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Only Pleasure Since Chase Falladay Came To Her Rescue Two Years Ago, Kia Stanton Has Never Been Able To Forget The Powerful Man Or The Kind Of Life He Leads So Two Years Later When She Runs Into Chase And His Friend, Khalid, And Leaves With Them That Night, She Knows Exactly Where It Is All Heading However, Little Prepares Her For What It Is Like To Be In Chase S Arms, And In His Bed After Years Of Holding Back, Kia Is Finally Able To Be The Woman She S Always Dreamed Of Being In His ArmsKia Is A Dream Chase Has Not Allowed Himself To Entertain Now That He Has Her, It S Her Heart He S After And He S Determined To Win It, No Matter The Cost And Even Though They Both Agreed That It Would Only Be For Pleasure, Somewhere Along The Way It Becomes And All Consuming Love Only Pleasure Is A Sizzling Hot, Sexy, Erotic Romance Novel From Bestselling Author Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in

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    This was probably one of the better ones in the Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh The Bound Hearts series all feature men who belong to a secret, exclusive D.C area club where all the members are dedicated to pleasuring their women, most often by engaging in menage relationships m f m There s no question it was a steamy hot, hot read, sex in a limo, sex on the hood of a car, menage scenes and it didn t get TOO bogged down by either the hero or heroine s anguish over the state of the relationship things seemed to move along at a good pace That s not to say that everything developed smoothly the hero was very stubborn when it came to admitting his true feelings for the heroine, but I was expecting that, since it is a Lora Leigh story And if there s one thing consistent about Lora Leigh s uber alpha heroes, it s their inability to open themselves up and risk being vulnerable by admitting to themselves the love they feel for their women It s almost as if they are angry that they have fallen in love, and it takes them a while to get used to the idea and accept it Although the relationship between recent divorcee Kia and Chase, the man she d always loved from afar, began as one that was only pleasure meaning no strings, no emotions involved , I was happy that Kia laid down the law with Chase and told him just what she expected if he wanted to be with her Sure, at first she let him have his way with her sexually she had big time trouble resisting him but after a while she wanted to be than the woman who he used to scratch an itch She wanted a real relationship, and demanded it, and if she lost him in the process, she was willing to deal with it Even if it broke her heart I liked that about her Chase was an interesting hero Not only is he suffering some guilt over what he had to do in order to save his brother Cam and future sister in law Jaci s life, but he s also very, very afraid to risk his heart Every time he did that in the past, he either lost the people he loved his parents , or nearly did his twin brother Cam So he kept his heart isolated, even with his lovers, and I felt he was a very lonely man But Kia is unlike any woman he s had before Not only is he captivated by her beauty, but she s strong, and he likes that she challenges him, and it s not long before he feels that maybe, just maybe he s found the one woman who can deal with all his dark passions A threat on Kia s life from an unlikely source finally makes him realize that he could never survive without her in his life she completes him like no one else could.I can t forget to mention the intriguing character of sexy, kind, Khalid, the third in the Chase Kia menage I absolutely can t wait to read his story lots and lots of hints were dropped about his background, and I m wondering about the woman who holds his heart who he thinks he can t have.It was also fun to again see the couples from past Bound Hearts books, and was touching to see how the women befriended Kia, who needed to have some female friends in her life again.This book is very explicit, in language and in sexual acts, so if that would bother you, then this isn t the book for you But anyone who doesn t mind a hot menage story, with a little suspense thrown in, will certainly enjoy this one And fans of Lora Leigh s Bound Hearts series will absolutely adore it 4 1 2 stars Warning This book contains explicit sex including oral, anal m f m threesomes, spanking, use of sex toys, light bondage, some violence, and explicit language Not for the faint of heart.

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    Hmmm, four stars or five Five for the sex, and four for Chase s inability to let go of his past Only Pleasure is the next book in Lora Leigh s Bound series and is the story of the brother of the hero from her last book Wicked Pleasure If you want of the backstory, check out my review of WP.Kia has wanted Chase for longer than she wants to acknowledgeeven before her messy divorce But she would never have cheated, it s just not in her nature So when Chase is the man who asks for her help to keep the Club a secret, even after her husband tried to force her into a menage, she agreeswith the proviso that the Club will pressure her husband to a congenial divorce and ensure he doesn t bother her any Kia spends the next two years withdrawing and from society and friendshipsno ties means no betrayal, right Chase wants KiaBAD But he s also sure the delicate woman wouldn t be able to handle his dark side And Chase s motto is Only Pleasure no relationships, no tiesonly pleasure So when he and his third spot Kia in a dimly lit bar, Chase finally approaches her He s elated and bit scared by how quickly Kia begins to burrow under his skin, so he runsand returnsand runsand returnswell, you get it Even he knows they can t continue like this, somethingor someonewill have to give.Perfect Lora Leigh a tortured hero, a heroine with moxie, and two men looking to give a woman pleasure beyond her dreams Whew, let me just fan myself for a bit If you like Leigh s books, you ll love this one If you don t, then quit reading about them Neither I, nor my Freudian subconscious, want to know why I love her booksI just do So there

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    I m going to be one of the few people who didn t absolutely love this book or think it was one of the best of the series I found it rather average Most of the things that bugged me, though, were series related than specific problems with this book Only Pleasure is the tenth book in the Bound Hearts series which is about men who take pleasure in sharing their women with a third You can probably read this one without reading the series backlist, but I would definitely recommend reading the previous book, Wicked Pleasure, first That book is about the current hero s twin brother and has some connecting events.Chase Falladay has always wanted Kia Rutherford, but for a while she was married and then later he wouldn t let himself have her He didn t think she could handle his darker sexual needs And he was afraid to give his heart to someone again He always seemed to loose those he loved His desire for her becomes too much, though, and one night he and fellow Club member Khalid seduce Kia into a night of reckless passion Chase tells her it s only for the pleasure.The secret nights keep happening, but Kia finds that she wants from Chase Only Chase keeps her at arm s length But his need for her is growing and he finds that she s worming her way into his heart When danger threatens Kia s life, Chase has to face that fact that it s not only for the pleasure It s for her and he s not willing to give her up.One of the things I liked least about this book was how similar the character dynamics and emotions were to the previous book, Wicked Pleasure Chase s twin brother s book I kinda felt like I was reading the same book over again, but with different characters and a different suspense aspect Both heroes were so caught up in their emotional scars they couldn t give their women anything but sex Both heroines demanded , didn t get it, but gave in to the desperate lust they felt anyway Both had a character who slept on a couch instead of a bed because of emotional issues Both heroines gave in to threesomes because it was what the man they love wanted Both heroines were mostly loners Etc, etc I ve read comments about how some think these two books read like a Part 1 and a Part 2 and how great that was, but for me, I didn t care for it There wasn t enough uniqueness to this book to keep me thoroughly interested.It also bugged me a bit that in the last book, Chase was all over his brother Cam about how Cam treated Jaci About how he was going to loose her because of his actions how Cam needed to be honest how Cam needed to accept Jaci s love and all that Then in this book, Chase turns around and acts just like Cam regarding Kia That seemed kinda dumb to me.There were also some continuity issues that bothered me It started in the last book where at the end, it s suddenly mentioned that Chase was a bit sweet on Moriah and good friends with her when that had never been mentioned before which, considering the end, was a rather important detail to miss The same thing happens with Chase and Kia There s supposedly this long running thing between them, but it comes out of the blue in this book Which seemed a little odd to me when Chase played such a big role in the last book You d think it would have come up But offhand, I don t even remember a mention of someone he wanted desperately but couldn t have.It was also said in this book that Chase was a federal agent before coming to work with Ian and when I read that, I literally stopped reading and thought, what I didn t remember it being said in the last book that he d been an agent of any kind, just that he d gone to school when Cam went into the military To double check, I used the Google book preview feature for Wicked Pleasure and did some word searches to see if Chase s being an agent had ever been mentioned and I didn t find anything Considering how much the twins past played into the last book, it just seems really weird that it was a detail that was never before mentioned but suddenly popped up in this book.Even Chase s apartment changes between the two books In the last one, Cam and Chase s place is described as a sort of two story apartment with Cam on the first floor, and Chase s bedroom upstairs with a weight room, office, bath and kitchenette Then in this book, Chase s place is now completely separate with guest bedrooms, a full kitchen, it s own entrance, etc Plus there was the thing about how it was previously established that Khalid was Ian and Courtney s third, and in this book he becomes Chase and Kia s I kept wondering about whether he was still third for Ian and Courtney because it was never mentioned I wouldn t have necessarily minded if he thirded both, but I wanted to KNOW But it wasn t until the very very end where it says he d stopped partnering Courtney and Ian a few months before.Those kinda of mismatches annoy the heck out of me I m a big fan of continuity between books in a series and these books lack it I feel like Leigh drops details in willy nilly to suit some new idea whether it fits with what s previously written or not And when I read things like that, I find it really distracting because then I sit there trying to figure out how it fits and if maybe I d missed something in a previous book So on this angle, the book really suffered for me.There were some parts of the book I enjoyed, though I liked that previous characters in the series had roles, if minor And I liked the hints about Khalid s life and the woman he wants but can t have The sex was hot, as always for a Leigh book, even if there was quite a bit of it.The minor suspense plot was okay Not overly original, but it added a little depth to the story I did think the identity of the bad guy was kind of obvious There weren t any surprises for me when the end rolled around.So all in all, this was just an okay book for me It could have been a lot better Now that I m all caught up on this series, I think I have to say that I mostly prefer the older, Ellora s Cave installments over the most recent three published by St Martin s Griffin The newer books have better depth and character development and thorough storylines, but the early books are playful and fun, experimental sexually And I think the women in those books were into the whole sharing thing Among the last two heroines, Jaci only did it because it was the only way she could have Cam at the startonce Cam opened up, the sharing stopped And Kia did the same For most of the book, until the very end, Kia took pleasure in the sharing, but it wasn t something she particularly wanted That s kind of a turn off for me when women do something sexually they re not really into because their partner requires it The earlier books, from what I remember, the women were into it I ll still keep reading this series, though And I look forward to the next book, which is supposedly Khalid s story.WARNING, this book contains explicit sex, explicit language, m f sex, m f m sex, anal sex, toys, some spanking, light bondage, some rough sex, and a little violence.

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    This was my first book by this author and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it Granted it was a story built around this club of men who enjoyed the pleasures of sharing their partners, I appreciated that there was a good balance to the story line and it wasn t all about their desires Though, that played the heavy part of the role This was a fast paced and easy flow of a story I liked the fact that the adults were mature in their roles through out the story I say that because a lot of stories these days make the adults so ridiculously immature and annoying I liked that these characters weren t like that and that I could feel when Kia was trying to insert her spine of steel and when Chase was desperate to have her I really liked Chase, Khalid, and Kia and their togetherness Khalid is Chase s good friend and well known third I actually liked the scenes with them all together, it didn t feel dirty However, I wasn t too much into the scenes when it was just Kia and Chase and I felt too much time was spent on pages filled with their love making But I did love how sweet Khalid was and how considerate he was to her feelings I liked how slowly it took Chase to allow himself to be feel for Kia, and how he called her baby As far as the villain went, I was able to guess who it was the whole time, though I gave myself a 5% chance of being right and second guessed myself until it became clear to who it was I think a little should have gone into that portion of the story, just like I think that Rebecca should have gotten comeuppance from the gossip she spread I didn t like how the Rebecca situation resolved and how it put Kia in the eyes of others in their circle Overall I liked this story, but I could have used a bit less in the bedroom granted the fact that YES I know what the title of this story is and what it was basically based around.

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    This book was pretty typical of Lora Leigh s other Bound Hearts books smokin hot sex scenes, lots of MFM, a strong, yet vulnerable damsel in distress, an uber alpha, emotionally stunted male I love Lora Leigh, but often have to seriously suspend my disbelief which as a huge paranormal romance fan, I obviously have no problem doing when it comes to some of her plot contrivances This book, however, actually had a fairly believable plot and a villain that didn t come from the Austin Powers Dr Evil school of villainy Only Pleasure included many of the characters from her other Bound Hearts books and was a nice conclusion to the story of the Falladay brothers which began in the previous novel, WICKED PLEASURE We are also treated to a bit of back story on the enigmatic Khalid, who has been making cameos throughtout the series ONLY PLEASURE seems to be leading us toward his story, which will no doubt be the next book in the series I m really looking forward to that one I highly recommend this book to all Lora Leigh fans.

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    It was fun and sexy and Chase is pretty hot Just a few questions.What is a support group for men who enjoy a certain lifestyle I just keep imagining a group of these men sitting around in a dark room giving out their number just in case one of the thirds starts getting the urge to get a little too close to another man s woman Also, all these guys knew each other growing up and were introduced by the lifestyle by their fathers How could the whole town not know I would love to be a fly on the wall during that father son conversation Dad Well son, I think it s time we had a little talk 13 year old son Yeah, Dad Dad I know you re probably starting to get urges about the opposite sex Son uncomfortably Uh, yeah Dad Well there are many options, but probably the best is sharing a woman sexually with a best friend or a stranger Your mother and I do this often and I can tell you it really brings a relationship closer with both your woman and best friend Of course, you wouldn t actually have sex with your friend, but if you do get that feeling it is perfectly fine for you or your friend to take your wife hmph, back there moves his head backwards there s not harm in that, not at all Son I don t know dadwith another guy Isn t that a little weird Dad Not at all In fact, Jason and Derek s dad are into it too All of your friends parents do it I happen to know that they are getting this talk as we speak We all agreed it was time But you need to remember that no one else in the town can know Here s a list Son Well, it does kind of sound like fun Actually, I can t wait to talk about it with Jason and Derek tomorrow It s like we have a really cool secret And maybe sometime before too long we can start to practice on the local girls But don t worry dad We ll make sure no one will know Dad That s my boy, I knew you were a chip off the old block Just a few musings.

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    3,5 stars for Only Pleasure 10 Bound Hearts by Lora LeighThere are 3 installments for this book and I loved them all ARC kindly provided by the publisher St Martin s Press, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review INSTALLMENT ONEonly pleasure book 1About 7 months ago I read my first Lora Leigh book I liked Guilty Pleasure, book 11 in this Bound Hearts series but I loved this book which is book 10 in the series.Two years ago Kia s ex husband tried to force her into a menage Knowing her marriage had been a lie, the humiliation changed her Even when she was married she was attracted to Chase but Chase has been hurt himself He learned that he s no relationship material Both think Only Pleasure will be enough but is it What I loved in this book is that we get POV s but unfortunately it isn t always clear directly whose POV is being told.I also really loved Khalid and if I hadn t read it yet I would definitely want to read his book next.I read this book in 3 installments This was the first one and I immediately dived into the next oneINSTALLMENT TWOonly pleasure book 2This was the second installment for book 10 in the Bound Hearts series.Chase and Kia both thought that just the pleasure would be enough Kia wants and so does Chase but he fights his feelings Chase hasn t let himself get close to anyone lately Do you keep on fighting for someone denying his feelings or do you let them go Going doesn t go easily Let s hope Chase will give into his feelings in time This book was H.O.T There were some very steamy scenes in it and I loved the chemistry between them I m ready for installment three and that HEA they both deserveINSTALLMENT THREEonly pleasure book 3 ARC kindly provided by the publisher St Martin s Press, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review With danger lurking they finally both acknowledge their feelings but Chase hasn t yet expressed his love Kia however still needs to learn to trust Chase completely.I loved this final installment but since I m not a big fan of insta love it kind off went a little bit too fast for me.But I really did enjoy it, the men are deliciously alpha so I look forward to read books in this series.I already read the next book in this series earlier and I loved that one a little bit If I hadn t read it yet I would certainly do so now because the end of this book is a small prologue to book 11 with Khalid s story.

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    First read March 3rd, 2010 again on June 25th, 2011.Tenth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series based in Alexandria, Virginia The couple focus is on Kia Rutherford Stanton and Chase Falladay with Khalid as their third.My TakeOkay, besides the heavy erotica, it s a great love story, and I just love this declaration Kia makes Isn t that what love truly is Being free even as you re being held Knowing you can reach for the stars, and someone s there to share it with you Or to give you a boost if you need it Someone to laugh with, love with, cry and argue with Someone you know will be there when you re moody, when you re dark, or when you just need a hug Isn t that love One of the things I like about this series, well, besides the sex grin is the caring part Sinclair s Club may be about sharing a woman, but it has to be consensual and there is no hitting.It s rather sad that such things have to be in the rules doesn t say much for humanity On the fun side, Chase s confusion and frustration over his enthrallment with Kia versus his guilt about Moirah keeps things interesting It s not so much fun for Kia, but it is for the reader.Leigh drove me wild with the mysterious person spying on Kia and Chase She words it so well that I could have sworn it was one person, but then she d drop a few words, and I d be reeling off in another direction And whoever it is, he she is sick Kia s hurt made me cry for her loneliness, and yet I do understand her reasoning You just don t do this, you don t betray a friend s confidence As for the sharing, her conflict with Chase s rule and her own attraction is so frustrating I understand her wanting , and I applaud her for deciding that she s worth and then standing up for herself I do love it The women we ve met in earlier books in this series are caring, loyal friends, and they take Kia to their hearts Ian, however, is not so happy as it means that Courtney is plotting again It s never good for Ian when Courtney is back in play, LOL.I do like Khalid He s so gentle and his compliments are an absolute treat Oh, man, then there s Cam and his ticking off the list of all the horrible things that happen to a man trapped in a monogamous relationshipcrack me up I like Kia too She seems so compliant until she decides what she wants, and then look out I am curious when Tally Raines Conover picked up a new name, Rafferty.The StoryShe s been warned, and at the same time, she ll be cared for Chase Falladay has a soft spot for Kia Rutherford Stanton, and he ll do what he can for her Even if it does take two years It happens that night that she flees another tedious charity and discovers Chase and Khalid at the same bar A night in which Kia learns of the pleasure that can be had.A pleasure that infuriates Kia s ex husband After all, it was what he had tried to force onto herThe Characters Kia Rutherford Stanton is the naughty wife we hear about throughout the series, who spread the rumors about the Sinclair Men s Club, but it wasn t her fault Timothy and Celia Rutherford are Kia s very understanding parents He runs Rutherford Logistic Solutions, which Kia will publicly rejoin.Chase Falladay is Cameron s twin and still reeling with the guilt of Moirah Brockheim s death see Wicked Pleasure , 9 Both men are private investigators for Ian Sinclair and his club Jaci and Cam Falladay are engaged.Khalid el Hamid Mustafa is the bastard son of a little known Middle Eastern prince who is sucking up to his son big time, sending him all sorts of presents a Hummer, a free gas card, ahem, six women under the age of 20 Abdul is his driver Martha is Khalid s b te noire.Other male members of Sinclair Men s Club include Ian Sinclair with his wife, Courtney Shameless , 7 Lucian and Devril Conover are married to Tally Raines Rafferty Wicked Sacrifice Wicked Intent , 4 Cole Andrews, vice president of Delacourte Conovers, is married to Tessa, a schoolteacher and daughter of the owner founder of Delacourte Ties That Bind Surrender , 1 Jared and Kimberly Raddington, a security expert, Wicked Sacrifice Sacrifice , 5 James and Ella Wyman Submission , 2 and, Sebastian de Laurents, a friend of Courtney s from Spain, who likes to dance.Carl Drew Stanton is Kia s ex husband And an idiot who wants his wife back Harold and Margaret Brockheim refuse to accept the detective s story of their daughter s, Moirah s, death Rebecca Harding was the woman Kia had thought was her friend Her husband, Marion, works at Rutherford and wonders if Kia s criticisms about his projections are because of his wife Liza Ison is Kia s secretary at Rutherford Detective Allen is a member of the club, and the cop they call on when there s a problem Dr Sanjer is Ian s personal physician.The Cover and TitleI m not buying the guy on this cover He s just too young looking I m guessing that the couple are meant to be Kia in the black bra lying on her back as a nude Chase hovers over her, and they re about to kiss The top half is red with all the text information.The title is Chase s mantra The sex is Only Pleasure he doesn t intend it to be anything .

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    This is one very generous star.Kia Rutherford has spent the last two years hiding She s hiding from her ex husband Drew Stanton, who tried to force her into a m nage trois with another man, a third from an exclusive club of men who enjoy sharing women She s hiding from her old friends who spread the story of this secret club, which brought Chase Falladay to her doorstep, making a deal with her to retract the story And she s hiding from Chase himself, the one man she s always wanted but could never have.Or so she thought.Chase has always desired Kia, but she seems untouchable, an ice queen When he offers her pleasure at the skilled hands of himself and his third , Khalid, a wealthy Saudi migr , he finds her far from cold Yet he holds himself back, fearful of his past, of his history with women, of hurting Kia and demanding than she can give he thinks her weak, and unable to manage him and his dark side.But Kia has had enough of being there only for the pleasure, and gives him an ultimatum return alone, or don t return at all.With someone threatening Kia s life, Chase isn t about to let her out of sight, let alone out of his bed First he has to convince Kia, and then he has to face the truth of his own feelings for her.This book was so far from pleasure it was like everything I hate in romance fiction put into one book If someone told me Lora Leigh was a pseudonym for Christine Feehan on her worst days, I would not be surprised while there are differences in writing style, the bad habits and clich s are all there All of them.First of all, the characters and the premise The characters are all rich white socialites who lead the kind of empty gossipy lives that seem glamorous on the surface but are really thin veneers for some utter tackiness I felt nauseated, reading about these people, the waste that is their lives I don t care about them, I m revolted by their lifestyle, they just make me angry.Kia had her moments, her ballsy moments, her moments of complete abjection I could feel for her at her lowest moments, but she was a bit of a sap You can t really blame Chase for thinking she s weak willed, as satisfying as it is to find out she s not But she s just so good, so nice, it s very blah.Kia was nothing compared to Chase, though I don t know that a male lead has ever frustrated me as much as Chase did For sure, a lot of it has to do with the writing, which I ll get to He was just so completely aggravating, so short sighted, so pompous, and so tacky He s a man who wears his mobile in a holster attached to his belt He promised dark sensuality in bed and perhaps he was able to deliver, but you d never really know it thanks to the writing.If I met someone studying writing, or who wanted to write a romance book, I would recommend this book or one of Feehan s bad ones to read and, as an assignment, get them to note down every bad writing habit and clich they could find, as a way to learn how not to write I didn t make such notes, but I ll point out the worst offenders.One of the big ones is the repetition Not just of adjectives and lines used to describe something, of which the novel abounds But also in the tiring angst filled mental anguish of the characters second guessing themselves, moaning about their pasts, their present, their futures until I lost all sympathy for them and just wanted them to grow up Talk about self indulgence.There was little character growth here, beyond a superficial falling in love thing The chemistry between Kia and Chase was ruined by his complete lack of respect for her or for any woman and her clinginess The sex scenes were the worst parts to read, because they were so poorly described you could hardly tell what was going on sometimes, and the characters kept interrupting with internal monologues about their own anxieties talk about mood killer.Another bad habit was the constant switching of perspective The third person perspective would flit from Kia to Chase to her dad to his brother to Khalid to some random other person, all without warning Sometimes it would switch from Kia to Chase and back again practically in the same sentence a bit of an exaggeration, I know, but that s what it felt like a lot of the time It left you confused, disorientated, pulled you out of the story and whacked your head against the wall Oh wait, that was me throwing the book.It s writers like Leigh who give the romance genre a bad rep I spent much of the time reading it it took me a great deal longer to read than a book of this genre would normally bitching about its many flaws, typos included With two glaringly big flaws writing quality and dismal plot to contend with, that one star is looking extravagant by the second.

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    I generally like Lora Leigh, but I could barely stomach this book I had to force myself to finish it I didn t like Chase, I barely liked the chic, see I can t even remember her name, it was that bad If I had to read about one I can see into her soul, because I m buttsmexing her I mean really Seriously While they are having a threesome with Kahlid, she is taking two at once, um OUCH Kahlid is whispering to her how Chase must love her b c he is going sans condom up the arse OMG, was this for real Yes This was what they were talking about, and all the Dam you s As they are fucking When they are mad it s Dam you I wanna go up the butt you and Dam you, I like that you want to go up the butt me, and Hey now, let s not forget the third person, might as well fill all my orifices Worst book I ve read in a long ass time It was funny however in a twisted, I can t believe they are doing this sort of way And Sex on the hood of a car is awesome, except when it s freaking snowing outside um yea, who does that

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