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Grimms Fairy Stories With The Words Once Upon A Time, The Brothers Grimm Transport Readers To A Timeless Realm Where Witches, Giants, Princesses, Kings, Fairies, Goblins, And Wizards Fall In Love, Try To Get Rich, Quarrel With Their Neighbors, And Have Magical Adventures Of All Kinds And In The Process Reveal Essential Truths About Human Nature When Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm Set Out To Collect Stories In The Early S, Their Goal Was Not To Entertain Children But To Preserve Germanic Folklore And The Hard Life Of European Peasants Was Reflected In The Tales They Discovered However, Once The Brothers Saw How The Stories Entranced Young Readers, They Began Softening Some Of The Harsher Aspects To Make Them Suitable For Children A Cornerstone Of Western Culture Since The Early S, Grimm S Fairy Tales Is Now Beloved The World Over This Collection Of ThanOf The Grimms Best Tales Includes Such Classics As Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel And Grethel, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood, And The Frog Prince, As Well As Others That Are No Less Delightful

Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother

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    4.5I love Fairy Tales, and usually can t resist different lavishly illustrated versions However, what attracted me to this copy was that is a light paper back with no illustrations and a nice selection of stories 45 of them It made for a literal light read, in comparison to my enormous illustrated editions, which are undeniably stunning but also not practical to read outside of the house It was fun to judge the Fairy tales on the story alone, to revisit old favourites such as Cinderella and Briar Rose, as well as reminding myself of some the lesser known yet just as enjoyable tales The Valiant Little Tailor, The Lazy Spinner, The Three Army Surgeons The oddest story in the collection may have been The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage, which is about a mouse, and bird and a sausage who all live together, dividing the chores, then the bird revolts, insists they swap chores and inadvertently causes them all to die It is two pages long and escalated quickly

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    Warning If you read these stories too close together they get a little repetitiveIf you read them to very young children they will probably have nightmaresThings I have learned from this collection of fairy tales All Princesses are beautifulAll step Mothers are wickedAll step sisters are uglyLuckily Kings are unable to tell the difference between beautiful princesses and their ugly step sistersAnimals can talkMagical transformations are normalPrincesses are saved by their natural goodnessWicked people meet their downfall with an abrupt and grisly death Bonus thought Little Red cap is not as catchy as Little Red Riding Hood

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    As is usual with many short story collections, there were some stories I thoroughly enjoyed, and there were some I didn t like in the slightest It s took a little longer than I d hoped to get around to reading this, but I m happy I finally have It is a classic read, but there were some stories I could relate to than others There were some I remember being read to me as a child To be honest though, these versions of the fairy tales are somewhat dark, and one could even go as far as calling them chilling.All of these stories contain some sort of message and a purpose, and I thought that it was a good deal of fun to figure those out.

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    Giunse in una grande foresta selvaggia, e s inginocchi e preg Dio, e l angiolo del Signore le apparve e la men a una piccola casa su cui era uno scudetto con le parole Qui ciascuno vive libero .

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    Taken from the East European oral tradition, and first published in 1812, these stories were originally collated and published in Germany by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.Although softened to appease Christian sensibilities of the day, this compilation still became a sort of cult horror anthology for children Indeed, returning to these gruesome little tales as an adult, I can see that they are indeed grim , and make curious bedtime reading.Even allowing for the Grimm brothers sanitisation of the stories, they remain far removed from Disney s cinematic versions of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and all the other fluffy, uplifting animations so popular with modern movie goers Here, incest, cruelty, starvation, torture and violent death vie for space with the happily ever afters Decapitated gee gee anyone Thankfully my seven year old self was far less squeamish, and I dwelt not at all on the many sadistic happenings, but simply enjoyed reading about talking bears, heroic giant slayers and sharp witted wolves in red bonnets In short, I was a typical child reader.NB I don t wish to appear a pedant, but surely the title, Grimm s Fairy Stories, is grammatically incorrect Shouldn t it be Grimms Fairy Stories I m sure someone will correct me if I m wrong.

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    I think my only exposure to the Grimm brothers stories has been the Disney fied version I think I prefer Disney s Stories 1 Hans in Luck Hans is a fool who wouldn t know a good bargain if it punched him in the face 2 The Goose Girl Trickery and ambition get you thrown naked into a barrel of nails and dragged to your death.3 The Frog Prince He s the original nice guy Accept help from a nasty toad and you will wind up with a Prince who feels he has the right to your time, your food, and your bed4 The Wolf and the Seven Goslings If you don t do it, cried the wolf, I ll eat you up And the miller was afraid and did as he was told And that just shows what men are 5 Faithful John Abducted princess suffers Stockholm Syndrome, parents willingly decapitate their own children to save their faithful servant, wtf is this story 6 Rapunzel If the prince loved her so much, why didn t he just bring a ladder to help her escape, instead of visiting every night to have sex with her in prison 7 Hansel and Grethel For once in these stories a girl takes action and saves herself and her brother 8 The White Snake A princess has fun setting impossible tasks for her suitors and killing them when they fail Until a servant boy s animal friends help him pass all the tasks, and he and the princess live HEA Yay 9 Mother Hulda Helpful and industrious girls are rewarded Lazy and mean spirited girls are tarred and feathered.10 Tom Thumb He s a tiny psychopath.11 The Elves oooookaaaayyy12 The Robber Bridegroom Girl keeps her head, brings justice to man who chops up and eats women 13 The Almond Tree Wicked woman decapitates and dismembers her stepson and feeds him to his father All is HEA when stepmother is crushed by a millstone and the boy is resurrected by the almond tree 14 The Six Swans More wicked stepmothers and abducted girls willingly married to their captors15 The Sleeping Beauty Two beautiful privileged youth find each other and live HEA without a thought of the many boys with poor timing who died an agonized death impaled in the thorn hedge This may be the best one, with the wonderful imagery of the kingdom asleep in suspended animation 16 Snow White Snow White is TSTL but is such a beautiful corpse that a prince marries her, and the evil queen is an incompetent murderess, but gets death by red hot iron shoes.17 Rumpelstiltsken I think Rumpelstiltsken got a raw deal here The greedy 1% stole his gold and welshed on the trade.18 The Golden Bird Another story where some dolt gets to own a beautiful princess as a contest prize 19 The Golden Goose I d be a sourpuss too, if my father announced he d give me away as a contest prize Hardcover copy with the text translated from the original German and with intricately detailed illustrations I read this for the 2018 Halloween Bingo square A Grimm Tale

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    Note I am reading a kindle version of the 1922 publication of this collection titled Grimm s Fairy Stories It is equal to 144 pages long and has 28 of the Grim Brother s tales The Kindle version does not have the illustrations so obviously I can not comment on them.This is the first time I ve actually read Grimm s fairy tales I know a lot of them, as does everyone else, but only through the watered down Disney version, various children TV shows Does anyone remember Shirley Temple Theater and children story books that bowdlerized many of the endings So I thought it would be nice to check out the originals This 1922 book which is in the public domain and available free on for the Kindle seems to be a nice place to start having 28 of the known stories There is also a Kindle version titled Grimm s Fairy Tales that has 60 tales for those who want to dig deeper.The first thing you hear is that Grimm s stories are much darker than what we are used to Some of them are quite dark but others read like farces, like Catherine and Frederick or Tom Thumb I can t help thinking they may have had some kind of sociopolitical ribbing in them that has mellowed through the ages Others are dark any way you look at them I seem to have missed out on some of the fun as a child For instance, why did Disney leave out that delightful scene in Cinderella where the evil step sisters cut off their toes so the slipper would fit Or what about all those burnings and dismemberments In Little Red Cap aka Little Red Riding Hood , the wolf wins and has a very nice meal Other tales are simpler and too easy Example In Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty , the prince just walks in and revives the unconscious damsel No fighting dragons or witches as in the modern versions Here is a tip to all you princes When rescuing a damsel, simply wait the seven or so years until the curse is over then be the first in line It will save you a lot of trouble But I did find these stories much interesting than I suspected As I ve said, always go to the source Of the lesser known tales, I especially enjoyed Bearskin The Six Swans and Faithful John This is a nice little sample of the Grimm Brothers 200 plus tales.

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    Taking into account all the ratings for each individual tale, the final rating would be of 3.5 but I m upgrading it to 4 because this edition is astonishingly beautiful The artwork inside makes the reading experience even better From the 27 tales this edition has, my absolute favourites are Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, Snow White, The Golden Goose, The Goose Girl and Puss n Boots Cinderella was quite a surprise to be honest I knew some of the gore details beforehand but my, my those stepsisters did some nasty things And Snow White was also great It has nothing to do with the Disney movie and I was quite pleased with it view spoiler especially about how Snow White woke up again No true love s kiss Hurray hide spoiler

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    Video review with any short story collection, there were some I really enjoyed in here and others I wasn t so bothered about I felt glad to have finally read this collection because it is a classic and it was interesting to see the traditional fairy stories and compare them with my previous knowledge of newer versions The originals are a lot gruesome and at times chilling I m glad I listened to this on audiobook because it made the stories accessible and fun I can highly recommend you try the audiobook version if you have tried to read these stories in the past and found them difficult to read.

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    Finally finished reading this beautiful book I have to say, I am completely shocked that I binge read this book the way I did It was definitely not written to binge read lol as gorgeous as it is on the outside and as lovely as it was written on the inside, reading hundreds of fairytales back to back became extremely repetitive I will probably never read these stories again unless I have children, which they ll come in handy as bedtime stories It is an amazing book to collect, however, and looks absolutely stunning on the bookshelf

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