Winter Poems (pb)

Winter Poems (pb)This Highly Praised Collection Celebrates Winter Through The Voices Of Some Of The World S Greatest Poets Twenty Five Poems By William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Wallace Stevens, Edna St Vincent Millay, And Others Are Accompanied By Glistening Acrylic Paintings Of Snowy Landscapes

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Winter Poems (pb) book, this is one of the most wanted Barbara Rogasky author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➿ Winter Poems (pb) By Barbara Rogasky –
  • Paperback
  • 40 pages
  • Winter Poems (pb)
  • Barbara Rogasky
  • English
  • 11 September 2018
  • 9780590428736

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    I bought this for a friend who, in the midst of the We Need Diverse Books fundraising campaign in Nov Dec 2014, complained about the lack of brown children in the picture books she was collecting for her adopted Ethioipan son I also bought a copy for myself because Trina Schart Hyman is my favorite illustrator and this is a book I somehow missed, even when my own children were small.Can I just say, also in light of the We Need Diverse Books awareness, what a crying shame it is that this book is out of print The subtlety of Hyman s own many hued family appearing mostly in the background of the pictures that go along with this simple and classical collection of winter poems is beautiful and appealing There are no racial, sexual or religious lines drawn here Rogasky points out that she carefully chose poems that celebrated winter without any reference to religion the only bias is toward the Northern Hemisphere.The illustrations are, in typical Hyman style, absolutely glorious And I found myself getting a little tearful over this crystallized portrait of a life that is now over, knowing there will never be any of these pictures, and that the winter scenes captured here and the love they represent has grown up, broken apart, or moved on But I guess my reaction is based on a pile of contaminating outside knowledge that I bring to the text and has nothing to do with the reaction that my friend s small boy will bring to it, growing up in Germany as the adopted son of an American couple Which is a happy thought.My Scottish kids liked the poem about winter rain D

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    What a beautifully illustrated collection of poems

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    This poem would be great to read to students at the start of winter I liked this book because each poem in it was by a different poet Barbara Rogasky selected winter themed poems from some of the best poets and collaborated them into one book This makes the book unique and gives it character since each poem is by someone else The styles are all different and you have no idea what kind of poem you will read next My favorite part about this book, however, was not reading the poems but looking at the illustrations The illustrations were eye catching and so detailed, it took a little while to look at them and take everything in The illustrator interpreted the poems in their own way and then drew what they pictured in their head The illustrations helped me connect with the poems better because they were so real.I would recommend this poetry book to have in the classroom not only because it has a variety of poem styles, but also because of the illustrations A fun activity could be to read a poem to the class and have them draw what picture the poem painted in their head Then, show the class the illustration from the book and they could compare their visions with the illustrator.

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    This book is a simple gathering, a collection of poems with a common theme Winter is indeed a wild season, full of false turns and mistaken hopes It is a time of despair and beauty Rogasky manages to capture all of this in her selection, from the sweetened drama of Edna St Vincent Millay to the wistful wonder of Sara Teasdale From the familiar lyricism of William Wordsworth to the clean syntax of Japanese Haiku If it is not all here, there is certainly very much of it the modern and the classical, the cold and the warm It makes an excellent introduction to winter, seen through the eyes of others, when we are meeting once again for the very first time It is not a christmas book, exactly, for it covers the whole expanse of the season, from the dark days of December to the promising dawn of spring, but this very fact makes it most inviting One of the poems here enclosed is from a longer piece called Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird There are indeed many ways of looking at winter, and this collection represents them all honorably, while keeping the reader in a state of happy engagement Don your boots and set out for a sleigh ride the season has arrived.

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    Book Summary This book contains a series of winter poems by many different Authors Awards None Grade Level Interest level 3rd 5th Grade Appropriate Classroom Use Poetry Unit Student Who Might Benefit From Reading Students who enjoy reading poems Small Group Use I would ask each group to select a poem share how did that poem make them feel and why Whole Class Use I would use this book when introducing different seasons or poetry Related Book In Genre Robert Frost Multimedia Connections N A

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    I really liked this an illustrated collection of poetry from all different poets from all different eras Some I liked than others, of course, but they all captured something about winter I also loved how the background picture was if the same little road and trees at different times of day or season I d love to reread this every winter, especially to kids one day.

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    My family reads this collection of winter themed poems aloud every year, several a night, usually starting around the winter solstice Some I already knew and loved excerpts from Edgar Allan Poe s The Bells and Wallace Steven Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird while over the years many others have become favorites of mine Something Told the Wild Geese by Rachel Field, I Heard a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford, The Germ, by Ogden Nash, Cat on a Night of Snow by Elizabeth Coatsworth, and Night by Sara Teasdale The illustrations are beautiful paintings with lively details The artist used members of her own biracial family and their pets as models Because of the illustrations and the fact that most of the poems are accessible and the fact that it was published by Scholastic , this could be considered a children s book, but I don t really think of it that way It s not a book you outgrow, unless you can outgrow Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson or a love of nature and its cycles.

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    Winter Poems Genre Poetry Collection of PoetryAwards n aAudience 7 10 years A Winter Poems is a book filled with a collection of different styles and forms of poetry all focused around winter time B The sensory imagery that each poem alludes to and describes captivates the feeling and essence of winter for the reader to sense and feel as they read through this collection of poems C Develop a theme for a collection of poetry you would like to compile I would like to see a collection of poetry surrounding the theme of football.

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    Poetry Although I could see this book being overlooked by having a dull cover, it has a lot of great material inside I like that this book actually has 25 poems in it Whereas most poem books only provide one whole poem This gives readers the chance to experience many different poems and types of literacy The illustrations also bring out a lot about the poems I think this would be great for older elementary to read, or it could also be read to younger elementary.

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    Awesome poetry book for kids that included many well known poets The illustrations are creative and really bring to life the poets words My favorite poem from this collection is A Patch of Old Snow by Robert Frost I love winter and snow Reading this poem reminded me of my childhood in upstate New York

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