Twice the Temptation (Samantha Jellicoe, #4)

Twice the Temptation (Samantha Jellicoe, #4) Two Unforgettable Tales One Dazzling Diamond Summer When Evangeline Munroe Inherits The Exquisite But Supposedly Cursed Nightshade Diamond, She Considers It A Bit Of Good Fortune Then She Literally Runs Into Connoll Addison, Marquis Of Rawley, The Most Sought After Bachelor Amongst The Ton Surely Her Immediate Attraction To The Rogue Is Bad Luck Could The Diamond Be Dangerous Than She Ever Imagined PresentSamantha Jellicoe Thinks It S Good Luck That Has Her A Reformed Cat Burglar Providing Security For A Museum Exhibit Then She Discovers The Nightshade Diamond, With An Accompanying Note That Says The Thing Is Cursed Cursed Indeed How Else To Explain Scotland Yard Breathing Down Her Neck, The Appearance Of An Ex Boyfriend, And Her Lover Rick Addison Suddenly Testing The Boundaries Of Their Relationship She Needs To Unload The Gem And Soon, Or She May Lose Her Dreams Forever SuzanneEnoch

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Twice the Temptation (Samantha Jellicoe, #4)
  • Suzanne Enoch
  • English
  • 20 March 2017
  • 9780061231476

10 thoughts on “Twice the Temptation (Samantha Jellicoe, #4)

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    Why write one good story when you can write two mediocre ones I hear ya, depressed tiger Never love anything They will just eventually let you down.This book is two novellas, which I admit have a cool connection a cursed diamond necklace but still, neither story was that great The first one was a historical romance and was fine I guess.The second one was in the now with Rick and Sam and it was kinda stupid She was actually pretty unlikable in it She not only acted pretty childish, petty, and unreasonable, but she let an ex boyfriend kiss her on the lips and hid it from Rick.

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    Another great Sam and Rick re read about a cursed 16 million dollar diamond I love the way their relationship has grown and strengthened As always, the banter is snarky, their love is passionate, and the bad guys are always screwed Rick is just such a basic guyit s constantly hilarious to me Reading these books are like spending time with old friends.

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    I went into reading this blind coz I wanted a light and fun quick read and this just fit the bill Twice the Temptation have 2 stories revolving around the Nightshade Diamond which is cursed and brings bad luck to those who carries it with them in person.In Diamond or Forever, Evangeline and Connoll meet and even though Connoll is convinced of his interest from the outset, Gilly takes time to let go of her mother s convictions in finding the perfect groom This part of the story was interesting than Sam s story maybe coz Sam has a whole series for herself of which I haven t read any In Diamond s are not a Girl s Best Friend, Sam and Rick find the diamond hidden by Connoll and starts experiencing changes of luck at than one turn Both stories had enough banter fun and witty to keep me entertained but it was refreshing to read about Connell whose character is really pleasant and sensible with lovely humor.

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    4 stars.I really enjoyed how there are two stories one from the regency era with Rick s multiple times great grandfather Connoll and then the present day with Sam and Rick all to do with a cursed blue diamond necklace heirloom A fun read This book reminds me of J.D Robb s Remember When, also a book with an interlinking storyline and missing diamonds.

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    Okay, so I think this Jellicoe installment was a definite mistake on Enoch s part It would have been better if she had committed to the story with Sam and Rick, or even interspersed the two However, because each story is told separately, there is a disjointed feeling that I did not appreciate As to the first story, it felt rather boring and pointless to me I mean, the Nightshade Diamond doesn t cause any real trouble Also, I tried and failed to like or sympathize with Evangeline as a character I don t know whether this is due to the short nature of her story or a lack of character development Moreover, her and Rawley s connection lacks foundation and credibility.When it comes to the story involving Sam and Rick, I think Enoch tossed a truly exciting and interesting storyline out the window There was so much she could have done with Sam s ex, Bryce, if the script were longer It really is a shame.Overall, the two stories didn t mesh well together and left me quite put out.

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    UghI just did not like this book as I did the others I really am only reviewing the second half although, I did read the first I think people really only care to read a review about the Sam and Rick half I know I did.I just feel like she could have made this so much Maybe add accidents and goofy things because of the supposed curse For Rick to finally believe in the curse after Sam was in dangerthat is just stupid How many times in the past year has she been in danger And with no excuse of a curse If he was going to believelet him get his foot get stuck in a broken floor board, break pencil after pencil, get a small electric shock while typing on his computer, have birds crap on his head or is that supposed to be good get my point The tire and phone incident were believable, but everything else was of their own making and reactions.and some were probably in motion before the cursed diamond was even in the picture.Alsowould have loved to get to know the security guys especially Jamie And would have liked to learn of Shepard Basically why even write the darn thing, if you are going to cut it in half and deprive of us of a complete story I have read reviews that the next one is great So yesI will read it.

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    Fascinating storyAt first I was not sure where Enoch was going with this book The first half we get to meet Rick s ancestor and the fiery woman he decides to marry The Nightshade diamond is her legacy passed down from an aunt No one believes it is cursed, but strange things do occur.The next half of the book jumps back to the present and our reformed thief finds the unlucky but spectacular gem Of course she finds it in the middle of setting up a gem show on Rick s estate for the VA museum Old lovers, fear of diamonds, and and loving Rick keep Sam on her toes and us reading.

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    Two stories involving one diamond necklace I liked the first story A Diamond or Forever best Evangeline and Connell were great together and the diamond seemed to do it best to be bad luck to whomever was carrying it The second story Diamonds are Not a Girl s Best Friend was weaker as Samantha finds the necklace while setting up security for a gem show The bad luck didn t seem as linked to the necklace and Rick and Samantha s chemistry wasn t as good which is funny since it is a book in their series.

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    I surprisingly liked the historical section of this book It had been a long time since I had read anything from this time period The story line in the contemporary time seemed to drag a little even though it was really a short story All in all, the series is very entertaining although somewhat unbelievable I mean, it s not every day a billionaire falls for a cat burglar.

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    Two novellas that connect regency ancestors and events of the past to contemporary characters in the futureIf you are deciding to read this book or not, you can read details from the story by a few of the other reviewers I d like to address this review to some of the negative reviews.First, when choosing to read a book, I do read the book blurb and a couple of the detailed reviews There is no way one could have been surprised that this particular book contained two stories or novellas The book blurb and reviews made that fact abundantly clear To those that didn t understand that, REALLY I m not a big fan of historical romance, but I am a huge fan of the Sam and Rick romance mysteries Since Miss Enoch is really of a well known regency historical romance writer, I found the idea of intertwining a regency romance telling of one of Rick s ancestors , plus background of the Nightshade diamond to Miss Enoch s contemporary series quite interesting I enjoyed reading a bit about Rick s ancestor, Connell Addison, the one he favors and how Connell met and married Rick s great great grandmother The idea of the Nightshade diamond connecting the two stories was clever The diamond is considered cursed It seems whenever the owner holds the diamond and is about to make a poor decision, the diamond makes the choice that much worse When the diamond is put away, good things seem to occur In the first story, Connell must try to convince his love interest that marrying someone that lights ones fire and is not afraid of a woman s intellect is important than marrying someone not very intelligent, interesting and bland, just to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle.The second story of my favorite characters, has Sam find the Nightshade diamond that Rick s ancestors hid in the old stable A note inside the box holding the diamond explains about the curse Rick of course doesn t believe, but Sam, the reformed cat burglar does, just as sports figures of today have their same type of superstitions I do agree could have been made of the cursed mishaps, but keep in mind this is a novella, two short type stories Only so much can be included I was glad a prior love interest of Sam s was introduced We see a lot of women swooning over Rick, plus a past wife, it was nice to see a bit of jealousy on Ricks part By the way, Sam didn t kiss her prior love interest On The Cheek to see if sparks still flew This old boyfriend got hold of the Nightshade diamond, SM gave a peck on his cheek to get close enough to steal the diamond back from him before the cops took him away Rick saw it and understood the why when Sam told him about retrieving the diamond.Lastly, bodice rippers and contemporary romantic suspense are not typical best seller lists heavy reading, thought provoking books Come on people, these are light reads to enjoy and escape with Granted, some romance writers are way better than others, or have a series based on characters that readers enjoy, while others are very quick reads of nothingness I can t speak of miss Enoch s regency romance, but I do recommend her romantic contemporary series about British billionaire financier Rick Addison and his love interest Samantha Jellicoe who is a reformed cat burglar and now security expert Their stories remind me of Cary Grant To Catch a Thief, Robert Wagoners,It Takes a Thief combined with his Hart to Hart tv series Does this stuff actually happen Who cares, that is not the point, if it s your point, why aren t you reading a biography The real point is, I wish it were happening to me and I had a Rick Addison ready to catch me from falling off a roof Escapism Take it for what it really is Otherwise go visit the big tombs area of the library bookstore and quite complaining about books that some of these reviewers don t get.PsDon t buy a bodice ripper and then complain about the sex scenes We all know you really like those but just are pretending to be a charity belt wearer.If you like contemporary romance, give the Rick and Sam series a try, mix a pitcher of margaritas and pretend you are in Monty Carlo wearing a beautiful frock waiting for Rick to take you to the casino Just enjoy

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