A Short History of the Future

A Short History of the Future W Warren Wagar S A Short History Of The Future Is A Memoir Of Postmodern Times, Cast As A History This Powerful And Visionary Book Is Narrated By A Far Future Historian, Peter Jensen, Who Leaves This Account Of The World From The S To The Opening Of The Twenty Third Century As A Gift To His Granddaughter A Combination Of Fiction And Scholarship, This Third Edition Of Wagar S Speculative History Of The Future Alternates Between Descriptions Of World Events And Intimate Glimpses Of His Fictive Historian S Family Into The First Centuries Of The New Millennium Thanks To Wagar S Magisterial Command Of Futurist Information And Theory, His Extrapolated Near Term Future Is An Incisive, Dynamic Vision Of Where We May Indeed Be Heading H Bruce Franklin, Washington Post A Comprehensive, Massively Detailed Script Of A Possible Near Future Intriguing San Francisco Chronicle A Short History Of The Future Reads With Ease, Raises Provocative Possibilities And Presents Challenging Occasions For Thought And Argument Chicago Tribune A Breathtaking Future History In The Manner Of Wells And Stapledon, Unnerving In Its Mixture Of Fact, Fiction, And Personal Perspectives George Zebrowski, New York Review Of Science Fiction

Walter Warren Wagar

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  • Paperback
  • 340 pages
  • A Short History of the Future
  • W. Warren Wagar
  • English
  • 19 July 2019
  • 9780226869032

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    This book offers three possible scenarios for the future of the human race based on the branch of scholarship called future studies The result is a compelling fictional history that reads at times like a textbook and others like a science fiction novel The three alternate futures are combined into a single narrative that uses succeeding generations of a single fictional family to tie it together The first future follows modern global capitalism as it spreads to engulf all of humanity in its corporate embrace The second future describes a united world society similar in some aspects to that advocated by such groups as the Baha is, but without the religious emphasis The third future presents an even radical departure from modernity by combining the abandonment of power politics and production based economy with humanity using stunning advances in molecular biology to remake itself in ways that may seem disturbing to the modern reader This book is a very thought provoking read that provides the opportunity to compare three possible futures in an unified future history setting.

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    Such a difficult book to review I ve tried to read this book three times since college, and just haven t made past the first few pages To be honest, the first 30 pages or are a slog, mostly because they describe years that are now past rather than future and are too wonky regarding geo political upheaval.Things get really interesting around 2040 the year, not the page number when the Catastrophe happens Virtually everything that occurs after that is fascinating from a what if perspective Of course, it s still written historically and somewhat dryly, so don t expect a page turner And the interludes, while a welcome break from the prose, are mostly dispensable I think it s funny that even 10 years into Wagar s future, let alone hundreds, that there would be letter like correspondence between relatives and friends Can I recommend this book Maybe If you start just before the Catastrophe and skip around the rest of the book depending on your speculative future interests, you just might get something out of it Reading it straight through was a chore, though one with a few interesting diversions along the way.

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    The implications of this are fascinating In essence, there is no single political mode that can serve all people for all time Everything is essentially dynamic the same applies to people s technological and, if I may add, spiritual needs When one plane of existence is perfected, it gives way to the perpetuation of yet another plane.

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    This book chronicles a possible future covering the next two hundred years from the present Whilst effectively a work of fiction, the events described during the period in question are based on trends we see in our own time An excellent read

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    I have a hard time with nonfiction, and though this is technically fiction it is also written pretty historically That said, I did enjoy the concepts and scenarios imagined for our future I would recommend this book to people who love both history and scifi.

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    There is an update of this since I read it in the early 90 s, so this version may be dated, but it was a very interesting attempt to paint a story of our political, religious, and economic future as a planet based on past and current trends Told as fiction as a historical accoutn in the 2200 s.

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    Este o mais realista e o mais prov vel futuro da humanidade

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    It was certainly an interesting class when I took it at SUNY Binghamton.

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