To Stir A Magick Cauldron: A Witch's Guide to Casting and Conjuring

To Stir A Magick Cauldron: A Witch's Guide to Casting and ConjuringI m not going to go into length and detail here Silver Ravenwolf s teen series To Ride a Silver Broomstick, To Stir a Magick Cauldron, and To Light a Sacred Flame are all great books if you have NO knowledge of Wicca at all and are looking to learn a few tricks if this is the case though I would point you to Scott Cunningham, Christopher Penczak, or Ann Moura before considering the Queen of the Fluffy Bunnies For my feelings on this series see my review on To Ride a Silver Broomstick I strongly believe that Silver Ravenwolf has done harm to Paganism than any other author Half the facts she writes about in her books are completely wrong She doesn t even know the proper dates of Pagan Holidays a lot of the time She presents puritanical views towards sex in her books, she suggests that teen readers lie to their parents about what they re practicing, and she acts as though Paganism is fluffy and pure and that anything you want is at your fingertips if you just cast a spell A hint If any author proposes love spells, they are not to be trusted PLEASE do your research and read some books from authors who actually have a clue what they re talking about If I could give this a 0 5 I would. Miss Ravenwolf has a bad reputation among mature wiccans, and with quite good reason sometimes her vision of Wicca is naive and too commercial, and her historical basis has capital mistakes But her spellwork is quite intelligent and creative, so let s hear it for her If you read her with a pinch of salt, you can learn a few things I read the reviews and wow, some people are fairly aggressive in their attacks on this author SRW is either someone who people either love or hate People like to complain and judge stating her to be the Queen of Fluffybunnies How mature are you Ok, you don t have to like her work but why be so damn malicious about it I m pagan, a witch, not necessarily wiccan but I enjoy reading and researching from a variety of authors from SRW to Scott Cunningham to Laurie Cabot to the Farrars to Raven Grimassi and others You are doing yourself a disservice by writing off the works of author s whom may or may not be the popular ones Even if they present skewed facts or make some mistakes in their works, don t be so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak If you read objectively and stop listening to everyone else who likes to condemn and judge, develop your own critical thinking skills you might find something useful within these pages Perhaps a ritual format or a different way at looking at things I say read the book Some things may piss you off, that s ok Some things may offend you, that s ok too But perhaps, while you are looking down your pious witchy nose, you might be to glean some value from the information presented therein Not all wiccan traditions will be similar or alike in their beliefs or practices This is simply one facet that is presented to the pagan community, take it or leave it but get over your judgmental selves and learn to have some maturity You can dislike a book or even an author without being a hostile aggressor about it, grow up I do like her style of writing, even if I don t agree with all that she presents Its very down to earth. this lady is full of crap all of her books center around ceremony and pomp and circumstance and not at all on real energy or anything worthwhile great for the teen witch dabbling in wearing black and telling her friends she s wiccan. I ll echo a previous reviewer and say this book does contain some creative work I m no longer on this path, but this work gave me some fun stuff to try along the way Leveling criticism at her work is all too easy, has been done, and I even agree with most of it That being said, be a critical thinker and nothing from a book can harm you At least this book tries to go beyond the endlessly re hashed material that nearly every pagan author is trying to get paid to slap together. To Stir A Magick Cauldron Boasting Than , Copies In Print, This Indispensable Guide Has Been Revised And Updated Silver RavenWolf Dishes Out Tried And True Witch Wisdom, Covering The Essentials Of Witchcraft New Cover New Interior Design New Edit Full Description This is in the same trilogy as To Light a Sacred Flame, a very good book More information on Witchcraft and natural magic. Realistically this is 3.5 Stars for me This isn t a BAD book Silver Ravenwolf isn t a hack witch She just has some shitty concepts which is allowed, as individuals we have shitty concepts My best friend has shitty concepts do I care No Those concepts don t make her a shitty person, it s just her point of view Let s get this out of the way first The witchy pagan esoteric community is every bit as prejudicial and awful as those it professes to be different from So anything that doesn t fit neatly into often narrow concepts of what witchcraft and PERSONAL PRACTICE is about is shat on, and somehow not real, not legitimate and therefore not valid Which is how I kind of feel Silver Ravenwolf has been treated for a long time Why I gave this book 3.5 stars It s a beginner book, and while I don t consider myself anything special or a fount of knowledge in witchcraft, parts of this were boring And to be honest, I read parts of this book when I was first starting out, so yeah, I was board It s totally appropriate for beginner witches In the book no where NO WHERE does she EVER claim this is the definitive guide on witchcraft she has a healthy further reading section, and bibliography What I find eye rolling about the book the attempts at being chatty and real But that s her writing style But it also makes it approachable annoying, but approachable She calls non witches once borns WHAT No NO That s just awful Its belittling But is it worth a 1 star rating No Sh also has kind of a condescending notion of Christians which judging by some witches out there who oddly take issue with this book have a very similar view with people who don t take their view on how witchcraft should be done viewed etc There is also a packing on of egoism which might actually come from the book Teen Witch that rubs me the wrong way But it s important to believe in what your doing I guessso go onBut yeah I d recommend this to someone who might be wanting info on witchcraft in a serious way, not a general knowledge way I might not be the first one I recommend but it would be on the list. Interesting Miles ahead of the first book.This was much exercise heavy than Riding a Silver Broomstick The exercises are a mixed bag some of them had me scratching my head and wondering why on earth I would need to even consider doing them The Gifts of Indian Peg stands out the most , while most of the others encouraged me to look at some of my own practices from a different perspective The sectionS on sacred space, circles, quarters and ritual composition was decent I would still recommend that readers invest in a copy of Deborah Lipp s The Elements of Ritual, but the info here is still than enough to get you started writing your own material and practicing with confidence.That test in the back is a whopper, too There s a few items on there that seemed like they were out of left field, but overall it s a good self litmus test of where you may need to do a bit research or work in filling in some gaps The section on personal workings, lunar phases, planetary hours and overall timing was pretty well done The exercises provided seemed very helpful, and I designed a few works of my own that I m looking forward to performing later on.Like her other books, Cauldron is filled with personal anecdotes and stories This may be a big turn off for some readers I didn t mind it so much, honestly Maybe I was able to get out of this than many readers because I ve been practicing for so long that I m better able to sift through the parts that I know are garbage and pick out the good things There s plenty of useful information in here Some garbage, yes, but point me to a pagan book that doesn t have cruft and bad info somewhere in it Overall, I m glad that I read it, since I will now be able to field questions about it.

Silver RavenWolf Pennsylvania is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest growing faiths in America today The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, includi

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