Emotional Resilience: Simple Truths for Dealing with the Unfinished Business of Your Past

Emotional Resilience: Simple Truths for Dealing with the Unfinished Business of Your Past Emotional Resilience Is Something We All Want And Need In Order To Face Life Unencumbered By Unrealistic Fears And To Communicate Freely With The People We Love Most This Book By Expert David Viscott Is A Handbook For Living The Life You Want And Deserve Reading Emotional Resilience Is Like Having Your Own Wise And Supportive Therapist At Your Elbow, Helping You Through Hard Times, Difficult Days, And Unhappy Relationships All Of The Knowledge And Insight Of Dr Viscott S Distinguished Career Is Distilled Into This Book And Its Ten Basic Truths That Can Change Your LifeTell The TruthFace Life Openly What You Avoid Imprisons YouSay What You Mean, Feel, BelieveAccept Yourself As You AreAccept Others As They AreKnow And Accept Your WeaknessesStop Trying To Prove YourselfLet Go Of The PastGive Up False ExpectationsTake Responsibility For Your Life And How It Turned Out What You Are Willing To Take Responsibility For Frees YouDr Viscott Has Spent Three Decades Engineering Therapeutic Breakthroughs For His Patients In Nearly All Of These Cases, It Was The Acceptance Of Some Previously Concealed Truth That Opened The Way For Healing To Begin The Book S Cardinal Rule Resolve Pain At The Moment It Arises Is Remarkably Simple, And It Works Read Emotional Resilience And Resolve What S Getting In The Way Of Your Sense Of Freedom And Happiness Now Telling The Truth And Making Positive Choices Can Become A Way Of Life

In 1980 Viscott began presenting his own full time show on talk radio, and was notably one of the first psychiatrists to do so talk station KABC He screened telephone calls and gave considerable amount of free psychological counselling to his on air patients In 1987 Viscott briefly had his own live syndicated TV show, Getting in Touch with Dr David Viscott, providing much the same service as

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Emotional Resilience: Simple Truths for Dealing with the Unfinished Business of Your Past
  • David Viscott
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9780517888254

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    Man, this one helped a lot enlightening It just makes all the things in life that hurt the worst, and that I see hurting others the worst, make a little sense Its prescience is frightening it made me feel a little silly at times to feel like I was reading my own direct life experiences in the hypothetical scenarios being laid out in the book That s what was best about it I suppose it felt deadly accurate Lots of the encouraging books I read recently talked about processing emotions and living in the present this book went so much further, talking about where these feelings come from, the why, how to be better at processing them The encouraging and spiritual takes in other books were great, but by the time I made it to this book, I was definitely ready for something informational, and I got it here Definitely intend to buy this one and revisit it in the future.

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    At first, parts of this book seemed victim blamey in the author s insistence on personal responsibility for the things that have happened to you But I stuck with the book anyway, and I m glad I did because I learned a shit ton of really valuable information about myself and how I process or prevent myself from processing traumatic events It also allowed me to better understand the people in my life and how they process similar events I think I ll be returning to this often in my healing process.

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    Dense and overwritten, flow is kind of the opposite of what this book does It s a slog in places, and repetitive in other places, and humorless in pretty much all the places Still, there s some good info to be extracted The core tenets for living a sane and happy life make sense, especially the parts about getting down with the truth and not taking an excessive amount of crap from people After discovering what happened to David Viscott in his own life, however, I would say this the truths, they may be simple , but they are certainly not easy.

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    I m finding this to be valuable in my own journey of emotional spiritual renovation I am appreciating the way Dr Viscott puts words to some very complicated processes He understands a great deal of the way our brains process information and emotions I feel like I am taking a guided tour of my own emotional makeup and am finding the tour helpful to my soul.

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    The book highlights the relationship between hurt, health and honesty To quote the author, if you lived honestly, your life would heal itself The author s theory of the natural healing appeals to one s intuition as well as judgement He has put sensitive studies of lives wrought with hurt, and their healing in the book If you are patient with the book you will approach not only others, but also yourself from a place of understanding It is a guide to the exploration of the self It is also a useful reference for students of psychology.

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    I got this book in hopes of it helping me understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling Although I don t agree with everything in this book, It definitely opened my eyes and taught me some things I will refer back to this book when I feel myself slipping again and need a reminder I recommend this book if your going through a hard time and if you are still trying to quiet old demons.

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    tl drEmotional memory leads to baggage Suppression does not mean elimination or resolving.

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