Dwight Swain: Master Writing Teacher (6 CDs)

Dwight Swain: Master Writing Teacher (6 CDs) CDsDWIGHT SWAIN Has Mentored Thousands Of Writers Now You Can Hear This Legendary Teacher S Own Voice With Priceless Advice On Story Structure Building Strong CharactersStructuring Your Novel A Step By Step Guide To Writing Stories You Can Sell Learn How To Conceive And Cast Your Work Find The Spine Drive The Plot Forward Use Scene And Sequel As Building Blocks Create Conflict Use The Springboard Scene And Much, Much How To Build Fictional Characters Learn How To Create Memorable Heroes And Villains Make Your Characters Likeable Give Your Characters Purpose Put Story People In Danger Discover A Character S Attitude And Motivation

Dwight Vreeland Swain s first published story was Henry Horn s Super Solvent , which appeared in Fantastic Adventures in 1941 He contributed stories in the science fiction, mystery, Western, and action adventure genres to a variety of pulp magazines He joined the staff in the extremely successful Professional Writing Program at the University of Oklahoma training writers of commercial fiction a

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  • Dwight Swain: Master Writing Teacher (6 CDs)
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  • 05 February 2017
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    3 stars Might be good for an author just starting out Might be good for authors who feel stuck and could use a nudge.The best part is you can listen while driving your car Dwight Swain published a lot of fiction as well as some how to write books This audiobook is two lectures he gave around 1991 for writer workshops.Many of his thoughts are simple and obvious Example every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end But I could see the following Someone is writing a book and is kind of stuck, so they listen to this tape Then they think oh yeah, I could try this, or I should do that Then they would go back to their writing I see it as a jog for writers.A few thoughts from the lecture Alfred Hitchcock quote Drama is life with the dull parts left out.The strength of your villain is the strength of your story The bad guy is ruthless to get what he wants, even if it is just the corner office.Every chapter needs a climax disaster, crisis Authors should stretch out the climax scenes A disaster could be winning the lottery Disasters don t have to be bad.The main character wants something It could be relief from a boss, change in climate, revengeA story is a record of how somebody deals with danger.Books on the craft of writing I purchased and started reading Swain s book Techniques of the Selling Writer published in 1965 I couldn t get into it It reads like an encyclopedia But for some, that could be good.I loved the following two books that I think would be useful to all fiction writers Stein on Writing by Sol Stein and On Writing by Stephen King.DATA Unabridged audiobook length 2 hrs and 59 mins Swearing language none Sexual content none Date workshops conducted around 1991 Genre nonfiction, how to write.

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    Pretty basic stuff.So basic that I saw myself at an auditorium, yawning as I slowly started to daydream, vaguely wondering why I was there listening to this paleolithic views and attitudes about and towards something so wild and ever evolving magical as writing Back to the basics again and again is a legitimate tactic to achieve Mastery, but this is killing me.No, Mr Dwight V Swain, a hook is not what you describe it to be No, Mr Dwight V Swain, you don t have to grab the reader s attention by showing disasters and evoking danger You re confusing a specific emotion with the whole spectrum of emotions Excitement, awe, wonder, etc can also grip the reader s attention Not everything has to do with fear and danger, and this includes writing.No, Mr Dwight V Swai Wait, I thought as I suddenly realized the lecture had ended Why am I still here So I left and then I write.

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    I got a couple of the lessons from Audible and it was very helpful He s a good teacher It s something I can listen to over and over and always pick up something new I can use each time.

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    A lot of very basic information, but all of it sound and worth a listen, especially for beginners I have a degree in writing and still found myself jotting notes The second presentation is really the same information as the first, just said a little differently,So it does feel a little repetitive It also feels a little dated since it was recorded in the early 90 s, but language choices aside, it s solid advice.

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    Sound quality wasn t always the best, but some excellent info.

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    A short and entertaining listen.

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    Perfect quick overview of the writing craft for starting and experienced writers

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