The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner

The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner Extensively Researched And Richly Detailed, This Biography Is The First To Vividly Portray The Extraordinary Life And Times Of One Of Th Century America S Most Fascinating And Eccentric WomenImmortalized In Print By Henry James And On Canvas By John Singer Sargent And A Legend In Her Own Lifetime, Isabella Stewart Gardner Struck Out Boldly Against Victorian Repression To Develop Her Own Artistic And Intellectual Interests Married To A Pillar Of Boston Brahmin Society, Which Didn T Accept Her Eccentric Lifestyle, Isabella Gardner Involved Herself With The Newly Emerging Irish Catholic, Jewish, Feminist, Gay, And African American Communities And Became Muse And Mentor To Musicians, Painters, Writers, And Scholars Such As Henry James, Henry Adams, John Singer Sargent, Lady Gregory, Bernard Berenson, Elsie De Wolfe, Charles Eliot Norton, And George Santayana The Climax Of Her Life Carne After The Death Of Her Beloved Husband In When She Designed And Built A Venetian Palazzo In Boston To Contain Her World Famous Art Collection, Where She Lived And Entertained Lavishly And Which Stands Today As The Ultimate Triumph Of Her Remarkable Life

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❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner Author Douglass Shand-Tucci –
  • Hardcover
  • 351 pages
  • The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
  • Douglass Shand-Tucci
  • English
  • 03 January 2017
  • 9780060186432

10 thoughts on “The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner

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    After falling in love with the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, I couldn t wait to read this book and learn about the fascinating and scandelous life of Isabella Stewart Gardner Unfortunately, the author s unorganized thoughts and excessive use of the exclamation point on each page enraged me and prevented me from ever finishing the first chapter.

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    Not nearly as factual as I d like, and seemingly ready to validate his own impressions, I still enjoy this different perspective on the varied life of art collector, mentor, muse and Victorian progressive thinker, Isabella Stuart Gardner.The officially sanctioned book of Gardner s life is written by the Museum s first director, Morris Carter, Isabella Stuart Gardner and Fenway Court Mrs Jack by Louise Hall Tharp, also has museum blessings But it s always nice to read the Non sanctioned versions as well

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    I ve had this biography on the shelf for years, and finally managed to read it after visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in October ISG was a truly fascinating woman and she deserves better than this convoluted mess She lived a long and active life, but it felt interminable in Shand Tucci s account Ironically, I have been reading Joe Moran s First You Write a Sentence alongside the last 50 pages of this book, and it has really focused my mind on the flaws of Shand Tucci s writing style First of all, the syntax so convoluted at times that it requires multiple rereadings to follow his line of thought If you can even call it a line like a squiggle, really Second, the punctuation the exclamation point and comma are seriously abused in this book As a general rule, I don t think that there is room for many if any exclamation points in biographical writing In this book, they are nearly as common as the period and I was amazed by how distracting they were Whether the author was being arch or just excitable, the number of exclamation points made him seem as giddy, silly and hyperbolic as a young teenage girl Third, authorial intrusions the excessive use of exclamation points is just one example of the many annoying ways the author intrudes on the text He is also excessively fond of the parenthetical aside Fourth, digressions there are far too many of them Shand Tucci is so eager to give the reader historical context and pertinently, to show off his research and insider knowledge that he often entirely loses the thread of ISG s life Fifth, analogies the author gets carried away in making connections that stretch a comparison to the point of absurdity Very rarely are his analogies in any way illuminating I was certainly introduced to a great many personage in this book, but except for major players and important friends like Henry James and John Singer Sargent, the constant parade of characters left nothing but a blur I will remember that there were a lot of homosexual men Either they were ISG s special interest or likely Shand Tucci s It s difficult to focus my mind on anything other than the persistent annoyance of the author s writing style however, I did manage to glean enough knowledge about ISG s life to appreciate her major artistic achievement in creating Fenway Court now known as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Clearly, although this narrative was about as clear as mud , ISG was a complex character with many facets some of them contradictory I would definitely like to visit the Museum again, for it is far too rich in art and objets to be absorbed in one visit Its creator s life was much the same, I suspect.

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    It took me three months to slog through this Gardner truly was an interesting woman, and it was worth the slog to learn about her However, there were long sections that seemed to serve no purpose other than to remind us that Shand Tucci had done a lot of research His writing style also left a lot to be desired, especially when it came to commas Multiple times I had to reread sentences because they were so long, abused commas, or underutilized them And There Were So Many Exclamation Points Basically, it needed a better editor.But I will say that now I want to visit the museum again with my deeper understanding of the woman and her life s work, so in that sense the book was a success.

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    After reading the Art Forger, I had an interest in learning about Mrs Gardner I came across this biography and decided to read it First off there is a lot of facts in this book It was not an easy read I found it arduous at times to slog through the facts I found myself reading three chapters and putting it down to read another book I did finish it but barely The book interested me enough to want to visit the museum.

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    Having waited far too long to visit this extraordinary museum, my only regret is that I did not memorize this book before visiting Now I must go back.

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    One star for this book is generous Although I am fascinated by the life of Isabella Stewart Gardner and Boston s Gardner Museum, this book is so poorly written that reading it is torture In spite of the author s credentials, his writing leaves a great deal to be desired The book is riddled with asides that have little or no bearing on the life of Isabella Stewart Gardner He inserts digression in parenthesis within a sentance The book is poorly organized and often boring.I am greatly disappointed in what I thought would be a provocative read.

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    This gets all of it s stars from the subject matter, Isabella Stewart Gardner, who is a fascinating and extraordinary woman The writer gets all of the empty spaces because of the gossipy style in which he writes the story of her life Shand Tucci is too fond of his own ideas and is far too selective with his facts, only mentioning those which conform to the story he is telling This isn t the full biography that Gardner deserves, but given the lack of biographies about her, it s a place to start.

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    Isabella Stewart Gardner was is a Boston treasure Her love of the Arts lives on in the Gardner Museum she designed and built on the Fenway and is a must see for those visiting Boston Sadly Douglas Shand Tucci s biography is pompous in its language, disorganized and poorly written I bought this in hardcover years ago when it was first published and loaned it to friends whose interest in Mrs Jack s life outweighed my opinion about the book Sadly, all agreed This is just dreadful.

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    A fascinating subject, and Shand Tucci really knows his stuff Unfortunately, the writing is overly pedantic, inappropriately personal on occasion, and over ridden with exclamation points At times, the writing was down right exasperating Still, I was intrigued enough by the subject herself and the breadth and depth of the historical detail, that I made my way through it, and was glad I did.

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