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Magical Mischief Hardbattle Books Is No Ordinary Bookshop Magic Has Settled There In Every Corner And Over The Years Has Brought Chaos To Mr Hardbattle S Life And Driven Away Most Of His Customers His Livelihood Threatened, Mr Hardbattle Is Finally Forced To Take Action Together, Mr Hardbattle, The Resourceful And Down To Earth Arthur And Miss Quint Embark Upon A Quest To Find A New Home For The Magic

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Magical Mischief book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Dale author readers around the world.

➧ [Ebook] ➢ Magical Mischief  By Anna Dale ➲ –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Magical Mischief
  • Anna Dale
  • English
  • 19 November 2019
  • 9781408800430

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this middle grade fantasy It was a random library find and I m looking forward to reading from this author The characters were cute and interesting, the premise was fun and whimsical, and it reminded me a lot of Eva Ibbotson s books, which were my favorite when I was young I was prepared to give this book a higher rating, but in the end I had two problems that prevented me from giving it than 3 stars 1 The initial conflict of the book was that the magic in the bookshop needed a new home, but that conflict was quickly outweighed eclipsed by the conflict of Ms Quint s mistakes I was unsure what the main goal was for the characters, and it seemed like the issue of the magic was totally absent for at least a third of the book 2 The ending was rather abrupt The reader cannot even be sure whether the magic really did find a home though the inference would be that it did, in the old tower on the free range chicken farm , and from there what was going to happen to Mr Hardbattle I was expecting an ending in which Mr Hardbattle would somehow get to keep the bookshop.Regardless of these two points, I ll still recommend this to readers who enjoy middle grade fantasy as a quick and charming read.

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    When I read the description of this book it sounded like it would be a really fun and interesting story to read Mr Hardbattle has been losing customers from his bookstore because, to put it bluntly, the place stinks When he does some investigating to determine the cause, he finds out that it is all due to magic He further learns that the way to get rid of the magic is to thoroughly dust and clean his store With such a big heart and compassionate nature, he simply can t bring himself to do that Rather than do so, he allows the magic to stay, even though sometimes it gets completely out of hand and leaves a mess that takes hours to clean up.The story includes several very interesting characters in addition to Mr Hardbattle These include Arthur, Miss Quint, Susan a girl who gets wished out of a book , Scallywag Mr Hardbattle s dog and Trunk, a stuffed elephant left behind by a customer Although I enjoyed most of the characters, I don t agree at all with the book description of Miss Quint wherein it calls her lovable Without giving away too many details I will say that I found her to be anything but lovable In fact I felt that her actions were a poor example of how an adult should act Rather than take responsibility and owning up to her actions, she repeatedly lies and makes up stories in order to keep from getting in trouble.If you re looking for a fun, enjoyable escape into the world of fantasy, mixed with a little bit of mystery, then this may be just the book for you Geared toward the 9 12 year old readers, I believe that it will appeal to both boys and girls alike At 194 pages it s a quick read I finished it in just two to three days The book didn t turn out all like I expected it to and therefore, I came away with less than the WOW I was hoping for The other disappointment I felt when I was finished came from the fact that the story seemed to just end abruptly as if the author was either a assuming that you know how it ends, or b is leaving it open for a sequel Either way I feel cheated.

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    Cozy British fantasies are hard to find these days, so fans of this genre will enjoy the latest by Dale A bookshop owner discovers that magic has taken up residence in his little shop, and he doesn t know what to do Since the magic is tricky, and temperamental, though mostly good spirited, he must step carefully After consulting an expert, he decides to do nothing and for ten years, the dust gathers and the magic has its way Business drops off to almost nothing since every person who comes in smells a different unpleasant odor Then Mr Hardbattle is given notice of the rent going up far beyond what he can afford, and he must take action he must move the magic to a new spot, or lose his home and livelihood Enter Arthur, a 13 year old boy, and Miss Quint, a middle aged chatterbox who can be exceedingly annoying They tackle the problem of where to put the magic, but along the way, have some unusual adventures The book falls short of greatness in the Diana Wynne Jones sense, and it s hard to like some of the characters Miss Quint never really seems to evolve and the bad guy characters are very one dimensional but is still an entertaining chapter book for 4th to 6th graders.

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    Honestly, I decided to stop reading this I m an adult, but I can t imagine a kid that would want to read this book The most prominent of the main characters are a middle aged woman and an elderly bookseller, with a kid thrown in as a sort of afterthought The author also embraces strict gender roles and stereotypes so lovingly that this is why I ultimately put the book down the females of the household were already in the kitchen I thought, fuck it, this was published in 2010 and I m embarrassed to be reading it The concept itself is cute and the prose aren t bad, but I wouldn t recommend this book at all Maybe if you re ultra conservative it ll be up your alley, but for those of us living in the 21st century, this book is better left on the shelf.

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    This is the first book that eleven year old me ever read in a single day, staying up all night to finish it As with all of Dale s books, Magical Mischief is beautifully written and perfectly captures a magical world for its younger audience.

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    Book talk There are few places left where magic can live undisturbed The world is too busy, too clean, and too new for magic So when a bit of magic finds Mr Hardbattle s dusty, quiet, old bookshop it is delighted Living with magic can be hard it smells awful and can create quite a mess when it gets excited But life is never boring when the bottom step may turn into custard at any moment So when Mr Hardbattle learns he ll have to move out of the shop he s worried about where the magic will go With the help of his new friends, though they just may be able to save the shop and the magic.Rocks my socks The premise of someone trying to save an independent book shop from closing down is timely and presented in a charming way This is an old fashioned fairy tale kind of world where people s characters are reflected by their names I enjoyed reading about the mischief the magic got up to and I enjoyed the characters of Mr Hardbattle and the boy Arthur Goodenough who ends up helping him.Rocks in my socks The plot has holes in it than a sieve, the characters are mostly two dimensional, and the pacing is slow I really wanted to like this book, but I didn t It was, like Arthur, good enough but the lackluster characterization and weak plot kept it from truly engaging me Having worked in an independent book store the wildly inaccurate depiction of that annoyed me as well I have no idea how Mr Hardbattle could run a shop where the books constantly rearrange themselves, or keep afloat when he only has one or two customers a day unless he s doing crazy amounts of delivery, which doesn t seem to be the case His shop must be really tiny too if a couple of people with no book shop experience can shelve ALL the books in the course of a morning Many plot devices felt contrived such as the exterminator who randomly stopped by the shop then immediately began work as soon as he discovered what he thought to be a roach infestation without speaking to anyone other than a child too young to actually work there The completely unsympathetic portrayal of the only teacher in the book didn t exactly thrill me either Every book its reader I d give this to someone looking for a magical tale to read before bed something sweet that they ll be able to easily put down and pick up the next night.Read of my reviews at

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    Mr Hardbattle s dusty old bookstore is having a harder and harder time staying in business, mainly because of The Smell To Mr Hardbattle, it smells like manure, but other patrons have complained of other odors He consults Mrs Trinket, who solemnly informs him that he has an infestation of magic because he has provided a perfect environment for it to flourish It could be remedied easily enough, with a good clean out and lots of vacuuming, but since magic is such a rare commodity, Mr Hardbattle sits tight for ten years, until he finds out that his rent is going to go up Luckily, at about this time he meets young Arthur and Miss Quint, who both believe him about the magic and want to help While Mr Hardbattle goes to look for a new home for the magic, he leave Miss Quint in charge of the store Things go well at first, until she becomes bored and summons a vast quantity of book characters to life Some are not bad the young Susan, who becomes very dear to both Arthur and Miss Quint , but others go too far afield in their quest for amusement and cause massive problems in the bookstore and in the village Can Mr Hardbattle send the characters back where they belong, and preserve both his business and the magic Strengths I heard about this one from Charlotte at Charlotte s Library, so I was sure to like it Aside from teaching Latin at Eton College, I think that running a dusty old bookshop in a small English village would be the best job ever This is perfect for fans of Edward Eager, Diana Wynne Jones realistic books, and anyone in need of a slightly old fashioned, gently magical read.Weaknesses My students would rather read about murder Or football Or some combination of the two Sigh It s hard to get students to read a book where this much tea is consumed I adore that about British books There would be PG Tips in my bookstore, and a nice assortment of biscuits, too I could continue to wear my pleated skirts and warm wool sweaters There could be an impressive apidistra I d have a pair of small Yorkshire terriers Named Ottmar and Johannes Or Buckram and Vellum instead of a cat I m sorry Was this supposed to be a book review instead of a lapse into my own fantasy world

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    Marvelous little story about a dusty old bookshop that harbors enough magic to wreak havoc and drive away customers The owner and his unlikely sidekicks must find a new home for the magic, but in the meantime many adventures ensue including the always fun scenario of book characters coming out of the books to hang around and steal things Reminded me a bit of Edward Eager and some other magical stories I remember reading as a kid.

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    Magical Mischief is a great book for kids and just an all around fun book Anna Dale keeps you awaiting to see what happens next With all the problems they encounter, you re always rooting for the characters Even though it s like a lot of books containing magic, you don t really expect magic and a book shop to be in the same story.

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    This was a fun young adult fiction book I think what I enjoyed the most was its Britishness there s a sort of magic about English culture with its language and traditions Without giving away the ending of this recommended book, I do wish it had ended slightly differently, resulting in stories, but I shouldn t complain it was fun.

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