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Listening to Britain First Publication Of A Unique Resource That Provides Fascinating Insight Into The Mood Of The Nation At A Crucial Time In The Second World War When The Conflict S Outcome Was Far From CertainFrom May To September , During A Period That Saw Some Of The Most Dramatic Events Of The War The Evacuation From Dunkirk, The Battle Of Britain And The Opening Stages Of The Blitz The Ministry Of Information Compiled Daily Reports On The Morale Of The Nation For Circulation Within WhitehallThese Reports Make Fascinating Reading They Tell The Story Of People S Hopes And Fears From Rumours About German Spies Disguised As Nuns To Concerns About Anti Semitism In The Heavily Bombed East End Of London In All Regions Of The Country During Britain S Finest Hour At A Time When The Fate Of The Nation Hung In The Balance Drawing On A Wide Range Of Informants, From The Mass Observation Social Survey Organisation To A Network Of Contacts Including Chief Constables, Postal Censors, Doctors, Parsons, Publicans And Trade Unionists, The Reports Pieced Together From These Sources At Great Speed Were By Their Very Nature Impressionistic, But Provide Us Nevertheless With A Unique Record Of Contemporary Feelings And Perceptions At This Historic JunctureThey Include A Wealth Of Curious And Idiosyncratic Information About The Lighter And The Darker Aspects Of Life In Britain At The Time, Illuminating The Prevalence Of Rumours And Gossip About The Threat Of Invasion As Well As The Importance Of The Introduction Of Tea Rationing For Daily LifeEdited And Introduced By Two Leading Historians Of The Period And Published Here For The First Time To Coincide With The Th Anniversary Of The Dramatic Events That Came To Be Known As Britain S Finest Hour, The Complete And Unabridged Sequence Of The Daily Home Intelligence Reports Provides Unique Insight Into The Continuously Unfolding Drama Of Britain At War From The Trade Paperback Edition

Paul Addison is a British author and historian, specializing in the British experience in the Second World War and its effects on post war society After graduating from Nuffield College, Oxford, in 1967, Addison became a Lecturer at Edinburgh University and subsequently a Reader, for 23 years.

❮Ebook❯ ➠ Listening to Britain  Author Paul Addison –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Listening to Britain
  • Paul Addison
  • English
  • 26 January 2017
  • 9781847921420

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    To most general readers, the idea of a collection of reports by the Home Intelligence department of the British Ministry of Information sounds truly awful, but Listening to Britain is, in fact, riveting For five months in 1940, the department largely by the unscientific method of eavesdropping amassed and disseminated daily information, gathered across socioeconomic lines and in diverse sections of the kingdom, on the wartime attitudes and mood of the British people.The Home Intelligence reports are by turns dutifully upbeat morale is good no rumours reported , ominous turmoil over commodity shortages a steady rise in anti Semitism , and touching overwhelming anxiety over whether to keep children at home or evacuate them to Canada exhaustion from sleeplessness brought about by heavy bombing They are also often hilarious in a bone dry way The people should be told that COs do not make good soldiers and are therefore not wanted in the Army Incoherent shouting by newsvendors in Nottingham is strongly criticized Daytime raids are welcomed by the public as a change from the disturbing night raids Harrogate and Bridlington are reported to be the most defeatist towns in the region There are a number of recurrent themes, including a general desire for information from the government, popular frustration over an inability to contribute , and dissatisfaction with American selfishness in remaining out of the war Simply too much fascinating material here to summarize Read the book yourself.

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    Very good and worth a read.

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