Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask For Than Thirty Years, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask Has Been A Part Of Our Lives This Modern Classic Has Made Our Sexual Experiences Satisfying, Our Marriages Robust, And Given Our Children A Healthy And Realistic Attitude Toward Sex Now Dr Reuben Has Written An All New Edition Of This Timeless Work Based On The Latest Medical And Scientific Discoveries Drawn From Thousands Of Medical Journals And Scientific Research Projects, This Edition Is The Ideal Source Of Up To The Minute Sexual Knowledge For The Twenty First CenturyOut Of Print

David Reuben, M D., is a Physician and Surgeon with a specialty in Psychiatry He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and served his residency at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago After internship and residency he served as a Medical Officer with the U.S Air Force before establishing his own medical offices He has practiced medicine in Illinois, and California.His b

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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask
  • David Reuben
  • English
  • 12 August 2018
  • 9780060192679

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    Until GR friend Henry Le Nav recently rated and commented on David Reuben s EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK, this work hung out in the cold storage unit of my memories The only way in which my familiarity with it would show up was in some variation of Sol Weinstein s mockery of Reuben s book EVERYTHING YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT I LL TELL YOU ANYWAY No surprise here I have a tendency to share boring information i.e., not about sex that other people don t want to hear My seeing the work mentioned in a GR daily update, though, dragged it out of cold storage And while I hold the popular view that its audience grew up, grew old, lost control over bodily functions, remembers only stuff that happened a long time ago, and thinks a six hour erection is Cialis s best side effect, I also want to say that Reuben s book had its day, actually many days, in the sun Yes, if you didn t own a copy when I was an undergraduate, then you became the friend of someone who did, or you were part of a group lying in the sun and listening to the book s owner read the good parts aloud Very valuable this Reuben book and very enlightening if you were born in the 1950 s Bibles were holy one day a week that book with the sun colored cover was holy on the other six.It gets a five star rating from the eighteen year old in me ADDENDUMI seldom read reviews of books that I ve read And I don t ordinarily write a review of a work that I haven t recently read But having posted a review of a book that I read too long ago to remember well, I decided to look at other GR members responses to EVERYTHING I discovered that some readers found parts of the work particularly Reuben s discussion of homosexuality misleading and offensive The refuted discredited material is not entirely useless it does, after all, illuminate prevailing attitudes and beliefs of a bygone era Nevertheless, I understand the complaints and I hope that anyone who notices that I gave Reuben s book five stars will not mistakenly conclude that the rating reveals something other than the importance of the work to many baby boomers.

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    This was fairly forward thinking for its day for some things like masturbation The only thing harmful about masturbation is the guilt drummed into children It also appears to support greater access to abortions for pregnant women and discusses many varieties of birth control.But it s take on homosexuality is appalling Here are a few of the statements in the book One of the main features of homosexuality is promiscuityThe homosexual must constantly search for the one man, the one penis, the one experience, that will satisfy him Tragically there is no possibility of satisfaction because the formula is wrong In regards to those gay men who live together happily for years The bitterest argument between husband and wife is a passionate love sonnet by comparison with a dialogue between a butch and his queen Live together Yes Happily Hardly On gender reassignment surgery Two homosexuals who had undergone these operations five years previously died of cancer Ironically they succumbed to cancer of the breast their new femae breasts Ironicallyl these men who wanted to be women died of a woman s disease that s as close as they came Seriously LOTS of men get breast cancer LOTS Here are some estimates from the American Cancer Society for breast cancer in men in the US for 2014 About 2,360 new cases of invasive breast cancer in men will be diagnosedAbout 430 men will die from breast cancerFor men, the lifetime risk of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 3,333 slightly likely than dying from natural forces heat, cold, storms, quakes, etc is 1 in 3,357 Back to the book All homosexuals have this in common the primary interest is the penis, not the person Those who combine homosexuality with sadistic and masochistic aberrations are among the cruelest people who walk the earththey filled the ranks of Hitler s Gestapo and SS However, although the author thinks heterosexual SM fetishists are childish, they are just harmless After describing very promiscuous and impersonal behavior including a glory hole , the question is asked whether all homosexual contacts are as impersonal as that The answer is, No Most are much impersonal And why is impersonal sex and promiscuous behavior automatically wrong It s not like heterosexuals don t do those things Transvestites are listed under perverts.For someone so forward thinking in some areas, to be incredibly backward about gay issues, is disturbing It was only a few years after the book was written that psychiatrists removed homosexuality as a disease in and of itself from the DSM Considering how many years it takes to publish a new edition of that book, there had to have been a lot of talk at that time about homosexuality being normal.

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    Oh, where to begin with this heap of libelous garbage I ll be reviewing the first edition of the book because it was the one I snatched up as a teenager after finding it in the free section of a used bookstore As an asexual young person eager to learn about the obsession that the other ninety nine percent of the human population harbored, I thought that Reuben s well known bestseller would serve its promised purpose The introduction asserted that no one could live up to his human potential without having an active, healthy sex life, which should have been my first hint that the author was writing with an agenda in mind I don t know what the recent edition says about transsexuals, and, for personal reasons, I don t want to know Well, it s been over forty years, and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex has become and risible as time passes From start to finish, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex is a transparent attempt to convince the reader to practice vanilla flavored marital intercourse to the exclusion of all other forms of sex The descriptions of the male and female sexual organs, as simple anatomy lessons, are exempt The chapter titled Male Homosexuality is particularly notorious for insisting that gay men are prone to anonymous hookups in public bathrooms, cannot live together lovingly The bitterest argument between husband and wife is a passionate love sonnet compared to the average conversation between a butch and his queen , can be cured of their homosexuality by visiting psychiatrists, and, most bizarrely, get pleasure from penetrating themselves with foreign objects such as fruit and shot glasses The Prostitution chapter is similarly defamatory it is the only section of the book that discusses female homosexuality, and asserts that the lesbians who become prostitutes do it to take the money of the men they despise and infect them with diseases After all, who needs factual information when you can have the wise doctor confirm widely held prejudices He must be all knowing, he s a doctor Reuben bestows his blessing upon oral sex between a man and a woman but cautions them that they may have emotional problems if they prefer it to intercourse The ideal sex act adds procreation to pleasure and an emotional connection, according to him Yes, he actually uses the phrase ideal sex act Plato may or may not be proud Modern readers will also note that the book is totally innocent of the concepts of fisting, lesbian sadomasochism, and heterosexual anal sex Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex does offer some entertainment value the interviews from medical clients who are obviously the author s inventions provide most of the laughs A prostitute visited in the daytime by a stingy john apparently dealt with him by saying, What do you think this, the kiddie matinee You can come over here for half price but you only get half a screw If you wish that your sex manuals of choice had the tone of judgmental sitcoms, this book may be to your liking Just put Reproduction from Grease 2 on repeat, and you ll be all set for an evening of stern lectures against almost every conceivable sex act Otherwise, stay very, very far away from this thinly disguised propaganda ETA I read the 1999 edition, and if you can possibly imagine this it is even worse than the original The updated edition must have been written for the same people who were teenagers and young adults when the original was published, because there is no way that these attitudes would pass without scorn from 90s youths One has to imagine the author getting a letter from his publisher Dear Mr Reuben, We reaped great rewards from your runaway bestseller once upon a time, and we would like to see you repeat the formula Unfortunately, thirty years have passed since we last published your authoritative tome, and our audience of vanilla heterosexual Baby Boomers is largely no longer scared of homosexuality Would you please find another group or two to defame at length We suggest painting sadomasochists and transsexuals as this generation s bogeymen Also, we d appreciate it if you barely toned down your anti gay attitude You can still portray gay people as crusaders for anonymous public hookups as long you don t prescribe psychological cures for the orientation itself What s , you can leave the prostitution chapter virtually untouched, because our readers contempt for hookers is boundless We look forward to seeing your new efforts.Sincerely,BantamWhy, oh, why did I decide to buy this book at the used bookstore one day and not Sex Lives of the U.S Presidents

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    I rated this book for the humor value I read the thing cover to cover the day I got it Reuben has some awesomely misinformed sections in it He takes a stance on homosexuality as being sexually depraved and his descriptions of how gay men act had me cracking up His suggestion for the best spermicidal douche was unbearably funny Some of what he says rings true, but mostly it is an amusing glance into society s view on the topic in the late sixties Do not read it to educate yourself about all things related to sex Read it as a history lesson and or for it s absurdities No wonder Woody Allen made a spoof about it.

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    Woody Allen se la vol con sta cinta Es una comedia brillante, absolutamente imprescindible, no s lo en la filmograf a del cineasta neoyorquino, sino en la historia de la comedia estadounidense De chusca inteligencia, Woody Allen nos muestra una serie de episodios, o sketches, donde se re nen varias de las dudas m s b sicas de la sexualidad humana, planteadas en maneras ir nicas, situaciones sat ricas y di logos geniales Yo no sab a que Woody Allen se hab a basado realmente en un libro te rico M s bien un libro de consulta ste libro con el mismo nombre, fue escrito a finales de los 60 por el psiquiatra californiano David Reuben Traducido a m s de 50 idiomas, se convirti en un libro clave de la Revoluci n Sexual en Am rica Woody Allen se sirvi de sta material para hacer una de las mejores parodias que se han realizado sobre un tema, digamos, serio Todos sabemos que la sexualidad es quiz s el tema que m s se presta a suposiciones, teor as, memes y dem s invenciones y ocurrencias Pues bien, ste libro me result sumamente entretenido Los ejemplos del Dr Reuben son, desde luego, parodiables en el buen sentido Sus explicaciones no me parecieron un serm n m s para adolescentes calientes Creo que es un libro consciente de que la curiosidad sexual es realmente una hermosa ingenuidad El libro es ingenuo, sus ejemplos son c micos, aunque el Dr Reuben nunca haya tenido esa intenci n Y vaya que no, ya que no le gust la pel cula, sabiendo que Woody Allen la hac a por una peque a venganza hacia l Por qu Pues bien, durante una gira de su libro, el Dr Reuben apareci en el programa de Johnny Carson ste pregunt El sexo es sucio , a lo que Reuben contest con una frase de Woody Lo es cuando lo est s haciendo bien Woody lo tom a mal y sali algo muy bien Qu quer a el Dr Reuben Es un libro muy chistoso Y en fin, con la sutileza que s lo Woody Allen sabe marcar entre el sarcasmo y lo chusco, y sin el tedio de los libros de consulta, ste tema en particular, se vuelve un excelente tiempo de calidad entre t y la curiosidad El libro est chistoso, chenle un vistazo

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    The worst factual book ever Nothing in it is ever cited as an actual study but ridiculous scenarios are given and they make for some good entertainment Written in the 60 s, it s dated and full of racist and sexist stereotypes which are funny if you aren t overly serious It preaches about the usage of Coca Cola as the best form of birth control and how STD s are spread to the mayor s daughter from men of color This flea market find sparked a fascination with collecting books that contain sociological information about different eras through dated materials about then current etiquette.

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    I found this in my parent s bedroom when I was 14 years old I read it in secret, and replaced it where I had found it I often thought afterward, that it was left out in the open for a reason It opened up a world that I ddin t even know existed, and answered questions about a subject that noone ever really sat down and explained to me Reading it at that age was probably NOT the most healthy thing that could have happened Teenage hormones and urges were just starting to hit and the knowledge the book gave me did not help control them However in the pre sex education era with parents who never spoke about such things..perhaps it was helpful to know.

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    I really enjoyed this down to earth, medically and emotionally accurate exploration of sex, the greatest activity in the history of the world The only chapter I didn t appreciate was the one on male homosexuality It was outdated and just silly at points For instance, it read that no one really knows why the gays do what they do It implied that they simply choose that lifestyle No, it s not genetic No, it s not emotional What poppycock.Otherwise, this was an excellent read I really liked the chapter on prostitutes, especially the Lezzies September older sex, menopause, masturbation, basic anatomy, and libido were all covered in depth in a question answer format I recommend this book to anyone who has questions about sex Who doesn t Inevitably, they are covered in this volume Answering your own questions will certainly improve your performance and enjoyment of life.As a final note, may I also recommend The Guide to Getting it On It is a wonderful way to gain resources on creative positions Enjoy

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    You don t want to know how I acquired this book That being said, I do have some things to say about it It is very informative when it comes to matters of anatomy and seems to be inclined, like so much of the work done by psychologists in the sixties, to want to free heterosexual couples from the constraints of imposed chastity and prudishness However, if you are gay, lesbian, transexual, bi or even remotely questioning, or even if you have proclivities that may be considered outside the norm, this book will be far less helpful Lesbians are not admitted to even in passing, and gay men are diagnosed with perversity, with the antiquated notion that they re looking for the perfect penis, but they will never find the perfect penis because the perfect penis is actually their own penis which means that they need a vagina In other words, this book is dated Mine it for what it s worth as far as anatomical information, but take its petty judgments with a teaspoon of salt.

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    I am happy to say that of the three or four books I ve ever thrown out in my life because of hideous content and not because of bad koolaid stains or a puppy chewing it beyond legibility , two have been copies of this book And one was not mine I realize now that the other person may have had it as an example of what stupid things people can say when they pretend they know a topic they know little about, but at the time, I did not think it through And, yes, I felt guilty throwing away someone else s property But the idea that some poor souls might read his nauseating crap about lesbians and believe it they just need a man, which is clear when they use two sided dildos, as an example was worse than the property rights guilt.In short, I do not like this book.

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