Til Kingdom Come

Til Kingdom Come In A Time Of Mystery And Magic, One Man Is Seeking To Find His Destiny Prince Thrain Blackwater Is On A Deadly Mission To Capture The One Who Can Help Him Get His Revenge And Make Him Whole But In Order To Do So, He Must Perform An Act Of Brutality That Will Alienate The Man He Hopes To Claim As His OwnPrince Elias Trueheart Is A Null A Noble Of The Royal Trueheart Line Who Has No Magic Of His Own Resigned To A Life Of Obscurity, His Entire World Is Turned Upside Down The Night Thrain Comes For Him After The Blackwater Prince Claims Him In A Way Elias Feels He Can Never Forgive, He Kidnaps Him As Well And Drags Him Back To The Snake Pit He Calls Home Castle BlackThrain Is Certain Elias Will Hate Him Forever And He Doesn T Blame The Other Man A Bit Still, He Hungers For Elias S Love And Will Do Anything To Earn It, Even If It Means Facing Down His Brutal Older Brother Who Wants Elias For Himself But Will Elias Ever Return His Feelings Or Is He Incapable Of Forgiving Thrain S Crime He Will Have To Make Up His Mind Very Soon For Beneath The Dark And Dangerous Castle Black Lies A Secret That Will Unlock Elias S Magic And A Deadly Riddle That Will Put Both His Life And Thrain S In Peril Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Dubious Consent, Male Male Sexual Practices, Allusion To Incest

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for

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    I like EA but her books tend to be all over the spectrum Some are great, some are horrible, some are just ok I m never sure where a particular book will end up but I keep trying since I do like the author For TKC, the fantasy concept is decent, but the execution leaves something to be desired The magic healing of sex makes the story kind of ridiculous and completely over the top I can appreciate some outrageous antics for the sake of humor or the story, this is just so ridiculous I kept rolling my eyes and wanting to throw the book When the characters have to have sex to save them over and over and over again, the story just becomes so silly you can t enjoy it Elias is a prince of kingdom of magic users He has inherent magic but it hasn t manifested yet and Elias is left feeling he may be the only one without any magic at all His life completely changes when their castle is besieged by a neighboring kingdom, trying to kill all magic users Elias is saved by Thrain, the second son of the ruler who wants to use Elias to kill his brother and father Elias isn t sure he agrees with Thrain s revenge but when Elias magic manifests so hotly that only sexual pleasure can tame it the two have no choice but to trust each other The story at the heart is basically one of royal intrigue Thrain is the second son of an evil, totally unscrupulous father and equally dastardly brother Thrain wants to kill the two in revenge and rule his country justly Elias is supposed to be the tool of Thrain s revenge if he can just control his newfound magic Although this is one tried and true historical fantasy theme, Til Kingdom Come doesn t go off the rails until it adds the sexual element Seeing as Thrain is Elias captor and he initially rapes Elias there is built in tension about how Elias will come to fall for Thrain and get over his anger Unfortunately that is really easy since Elias magic is controlled and tempered by sex Sex with Thrain specifically Whenever Elias practices his magic, he has to be connected with Thrain in some way Whether Thrain is jerking Elias off, giving a blowjob or screwing Elias, the sexual pleasure given controls the magic The greater the pleasure, the deeper the sex, the bigger the orgasm, the less the magic will take over and go wild So you can imagine there is a ton of sex, a ton of practicing magic and so on that has to take place Plus this sets up the pressing tension between the men in whether they re together for mutual benefit or true love The plot is over the top sure but the execution is what really makes this silly The repeated sex scenes with the healing power of a blowjob are just so ridiculous that you can t take it seriously any Also this creates so many easy resolutions and ways to prolong the tension it s just frustrating The characters contradict themselves constantly as well Elias will acknowledge that Thrain cares for him, seems to love him, and genuinely wants him but then in the next instant will flip and decide Thrain is of course only using him and doesn t care about him at all This back and forth is tiring and has no real basis in actions or thoughts It feels entirely manufactured Additionally there are the traditionally super evil villains that are obvious and boring with no nuance or subtly There is the big magical dragon that only speaks in short sentences and riddles for no real reason The riddles aren t even that difficult to figure out yet the two main characters act like they have no clue what the clearly laid out meaning is There is no real reason for the dragon to speak in riddles either, considering it s his life they re trying to save but apparently dragons can only speak in obvious riddles Really this is just a silly book that has an over the top plot but the execution does it no favors Maybe fans of the author won t mind the healing power of sex concept but Anderson has much better offerings in her back list Skip this one since not even the fantasy setting is really worthwhile.

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    Well wasn t that painful Had to read it for a challenge and that was my only motivation.Half a star and a headache This is not a nice review, because the book I am attempting to review is a blabbering, overly long, ridiculous mess Actually, forget the reviewing part, I am so frustrated, I am just going to set my pet peeves free, before my brain bursts in flames World building none Not even a room building, tho there was an attempt at a hot tub building and a dungeon staircase building. awww, I feel generous, I ll throw in the magical door building There Contradictions Left and right Top and bottom North and South Back and forth Here, there and everywhere Talk Sex Overwhelming Talk Sex Talk Sex Sex talk Pout Talk sex Sex sex Magic sex talk Pout Sex Talk At most inconvenient times talk, sex What a page turner Seriously, 20 30 at a time skippity skip MCs TSTL Slower than a glacier Both of them Even the dragon said so himself Poor chap, his life depended on these idiots I was hoping they would shut up for half a minute to try to use their brains instead of their tongues No Only in the very end and by some unexplained miracle the fair princess had a thought revelation Secondary characters I don t know There was not enough presence of any other character in this book to be secondary Not the dragon, not the king, not the wasshispants brother MC s dicks have a better chance applying for this position Villains villainous I don t know much about them to elaborate Except for the brother was a rapist and the father was on a witch hunt M M Why M F could have done just as nicely Though I concede it s easier to stroke someone s dick in public, than someone s pussy, what with accessibility and all.

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    This is a great fantasy story No epic quests looking for magical items, though It is all about the inner journey of two men who don t just have their own personal demons to overcome, but need to find common ground as lovers as well if a long standing prophecy is to come true and bring peace to their realms.Elias starts out as the weaker of the two He is a magic null in a kingdom of mages and suffers some ridicule for it Not the most self confident person to start with, he gets taken prisoner and raped by a prince from a neighboring kingdom He is then told, by the last dragon alive, no less, that said prince is his destiny, and that he will only unleash his own magic with the man s help It takes Elias a long time to see the wood for the trees, but when he finally gets it, his growth is phenomenal.Thraine has been mistreated by his father, brutalized by his own brother when he was younger, and knows he will need Elias to help him get revenge Forced to rape him or see him raped by his evil brother, he has no choice but to hurt him The knowledge that he may have ruined his chances of Elias ever loving him as much as he comes to love Elias almost destroys him Not that it motivates him to talk about it or admit his true feelings until it s almost too late.I really liked the way both men stubbornly struggled on their own, refusing to communicate until the circumstances forced them to change The setting was good, even if the evil father and brother felt slightly overdone at times But hey it s a fairy tale, so I decided to go with it It was definitely a great ride

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    I was floored at the concept of touch from one man to another whether to reach out and make that connection or performing a sexual act is what the other needed in order to tame and tamper down the magic from getting out of control Considering all the books I ve now read to date it shouldn t have surprised me I do enjoy paranormal but this being with the whole magic and dragons bit is not the same and I wasn t sure if I was going to like it I did like the story to a degree There could have been less description, common ground in both men meeting half way instead of their constant fighting, bantering and bickering and what threw me was the tougher, stronger man of the two took most of the guff thrown at him For a stealthier, faster fighter he took shit than I expected from his brother and his own father, add to that his should be lover and it overwhelmed me to thinking Thrain is a wimp for all that brawn and muscle he s hiding under Elias who for all his reading and smarts sure as heck wasn t too swift So my rating is for the creativity of such a story and it was very well written for a fantasy novel, but it went missing for me for all the reasons I mentioned above and for some I had left out To each their own I guess.

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    I don t mind Evangeline Anderson As far as PWP ish authors go, she s pretty to notch This one is standard EA Very readable, interesting enough story unless you re expecting something spectacular It s not great, it s not amazing, but it keeps you interested enough to finish it at least.What is much painful is EA s insistence on using awkward excuses for sex foreplay Really, he needs a handjob to keep his magic powers under control Really That s so ridiculous I don t even And yes, that s basically the plot They will die unless they have sex It s also been the plot for the last couple of EA books I ve read, so if that s your thing, go for this.

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    As usual, laugh out loud funny Per my standard Anderson review format, high points 1 These characters are soooo smart and capable How do we know this Because the script says so, that s how.2 The super puzzling riddles, sigh.3 It s a good thing the Trueharts have that whole magic thing going on since they definitely don t have that whole common sense or listening comprehension thing going on.5 I m fairly convinced that this fantasy realm s average day could be encompassed within about 5 Earth hours because nobody ever seems to have enough time I dare you to count the number times the phrase I don t have time appears in this book I would have but I didn t have enough time.4 The big climax is when Elias gives the Empress a name and the world is saved from the Nothing, or wait, I might be getting my fantasy books confused.P.S cough, Castle Peace

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    This would have been 5 stars if it were about 20 pages shorter There was just a bit too much angsty, back and forth he doesn t really love me for my taste.However, the book was solid, the scenes were hot as always , and the storyline was good I love how Evangeline Anderson is always able to make having sex into a life or death situation.

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    2.5Elias Trueheart is a prince waiting for his magic to come in But before that can happen, his kingdom is invaded by the Blackwell s and he is raped and taken captive by Prince Thrain Thrain didn t want to abuse Elias, but he was forced himself into raping him and he s taken him captive because a dragon told him that he needed Elias in order to complete his revenge against his odious father and brother Elias still isn t so thrilled about having been raped and now an tool for someone else s vengeance But he slowly begins to trust Thrain as they learn how to control Elias s magic together Thrain is in love with Elias, but Elias still doesn t fully trust Thrain What the heck did I just read I think this was smut, with a sort of dash of romance thrown in But this definitely reminded me of stereotypical FanFictionyou know how they throw in lots of contrived situations and tropes At least the story didn t have male pregnancy I did still sort of enjoy it I think maybe I m giving points for originality But I had moments where I wanted to roll my eyes at the ridiculousness For example, when Thrain has to give Elias a hand job for hours on end so that he can control his magic Or the fact that Elias has to let Thrain have sex with him in order to gain full control over his magic I think the reason this felt ridiculous is because there was no logical explanation for it And the dragon s riddle Um Yeah That was super easy to figure out, and I can t believe these guys were that stupid that it took them 3 weeks to figure it out I did appreciate some of the angst, especially as it was created by the power imbalance and Elias s resentment at having to submit.

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    3.2 StarsUsually I love EA s MM romance novels, but I found myself continuously rolling my eyes and shaking my head at some of the ridiculously overplayed tropes just littered across this book Maybe the sheer number of them overwhelmed the story and made me not appreciate it as much as I expected to IDK The magic peen was the last straw though.No, seriously, an actual magic peen It healed all the pain and fear instilled in one of the MCs after years of sexual assault at the hands of his own brother No, I didn t bother shelving this as cesty cause that one is reserved for the consensual kind So, yeah Magic Peen.And here there be dragons, too Well one of them Captured and tortured, the last of his kind Yeah, and every time one of them crept into the bowels of the castle to speak with it in their minds as it spoke the old tongue I kept getting Merlin flashbacks Plus, you know, the King was systematically killing destroying all magic users Like in Merlin But a young boy was destined to save the land once he learned to control his own magic Like in Merlin eyeroll OMG see There I did it again.Whatever I wanted desperately for this to be like Counterpoint and while there were some similarities as a whole it so very much was not Meh.

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    3.5 starsCall me crazy, but when it comes to m m romance, Evangeline Anderson s books are my number one guilty pleasure You won t learn anything from them and they won t change your views on life because they re like weird sexual fantasies of a horny 15 year old But they re well written, hilarious fantasies and I can t help loving them.After Broken Boundaries I was prepared for whatever amount of ridiculous and this book didn t shy away from delivering a lot of it.As a fantasy it works great It has magic, castles, an evil king and an even evil brother, dragons well, dragon, actually and, of course, two good guys who want to save the kingdom As a romance it was ok If this is your first EA book, you should probably know this author doesn t do simple and ordinary You won t find two guys falling in love with each other in common circumstances They won t just like each other, go on a date, start a relationship, etc because that s too easy and boring No They need to be somehow pushed into that job requiring them to fly a spaceship being pressed naked together, gay chicken dares In this book, it s rape I know Awful And completely unnecessary I seriously doubted I would like Thrain after the initial rape scene but, surprisingly, the transition from enemies to lovers is pretty well done and he slowly and convincingly becomes the good guy Then the plot kicks up a notch as Elias discovers his magic and the way to control it This being EA, you probably guess how it s going to unfold Yes, the only way to tame the magic and defeat the evil king is through sex Fortunately, it didn t go as far as Threain fucking Elias in front of the king or some similar scenario, though I fearfully expected it I actually loved the way things played out in the end The final scenes were exciting and they re the reason I give this book one star The dragon was kind of dumb sorry, dragon, your inane riddle didn t impress me , despite his alleged wisdom But the MCs were even dumber, so it all worked out well Overall, it s a funtastic read and if you don t take it too seriously, it falls in the better part of average.

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