Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #2)

Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #2)Talon or Speirr of the Morrigantes Hunter Sunshine Runningwolf Human Why Talon become a dark hunter Tragic story and a combination of many things.At age 7 his parents died and he and his infant sister Caera were thrown out of their Druid tribe.Later his uncle was murdered and his aunt was raped and murdered, his wife Nynia died in childbirth and their son was stillborn And finally his clan killed his beloved little sister in front of him And then he was killed Naturally, he came back for revenge.Sunshine A vegan artist who is drowning in pink and purple flowers everywhere in her home She will seduce Talon with amusement and joy.One thing I loved Talon lives in a shack on a bayou surrounded by his two pet alligators Settings New Orleans, Louisiana The dialoges of the book are actually quite funny and made me laugh out loud There are many MANY steamy scenes The story overall was fun and exciting.Favourite quoteSomething was different about Sunshine.He couldn t count how many centuries had passed since he had last shared a real laugh with a lover.And this woman made him laugh She made him crazy.Best of all, she made him burn.Sunshine had stumbled into his world and turned it upside down.She d touched the emotions he d buried long ago Made him feel strangely alive again, which for a man who had died fifteen hundred years ago was quite a fit I knew if I hung in there I would start to like this series This book was a lot of fun There is Talon, an ancient Celtic warrior chieftain who is now a Dark Hunter, and Sunshine, a hippy chick artist who would forget her head if it wasn t attached I loved Sunny She is hilarious.When they meet, Sunny saves Talon after he is run over by a float Yes, a float It makes sense when you read it So, she takes him back to her insanely pink loft and undresses him to wash his clothes while he sleeps Of course, she washed his leather pants, and threw them in the dryer And, then she left his wallet at the laundromat and it was stolen And, to top it all off, she dropped his car keys and they fell down a drain So, he wakes up with no pants, money, or the ability to drive his carnot to mention the fact that there is sunlight coming into the windows to fry him Talon looked uneasily at the woman and the faint sunlight in the room He wondered which of them was the most lethal to him. This starts their adorable courtship Yes, I said adorable Sue me I love how Talon finds Sunny charming despite her air headed ways And, Sunny herself is hilarious and yet strong in spite of her quirks She is just what he needs.Aside from their story, we get a lot of glimpses into some of the other Dark Hunters and I can t wait to read their stories Ash what the hell is his deal And, Zarek can t wait for him to get a HEA Oh, and even Nick, the squire He is so sarcastic and funny Love that guy On to the next book 2,5 STARSI liked the previous two books in this series, but with this one I was n0t feeling it.The first 15% were like and the next 5%annnnnnnnd stayed for pretty much the rest of the book like thisnuff said Here we go,Dark Hunter Flashcard 2Name TalonAge 1,430 give or takeFormer Occupation Celtic DruidSpecial D.H power Controlling the weather, telekinesis, healing, chatting with the dead Reason why he became a D.H His clan betrayed and killed him and his younger sister.Best thing that came out of his mouthon priorities management Coffee Daimons Coffee Daimons He finds his one true love when He saves her life from a Daimon attack.He falls for her because At first I was willing to bet that he just couldn t resist her patchouli scent but as it turned out I was mistaken.Her Name Sunshine Runningwolf Age 29Occupation ArtistBest thing that came out of her mouth Talon Size Clothes Cover him up I m going to go get Talon clothes Keys Need keys for car Purse Money for clothes Shoes Must have shoes to shop and keep feet warm.She falls for him because He s got something that calls out to her like a siren s song Surgeon General s Warning Sex at first sight might break the hearts of readers who appreciate it less than Lust But Not Touchy Touch Because We Got Interrupted at first sight.The Devil s Advocate New Orleans during the Mardi Gras, Sunshine is lovable in a bat crazy kind of way, the characters from the previous books and the ones to follow Take it or leave it Considering that it was better than the previous two, I guess it must be true that the series becomes better as it progresses. Reviewed for THC Reviews 3.5 stars I know that the Dark Hunter series is an extremely popular one, and after reading and thoroughly enjoying Fantasy Lover, the prequel, I truly thought that the series would become a favorite of mine too Unfortunately, I have yet to be completely sucked in by it The next two stories in the series both suffered from some of the same problems, and for me, Night Embrace has followed in their footsteps While there were some things that I really liked about the book, there are quite a few things that I disliked as well, so I ll start with those First, there was a huge overabundance of characters, so much so that they stole a lot of face time away from the hero and heroine, and it became difficult to keep track of all of them To begin with, there are six different classes of beings deities from Greek and Celtic mythology daimons vampires humans one ghost a bunch of demons that were briefly unleashed and hunters slayers , of which two different sub sets, Dark Hunters and Were Hunters appear in this story Then there is the impossibly long list of characters who fall into each of those categories I literally started jotting down all the ones I knew had appeared in previous Dark Hunter books or would appear in future books, just so that I could keep them all straight Here s my quick reference Common characters who appear in most of the stories in the series Acheron, the leader of the Dark Hunters Nick Gautier, their main squire or human helper Selena, another human who has knowledge of the Dark Hunters and the Greek goddess, Artemis Characters from previous Dark Hunter books Julian Fantasy Lover , Kyrian and Amanda Night Pleasures , and the Greek deities Eros and Psyche who also first appeared in Fantasy Lover New characters who were introduced in Night Embrace Zarek Dance with the Devil , Wulf Kiss of the Night , Vane and Bride McTierney Night Play , Valerius Seize the Night , Wren Unleash the Night although he had no dialog, Ravyn Dark Side of the Moon although he was only briefly mentioned, and Fang Bad Moon Rising which will be released in August , plus there was one other Dark Hunter and a large assortment of Were Hunters who were either merely mentioned or made very brief appearances, but I m not aware of them starring in their own books yet And this wasn t even all the characters, just the ones that appear in other books of the series Whew It just seemed like the author thought, Let s see how many characters I can cram into one book, and in the end, I thought many of them were very diluted, including Talon and Sunshine who were supposed to be the main characters.My next major issue with Night Embrace is an excess of supernatural powers Nearly everyone in the book seems to have them, including the humans having mystical psychic powers, which became a bit too much for me to swallow I think the only prominent normal character in the book was Nick Thus far he does not seem to possess any powers at all which is actually a relief Again it just seemed like the author tried to cram as many powers into the story as she possibly could, which in my opinion, watered down everyone s powers and made things far too easy In other paranormal romances I ve read, it is only the supernatural creatures who possess abilities, and those are very well defined, usually with base powers that are common to every creature of their race Then there are a few special ones who have some additional but limited powers If Dark Hunters have common powers, I m having a difficult time identifying them It seems that so far in this series and especially in this book, Ms Kenyon makes up powers for the characters as she goes along, and they arbitrarily work or don t work to conform to a given plotline, rather than the plot conforming to the powers that are available To my way of thinking this is somewhat lazy storytelling, and it is also very confusing to me as the reader, since I have no clear frame of reference as to what any of the characters can do or not do.My last major issue with Night Embrace and the Dark Hunter series in general is the mythology I still think that it is rather interesting that Ms Kenyon decided to base her mythology on real Greek, Celtic and perhaps other myths I m not aware of What I dislike though, is that she tends to throw out the names of the various gods and goddesses with little or no mention of who they are This is all fine and dandy if you ve studied mythology, but I haven t since grade school, so once again, trying to keep up can be confusing Also Ms Kenyon s own Dark Hunter mythology is not as well defined as I would like to see As she keeps adding new characters to the palette, of course the mythology changes and becomes complex as well, and in the end, I had just as hard a time remembering all the myths as I did remembering all the characters No sooner did I think that I had a decent grasp on things than a new myth or character was introduced I also never had a good feel for the curse placed on Talon by Camulus As I understood it, anyone Talon loved would die, but Talon s loved ones started dying long before the curse supposedly took effect I really like to have a good comprehension of the world that an author has created, so feeling like I frequently needed a Dark Hunter encyclopedia to keep everything straight definitely detracted from my enjoyment of it.As for Talon and Sunshine, the hero and heroine of the book, I can t say that I ever became fully invested from an emotional standpoint in either their individual characters or their relationship They fall into bed with each other on the first day that they meet not my favorite way to begin , and their entire relationship develops in a matter of days Talon and Sunshine share a number of steamy love scenes throughout the story, a couple of which I will admit were rather creative, but without that deep emotional connection, the scenes simply weren t as sensual as I have found in some other romances They also didn t practice safe sex which is an annoyance to me when there doesn t seem to be any good reason not to The author relies heavily on the concept of reincarnation to explain the instant attraction the couple has, but it just didn t work for me Additionally, I m not a big fan of the push and pull conflict in a relationship, and this one definitely had that First Sunshine acts like her time with Talon was nothing than a fun fling, and she adamantly has no interest in marriage due to an unhappy first one Then she comes around in a just a few days only to have Talon be the one who is doing the pushing away, because he is afraid that he will loose her to his curse just like everyone else he ever loved in his mortal life I really like when characters are able to show their vulnerabilities by sharing their hopes, dreams and life experiences with each other, but Sunshine comes into an awareness of what Talon is and the things he suffered through her own past life memories and her friend Selena s knowledge of the Dark Hunters Having things happen this way effectively shut down the lines of communication and consequently suppressed the intimacy of their relationship As I mentioned before, I felt that Talon and Sunshine were very overshadowed by the other characters and plotlines too I did like Talon who was a very tortured hero, one of my favorite kinds, and I thought that Sunshine could be very endearing with her sweet scatterbrained ways I just felt like they were short changed, and I never really got to know either of them well enough for them to truly stand out to me.Now for some of the things I really liked about Night Embrace that made me give it a few extra points First, just one wordAcheron Acheron is almost a larger than life character who carried a large part of this story on his very broad shoulders He literally emanates power and sex appeal right off the pages of the book, and absolutely walks away with every scene he is in In retrospect, this may not have been such a good thing, but I don t really care I m already crazy about him and can t believe I have seventeen books and novellas to go before I get to his story The next thing I likedZarek He may have had plenty of moments when he acted like a total jerk, but it was easy to tell that there is much depth lurking beneath the surface I for one can t wait to find out about him, and see this hardened warrior find some peace and happiness Another thing I enjoyed was the historical flashback sequences with Talon and his first wife Nynia Although tragic, I found those scenes to be the most romantic in the entire book, and strangely, I felt far connected to these two as a couple than I did to Talon and Sunshine Also, I rather enjoyed the testosterone laced interactions between Acheron, Zarek, Talon and Valerius when they all meet together early in the story Having that much alpha maleness concentrated in one place was something of a heady brew Finally, even though there were some minor plot holes and inconsistencies in it, I still really enjoyed the climactic scene of the book, although that s probably because Acheron pretty much took center stage for it.In addition to my major complaints there were a few other minor ones as well I thought there were quite a few passages that were repetitive The author begins by giving certain parts of Talon s backstory and then filling in the details as the tale progresses, but each time something new was added, there were also things that were reiterated There were also a few inconsistencies in the details, such as how Talon is able to call Acheron and actually get him one time and Styxx another I thought that the explanation as to why Talon was allowed to marry Nynia in the past even though she was far beneath him in station was rather weak There was also mention of Vane being indebted to Ash, but I was left wondering exactly what that debt was Perhaps this will be explored in a later book Lastly, Ms Kenyon tends to throw in new terms specifically related to the world she has created While it is important that these new words be defined, she always seems to bring the story to a screeching halt while giving the explanation, which is a little annoying Although, Night Embrace failed to wow me, and the jury is still out on the Dark Hunter series as a whole, I do plan to continue with it I was extremely intrigued by Zarek, and his story is the next full length novel in the series, making me want to read it right away I m also so enthralled by Acheron, I don t think I would be able to quit the series at least until I ve reached his story Since Fantasy Lover is still one of my top five all time favorites, I know that Sherrilyn Kenyon can write a romance with the kind of relationship development I crave, so I ll just have to hope that there will be books in the Dark Hunter series that exhibit this type of storytelling Night Embrace is the second novel in the series There are currently a total of 19 full length novels in the Dark Hunter series and quite a number of related novellas and graphic novels as well, with still to come A complete list of all the books and their recommended reading order can be found on Sherrilyn Kenyon s website Review updated 9 14 10 Greek Gods Vampires Daimons Were Wolves Dark Hunters Celtic Gods Insignificant Humans blabbering the whole book Concept 2.5 5.0Execution 2.5 5.0 Characters Bespoken 3.0 5.0Cover 3.0 5.0Overall 3.25 5.0As for Talon and Sunshine I am amazed how Sherrilyn Kenyon does it How does she make you feel so home with Vampires, Daimons, Were Wolves, all sorts of Gods, curses, boons, and importantly it s like in her world you feel human The best point of the book Captivating Dry Humour All the time I was like P.S Next book is about Zarek The Darkest soul in all Hunters I am excited another enjoyable read in this series, even if it is only the second book.LOLwill continue to read the rest of the series 4.5 starsA lot going on in this book We met so many new people and world building, I think a lot of time was spent on future books I still love Kieran Talon was a great guy, but the love was a little too insta for me I get they were souls makes, but two days with fucking than talking doesn t breed love for me The other problem was the narrator She has such a wide range of voices and tones, I m not sure why she used the same irritating voice for the female lead as the last book For someone binge reading, it took some adjusting to say this isn t Amanda but Sunshine I m giving the next book a try because I like a broken guy I pray the female lead isn t a whiny southern bell in tone. Dear Reader, Life Is Great For Me I Have My Chicory Coffee, My Warm Beignets, And My Best Friend On The Cell Phone Once The Sun Goes Down, I Am The Baddest Thing Prowling The Night I Command The Elements, And I Know No Fear For Centuries, I Ve Protected The Innocent And Watched Over The Mankind, Making Sure They Are Safe In A World Where Nothing Is Ever Certain All I Want In Return Is A Hot Babe In A Red Dress, Who Wants Nothing From Me Then One NightInstead, I Get A Runaway Mardi Gras Float That Tries To Turn Me Into Roadkill And A Beautiful Woman Who Saves My Life But Can T Remember Where She Put My Pants Flamboyant And Extravagant, Sunshine Runningwolf Should Be The Perfect Woman For Me She Wants Nothing Past Tonight, No Ties, No Long Term CommitmentsBut Every Time I Look At Her, I Start Yearning For Dreams That I Buried Centuries Ago With Her Unconventional Ways And Ability To Baffle Me, Sunshine Is The One Person I Find Myself Needing But For Me To Love Her Would Mean Her Death I Am Cursed Never To Know Peace Or Happiness Not So Long As My Enemy Waits In The Night To Destroy Us BothTalon Of The Morrigantes I loved the first 1 3 of this book, the heroine was really interesting, not the simpery virgin you usually see, but then the book rabbit trailed off into a million different directions, not the most satisfying conclusion I dunno I am intrigued about a few of the other characters so I might try a few books.Also the Alpha male thing is getting old to me, too many in a row, I ve burnt out lol.

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