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Designing Love When World Renowned Architect, Devon Sparks Meets Josephine Burnett, A Brilliant Interior Designer, The Attraction Is Instantaneous Devon Reluctantly Accepted The Job Of Designing A House For His Former Lover Who D Betrayed Him With His Best Friend Still A Little Emotionally Battered, He Is Content To Never Love Again, Until Josephine Shows Up On His Doorstep To Be Paired With Devon Sparks Is Josephine S Chance To Showcase Her Talents Devon Comes Off As Rude At First, But She Quickly Finds Out The Man Behind The Cold, Hard Exterior Is A Man With The Need To Be Loved Bound To A Guy Who Doesn T Deserve Her Loyalty, Josephine Is Hesitant To Grasp The Chance To Be Loved Totally By A Man Who Is Not Of Her Race, Until Devon Takes Matters Into His Own Hands And Gives Her A Taste Of The Passion They Could Share But Can He Convince Her

Yvonne was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, but now she resides in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia Still a southern gal She has two gorgeous boys who never miss out on an opportunity to drive her crazy, two cute shih tzu who have yet to realize that they are dogs, and a wonderful husband who showers her with love and support.She s been an avid reader since the age of fourteen As a kid, she would

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    Everything was going beautifully until the end What in the hell was that Seriously I m dissapointed ,

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    DNF I gave up at the 30% mark.Strike One I knew this wasn t the book for me when in the beginning pages we are at a wedding and the hero Devon is the best man The bride is his own ex and the groom is his best friend But right before the wedding the groom had a wild night with three strippers and the bride has one last go round with Devon Did I mention the bride still wants Devon and is marrying the best friend a male model for his looks and fame Further, she asks Devon not to sleep with any of the women at the wedding because it would hurt her Even worse she hires Devon to build her dream home and he takes the job WTF The set up of a guy losing his girlfriend to his best friend would not have been so bad if it hadn t been mired in such slimy tawdriness The three of them were all equally distasteful The male model best friend seemed to have no remorse in stealing his best friends girlfriend The girlfriend was the worst cliche of venal, grasping womanhood And the hero, Devon just came off as a sap for pining over her and a shitty friend for sleeping with his best friend s fiancee and then turning around to stand up as best man at his wedding And really, a woman who thinks marriage to a male model is a launchpad to Paparazzi heaven is really not that bright.Strike Two The heroine Josie is supposed to be a professional interior decorator and the hero Devon is supposed to be a world renowned architect If either one of them has seen the far side of a BFA I will eat my hair Not once during their initial conversations was I ever convinced that either one of them knew anything about the design process In fact they were so busy being overcome with lust by each other s body it s a wonder they remembered they had a just met and b were supposed to be working Mind you, Devon is all hot for Josie right after having gotten a blow job from his newest girlfriend and said blow job was timed right around the time he knew Josie was arriving for their first appointment Yeah, stand back these are professionals Strike Three dialogue and writing The dialogue writing was pedestrian Conversations and situations came right out of Erotica 101 And I did not get why the word girl needed to be spelled gurl or nice needed to be spelled nyce or every other word out of Josie s mouth was whateva.Like I said I had only gotten to 30% but even that small amount felt like I was reading for days It simply did not engage and was in fact tiresome.

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    Monica s ReviewAll I can say to this book, Designing Love, is WOW Yvonne Nicholas does awesome writing on how love at first should be and remain in love Sure as in any new relationship there is always the ex girlfriend thinking that no one should have a claim on an old flame, but how wrong could she be But also always a jealous boyfriend that also has that same feeling Nicholas does an awesome job with how teasing someone into some passionate romance brings them together just wanting and never wanting it to end.Chapter sixteen is written with such passion and desire it keeps you wanting and and just tangles you in their web of desire Devon and Josephine become united in such passion it is amazing how a man can make a woman just feel so much love Of course Josephine returns the favor with so much passion and love herself Their delicate touches are just to die for How they explore each other and it to the extreme and try new things just sets the mood so well The amount of detail that Nicholas has done in writing this wonderful love story, in the passionate love making is just amazing.Nicholas does excellent work in writing up the characters to this book You have the sexist bachelor Devon Sparks an architect Devon has is wild, dark side but very passionate that is just memorizing, featured in GQ what else can a woman want You also have Josephine Burnette an interior designer Josephine has been with her partner for five years and with no one else But all that changes when an architect and interior designer meet for the first time to work together Nicholas brings out the passion in them that just takes you into their world of passion and desire Could this passion last and being All I can say for this author, Yvonne Nicholas, is job well done and the amount of passion and desire was just excellent Designing Love in my view is a must read for anyone that loves a good passionate book just to soak into on any night and just let your imagination go with the flow.5 Tea Cups

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    Caliente Wow, Terry had some nerve to be upset at Josephine when he was the one cheating the whole time with Heather And to add insult to injury Heather was so evil to rub in Josie face that her and Terry was married with a baby on the way Hmm, mmm, mmm Smh My favorite character was Carmen The woman talked the pants off Pete Enough said The woman got skills A very hot read.

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    One of this year s best contender s for Erotic Fiction, should be, Designing Love by Yvonne Nicolas.This book delivers everything an erotic novel ought It has plot, believable characters, sexual tension, and sex,sex,sex,sex, but not gratuitously so It had me at Now I pronounce you man and wife to he slid the ring on her perfect finger I laughed, I teared up, and got as ticked off as the characters did, in this phenomenally well written journey in the life and love of Devon Sparks and Josephine Burnett.In the outset, Devon, finds himself the best man in his best friend s wedding, which he should have been the groom of Come again you ask Yes you heard it, Devon s, best friend,stole his girl friend and is marring her while Devon has to eat crow and be the best man.If that isn t a variation on the Wedding from Hell theme , I don t know what isNo, please, don t tell me there could be anything else worse.We are privy to Devon s thoughts running around head as he recalls how he had to drag his drunken friend, Roland, a.k.a the groom, to his own wedding and from where But wait Devon s ex a true piece of work Sally Ann, is still trying to play head games, insisting that he design the newlyweds dream home, at the reception what nerve The next delightful twist, is when Devon meets the lovely Josephine Burnett, and discovers he is enigmatically drawn to her, much to his chagrin.By his own admission he is Damaged goods but is so bedazzled by her, he is walking around in broad daylight with a flashlight meaning he is captivated by her and can see nothing else but her Stalwart in his refusal to admit the attraction, he continues to be a hard liner until he makes it plain to the both of them that there is something between them, other than business.The air crackles with electricity whenever they are alone a point not easily missed Josephine s life, however, is not without drama, her abusive boyfriend has a deep secret he is avoiding to share, and makes it plain to everyone else not Josephine, she is still too blinded by sweet ignorance, to see the writing on the wall that her relationship is over, until it hits her in the facelike someone double clutching on a shovel and being smacked in the face with it.Emotionally destroyed, she locks her heart and feelings away high in a tall tower, until Devon comes to rescue her, and himself.Together they try to rebuild their shattered existences and thereby form a bond which is explosive and fiery.In the end.Well I am no spoiler, you ll have to get the book Well, alright, they live happily ever after There, you happy In my opinion, and you know what they say about those they are just like noses, everyone has one , This book was a delight to read.I laughed at Devon s thoughts which, for those unfortunate individuals who have had a relationship go south , we wished we should have, could have, and would have said , had Ms Nicolas handed us a script so we d be prepared with a snappy come back Ms Nicolas has her based covered with this one The plot hooks you in, The characters are believable, the storyline flows and the language is earthy and real.This book has heat, and if you can t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen The language is contemporary and she brings the heat into the bedroom, bathroom and the garage It is not for the faint of heart, but that s erotica The love between the main characters is romantic, passionate, fiery but never vulgar or gratuitous.I found it very entertaining, and exhilarating As I said in the outset of this review, If you really want to see what erotica is you will have to read this one cover to cover It is hot and complete in it s own Design.Designing Love, delivers This will not escape the notice of real readers of erotic fiction It is what life, love and fantasy are all about and it is Designed for you.

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    To be perfectly honest, I ve worked in critique groups with Yvonne She is a very good story teller, and even those aspects of writing that she isn t proficient in, she works hard at improving The only reason I gave this book a 2 instead of any higher, was the fact that I paid for this one out of pocket in support of the author and found myself sorely disappointed in the editing of the version I got To me, it felt like a very rough job, and I m fairly sure that if the editor had pointed certain things out to Yvonne she would have fixed them And by issues, I mean commas where periods should be, tense changes, plural mix ups, etc.While I will say that I love Yvonne s work, and highly recommend her other story, Dark Raine, which I also purchased out of pocket and did not find nearly the extent of editing flubs that I did in this one, I cannot in good conscience recommend the purchase of Designing Love based on the quality of editing alone.Who knows, maybe I got the fluke copy when I downloaded the file and all the others are fine At least, that is what I m hoping.

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    this book is porno flick, it has a plot but a whole lot of sex in the front, middle and end the plots was good, it could have been better Josie is an decorator and she gets to work with Devon an architect is going through a had time because his ex married his best friend so Devon comforts himself with sex, In comes Josie, and they chemistry flies this book is sex packed in a nice little package, I do think that the characters could have been better written, but toward the end the other players in the book come out and that got me to give it 3 stars.

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    I liked the first half of this book, The chemistry was hot, hot, hot However, this is definitely of an erotica novel as opposed to a romance novel The two characters fall in love very quickly i think within few days and then get involved in a threesome whilst they re are discovering their love for each other It just seemed implausible Without all the debauchery, I felt this could have been a really good book As it happens, this sort of erotica is not my cup of tea.

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    I liked the Hero but thought the love part was too quick His development was well done were as the Heroine was lacking some in her personality I thought that we needed to explore her a little Also, I did not like the sexual awaking between old gf and new gf I loved her best friend though and thought that if things were different he and the heroine would have explored their possible future.

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    Review from Long and Short Reviews

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