Rage Therapy

Rage TherapyDeliciously dark deviant creepy A fairly fast paced novel filled with pages of surprises gasps on a topic most find taboo Well written interesting Not as interesting as some of the author s previous works no contagious diseases here.Instead you have a psychiatrist who takes his own personal kink and tries to pass it off to his patients as a new type role playing rage therapy So who takes their role a little too far and kills the pain loving junkie A Compelling Psychological Thriller That Probes The Darkest Compulsions Of The Human Mind Dr Stanley Kolberg Was Not Just Murdered His Lifeless Body Was Battered And Broken Almost Beyond Recognition, As Though His Unknown Killer Had Been Driven By A Ferocious Rage That Had Exploded Madly Out Of Control As Far As The Seattle Police Are Concerned, There Is No Shortage Of Suspects A Distinguished Psychiatrist, Kolberg Specialized In Anger Management And Often Treated Violent Offenders With Severe Psychiatric Disorders His Client List Is A Virtual Lineup Of Sociopaths, Psychotics, And Convicted Murderers, Any One Of Whom Might Have Unleashed Their Homicidal Fury On The Doctor For Dr Joel Ashman, Who Consults As A Profiler For Seattle Homicide, The Shocking Crime Strikes Particularly Close To Home Not Only Was The Victim A Fellow Psychiatrist, But Kolberg Was Also His Former Partner And Mentor He Was Practically A Second Father To Joel, Who Soon Finds Himself The Target Of A Faceless Stalker As Well Who Killed Stanley Kolberg And Why The Answers Lie Hidden In A Lurid Underworld Of Depraved Sex And Violence And In The Tortured Past Of One Disturbed Young Woman This was a pretty good book, except that the opening scene unintentionally gives away who the murderer is It took away the suprise for me, and turned the detective chase into a boring thing for me because I knew every lead wasn t going anywhere. Different from previous book I read which I foundfascinating This one, I knew who did it but was still surprised at the ending Will readof him. Interesting, plenty doses of suspense, at the same time quite disturbing Graphic descriptions of sexual perversions associated with fragile mentally ill persons and their so called therapeutic health care professionals Psychiatrists is a stretch to view as realistic scenarios, in my opinion.Nonetheless despite slow sections, I did manage to omplete the book. I didn t see the ending coming I am so happy the good guy was such a strong character in the book I really enjoyed the book Its similar to my work as a Clinician so I have to admit it was accurately written, interesting, and insightful. Sensed the twist near the end coming from about halfway through the book, but still an enjoyable, quick read. I have mixed feelings towards the book back when I read it first, 6 years ago, it was the first one to read of this genre and I thought it was brilliant Over the next 6 years I read my head off of similarly structured books and, of course, I forgot about this one When I started reading it, I had completely forgotten all about the book The only thing that I vaguely remembered, was the opening scene, but from then on it was all as if I was reading it for the first time Mid way through the book I figured out that it makes sense that Ashman had killed Kolberg From then on, I was hoping to be wrong I should also mention that whilst reading it, none of it came out as a reminder i wasn t ever like ohh, I remember that No it was still as unfamiliar So I was rather disappointed, because when I read it, back in 8th grade, I thought that it was the most genius book ever created in the Universe Such a downer I still can t figure where the problem is Is it really a genius book, but I have just read so many alike since reading it and forgotten about and now I can t appreciate its awesomeness Or is it the fact that it was just the first book of this genre that I read and blew my mind due to the fact that I had nothing to compare it with Also, Claire I couldn t stand her She was such an annoying character Yes, yes, i know, she saved Joel s life, but still Also Angela didn t like her..but I guess that is normal since her character wasn t exactly the most lovable.

Born, raised, and still residing in Vancouver, Kalla spends his days and sometimes nights working as an ER Physician in an urban teaching hospital.The idea for his first medical thriller, PANDEMIC, sprang from his clinical experience in facing the SARS crisis of 2003 He has written five science thrillers and or medical mysteries, delving into themes and topics as diverse as superbugs, drug addi

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Rage Therapy
  • Daniel Kalla
  • English
  • 16 July 2017
  • 9780765312259

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