No Turning Back (Suspense Series, #3)

No Turning Back (Suspense Series, #3) CIA Communications Expert Samarra Wallace Is On The Run From A Faceless Enemy When She Learns Terrorists Have Kidnapped And Threatened To Execute Her Cousin She Will Do Whatever It Takes To Free Her, Including Breaking Cover To Contact The Former Teammate She Is Dangerously Attracted To Now All She Has To Do Is Convince Him She S Not Working For The Bad Guys Ex Army Ranger Ben Sinclair Isn T Sure He Can Trust Sam, But He Can T Turn Her Away Lives Are At Stake And She May Be The Only Way To Capture The Terrorist Mastermind His Team Is Hunting Despite His Reservations, He Finds Himself Falling For Her But When Sam S Innocence Is Questioned Again During A Botched Operation In The Remote Mountains Of Afghanistan, The Team Pays A Terrible Price For Trusting Her In The Wake Of That Staggering Betrayal Ben Must Decide If She S The Innocent Woman He Fell In Love With, Or If She S A Traitor Who D Set Them Up To Die

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge of your seat military romantic suspense Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers Choice Awards A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nation

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  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • No Turning Back (Suspense Series, #3)
  • Kaylea Cross
  • English
  • 14 June 2018
  • 9781601547194

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    Re read December 2012 Review completed December 30, 2012 I ll be honest, even though I love to read a series out of order, I m sure this book works best if you have read Cover of Darkness first, since No Turning Back picks right up where Cover of Darkness left off My synopsis is rather simple which leads me to tell you that there is definitely to it than meets the eye All the , as I don t intend to spoil your reading experience Samarra Wallace and Ben Sinclair are our main protagonists Sam is a communications expert for the CIA she has an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from MIT Ben is a former Army Ranger, and both of them are working for Luke s team Luke is a former Navy SEAL who went on to work for the CIA s paramilitary ops Luke trained the teenage Tehrazzi in the Afghan mountains back during covert operations in the Afghan Russian war Now Luke is back to accomplish his most important mission to kill the prodigy because Tehrazzi had evolved into a lethal threat against the USA No Turning Back starts off with Sam believing she is either being targeted by a terrorist cell or the CIA Sam s behavior sets off a chain of events that made Luke s team believe that she could be a traitor Is Sam trustworthy You want me to trust you, Sam She frowned Of course I do You re a bright girl, so I m sure you can understand why that s not going to happen But if you want to try to earn my trust, I m game He tilted his dark head, pale eyes glittering a challenge in the lamp light You can start by taking off all your clothes Tehrazzi knew that Luke hired Sam Tehrazzi was in Cairo for a meeting the same time Sam and Nev were there Also, he knew about Sam and Nev being cousins and how much Nev meant to Sam He saw Sam as a way to get to Luke and Sam being a woman meant that she was the team s weakest link The timing of Neveah being in Afghanistan for Doctors Without Borders played right into his hands as well Tehrazzi kidnapped Nev and is using her life as a bargaining chip, and he is sure that Sam would do whatever is needed to get Nev out of this life threatening situation At the same time Tehrazzi knows that Luke will step in to help Also, he is sure that Luke would never let Sam go on her own, just like he knows that Luke wants him dead once and for all.Granted, I LOVE Luke but the guy can be one cold SOB, I ll give him that Bottom line, Sam, Tehrazzi is using you to get to me Beauty of that is, it also means I can use you to get to him or this You want me to seduce information out of her Flaws plot holesI ve had some issues with the plot Sam does not have any military training, she cannot even shoot a gun for Pete s sake, but when she believes that she is being followed she is fleeing She is on her own for six days and she does not hide out in Paris or London She is on the run in Baghdad Yep, I wouldn t want to be in her shoes Another situation that I found a bit elusive happened at 43 % I can t judge if the scene was too far fetched but I, for one, had a hard time to believe that view spoiler the bomb that Sam had to wear on her body did not explode The bad guys used a remote detonator but wonders never cease coz nothing happened Better yet, my Luke defused the bomb hide spoiler

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    1 stars Too many stupid actions by heroine and others Too many illogical events Too much pondering.REVIEWER S OPINION Too much telling after the fact instead of showing things as they are happening This felt like going through the motions of romantic suspense predictable things, done before things I was not pulled in I had no feelings for anyone I didn t care about what was happening I just wanted it to be over I read the first three books in this series wanting to give the author a try By this book I was tired of her style and didn t want to read any.There is a lot of action, but it felt like run, shoot, get hit, survive, flee, repeat It wasn t full writing She doesn t show enough into settings, feelings, motivations, conversations.One of my pet peeves is the couple breaks up because one assumes incorrect things about the other Yes that happens here, but I was so troubled by the rest of the writing, that the break up reason was less important than it usually is for me.A few examples of illogical events follow.A s major goal in the book is to kill B A also wants to kill C B and C are shooting at each other A comes up behind B A could easily shoot both of them, but instead A only shoots C and then leaves His goal was to kill B Why didn t he So the story could continue in a sequel I assume.D arrives in a helicopter to rescue E and F D helps E to the helicopter Then D helps F to the helicopter E then gets off the helicopter to travel somewhere by foot The helicopter leaves Taking E to the helicopter was a waste of time Bad guys were in the area.Some military guys rescue a victim The victim is now safely on a helicopter being flown away The guys need to return to the fight to continue their mission, but one of them decides to stay with the victim because the victim finds him comforting So the others return to the fight with one less man.STORY BRIEF Sam female is a computer electronics expert working for the CIA in Iraq Her cousin Neveah is a member of Doctors Without Borders Neveah goes to Afghanistan and is kidnapped The kidnappers send a computer message to Sam telling her to go to Afghanistan Luke is CIA and in charge of the group that goes with Sam to rescue Neveah Ben is a member of the group Ben and Sam are attracted to each other.DATA Story length 344 pages Swearing language strong, including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 4 Estimated number of sex scene pages 15 Setting current day Irag, Afghanistan, and Virginia Copyright 2009 Genre romantic suspense.

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    OMG 7 stars Yes SEVEN STARS I need chocolate and a darkened room after reading all that.Thrilling Exciting Oh and Thrilling again I have no words to express how much I loved this book

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    I m so unsure how to rate this book Just like the previous book in the series, I enjoyed it a lot and couldn t put it down, but at the same time I was annoyed by all the stupid combat situations the heroine, Sam was forced to face None of them made sense to me and they just seemed like they were contrived to put the untrained in any form of combat, Sam in danger so that hero, Ben could rescue her after he put her in danger in the first place There is a great grovel scene at the end that I loved but I wish Sam would have held out a little longer than she did Ben was a major a towards her and he deserved to suffer longer than he did oh who am I to judge If I had a gorgeous, ex special ops soldier groveling to me, I would have crumbled before he even had a chance to spit out his first I m sorry With that said, I will now be downloading the next in the series because I can t get enough of these sadly incompetent CIA contractors.

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    I really liked this book The story starts at the end of the previous book, so we have a little overlap from Sam point of view and in this book the story mostly takes place in Afghanistan.Once again, the author knows how to give life to the different places she chooses to install her story and I really love how she develops her different character but here again there was a point or two in the plot that didn t made much sens for me.

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    Amazing read Ms Cross has an exceptional gift of describing the environment setting this story takes place in Afghanistan, Iran and parts of Syria in which the story takes place.The writing, characters,and storyline where top notch , and the Author captured my interest right from the beginning straight through to the end.I m starting the next story in the series.NOW

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    It s so hard to find romantic military suspense that I enjoy but Kaylea Cross definitely delivered with this one It s very fast paced and there were a few times when I wanted to throttle Ben b c of his lack of trust but he came through at the end

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    After receiving surveillance photos of herself, Samarra Wallace grabs her tech, and disappears into the streets of Baghdad, no knowing who to trust But when she receives a photo of her cousin, bound and surrounded by terrorists, Sam knows she needs to contact someone, unfortunately it s the man she turns to who doesn t know whether to trust her or not.This is officially getting ridiculous This series now exists only for the series sake The main suspense arc could and should have ended in the previous book, but guess what, we still have two hot guys, and the big honcho, Luke, to cover, so let s stretch the terrorist plot as far as it can go.There were holes in the plot you could drive a truck through its predecessor was no better, mind you , the chemistry between the leads was non existent, the heroine was rather incompetent for a CIA analyst, and the hero or less an asshole The final straw was how easily Sam forgave Ben for what he said in the hospital.I don t mind suspension of disbelief, but this one was asking too much of me.

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    I loved this book very much, even if I wanted to pick Ben and bit his head very hard He was horrible to Samarra since the very start of the story And I thing all of them were very unfair to her All those horrible suspicions about her and in the end, she found herself alone When Ben came back to her, for a little while, I hoped she didn t take him back or at least, she would made him suffer as he did for most of the story

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    I think the blurb does a nice job setting up this story No Turning Back is a very intense, action packed military romantic suspense that is really well done Heavy on the suspense, Kaylea Cross doesn t hold back on the violence and gives us a really gritty book Sam is only a communication technician, not any kind of Special Op soldier So at the beginning when she is running for her life, having no idea who to trust, it comes across as very real Due to some coincidences, her team doesn t know if she has started playing for the other side, and it takes a good while to build up that trust Actually, it is an issue through the entire book There is always that underlying suspicion, no matter what Sam does to prove she is innocent There is not only the external conflict of a terrorist kidnapping, but internally, this team is rife with stress and suspicion How far would she really go to save her cousin Ben must comes to terms with that answer.Sam is mentally strong, holding up to rescue her cousin, but she also comes across very believable Physically she has issues keeping up She is insecure, and just downright scared It is such a huge relief when Ben gives in a little to that trust and he just holds her for a few minutes Of course, that first hug eventually leads to a romantic relationship I really like how the relationship progresses throughout the book The adrenaline of being hunted and being the hunter play into some of their romance But it never seemed forced or out of character for this love to bloom And while the love scenes are not plentiful, they are very impactful They match the pace of the story.Ben is intense He is a soldier all the way and while Sam has fierce loyalty to her cousin, Ben and his twin brother Rhys couldn t live without the other I love how he protects Sam as much as he can, but there are times where she has to go into situations alone so they can eventually catch the terrorist, and he doesn t let his alpha status interfere He may not like it, but he is a professional There is a nice balance between his mission oriented focus, and keeping Sam safe and out of harm s way With that being said, there are a few times where Sam in thrust into very dangerous situations, and with no firearms training and I can only assume, lack of other combat training, I questions why she had to be the one to go But it did make for some very tense, memorable moments in the book.As I said earlier, this book isn t a light read There is violence, one scene in particular absolutely brutal But I think it is necessary to show who they are really up against Besides Sam and Ben, we meet Rhys, Ben s twin brother, Luke, the leader, and Neveah the cousin everyone is so desperately trying to save This book caught me by surprise I was sucked in from the very beginning and held my breath on than one occasion I will definitely be checking out from Kaylea Cross.

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