle Between Two Powerful Occult Families Rages Anew When Elizabeyta Belladonna Journeys From Her Oklahoma Covenstead To The Small Town Of Whiskey Springs, Pennsylvania, To Solve The Mystery Of Her Grandmother S Death Endowed With Her Own Magickal Heritage Of Scotch Irish Witchcraft, Elizabeyta Stands Alone Against The Dark Powers And Twisted Desires Of Jason Blackthorn And His Dark Men But Elizabeyta Isn T The Only One Pursued By Unseen Forces And The Fallout From A Past Life A Great Battle For Mastery Ensues Between The Forces Of Darkness And Light As The Local Funeral Parlor Overflows With Victims, Elizabeyta And The Townsfolk Begin To Wonder Whether There S Anyone In Heaven Or On Earth Who Can End The Reign Of Terror And Right The Cosmic Balance

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

[PDF / Epub] ☄ Beneath A Mountain Moon By Silver RavenWolf –
  • Paperback
  • 343 pages
  • Beneath A Mountain Moon
  • Silver RavenWolf
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9781567187229

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    Published than ten years ago when Silver Ravenwolf was one of Llewellyn s most successful authors and before the backlash that her non fiction works brought down on her, Beneath a Mountain Moon was Ravenwolf s first foray into the genre of magickal realism It tells the story of Elizabethya Belladonna, a fam trad witch, who has sporadically come to the town of Whiskey Springs, Pennsylvania over the previous two years to investigate the death of her grandmother and her grandmother s estranged sister.As the mystery unwinds we learn that the Belladonna clan has had than its fair share of accidents, fires, and deaths, including Elizabethya parents, which they have come to believe, are all part of a greater plan by an unknown enemy Rising to become the head of the Belladonna Family as their matriarch, leader, and protector, Elizabethya must prove that she is worthy of the position by solving the mystery of these murders, reveal the culprit s , and bring them to justice.Though she has come to Whiskey Spring alone and with only her own powers to protect her, Elizabethya quickly draws those to her who can help her on her quest in the form of her Protestant Priest neighbor, Lee Becker Mason, the owner of the local funereal home and amateur historian and Emma, a 80 year old Pow Wow healer with power then even she realizes In addition, Elizabethya has allies in the spiritual world in the form of two ghosts, the angel of death, and two Goddesses.While Ravenwolf has been criticized for her non ficition works, I found the inclusion of real magickal techniques in the book to be both entertaining as well as educational Although the educational aspects of the story are presented in a realistic manner, some readers may find it somewhat preachy Ravelwolf does an excellent job of presenting the existence of Pagan deities by having them take active parts in the plot, however I would have liked her to have shown the existence of the Christian god to his believers as well It seems that in the universe of Beneath a Mountain Moon, the Christian god does not exists While the book had a great number of characters, I felt that each had a necessary part in the story and that they were not superfluous in anyway In a few instances I had to backtrack a bit to remember who was who.Despite its few flaws, I found Beneath a Mountain Moon to be an enjoyable read and would recommend it to any lover of magical fiction, provided you read it for what is it.a fictional magical murder mystery.

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    Too many things going on in this book I did finish it but it was a challenge to do so I am interested in the subject matter but it was confusing The last third of the book could have been a lot better I felt that it was rushed towards the end.

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    This book, supposedly a mystery with a witchy background, wasn t grabbing me at all, and after only 30 pages in, I was having a hard time staying focused and keeping my mind from wandering I picked it up at least 4 different times throughout the course of the day, just in case my disinterest was caused by my mood at the time, but try as I might, I simply couldn t get into it.Now, dare I say this publicly, but in the real life world of Witches, Wiccans, and others practicing the Craft, we refer to Silver RavenWolf as a fluffy bunny and her practice as fluffy bunny wicca Yes, being the bunny lover I am, I hate to use what to me is such a wonderful creature in conjunction with such a derogatory term, but since that definition has pretty much been adopted worldwide, and can be found at the Urban Dictionary, it s much easier to just adapt and use it myself rather than to try to come up with my own term and explain what it means P See also the article What makes a Fluff Bunny Anyhoo, because Silver RavenWolf lives in the fantasy world of Wicca, I thought perhaps I could get a kick out of her fiction perhaps her delusions would translate well into the fiction realm But sadly, such is not the case, and again, besides just being super bored with it, I was actually starting to get a bit angry as well Okay, so these are not your fantasy type of Witches at all Too bad, as I think maybe I could have been able to enjoy this a little bit if they were Instead, at only 15 pages in, she has the main character, Elizabeyta, proclaiming to the small town minister who s just declared his undying love for her that she s a W I T C H A hereditary Witch who practices the old religion Okay, that s all well and good She s obviously trying to bring some validity to the religion, so you re thinking that she ll be treating the Craft in an honest and straightforward manner, but then the minister finds himself wondering if she can possibly be serious, and if he can suspend his disbelief of ghosts, murder, and witches the author s words, not mine long enough to listen to what she has to say Give me a break Major lame o Are we still living in the dark and unenlightened times where witches must practice secretly for fear of persecution Apparently so because Elizabeyta s whole family lives at a secret covenstead to which no mere mortals know the location o And they use the address of a safe house run by non magickal people to act as their go betweens to the rest of the world sigh If she hadn t just finished trying to lay down a bunch of facts about our religion, I might ve believed this was supposed to be based on fantasy after all But at this point, the minister dude is really pissing me off with his attitude of thinking witches can t possibly be real How trite Now, if you want to read a good fiction mystery which revolves around a real life non fantasy practitioner of the Craft, in the real sense of how they live and act in today s world, and integrate the Craft into their day to day life, then pick up M R Sellar s Rowan Gant Investigations series He treats the Craft in a much realistic way, doesn t try to sensationalize, and writes a darn good mystery in which the main character, a Wiccan High Priest, uses not only his divination skills but many of the other qualities and characteristics embraced by Witches and other practitioners He truly understands what it s all about If however, you prefer a lot of nonsense and rambling, and some half truths and misinformation about a very valid religion, then by all means, read Beneath a Mountain Moon Personally, I have too many other great books waiting on my to be read shelf to waste my time on this rubbish

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    Beneath A Mountain Moon is a pretty ambitious story It takes elements from real life Wiccan culture and weaves them together with a fantastical element and the backdrop of a murder mystery in a small backwoods Pennsylvania townwhich is fine, of course, because it is above all else a work of FICTION People forget that Overall, I enjoyed the story, though I wasn t particularly fond of the ending I d recommend this book for those who enjoy a good story and have a pronounced sense of humor.

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    This book was epic, and actually is one of the main reasons I took up writing I loved it It had everything you would expect in a mystery teen book A twisted love story, a murder well a few murders the hero and villian coming face to face and fighting Honestly all in all such a great read, and one I added to my bookshelf to re read at a later time.

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    The book was okay I feel like I have read the story a hundred times before though Nothing original or surprising in terms of character or plot line development I was hoping to have something original and interesting.

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    It was a good book however I didn t like how many different story lines you had to follow It made it very confusing I also felt that the magik described was very fictionalized But still an cool book to read Also I found it a quick reed.

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    It is a great book to read

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    I have to say, i like her fiction far better than her nonfiction Waaaay better Still a crappy read, but better than the actual nonfiction.

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    A good read that starts out strong but gets noticeably weaker as it goes on.

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