TattooBailey Morgan Isn T The Type Of Girl Who Shows A Lot Of Skin, But Somehow, She Ends Up In A Dressing Room At The Mall With Her Friend Delia Applying A Temporary Tattoo To Her Lower Back Never One To Suffer Fashion Doubt, Trendsetter Delia Knows Exactly Where She Wants Her Own Tattoo On Her Stomach, Right Where Her Shirt Ends Can You Say Midriff Annabelle, The Quiet One, Chooses The Back Of Her Neck, And Tomboy Zo Plasters Hers On The Top Of Her Foot The Tattoos Will Last For Three Days, And Delia S Sure That With Them, The Four Friends Will Absolutely Kill At The School DanceUnfortunately, Killing Is Just What Someone Has In Mind, And Bailey, Delia, Annabelle, And Zo Are In For The Battle Of Their Lives Along With Her Tattoo, Each Girl Receives A Gift A Supernatural Power To Help Them In Their Fight As Bailey S Increasingly Frightening Dreams Reveal The Nature Of Their Enemy, It Becomes Clear To The Girls That It S Up To Them To Save The World And If They Can Get Delia To Stop Using Her Newfound Power To Turn Gum Wrappers Into Prada Pumps, They Might Actually Stand A Chance From The Trade Paperback Edition

Jennifer Lynn Barnes who mostly goes by Jen was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado She s been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book which she now refers to as a practice book and which none

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    Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the first book of the young adult fantasy series by the same name In the story Bailey Morgan and her friends are out shopping for the upcoming school dance when Bailey picks up a pack of temporary tattoos The girls look at the package and find the tattoos should last until their dance so they decide to give them a try.As soon as Bailey and her friends apply their tattoos Bailey begins hearing voices and has a weird experience like she was somewhere else What the girls find is that the tattoos hold some sort of power within and each has now been gifted with different powers.This was a kind of cutesy young adult read, a bit immature maybe but it would be great for the younger teens and tweens I loved that the story brings in mythology and magic into it and it went by at a really fast pace which I love It could have perhaps used depth to the characters and story but this one is fairly short and kept things moving so I d give this opener 3.5 stars.For review please visit

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    Wow.If I hadn t already read and liked the second book, Fate, there is no way I would have picked it up after reading this Tattoo wasn t awful, but the plot wasn t good enough this time to make me overlook the glaringly juvenile tone of the book It was also too short to flesh out any of the characters, so what you re left with is four stereotypes The Tough Girl, the Intellectual Girl, the Beautiful Girl, and the Ordinary Girl who naturally can t really be ordinary, because she s secretly got ties to an ancient fairy bloodline, or some such nonsense.These stereotypical BFFs manage to giggle their way toward an Apocalyptic Battle with an evil fairy, and somehow defeat this centuries old creature like it was an episode of Scooby Doo I know, let s build a trap out of paper mache and lip gloss Great idea Oops That didn t work. Hey, Gang I m not sure how I know this, but I think if we throw our magical accessories at her she ll die It worked Now let s all hurry up and get ready for the school dance Rooby Rooby Roo Maybe I m slightly exaggerating Maybe I m not.On the up side, you can skip this book entirely, and read the second book without missing out on anything At least, that would be my recommendation.

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    Barnes s Golden book about four friends who get special powers from their temporary tattoos has some fun moments, despite the far out premise Even 15 year old narrator Bailey acknowledges the surreal situation when she considers explaining what s going on to her mother An evil fairy princess who doubles as one of the three Fates is sucking out the souls of innocent people, and my friends and I have been imbued with the powers to stop her, but we only have the powers for like another twelve hours But readers learn enough about the protagonist to believe that she could be a descendent of the powerful Sidhe, and the girls cleverly put to use their powers Annabelle can control minds, Zo can see the future and Bailey can start fires The book s best moments may come from ditzy Delia, with the power of transmogrification, who turns a hotel door lock into butterscotch pudding, plus gives the girls Rollerblades when they re on the chase, including a fashionable pair for herself that look like high heels Delia also delivers the book s best line when facing off against evil Alecca You think you re bad I m on the cheerleading squad I know what real evil looks like In the end, readers will get a few good laughs from these sassy heroines

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    When you read this book, you ll either love it or hate it, but you ll probably love it if you were a teenager or on the younger end The tone, writing, and voice of this book was very juvenile I know that since it s being told from the pov of the main protagonist I should allow for some leeway, and I did but there comes a point when you step past that boundary It quickly became obnoxious and grating Not to mention when Bailey came to some of her puzzle solving conclusions it s like Hello That was an obvious duh How did you not see that from the beginning I bought this book and its sequel because it involved fairies and the Sidhe court but whatever this novel had, the depth of the plot was only surface deep What you see is what you get It doesn t progress into something further and is only detailed very lightly I think it was used in the aspect of making these characters seem mysterious or exotic Even the main four friends and other minor characters that were mentioned in the book were very severely stereotyped into the high school classes which annoyed me to no end But despite what I said, the writing is simple and quick to read through I think I got through half the book in about an hour I did like that lady who showed up in the beginning and at the end though I m hoping the sequel is much better.

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    Tattoo is the first of a two part story It introduces four friends, Bailey the main character , Delia, Annabelle, and Zo Bailey narrates the story, for the most part, and we read the majority of the plot through her voice Delia is a fashion goddess, flirty and a cheerleader Annabelle is the quiet one of the group, practical and smart Zo is a tomboy and Bailey s other half One day at the mall, Bailey buys a set of 4 temporary tattoos there s to the story than that, but this is the extremely summarized version and the four friends pick a tattoo and then apply it somewhere on them Almost instantly Bailey can tell there s something strange about these tattoos because she passes out after applying it and then hears a strange voice reciting what sounded like a prophecy She would have done well in Divination at Hogwarts.Anyway, long story short, the tattoos equal supernatural powers Where these powers come from and why they were given to Bailey and her friends, you ll have to find out for yourself Let me say, though, that I wasn t expecting the source of the power to be what it was.One really cute thing I need to point out about Bailey is her crush on major eye candy guy, Kane So, during one interaction with Kane, Bailey actually counts the number of words he says to her She counts them I couldn t get over that It s so adorable I don t remember ever being that young, do you Overall, this book was cute and fun, and probably better appreciated by younger teens since the girls are 15 years old It was a fast read that left me wanting to know what happens next Hopefully I ll be able to find Fate soon And since Fate is set two years later, we ll see if the girls have matured and by how much I m hoping Zo is prom queen It would be perfect and funny if she was.Reviewed at WhatchYAreading on May 20, 2011.

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    My Thoughts This book was a fun quick read We start off by getting to know all the girls I will admit I had a hard time following at first Mainly because the girls seemed so much alike I had trouble keeping them straight We don t get too much detail surrounding each girl so I had to remember who was who Once the story unfolded though, it came together The girls became individuals They go and end up buying tattoos that are supposed to be temporary right before a big dance they are looking forward too There is a guy involved of course but he wasn t in the story as much as I would have liked Each girl gets a special gift from the tattoos Without giving much away, we learn the reason behind it and why they are so special I can t expand too much without giving away the whole plot of the book This story reminded me a lot of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants The dialogue I think it would appeal to teenage girls than older women I like the whole premise of it, if only I could be special by putting on a temporary tattoo Its a fun quick read This is a new to me author, but I just found out she has another book coming out next year called, Raised By Wolves Sounds interesting Overall Quick read, the story unfolds fast and try to keep the girls straight from the beginning And which power they possess.Cover The cover is eye catching but I think the cover of Fate is appealing Not a whole lot going on in this one, just a girl s back and where her tattoo is Originally reviewed at

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    I m just laughing at me and the books I put on my list when I was in high school sigh I also DNF this book The writing sucked so much I wanted to poke my eyeballs out Also the characters were all so cliche I gave up on this book probably 50 pages in Don t read it I gave it 1 star on Goodreads.

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    I started reading this book today and was able to finish it too since I m making up for the time that I ve been too busy on school and my desktop crashing plus the fact that my to read books are piled mountain high, but of course there is an exaggeration to that, just 270 books and counting So, I think I stumbled on this book on my first weeks of the second semester in my school and thought that this might be a cool story with somehow the likes of Melissa Marr s Wicked Lovely and somehow I was right on my theory since both Adea and Valgius needed Bailey s help and her friends like Kenan s case when he needed Aislinn s help to have his powers fully.What I liked in the book is that first, there is a bond there with the four main characters each of them supplementing each others strength and making their soft spots one of their weapons to help each other I also liked the fact that each of them were different from each other and yet they managed to get past their differences and make a powerful team up This book, I rated 3 out of 5 stars since it has parts of originality that I haveen t read on my fairy or rather sidhe involved books what with tha tattoo giving powers I also find it somehow okay, quite fun but it didn t really made me so eager and sitting on the edge of my chair in anticipation of what might happen I find some parts of it predictable but all in all, I managed to like the story since Bailey did realized her fantasy induced Kane and was able to see the real situation and thankfully didn t go all gooey he is amazing at the end of their dance I also find the climax not really as good as my favorite books and like I said, no heart rate beating faster and loudly moments there For the record, 3 stars for the girl power shown in the book Girls really as Bailey realized don t really need a guy to see the real picture as mostly, she needs herself with some help of her trusted friends along.

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    I picked this up after an increasingly common, depressing yet good YA novel that populate the genre I needed something that was light and not a complete waste of space I picked exceedingly well Not only that but it is also my first official faerie book and I really liked it The concept is fun, plonk a temporary tattoo on your skin and develop a telekinetic power The pace is speedy without sacrificing character development, meaningful without resorting to trite high school nonsense and hilarious in some parts I really felt as if the girls had known each other for a really long time They weren t cliches, each were entirely individual, vibrant and fun personality allowing the reader to see themselves in one or all of the girls They are depicted so well that would be surprised if it wasn t optioned for a TV or movie deal in the near future.Bailey is a great protagonist She s not the typical, denying their beautiful girl that YA readers often come across She s average and that s what makes her journey exploring her birthright, with help from Alea and Valgius, all the intriguing I was misdirected by the bad guy and didn t see how it all connected until much later in the novel which impressed me More than anything it was the presence of humour one word butterscotch throughout that made this a vastly enjoyable read Combine that with the presence of mythology and you have me as a fan.If you want a read that s heavy on the friendship and magic, very light on the romance and leaves you with a smile on your face, this is the book for you Barnes has created a great story here and I cannot wait to read Fate

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    Four girls Four temporary tattoos Four magic temporary tattoos And a powerful evil being out to ruin the school dance Tattoo, for me, read like a less emotional Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sprinkled with fairy dust Four friends the fashion forward one, the brilliant one, the tomboy, and the oh so average narrator decide on a whim to wear the pretty green swirly temporary tattoos given to them by a crazy lady in the mall to their school s dance But these tattoos give them powers Fashion girl can transform anything into, well, anything else Genius girl can read minds and manipulate people Tomboy can see the future And Average Girl She can set things on FIRE And hear voices As it turns out, the voices belong to powerful mythic beings a really bizarre combination of a bunch of different myths, including but not limited to Irish and Greek who are DYING because one of their number has BETRAYED them So it s up to our temporarily tattooed and powered foursome to fight evil, SAVE THE DAY, and possibly get that really cute guy to dance with them They do so much better dressed than might be imagined, courtesy of Fashion Girl s ability to transform their clothing I wasn t expecting much from this novel, and to some extent, my expectations were met The primary characters were cliches and the secondary ones flat as cardboard cut outs, the mythic aspect was somewhat jumbled and incoherent, and the ending tied up far too neatly That being said, the dialogue was fun, and the snarky quips were enough to make me giggle a bit Not a great read, by any means, but an enjoyable one.

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