Fat Boy Swim

Fat Boy Swim Fourteen Year Old Jimmy Kelly Is Fat Boy Fat, The Largest Kid In His Scottish Community, Who S Made To Feel Useless At Everything Only His Family Knows He S A Whiz In The Kitchen, And Jimmy Is Determined To Keep It That WaySo When GI Joe, The Toughest Coach At School, Finds Out His Secret, Jimmy Is Sure He S Doomed But Coach Proposes A Deal If Jimmy Helps Him, Coach Will Help Jimmy To Swim He Knows There S To Jimmy Than Meets The Eye Now It S Time For Jimmy To Stop Hiding And Realize It Himself

Catherine Forde is the author of numerous books, including Fat Boy Swim, which won the Grampian Children s Book Award and was short listed for the Blue Peter Award Firestarter and Skarrs, which was long listed for the Carnegie Medal.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Fat Boy Swim
  • Catherine Forde
  • English
  • 20 March 2018
  • 9780440238911

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    What a lovely little novel.I read this because I m teaching it to my S1 class, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I m a bit old for most books aimed at kids, but this one was a treat I felt myself getting extremely emotionally involved in Jimmy Kelly s troubles even had moments reading it on the bus where my eyes were welling up for him The characterisation is very good in this, and the progression of not only Jimmy s character but the character of his main bully Victor was very well done A real heartwarming read, I d urge anyone to read it if they fancy something simple and sweet.

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    This novel still remains a favorite I loved the fact that it was set in Scotland, and the fact that it has a Bruce Willis lookalike in it, and it also makes me want to go swimming and see what kind of a difference I can make in my own life Could I relate I hear you ask Of course I could, despite the facts that I m not a boy and one that is still in school I think anyone could, regardless of whether they have been bullied or not School was difficult for most people, and this novel really digs into the mind of a young, amicable lad who just gets on with it I m proud of him and he is only a character in a book I loved the whole dream concept as well, it is symbolism at its best It is one of the few novels that I can remember telling myself to read again whenever I had a slight break from reading novels for University a novel I can come back to again and again, and go on the journey with Jim who just shines with his honesty and his gracious heart I finished University this summer, and this novel again, was a must read as soon as I got home, waiting for me patiently, never failing to put a smile on my face and a quickened beat in my heart for such a modest and realistic character A truly great read I owe you, Jim.

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    I thought it was an okay book There wasn t much that was going on in the story but there was a lot of psychological change in jimmy I didn t like that there were so many plot changes at the end of the story and then the book just ended It would have been a little better if the book was a little longer.

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    My daughter was reading this for High School 2nd year English so thought i would give it a go Great story, loveable characters and brilliant writing

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    Fat Boy Swim by Catherine Forde Book reviewThis is one of the first novels I have read that left me with the meh impression The book is not terrible, but is not fantastic either It has no terrible dialogue or cliches nor any great moments or scenes It is so aggressively middle of the road that I do not really know if i should criticize or praise it The book is just, ok The plot is really simple An obese teenage boy is being bullied in school, an older authority helps him become a swimmer He becomes the best swimmer in the school In only five weeks Beats the bully, gets the girl, the end The story is very simple, and almost cliche With pages of self gloating and scenes of the protagonist being abused by literally everyone All the while the book showers the reader with food related metaphors and puns to show that the protagonist is obsessed with food Speaking of food, the protagonist is also an expert chef, the story goes that he does not want to show his skill to the public because he is frightened of what people will say about an overweight being a cook not showing off the only skill you have to dodge all the criticism and bullying is quite skeptical Iv e seen dozens of cooks who are overweight and I did not bat an eye In fact, I think being a chef suites him than being a swimmer.Perhaps what is nagging at me the most is its simplicity Its plot and setting sadly have no significant details that stand out The characters are, sort of diverse and a little interesting, but the simplicity is what brings it down The book is so easy and casual to read that I read through the entirety of the book under 5 hours Keeping myself entertained by blurting the dialogue in a scottish accent Maybe the book was ment for casual reading, and should not be taken to seriously like what I am doing.The book itself is not that captivating, but it s not terrible either Its easy to read writing and short page number makes it a walk in a park to read I would not recommend it to the young adults like me who are into the bizarre, action packed, love triangle ridden novels If you re looking for an easy, peaceful and quick read, Fat boy swim is a very good choice for you.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a very hard book to put down It felt like a true story and the amount of detail was great It is about a boy that gets picked on about his weight because they say he is disgustingly overweight He also gets abused as well but he keeps his head up through the ups and downs throughout the story As the story goes on he keeps dreaming about becoming a chief and how he has always wanted to be a chief But school life is hard for him because he doesn t want to go to school and how everyone just blows him off but then he decides he starts to learn how to swim and how he tries to better himself I truly recommend this book if you like true stories and how it can keep you in the book and it shows how he tries to better himself and proves to people how people can do anything.

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    Fat Boy Swim is about a kid named Jimmy He loves cooking and his dream is to become a chef He also likes playing football His coach also makes him work the hardest Everybody laughs at him because he is overweight Later on he found out his mother was dating the priest He then met the priest who he found out was his football coach The coaches name is GI Joe Gi Joe wanted Jimmy to start swimming Jimmy wanted to swim but he was not very good at it GI Joe then taught Jimmy how to swim and Jimmy loved it.I would recommend this book.

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    This book was a alright book One thing i didn t like about it is that it repeats its self a lot for example in this book there is a heavy kid who does swim and people make fun of him because hes fat and it reflects himself a lot for the first half of the book on how he just gets bullied and how hes insecure This book was pretty entertaining but its not a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all.

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    A really cracking book, actually Brilliant for young readers The Scottish accent will no doubt puzzle many who aren t acquainted with it, but if you ve got that on lock then it s all grand

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    Fantastic book Definitely worthy of being on our reading list for Year 8.

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