The Unfaithful Widow

The Unfaithful Widow Why The Unfaithful Widow Will Grab Your Heart The Unfaithful Widow Will Take You On The Ride Of Your Life Not Your Traditional Widow, But A Gal Who Is Determined To Become Super Widow With A Little Help From Her Friends, A Vintage Corvette, The Online Dating Services, Advice From The Spiritual World, A Pack Of Dogs And A Few Margaritas About The Book The Unfaithful Widow Is A Collection Of Candid Essays On Finding Joy Again After The Loss Of A Mate With Warmth And Laughter No Subject Is Taboo From Dealing With The Funeral Home Can I Show You Our Upgraded Cremation Package I Looked At Miss Death, Was I Booking A Vacation To Dating Again He Ran In The Door, Looked At Me And Said I Ve Left Something In My Car He Never Returned Sprinkle In A Bevy Of Rescue Dogs Finally A Good Nights Sleep With Someone New In My Bed And Those Questions You Hate To Ask Condoms Anyone The Unfaithful Widow Will Steal A Piece Of Your Heart, Tickle Your Ribs And Make You Feel Good To Be Alive Book Excerpt Two Hours Later I Left The Attorney S Office Too Depressed To Go Home So I Headed To The Antique Shop Where I Have My Booth It Seemed The Closest And Friendliest Place I Could Think Of We Ve Never Seen You In A Skirt, The Gal Behind The Counter Remarked And Actually Clasped Her Hands In Glee Now There Was Someone Who Could Perk You Up Just Back From Dealing With The Will, I Replied And Made A Sad Face Then I Did A Full Curtsey, Dipping And Holding Out My Long Skirt My Widow S Outfit I Started To Relax With The Familiarity Of The Shop And Smiled At Her Black Since I M A Widow And Turquoise Jewelry Cause I M Hip I Liked The Sound Of That She Was Looking Strangely At Me I Am Hip, Aren T I I Looked Straight At Her She D Better Answer That One Right The Hippest She Grinned At Me With That Remark She Was Forty Five, Skinny And Lived On The Edge I Was The Sixty Year Old Widow Good Answer

Author, blogger, sometimes antique dealer, jewelry designer, and dog whisperer My life took an about face in 2008 with the death of my husband It turned me into a writer and dog hoarder I love a little drama, but I want to find the positive side to everything that happens to me Capturing that in my writing is essential If I go a little to the dark side, I want to sprinkle it with glitter and

➶ [Read] ➲ The Unfaithful Widow  By Barbara Barth ➾ –
  • Paperback
  • 246 pages
  • The Unfaithful Widow
  • Barbara Barth
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9781432750756

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    This memoir is a lovely collection of essays written by a woman who is still very young at heart and trying to deal with the loss of her husband You d think something like this would be sad, but it s not It s really delightful which seems a strange word for a memoir about widowhood, but her candid honesty about dealing with her new life is very refreshing and often times laugh out load funny She bares her soul and everything else Barbara seems like someone you want to go shopping for antiques with, and then afterwards go out for a margarita or two while she regales you with stories of her horrible online dating experiences I did take off one star for the typos I read the Kindle version and there were typos and places where the chapters ran together with no break and even a spot where the underlying HTML code was visible A minor distraction for a fun collection of essays.

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    UnfaithfulBarbara had me laughing so hard that I actually had to wipe tears from my eyes As a widow who had gone through many of these situations and had many of the same thoughts, I found it both comforting and humorous to hear someone else s take on it.

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    I laughed so much reading The Unfaithful Widow Fragmented Memoirs of My First Year Alone by Barbara Barth that I forgot to cry Even now as I write this review I struggle with establishing the proper tone What is so funny about losing a spouse The answer nothing However, sometimes we do things that make us laugh at ourselves without ignoring the realities of being alone the author shares some of the peculiar events of her life The book is a series of journal entries divided into seasons beginning with the season her husband died Within each section are tales of her interactions with other people, and the dogs and a few private letters to God The journal entry are given titles such as Things Not to Say to a Widow The Family Tree On Buying Poise Ultra Pads at the Age of Sixty and, the one which I would have been blushing had I not been laughing so much, The X Rated Chapter You don t have to be a widow to appreciate The Unfaithful Widow A mature single woman will fully appreciate the crazy dates the author went on, the questions regarding sex and the day to day problems of life alone Who would not appreciate the dogs It is an easy read, it took me a day, and very enjoyable I recommend it I was given a complimentary copy of this book in PDF format in order to give a fair and honest review.

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    As a fellow widow and writer with dogs, who is writing her own widow memoir, I was intrigued by this book As some of my followers know, I lost my life partner and our 15 year old dog in 2015 When I saw that Barth had a similar experience, and published a memoir about it, I wanted to know After reading this book It s certainly not the direction I will take with either my memoir or my first year of life without my guy Dating Hell no but Barbara is a professional acquaintance I was featured on her blog as a writer with dogs a while back , and I appreciate her candidness, her boldness and confidence, and her storytelling ability not to mention her humor One thing that bugged this grammar nerd is Barth s insistence on not using commas she announces this in the introduction of the book, so I was prepared, but still bugged by it I m sorry, I just can t help being bothered by the lack of the Oxford Comma smile But I love you anyway, Barbara.An easy read, and well done Good job, Barbara Barth.

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    I did enjoy this book I was not sure I would, afraid it would be a maudlin collection of pity parties Instead, I found a delightful collection of essays displaying the author s slightly twisted and very Southern take on the world after her husband died Situations that had been routine while married were a whole different story as a widow Fortunately, the author has good friends and better dogs to help her get through the difficult first year with her humor intact This book earns an A from me.Parental warning R rated, so do not leave it laying around the house if you do not want it read.FCC Disclosure I was given a copy of the book to review No other compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are my own.

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    Barbara Barth s book, The Unfaithful Widow, has got be one of the best books I have read It is also one of the hardest books I have read because it was so good.Confused Allow me to explain.At the age of sixty, Barbara lost her beloved husband The Unfaithful Widow chronicles her life for the year following his death The problem for me was she chronicled it so well, it pinched my heart imagining losing Mr Very Right And yet, I couldn t put the book down.I laughed when she laughed I cried when she cried.Barbara lays it all bare Literally, because I even know how many bras she owns, and the style of panties she prefers.To read the full review visit

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    This chronicles the first year of widowhood for Barbara It s an emotional, tongue in cheek, and refreshing look at how she mourned the loss of her spouse.I really enjoyed this book It s strange how we allow ourselves to be bamboozled into thinking at a certain age a person loses their sex drive and ability to delve into a new adventure alone It s equally ridiculous how much advice friends and family have that is supposed to ensure you move on from mourning within a socially acceptable time frame Barbara blazes a unique path through widowhood and in the end finds the perfect living and sleeping companions.I would highly recommend this book for those who want an entertaining read as well as a manual for choosing your own way to mourn a loved one who has passed.

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    The Unfaithful Widow follows Barbara Barth for one year after the death of her husband and life partner for than 25 years She s left alone, since they had no children, with their dogs and wonderful memories The book chronicles her transition from wife to the reality of being a single woman.Barth handles a delicate subject with grace and humor I found myself laughing at her dating escapades and in the end taking a vow to make everyday count with my loved ones.Don t by this book if you re looking for a pity party Oh no, Barbara is one feisty woman that is living life with her corvette and six dogs in tow.Bravo Listen to Barbara s recent feature on Nia Promotions Podcast

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    Barbara is not bashful about how she has survied the first year of widowhood No topic is off limits from annoying phrases people say when you ve just lost your husband to trying to get back into the dating world Her frankness is refreshing It is an easy read that will captivate and not want to be put down A very well written book and must read.

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