Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, #4)

Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, #4) What Is The True Measure Of A Champion In The Nineteenth Century A Boy Named William Was Born A Sweet, Gentle Boy No One Could Have Guessed The Suffering He D Cause, The Pain He D Inflict When, As A Young Man, He Meets A Woman Called Drusilla A Strange Woman, A Woman Unlike Anyone William Has Ever Known He Is Fundamentally Changed She Has Turned Him There Will Be No William He Is Spike NowAs Spike, He Travels Europe With A Band Of Vagabond Vampires Dru, Darla, And Angelus Instruct Him On His New Nature, And From Them He Learns About That Greatest Of Vampiric Enemies, The Girl Who Is Chosen To Stand Up Against Them, Trained To Kill Them, Endowed With The Strength It Takes To Defeat Them The Slayer Then And There, Spike Decides He Ll Hunt Down Those Slayers He Ll See How Many He Can FindWho Would Have Thought Then That He D Fight On The Slayer S Side Who Would Have Guessed That Spike, Once William, Would Go Out And Seek His Soul For A Slayer Who Would Have Dared Dream He D Fall In Love With One

Diana G Gallagher is an American author who writes books for children and young adults based on television series She has contributed to book series based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed, among others.Born in 1946, in Paterson, New Jersey, she now lives in Florida with her husband, the writer Martin Burke She sometimes also writes under the name Diana Burke.Ga

❴KINDLE❵ ✾ Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, #4)  Author Diana G. Gallagher –
  • Paperback
  • 239 pages
  • Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, #4)
  • Diana G. Gallagher
  • English
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9781416900566

10 thoughts on “Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, #4)

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    I LOVE Spike But I did not love this book There was nothing new in it There was only recap after recap of all the major episodes Spike was in I would have been happy if we got even a little bit of extra insight or detail or perspective from even just a few of those scenes, but we didn t Very disappointed.

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    It was enjoyable to be able to read a book from Spike s point of view Glad that he got his soul for Buffy Was Cecily already Halfrek when she was in London in 1880

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    0 5 Who in the world is rating this book above 1 star This is a horrendous attempt at story telling The back and forth timeline is disorienting and not in a purposeful crafty way it s just bad Gallagher uses so much verbose syntax that it kills any feeling of Spike as a character Even his asides taken directly from the show feel two dimensional This was a struggle to get through for only 240 pages I m so sorry I wasted money on this drivel I couldn t even tell you the plot of this story other than it s short anecdotes smashed together to makesomething attempting to mimic a story

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    For those that love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you ll love this Ever wonder what Spike s life was before being William the Bloody Well here s your chance The narrative takes place during the events of the seventh and final season of the show It s a back story leading up to the events of the series finale involving Spike This book puts across the one question on Spike s mind, does he have what it takes to be a hero Does he even deserve to be one The narrative changes from several different time frames His time as a human, his time as a new vampire, his first encounter with a vampire slayer, his encounters with Buffy as his enemy, and his current encounters with her as his lover and ally against The First Near the end of Season 7, Spike regains his human soul This plays a critical role in delving into his sense of morality, now that he is able to feel guilty over all the horrible things he s done as a vampire We see Spike question his sense of morality, and what it takes to truly be called a champion For most of Spike s life, it had been directionless He was the man considered to be weak and very withdrawn He was the nice guy that people ignored We see his rebellious nature come forth, after being turned into a vampire While he is contemplating these things, he is getting tortured by minions of the first which can be seen in one episode of Season 7 It s only when he s at the end of his ropes, that Spike truly begins to truly contemplate what he can do For those who have seen the show, and any and all episodes involving Spike, the reader will get a solid grasp of the chapter in question When the story returns to Season 2, we see it from the perspective of Spike From the viewer s perspective, this part of the story was taking place during the episode Halloween We see all the qualities of Spike, with the story ending during events of Season 7 leading up to his heroic sacrifice in the series finale It s a great book.

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    Now that s what I call a Buffy book After just being disappointed by my last book this was just what I needed A Buffy pick me up Spike turned into one of my favourite characters from Buffy and this book was basically Spike s story and it was brilliant Using a combination of flashbacks from episodes and additional extra narrative it gave you understanding of Spike.It was very well written, the author knows her Buffy and the characters especially Spike and Dru came alive on the page and you could see them in your head when reading.I thought it was really clever using Spike s perspective of a few of the episodes we have including Spike s first episode School Hard, Reptile Boy and Halloween, where you see how he was originally watching Buffy and her friends when he came to Sunnydale You also got details on how he killed the two slayers, the Chinese slayer from the Boxer Rebellion courtesy of the Buffy Angel crossover event Fool for Love Darla and of course Nikki Wood from both Fool for Love and Lies My Parents Told Me This way it used parts of the actual episodes your remembered but then added bits from Spike s perspective which you didn t see.Loved it 5 stars If you love Buffy you cannot go wrong here.

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    Dalam dunia Buffy, jika seorang manusia menjadi vampir, maka ia akan kehilangan jiwanya dan menjadi pribadi yang sama sekali berbeda, menjadi monster tanpa hati nurani Berbeda dengan di dunia Darren Shan atau Twilight, di mana kepribadian seseorang tetap sama setelah menjadi vampir Angel adalah contoh yang paling pas menggambarkan kondisi ini Angel tanpa jiwa adalah monster paling sadis dan keji, sama sekali tak mengenal cinta.Tapi Spike adalah anomali Berbeda dengan Angel, meskipun tanpa jiwa, ia masih mampu mencinta, bahkan sampai taraf terobsesi, pertama dengan Drusilla, lalu dengan Buffy.Novel ini bertutur dari sudut pandang Spike, dengan timeline yang meloncat loncat antara tahun 1880 saat Spike berubah jadi vampir, tahun 1997 saat Spike pertama kali datang ke Sunnydale dan mengenal Buffy, dan tahun 2002 setelah Spike mendapatkan kembali jiwanya dan tersiksa oleh semua dosa yang dilakukannya saat masih tak berjiwa dan bernurani.

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    I have to agree with a reviewer on GoodReads Like her, I love Spike all the reason I was disappointed, because this novel is basically a novelization, a recap, of his backstory and those events in the Buffy episodes in which Spike was featured In the front of the book Gallagher even lists those 27 episodes she used for material This read like filler to me, like a lazy copy and paste job without any style or fresh insights to redeem it This will be my fourth Buffy book It s decent better written than Queen of the Slayers, less entertaining than the Spike centric Blackout and not nearly as impressive as the Faith novel Go Ask Malice. Not a keeper by any means.

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    This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tie in book, which has Spike as the main character It draws heavily on the events of the TV show, which is usually a bad thing as we know it all already but in this case is a really good thing as it fills in the gaps of knowledge, linking events and explaining how one event leads Spike to make certain choices.It gives us an insight into his psyche and why he was the way he was as a vampire and why he is able to hold onto enough of his humanity to want to restore his soul.I ve read a lot of tie in books and this is amongst the best and I m not saying that just because Spike is one of my favourite characters

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    There is better fanfiction than this.

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