PromiseNew Adult Paranormal Romance Mature ContentRecommended For Ages Due To Sexual Situations And Language First Installment Of Award Winning Author Kristie Cook S Bestselling Soul Savers SeriesAlexis Ames Has A Life Full Of Promise But Not All Promises Can Be KeptWhen Alexis Ames Is Attacked By Creatures That Can T Be Real, She Decides It S Time She Learns Who She Really Is, With Or Without The Help Of Her Mother, Who Guards Their Family S Secrets Closely After Meeting The Inhumanly Attractive, Multi Talented Tristan Knight, However, Alexis Retreats Behind Her Fa Ade Of Normalcyuntil She Discovers He S Not Exactly Normal Either Then Their Secrets Begin To UnravelTheir Union Brings Hope And Promise To Her Family S Secret Society, The Angels Army, And To The Future Of Mankind But It Also Incites A Dangerous Pursuit By The Enemy Satan S Minions And Tristan S Creators After All, Alexis And Tristan Are A Match Made In Heaven And In Hell St Place Royal Palm Literary Award Fantasy Published By Florida Writers Association

Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle She can be found at

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Promise
  • Kristie Cook
  • English
  • 05 January 2018
  • 9780984562107

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    SPOILER ALERT BUT IF YOU READ TWILIGHT YOU KNOW THE PLOT ANYWAY teenage girl moves to a new town meets a gorgeous but mysterious guy she is intrigued while other think he is a little strange find out that the guy is supernatural after he saves her from being run over by a car he is constantly fighting the deep seated urge to kill her while falling in love with her obviously after much coaxing he agree to have sex with her obviously difficult because of the whole killing thing but only after they are married When they finally do the deed bruises and a broken headboard are the result as well as an unexpected and unusual pregnancy While I was reading this book I assumed that the author was an over zealous teenage Twilight Saga Fan Girl writing her first novel The book was a bit amateurish and obviously A LOT of the plot lines seemed VERY familiar but I kept thinking that with practise and maturity she could have potential Then I got to the end of the book and read the authors biography and found out Kristie Cook is a seasoned author And all I have to say is SERIOUSLY

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    This is a story about difficult obstacles, true love, soul mates, secrets, good vs evil and everything in between Kristie Cook has created a world full of fascinating characters, interesting twists and stressful situations There s also love that I could practically feel emanating off the pages, it was so strong I thought I was falling in love for a second There were laughs, lots of tears and quite a bit of breaths that I had to hold waiting to see what was going to happen and how things were going to work out Talk about your tension, whoa baby Alexis Ames has never been normal and she s always been somewhat of an outsider Living and moving at the drop of a hat with her mom all over the country hasn t given her much of a chance to get a grip on her place in the world but she s hoping she ll be able to call Florida home for a while and add college to her daily routine Fresh starts and clean slates being in the forefront of her mind, but let s just say she was going to be slightly disappointed Little did she know that if she thought things were crazy before than she had no idea the spiral she was about to go down when she meets Tristan Knight.Hello Tristan Tristan is the ultimate guy, he s handsome, he s got manners and killer charm, he s always in showing up when you least expect him, and he s just pretty much all around perfector so everyone thinks He s got his secrets just like Alexis has hers and it seems that they re not the only ones, sheesh there were so many people in this book telling so many different versions of the truth it s a wonder anyone could keep anything straight But someone how Cook was able to keep things straight, clear and flowing effortlessly Not to mention the fact that Cook writes romance and the build up that goes along with every budding relationship with the best of them and when big events start happening you didn t even realize how invested in the characters you were until its too late I was taken by complete surprise and I m still kind of reeling over how much I came to care about these characters.Luckily I was aware of this being the first book in a series ahead of time so the cliffhanger Cook left me with wasn t a debilitating blow so much as a huge are you kidding me moment, but I m still hoping her second book in the Soul Savers series comes out sooner rather than later Kristie Cook quickly became a favorite author of mine and I m crossing my fingers that she doesn t crush me in this next installment because I m not sure I can take the stress she creates right at this moment These characters feel a little bit like a fictional family to me and I want everyone to live happily ever after, is that so much to ask for

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    I was very lucky to be chosen as an early reader of Promise Kristie Cook has written a book that will appeal to everyone who enjoys fantasy, romance and mystery Her vivid descriptions and well woven story lines keep you glued to the pages to see what will happen next I m anxiously awaiting book 2 in the Soul Savers series

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    For info and reviews please visit my Book Review Blog here A Life Bound By Books Kristie Cook is destined to take the self publishing world by storm with her first novel in the brand new Soul Savers series Promise Thrilling, action packed, with rich and endearing characters, mystery and a love story unlike most others, this book has all the key ingredients and then some to quickly become the book everyone wants to read.Alexis and her mother are on the move again When everyone including yourself thinks you re a freak because of your strange abilities and your mother doesn t seem to age, you tend to move around a lot With starting college it s the perfect time to make a fresh start and begin again Moving to Florida would be perfect, just no one was expecting it to be life changing.Alexis is a strong level headed character and when Tristan enters her life you just know they are destined I enjoyed watching their relationship grow into something epic What s interesting is that this wasn t a love at first sight type of love, it was a love that grew from friendship which was a breath of fresh air Alexis has her guard up and has good reason to and Tristan has some secrets as well That s where the beauty of their relationship comes in They took the time to sort through things and listen and learn about each other, to figure out that what they needed most might just be what the other is willing to give.Tristan is fierce and loyal and has his own set of problems to deal with and he wants nothing then to be a better person for not only himself but for Alexis and a whole race of people He might have a lot of history to make up for, but wants nothing than to do just that The inner battles he faces are part of what makes him perfect to me Knowing a character is flawed and watching their internal struggle to be better and overcome them is something that always draws me in.With a war looming above Alexis, Tristan and everyone around them they must figure out a way to keep Alexis safe and keep their love secret from the evil forces at work It s a war between good and evil with little to no way to stop it.The story flowed easily from one page to another with the descriptive writing, strong characters that were easy to cheer for and a love story to leave your heart tingling Kristie s Promise is a book bursting at the seams with an ending that ll leave you wanting .

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    First, I m going to join the plethora of voices and say this book far exceeded expectations I debated long and hard over the rating because I was afraid 3 stars might give off the impression that I don t highly recomend this book because I do It took a few chapters for the book to hook me, but after it did I was a goner The only big issue I had was the dialogue between Tristan and Alexis it was a little too unrealistic and cheesy.I wasn t instantly swept away in the romance either it took some time for me to have a true emotional investment in their relationship, but I eventually got there and once I did, I for sure wasn t leaving Other than a few minor issues, I couldn t be pleased Yes it does have some small similarities to other paranormal books, but it also has its own unique presence in the paranormal world It has plenty of action, romance, and memorable characters a true page turner.Now addressing the generic Twilight accusations, I hate to break it to you people, but Stephenie Meyer didn t create the idea of abstinence until marriage I m pretty sure the Bible did that And any SUPER strong man with supernatural abilities runs the risk of a little mass distruction when it comes to physical intimacy with a human Damage control is kind of inevitable no matter what book we re talking about.Trust me the story is unique as it portrays the battle between heaven and hell, good and evil, angels and demons The ending will knock you down and run you over a few times so my advice is to have the sequel waiting and ready Great new series

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    OK so this is the forth 5 star book I ve read in the last 2 weeks, I don t usually give five stars unless the book actually interrupts my everyday life and let me tell you something, I sobbed This book kept me up late, made me put a movie on for my kids to do NOTHING all day and let the laundry sit in the drier after it was done Not too many books have done that I could not put it down It killed me to sit in traffic doing noting while I could have been reading this book I recommend it to all my friends that like supernatural and romance, but beware I SOBBED, I didn t just have little teary tears in my eyes spilling over, I actually sobbed It was sad and it s a cliff hanger Oh and I just added Tristan to my love list I call boys in books are just better i hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

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    Rated 3.5 starsIt took over half of the book for our heroine to wise up, once she got with the program, situations escalated from there At 75% the book entered I might read the next one territory and by the end I decided I would.

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    I first must say that I already knew how fabulous this book is I just needed to reread to make sure I am ready for Devotion when it releases soon.Now with that said I am going to attempt to tell you all why this is sooooooo amazing In Promise, Kristie does an amazing job of making her characters seem so real Alexis is a fabulous female lead and Tristan.well what can I say He s mysterious and sexy and completely irresistible The relationship that forms between Alexis is awesome and it grows just as fast as Alexis in this book And it s not like BANG Done Nope they literally let their relationship grow until they couldn t take it any Now I am having a hell of a time trying to do this review without spoiling it for all of you guys so I will just say this..READ THIS BOOK NOW You have to get this immediately and while you are at it..You mise well get Purpose too because if you don t you are going to regret it 5 5 Stars

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    So I have had this book sitting on my TBR pile and wow I wish I had read it sooner So I thought this was a YA book because the MC Alexis is 18 19 in the book But it is definitely for a mature age range Just to go off topic for a second there should be some sort of group or whatever for college age range or something because it isn t really YA or adult But anyway moving on I really liked the MC Alexis she was easy to relate to and someone I would love to have as a friend I loved her character growth throughout the book I intrigued to learn about what Alexis was and I hope that I will learn in the next book because it is still a little vague Then there is Tristan, who was very swoonworthy omg He was also very sweet and he and Alexis make a great couple I loved that their relationship wasn t instant love even though there was instant attraction but took time to build and seem like a real relationship although in the end it may have been a bit rushed in my opinion They had their own issues and problems and there relationship wasn t perfect, which is what made it so interesting to read about The basis of the book is their relationship and it gets quite sexual, which is why it is for mature audiences But basically they are a great couple and fun to read about There were some great secondary characters as well Learning about Alexis Tristan was a favorite part of the book for me and I thought it was really interesting I hope the next book delves deeper into what they are There were some great action scenes towards the end that I loved, the pace really picked up The ending made me want to cry and to also read Purpose ASAP I definitely recommend the book if you like the epic star crossed lover aspect as well as the paranormal Oh and there are similarities between this book and Twilight, but they definitely are not the same There were even some indirect references and those similarities in there, that I assume were ironic, that made me laugh Overall I loved Promise

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    Kristie Cook has created an intoxicating world with a cast of characters that are deliciously addicting Originally, I expected to walk into a world of spiritual warfare I was wrong and I was right in this assessment It is a war A war of love Where other paranormals glide past the reasons love exist, Ms Cook handed it to me on a silver platter And I devoured it And I wanted Rich in characterization, this story follows the not so normal Alexis Ames Like nomads, she and her mother have spent Alexis s life wandering from town to town For Alexis, being different means that people talk and it s hard to keep her excuses and lies believable when she doesn t even understand what she is or why she s different in the first place In a seaside town in Florida, Tristan Knight enters her life and everything changes While her secrets become harder to keep, their budding love becomes an uphill battle Of course, Alexis has no idea that what she s trying so hard to keep from Tristan is the very thing he needs the most from her As the blurb on the back cover says, They re a match made in Heaven and Hell Watching these two fight for love was an absolute joy for me The descriptions are breathtaking, the characters so addicting And the love story Well, it s priceless I highly recommend this book

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