Anthony Blunt: His Lives

Anthony Blunt: His LivesQuite a few books have been written about the Cambridge spies, and there are other books about Anthony Blunt All that I have read focus on espionage and tend to the polemical Carter s treatment of Blunt it different Painstakingly researched, this book delves into muchthan Blunt s treason, discussing in depth his academic career, personal relationships, and muchWhat results is a detailed portrait of a very enigmatic man still not a particularly flattering portrait, in my opinion Along the way, the reader meets quite an assortment of the odd people who made up much of England s academic and intelligence communities in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s Carter s occasional comments on trying to sort through the various accounts of events offered up by these people is illuminating apparently it is quite difficult to ascertain facts from the mish mash of ego driven screeds, gin and whiskey besotted commentaries, and government disinformation that make up so much of the literature about this period Carter does an admirable job of parsing the data into an interesting biography Many readers may find the length and detail of this book overwhelming Those interested in Cold War espionage and the larger context within which it existed will find it worth the effort. This is the second time I have read this book about a man who is from top to bottom a total puzzle perhaps two men in one body, one wonders how a perfect English gentleman and keeper of the Queens pictures could ever have been so crazy as to sell secrets to the Russians, even if he had been influenced by communist ideology at Cambridge in the 30s The author, Miranda Carter, has done such a thorough job on his life and the times, one wonders if anything could ever be added Scholarship of the highest order. An engrossing account of an enigmatic character Overall, really solid scholarship and a fine job of digging out hard to pin down facts and impressions Interviews and primary sources bolster what otherwise could be a secondary source review, as dealing with facts stuck away in secret archives is always a challenge One wonders if perhapshas been opened up in Russia and the UK in the years since the publication of this book Beyond the scholarship, the writing is bright and clear The author has a viewpoint without being dogmatic While the book s focus is on Blunt, there s much to learn about British social fabric of the 1920s and 1930s and life in general between WW I and WW II of a certain class of folks, that is One can appreciate the Depression era appeal of the apparent rapid advances in the economy of the USSR too bad it was mostly a brutal lie The later stages of the book focusing on Blunt s art history work also were quite interesting to me, although I could understand if one coming to the book looking just for the spy story would not find it as compelling However, the author is very clear in her introductory material that she is writing muchthan a spy story NOTE See the Goodreads review by some other DAVID for many great quotes pulled from this book. Just add onevoice to the praise for this very well researched book I knew nothing really about this man other than he was some sort of spy for the Russians Having read the book and it is the best part of 500 pages I feel I not only know the man in as much as he could ever allow himself to be known but I also know about the culture and background which inspired men like him to pass information to the Russians during the war and feel that they were in fact contributing to the fall of Fascism.The Art World itself was also a closed book to me but is a lotunderstandable now Although the book is very well researched and annotated you do feel that there are still wide areas left untouched or glossed over but I presume this is because of Official Secrets or the unwillingness of so many people not to become involved or speak out Blunt himself was notoriously compartmentalised and kept one side of him hidden from the other so that even those close to him had no idea he had other sides to his character A definitive book no doubt and would form the basis for any further research on the man and his work asinformation becomes available from the archives It is also rare that such scholarship and fluid writing blend in the one book. The true story of Anthony Blunt, Oxford educated English spy, famous art historian, prolific author, keeper of the Queen s paintings, director of London s Courtauld Institute and homosexual Fascinating. Really, really good book about Anthony Blunt Englishman who was spy for the Russians, a homosexual at the time when that was a crime, a world famous art historian and knighted by Queen Elizabeth.This book was incredibly well researched and at 500 pages, a wee bit of a slog but a brilliant picture of such a complex and inexplicable man. Grand simo ensayo muy bien documentado pero su faceta de esp a, si bien lo trata a pinceladas a lo largo de todo el libro, no es como para subtitularlo como un libro de esp as. I really wanted to like this book but it felt a little tough to get through. Anglican parishes abroad are often disconcertingly large when the Bishop of Gibraltar described the extent of his diocese to Pope Pius VI, His Holiness observed, Then I m a parishioner Public school sex education in the 1920s You might find some white matter exuding from your private parts Don t worry about it It s only a sort of disease like measles Blunt review Mr Wilneski has clearly attempted the impossible But he need not have failed so grossly Burgess on Blunt The trouble with you, Anthony, is that you want to have your cake and eat it and give the impression that you re feeding it to the poor Blunt s secret mission to Germany The Duke of Brunswick would open a drawer and sigh, Oh no, not another golden fleece Blunt on women Women had very little influence on art And the influence that they did have was perfectly wretched A poor old chap and Hugh Benham, an old Harrovian from a rich East Anglian family who had a disfiguring skin disease and spent much of his time in his pyjamas Benham eventually died in Tangier, apparently so drunk he fell out of a hotel bedroom Those guardsmen who liked to make themselves available were to be found in certain pubs around Buckingham Palace and the West End, including the Bag o Nails near the Wellington Barracks NB We used to go to the Bag o Nails after work It was full of civil servants in those days.Blunt on holiday 1 He had driven the battered old Railton, given to him by Burgess s old boyfriend Peter Pollock, to Rome with the handbrake on He had been so exasperated by its overheating that he abandoned it on the via del Corso Blunt on holiday 2 Within a few hours of their meeting, Blunt asked King, who was himself homosexual, about queer life in Athens Was it easy to find sex What was the going rate His specification was big, butch, good teeth Rather embarrassingly I was surprised by his lack of discretion King found him a young man, discovering in the process that picking up a young man in Athens was far easier than finding a taxi Afterwards Blunt seemed happy and relaxed Oh, I am grateful to you That was just what I needed I feel much, much better now That night King was woken by Blunt screaming He had had a nightmare. The First Full Biography Of The Notorious Spy And An X Ray Of The British Ruling Class That Produced Him Once An Untouchable Member Of England S Establishment A World Famous Art Historian And A Man Knighted By The Queen Of England In A Single Stroke Anthony Blunt Became An Object Of Universal Hatred When, In , Margaret Thatcher Exposed Him As A Soviet Spy In Anthony Blunt His Lives, Miranda Carter Shows How One Man Lived Out Opposing Trends Of His Century First As A Rebel Against His Class, Then As Its Epitome And Yet Embodied A Deeper Paradox In The S, Blunt Was A Member Of The Bloomsbury Circle In The S He Was A Left Wing Intellectual In The S And S He Became A Camouflaged Member Of The Establishment Until His Treachery Was Made Public, Blunt Was A World Famous Art Historian, Recognized For His Ground Breaking Work On Poussin, Italian Art, And Old Master Drawings At The Courtauld Institute He Trained A Whole Generation Of Academics And Curators And Yet Even As He Ascended From Rebellion Into Outward Conformity, He Was A Homosexual When Homosexuality Was A Crime, And A Traitor When The Penalty Was Death How Could One Man Contain So Many Contradictions The Layers Of Secrecy Upon Which Blunt S Life Depended Are Here Stripped Away For The First Time, Using Testimony From Those Who Knew Blunt Well But Have Until Now Kept Silent And Documents From Sealed Russian Archives, Including A Secret Autobiography Blunt Wrote For His Controllers Miranda Carter S Anthony Blunt Is The First Full Biography Of The Mythical Cold War Warrior, And Is At Once An Astonishing History Of One The Century S Greatest Deceits And Adeeply Nuanced Account Of Fifty Years In The British Power Elite, As Experienced By One Deep Inside Who Wished To Bring It Down

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[Reading] ➷ Anthony Blunt: His Lives Author Miranda Carter –
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  • Anthony Blunt: His Lives
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  • 10 September 2017
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