To Light a Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium

To Light a Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the MillenniumShe writes and writes and writes A little dictatorial, and almost overwritten but still a great source book and guide Of her series Ride a broom, stir a cauldren, etc, this is the only one I own, but I have looked through the others via the library I refer to her at times when I need a spark of creativity, a new angle, a direction to go or think in Her Mindlight is still my favorite of what I have read of her so far I recomend Silver Ravenwolf to those who already know the basics and want a push to go further I believe I have also read one of her novels and it was enjoyable Will look for reviews on it here. Title in German Ritual Harmonie Originally Released In , This Bestselling Guide To Magickal Practices Based On The Experiences And Successes Of A Third Degree Working Witch Has Been Revised And Updated Written For Today S Seeker, To Light A Sacred Flame Contains Techniques That Unite Divinity With Magick, Knowledge, And HumorNew Cover New Interior Design New Edit Updated Artwork This book has lots of information for the average practitioner as well as novice I would recommend it as it supplements other learning materials, making it a robust book. As I ve said before in my other reviews of this author, people either love or hate her I say, read the book with your own critical thinking skills There s nothing wrong about reading various author s and their books on the topic of wicca and witchcraft etc SRW is one author, who presents her own style and tradition This book is 18 years old and still quite popular in the pagan community Her writing style feels down to earth to me, I don t feel that she talks down to the reader as some have said in their reviews of her books She s a mama bear type and is willing to share her perspective of what the craft is, in her eyes and worldview There s nothing wrong with that, even if you don t agree with her I enjoy reading her books even if I don t agree with all she presents I respect the time and effort she has put into her work Take what you can from this book, leave what doesn t agree with you and keep on researching reading from various authors. A long time favorite You know, when you read Silver RavenWolf with an open mind and are a little critical of what you read, you can get something out of her writing She has a beautiful way with words and can really paint a picture This book is the third in her series of Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium I really liked this one, because it is for advanced readers When you are starting your journey on the Craft, there will be a myriad of beginner books but it is not as easy to find advanced books on Wicca Now this is one of thelighter advanced books out there, if you want to getting deeper into theory and practice and magick, please look elsewhere BUT if you want an easy to read intro to the deeper aspects of Wicca, this isn t a terrible place to start I would recommend this to anyone who can keep an open mind and is wise enough to know BS when they read it There is some truly valuable and beautifully written materials contained in this book. I strongly believe that Silver Ravenwolf has doneharm to Paganism than any other author Half the facts she writes about in her books are completely wrong She doesn t even know the proper dates of Pagan Holidays a lot of the time She presents puritanical views towards sex in her books, she suggests that teen readers lie to their parents about what they re practicing, and she acts as though Paganism is fluffy and pure and that anything you want is at your fingertips if you just cast a spell A hint If any author proposes love spells, they are not to be trusted PLEASE do your research and read some books from authors who actually have a clue what they re talking about If I could give this a 0 5 I would. This book is so incredibly different from the one I thought I read years ago, I just have to count this a newly read I still don t want to touch the SRW debate with a 13 foot pole, and still note that I mof the MorningStar craft type, but this book is not anything like as bad as I remember Admittedly, I couldn t read the long rituals, really, but this book is reallyabout witchcraft and spiritualitythan anything, and the importance of self work What happened to the Burning Times witch I remember from my teens Anyway, love her or hate her, I had to give this book 4 stars It s not great, but it shocked me so much from my memories of her that I gave her the benefit of doubt and stuck with it. Misleading title Witchcraft is not a synonym for Wicca, which is what Silver seems to disregard here This isof a beginner s Guide to Wicca.Very little is offered to advance the individual practitioner s working skills Definitely a religious book rather than a useful collection of spells.

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

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  • To Light a Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium
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  • 14 April 2019
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