The Book of Shadows, Part 1

The Book of Shadows, Part 1 The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation This Book Has Everything A Teen Witch Could Want And Need Between Two Covers A Magickal Cookbook, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, And Grimoire It Relates Specifically To Today S Young Adults And Their Concerns, Yet Is Grounded In The Magickal Work Of Centuries PastInformation Is Arranged Alphabetically And Divided Into Five Distinct CategoriesShadows Of Religion And Mystery,Shadows Of Objects,Shadows Of Expertise And Proficiency,Shadows Of Magick And Enchantment, AndShadows Of Daily Life It Is Organized So Readers Can Skip Over The Parts They Already Know, Or Read Each Section In Alphabetical OrderFeatures By The Author Of The Best Selling Teen Witch And Mother Of Four Teen Witches A Jam Packed Learning And Resource Guide For Serious Young Witches All Categories Are Discussed In Modern Terms And Their Associated Historical Roots Includes Endnotes And Footnotes That Cite Sources Or Add Clarification A Training Companion To Teen Witch And To Ride A Silver Broomstick

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

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  • Paperback
  • 608 pages
  • The Book of Shadows, Part 1
  • Silver RavenWolf
  • English
  • 16 April 2019
  • 9780738703190

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    Perfect for the Hot Topic witch.

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    Very controversial book that has caused a deep schism within the wiccan witchcraft pagan religions and communities I purchased this book just after it rolled off the press and hit the bookshelves in the stores Solitary was the book to have back nine years ago, a very hot selling book that generated many a tongue to wag and witch to curse over it s contents Love her or hate her, Silver had the guts and courage to pick up the pen and write her books, especially this book In reading some of the many reviews on this book online I noted one thread that seems very obvious to those that were quick to tap on the keyboard.the astute discriminating reader will note as I, that the statements made criticizing Silver were born out of the naysayer s lack of comprehension Or, perhaps, their vehement dislike of Silver, or jealousy, and on and on.irregardless, the fact remains in their exuberance to get their Solitary Opinion out on, Solitary Witch they neglected to take the time to read and missed by a long shot It seems Solitary is being judged by than it s cover as is the author.I m not posting this to review the reviewers so onward in my Solitary effort to write my review of Solitary Witch Silver wrote the book of all books with this one It s complete and I believe if one were to search thoroughly a kitchen sink might just be in the midst It s a comprehensive book that chronicles the history and then explains in depth information regarding witchcraft It could have used a better index as it s difficult to look up information and that can be frustrating All in all the content speaks for itself and Silver does an eloquent job in writing, including her context Her downfall is she writes to a teenage audience which I found to be a bit insulting to the intelligence of her adult readers At times in her discussions she seemed to downplay our intelligence and in that regard she could have been served by a better editor at Llewellyn I find this book to be useful and it has earned a place in not only the history of witchcraft but on the shelf next to the cauldron After ten years it s still my, Go To book

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    I ve been skipping though so basically I m finished with it, but I m reading it straight though as well so that I can get all the little details I missed when skim readingI may quit soon enough, however, because of the way I m starting to see this bookAt first, I missed many of her mistakes due to lack of knowledge on my part, but after reading many different things online for a few hours, checking details as well as going back to the book itself for reference, and rubbing out headaches, I ve learned that this is both a good and bad book, which isn t good seeing as it s supposed to be teaching you a religion, not a fairytale.I don t wanna seem absolutely crazy by making these remarks, so here s a link to a very helpful review of Silver RavenWolf as a writer came upon it when looking for a few other things on Silver RavenWolf and felt it wise to read the many negative reviews not only about Solitary Witch, but also about Silver herself to find out why they were so negative in the first place it kinda catches your eye when you re looking for about her and the thing right below her website is a link to Why We Despise Silver RavenWolf After reading all this, I felt it necessary to add my own review so that others can learn from my mistakes.Now as a writer, SRW is pretty interesting She can really catch your interest if you re ill knowleged, but when you check her historical facts most of them are wrong Many also believe that she s unethical and encourages lyingthis doesn t specifically reference Solitary Witch, however.As far as the lying part goes, I asked my dad if I could go get a book on magick before I even knew Wicca was existent, so whatever she may have said doesn t pertain to me I was still concerned about what she had to say, however like I said in the beginning, I ve been skipping and skimming so I haven t read the whole book as if it were my bible So I didn t catch some things that, in many peoples opinions, many not be directly bashing Christianity, but is implying it.When I did read some things, however, like the following quote, I was really worried about what I myself may have done had my parents not known of my interest in Wicca and Witchcraft, and I had gone and bought Teen Witch by SRW, Jamie s copy is far reliable or even To Ride a Silver Broomstick.This quote isn t in Solitary Witch, it s from her infamous Teen Witch book which I haven t read, and after the quotes and reviews I ve read I never intend to which is supposed to be advice about telling your parents you are on the road to becoming a witch Then we ve got the double sneak attack working only with angels Angels, angels everywhere and Mom or Dad won t even care Sure, because everyone likes angels Angels hardly have anything to do with Wicca This is lying, saying that everything is all peace and joy and holy, holy, holy Wicca deals with the God and Goddess, the Lord and Lady, the elements Angels are just an idea that some people believe in, others don t, and never in my experience come up in anything important when living as a Witch Solitary or with a Coven unless you feel it is It s an opinion, not factual The way she s explaining it, however, seems to be falsely telling you that Angels are important to Witchcraft and even if they aren t you should tell those who aren t Wiccan that they are This seems to show up in a few of her books, though I wouldn t know seeing as this is the only book by SRW that I ve read.Speaking of the Teen Witch Kit, I was awed at the mere existence of the thing and I ve hardly even touched upon Wicca I heavily agree with what BrighidsFieryArrow has to say on the discussion on Silver RavenWolf as a credible author on Wicca It s an absolute horror As a Witch, you make your supplies or get the supplies that call to you, therefore you can form a bond with your tools Also, being a witch isn t just something easy and fun there is a difference between a Witch and a Magician it s a lifestyle You can t sell a lifestyle in a box Not only that, but she uses the words Wicca and Witchcraft as though they are the same thing, though they are not To be a Wiccan means that you are a witch, but to be a witch does not mean that you are Wiccan There are Christian Witches, Jewish Witches, even Satanic Witches which she claims to be non existent, which is a lie as well as many But that s a completely different book altogether, in fact one that I have not even readSome of the things I read on her were surprisingly hateful Someone even went as far as calling her Wicca s devil Though a few completely disagree and think that her way is perfectly fine Personally, I just want to draw the information from the crap pile and forget the rest That s why I m looking into other books and perhaps even getting a teacher.When I first began reading this book, I just thought she was very personal with her writing and that s something that made her work different It was different all right As someone new to the religion of Wicca like myself , especially when skimming around, it s hard to see how cruel she seems to be to Christians When you look, though, she heavily implies that her idea of Wicca is far above that of Christianity, or any other religion for that matter including anyone else s idea of Wicca I come from a Christian family, so I certainly don t have any hatred towards them On top of that, most of the world s religion is Christian, so what she implied about them is simply, well ludicrous.Also, after looking up a few different things on the Sabbats, astrology, and other things like such, I realized how unacknowledged she was on the subjects, so I ll be sure to steer clear of most her information there.I did like the way she laid out the pantheons, and how she explained the Wiccan Redebut even before I knew all this stuff I was very curious about where the Threefold Law was This is supposed to be a starters guide like thing, so where s that bit of information Gone with the wind I supposeBut besides that, I m glad that of all SRW s works I picked up this one It s definitely an easy to get around in it, and it presents the information in a way that just cuts to the chase It seems to be one of the less infamous books of hers, and I ve actually read many good things on this book as well It s good to know that even though I didn t know her other work was mostly crap, that the book I was reading was on of the less damaging too strong a word to the beginning witch sighs But I m done ranting I suggest that you read of the reviews before you even bother picking up this book, or any of SRW s other works Half of it was a good waste of my time and money, though I am glad about the other half of the information which I will continue to note in my own book of shadows.May Goddess be with you.

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    ilver RavenWolf is like a gateway drug to neo paganism sooner or later anyone serious about the occult realizes that she us full of sh t and moves on to relevant and grounded authors However, for those brand new to Wicca and looking for a place to start, she can offer enough context to get your bearings as long as you take her with a tablespoon of salt.

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    The subject of Wicca is new for me, and since this book is over 550 pages I figured I d learn a lot I certainly did The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation is a comprehensive overview of many aspects of Wicca for aspiring witches Although I come away with a clearer understanding of the philosophies and purpose of modern Wiccan beliefs, I m not sure that it was the right book for this older adult, since it was written for teenagers, something I didn t realize at the time of purchase.I did like the amiable tone, but toward the end of the book, tips on managing money and how to shop inexpensively, for example, made the book sound like a fluffy self help life guide It wasn t all fluff, though, as there is a poignant section on suicide that includes a hotline number for teens who ve struggled with these thoughts I especially liked that the author encourages young readers to find assistance from trusted adults when things go askew, and not to rely on spells for problem solving.Historical background on numerous issues helped put things in context The number of sections and numerous subsections, not to mention the extensive bibliography and index, the book also works as a resource guide.In addition to the amiable tone and clear writing style, I really liked the ethical and positive outlook that the author imparts to readers She repeatedly stresses that Wicca has nothing to do with harming others, but is about improving oneself, one s relationships, and the world at large There is nothing superficial, selfish, or dangerous in that message For this reason, I would encourage readers of any age to read the book.

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    I freely admit that I came to this book with fairly low expectations, having not heard a lot of good things about Silver RavenWolf I tried to keep my mind open, but unfortunately on right on page 6 she starts saying things about Honi aka Choni the Circlemaker that would make poor Honi roll over in his grave and made me want to throw the book across the room Some of her research, or the conclusions she draws from her research, seem sketchy to me, and many of the sources she cites are secondary though, to be fair, some of her research also seems sound Although the book contains a lot of potentially useful information, it s all jumbled up without any real order There is a table of contents, but it is very nearly useless in order to find something, you must guess at what section it is in and the sections are NOT named in any helpful way and then turn to that section in order to find an actually useful table of contents Personally, I would not buy this book.

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    I strongly believe that Silver Ravenwolf has done harm to Paganism than any other author Half the facts she writes about in her books are completely wrong She doesn t even know the proper dates of Pagan Holidays a lot of the time She presents puritanical views towards sex in her books, she suggests that teen readers lie to their parents about what they re practicing, and she acts as though Paganism is fluffy and pure and that anything you want is at your fingertips if you just cast a spell A hint If any author proposes love spells, they are not to be trusted PLEASE do your research and read some books from authors who actually have a clue what they re talking about If I could give this a 0 5 I would.

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    SRW, love her or hate her, whether you like her or not, she s made a significant contribution to paganism for the last 20 or so years This particular book contains a great deal of information, take what you can, leave what doesn t agree with you I feel this book is geared towards a younger audience but don t let that stop you You may not agree with everything she writes or presents, but keep in mind, she is presenting her own views and experiences and is this is simply one facet of the Craft teachings This isn t the be all, end all book of witchcraft It should serve merely as a starting point for further exploration Develop your own critical thinking skills, study, research, explore other authors and formulate your own opinions without jumping on the band wagon of insult hurling immature folks who instead of saying they disagree with her writings, feel the need to bash her completely Some people obviously have some issues being so aggressively hostile in their reviews Which is funny, as I m sure not many of them have even written a book on paganism P At least this author had the guts to write these books 20 years or so ago and she s still very active in the pagan community You don t have to like her way of doing things but that doesn t mean you have to be a dick about it.

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    I actually don t usually agree with much Silver Ravenwolf has to say.However, there is much knowledge to be learned from this book.Read it, take it with an open mind, adapt it and make it yours.The knowledge within these covers venture from the simplest prayerto circle casting, to taro, reiki, runes, and so on Of all of the SRW books, this is the one I d recommend you ownif you want to study in this arena.

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    It s not bad, as a quick reference, or a starting point in research, but I wouldn t recommend it to someone new in the pagan path, or just curious She says a lot of things, but offers resources on very little, thus covering a good deal of misinformation.It s kind of turned me off wanting to read anything else she s written, sadly.

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