WaterfallFor those who like a visual Marcello Favourite Quote We froze Neither of us moving, simply staring at each other if the other was going to move first You are, he whispered, uncommonly stirring He closed his eyes then, as if he had to in order to break the bond between us, then lifted me to the saddle and stare at the ground as he guided my feet into the stirrups.AWESOME I am not usually a fan of anything that slightly resembles historical fiction and well this is time travel back to Fourteenth Century Italy But I love everything about this book the setting, the characters, the history, the romance It has to be one of my favourite series of 2011.Bergen prose is elegant and magnetic while the plot is fast paced and addicting Often with historical fiction I feel overloaded with information and sometimes a little bored but Waterfall was effortless read that had me on the edge of my seat I was completely captivated by this story Immediately when I finished it I looked up how long I would have to wait for the next one It is one of those books that you just don t want to end thanks to the amazing writing of Bergren The characters are fantastic And not just this main ones The secondary character are just as strong and entertaining and I admit it is hard to pick a favourite Gabi is a compelling character Strong, mature and caring She showed a lot of courage and I don t think I could have handle myself as well as she did if got sent back to Fourteenth Century Italy and lost my sister Then there is Marcello My first thoughts was WOW A fierce fighter, smart, loyal and kind Gabi and Marcello has chemistry from page one There is loads of tension and obstacles as their relationship builds slowly.Overall, Waterfall is an electrifying and enthralling tale Do not miss out on this awesome new series. What Do You Do When Your Knight In Shining Armor Lives, Literally, In A Different World Most American Teenagers Want A Vacation In Italy, But The Betarrini Sisters Have Spent Every Summer Of Their Lives Among The Romantic Hills With Their Archaelogist Parents Stuck Among The Rubble Of The Medieval Castles In Rural Tuscany, On Yet Another Hot, Dusty Archaeological Site, Gabi And Lia Are Bored Out Of Their Mindsuntil Gabi Places Her Hand Atop A Handprint In An Ancient Tomb And Finds Herself In Fourteenth Century Italy And Worse Yet, In The Middle Of A Fierce Battle Between Knights Of Two Opposing ForcesSuddenly Gabi S Summer In Italy Is Much, Much Interesting Love this book This was the Total Package for me There wasn t an ounce of anything missing I m a sucker for a good history action adventure romance book, but this far exceeded my expectations I couldn t put this one down, loved every bit of it The story is about two sisters who travel to Italy every summer due to their mom and late father s love of archeology The Betarrini sisters search a tomb in which they were not supposed to enter and find handprints on the wall As they both place their hands on these ancient handprints things begin to change Upon entering the 13th century, Gabriella finds she is alone in this tomb, not sure where her sister Evangelia is As she exits this tomb, she is captured by Marcello, whom by the way is eye candy The story is based on Gabriella s search for her sister and mother She is such an amazing protaganist Such spunk and wit, it makes you giggle at times The knowledge she learned growing up helps her with her protrayal of a Lady from this current time Of course she finds herself developing feelings for Marcello, but he is betrothed and let s just say his soon to be partner is anything but kind Gabriella does her best to not fall for Marcello, due to an alliance needed by the betrothel of Lady Rossi and Marcello the future Lord of Castello Forelli She finds it hard when he is so attentive and attractive Throughout the story you will find yourself at the edge of your seat and cheering on Gabriella as she deals with the longing to find her sister, the fight to not fall for the knight in shining armor , a devious Lady Rossi, and a battle of inner strength The Characters in this story were so well written and the story was so believable I LOVED the chemistry between Gaby and Marcello There was such a pull there, which made you want to read Gabriella was a strong heroin She can wield a sword, climb down a stone wall on a rope, give an attitude and yet Present herself as a Lady when needed Such a fun character to read about Then there is Marcello, oh Lord Marcellodreamy, muscular, attentive all rolled up in his Italian hotness Need I say The secondary characters were amazing as well A great story isn t a great story without the jealous, devious, bitchy girlfriend Lady Rossi surely played her part in that Ugh makes me cringe thinking about her Luca, captain Luca Forelli, cousin of Marcello Such a great cast of characters and they all contributed to make this story as amazing and wonderful as it was This has got to be one of my favorite books so far this year and I can t wait until June when the next book in River of Time series comes out I would recommend this book to everyone Young and old It is a book that is relatable yet very enjoyable to read. The cover of this book drew me in first, and reading about the book thoroughly intrigued me It sounded like a really neat, adventurous read But I was slightly wrong in my assumptions It wasn t just a neat read it was an AWESOME read It had everything a reader could want in a medieval adventure battles, sword fights, balls, adventure, peril, humor, suspense, mystery, romanceeverything To put it simply I was completely wowed by this book The River of Time series ranks right up there with the best of them and will have a permanent spot on my bookshelf Gabriella Gabi was one amazing woman While she was strong and fearless, she was also gentle, compassionate, and had her weaknesses Being able to wield a sword gave her some advantage when the time travel landed her in the middle of a small war, but knowing how to spar with her father did little to prepare her to take on seasoned knights three times stronger than herself But even then, she does not shirk from danger That was one of my favorite aspects of Gabi she was heroic and brave, even if she was inwardly scared out of her wits I didn t get to know her sister, Evangelia Lia that much, but she was very similar to her sister, though a bit sensitive and na ve But living with the Sienese had caused Gabi to grow up almost overnight, and Lia was no different What a heroine she was as she used her impeccable skill with the bow and arrow I was cheering for her right alongside Gabi what a formidable team they formed No wonder they were called the She Wolves of Siena The men in these books were amazing Marcello and Luca were just plain awesome What girl wouldn t want a brave knight beside you, ready to die to keep you safe And handsome, ta boot While Marcello was wonderful, I felt of a liking his sidekick, humorous Luca His gentle teasing and quirky comments in the face of danger endeared me to this man who was so devoted to Marcello, and in turn, Gabi and Lia While this book is published as YA fiction, I believe adults would find Gabi and Lia s adventures to be stirring and extremely satisfying Geared for the younger readers, Lisa kept her book clean, light hearted, and funny I loved the writing style she used, giving Gabi such a dry sense of humor as she struggled with the differences of living in the medieval world as opposed to the 21st century There were times where I outright laughed Lisa has written a true winner with this book, and, I am confident to presume, with the next two in the series The book doesn t end with that bad of a cliffhanger, but enough to make the reader run to the calendar and figure out how much longer they must wait for the next book to be released What an awesome series this will be I think the uniqueness of the storyline 21st century girls traveling back to the 1300s really make for it to be such an awesome series I can confidently say that I won t tire of rereading this book again, and again, and again The perilous adventures that Gabi faces will leave you breathlessly clinging to each word as you read through the pages I loved that Lisa didn t make her characters invincible or anything they were hurt and bested at some points This all made their adventures that much believable and the characters that much human And it added a hook to the whole plot as I read into the wee hours of the night, wondering how on earth Gabi and Lia would make it out of such a predicament alive I seriously cannot wait until all three books are released I am counting down the days as I keep my copy of Waterfall close at hand for constant rereading. Gabi and Lia Betarrini get to spend their summer vacation in beautful ItalyToo bad it s on a hot and dusty archeological site, among the rubble of the medieval castles in rural Tuscany Bored beyond belief, the Betarrini sisters go exploring on the site into an acient tomb Where Gabi finds handprints inside So when Gabi and her sister lay their hands atop of the prints Gabi finds herself in fourteenth century Italy., in the mist of a fierce battle of knights of two opposing forces Oh plus her sister is totally missing Suddenly Gabi s summer in Italy is much, much interesting Time travel Knights and swords Oh my So it s safe to say I totally nerded out over this book There were so many things I just loved about this book I love Gabi s s voice in this story, she was funny, exciting , and a straight up warrior princess I think the fact that this story was told from her first person p.o.v really made this book come alive She definitely had a up close and interactive view of history You feel the moments when she freaks out when she s thrown in to a all out Medieval battle royal But you also see the super cool moments when she gets to dress in the gorgeous gowns and be around uber cute lords and knights ahem Marcello and Luca I love the code of chilavary from the men who up held it, was just touching, and one of the reasons I love this time period in the first place I also love the camaraderie and trust between Marcello and Luca With the two of them plus Gabriella they made the perfect team And the romance between Marcello and Gabi is just beautiful I love that Lisa Didn t try to rush their relationship I m telling you, I almost fell in love with the dude myself Plus, the action sequences book are amazing Lisa T Bergrens descriptive writing makes you feel like your there yourself This book was definitely a high octane adventure that will leave you looking for the buy button on your favorite book website for the next one in the series Girl Let s just say after book one, you will want book two immediately I may have already bought the whole series after reading this book lol, I know I realize I need help I am so looking forward to what s in store for the rest of this series Quotes I love Are you educated in the art of medicine Yeah, the art of Walgreens and Urgent Care A bit, I hedged See below Rating 2.5 StarsWaterfall is probably one of the most misguided books to have ever been marketed The title Waterfall implies that there will be at least a mention of a waterfall throughout the book Let me tell you now,there isn tThe cover of this book is gorgeously deceptive and seems to portray a girl going through a gateway of some kind I ll spoil something for you again there s no gateway The synopsis of Waterfall will tell you that this is an adventure novel about time travel wrong again All Waterfall really is is one giant dose of a love story, sorryluststory You know, the type where the romance between the two characters stems from charged electricity and has nothing to do with personalities or conversation whatsoever Yeah, those kind Waterfall was a disastrously disappointing read I had high hopes for this one, but it didn t even come remotely close I think if this was targeted to younger readers they might appreciate it , but ultimately it fell flatHonor Sacrifice Love Make no mistake, words such as these are the lifeblood of Bergren s seriesLet s take a look at this lovely comment about this not so lovely book shall we When Gabi and her sister Lia decide to explore their archaeologist mother s off bounds excavation site, they get sucked back in time to Medieval Italy Now, caught in between a fierce battle, wrought with enemies, knights, and treachery, Gabi must struggle to somehow find her younger sister, who mysteriously became separated from her, and return back to her own time However, Gabi may soon find out that returning is not something she wants to doHonorI have to admit, honor is a definitely a large theme in this novel Set in medieval Italy, the cast of Waterfall consists of real knights in shining armor However, despite the honorable setting, I finished this book learning nothing new about medieval Italy that I didn t know before, and believe me, I don t know much Perhaps this is the biggest fault I have with this book When you are setting out to write a time travel novel, the setting and historic background is one of the most important aspects Although the setting of this novel was described well, I was unable to grasp the true history behind this time period and in many ways, it felt extremely modern For instance, Gabi uses many modern phrases and is extremely assertive, a quality which is non existent for women of the age Yet, instead of being appalled by Gabi s behavior, all the men in Italy now find themselves vying for her affections Further, Gabi is conveniently equipped for medieval Italy Being the daughter of two archaeologists, her father has taught her how to wield a sword, speak fluent Italian, read Latin, and even speak medieval Italian like that of Dante sInfernoThis was all just a little too perfect for me and ultimately took away from the historic setting Gabi s ease in medieval Italy made it seem like a theatric set opposed to real life Yet, despite these shortcomings, Gabi did prove to be a brave and courageous character However, her sword prowess was honored by Italian society a feat which, I am quite sure, would not have actually happened in medieval Italy Instead, the woman would be shunned from society for not being a docile housewife and no man would wish to marry her Luckily for Gabi, the very opposite happens Wonderful for her, not so wonderful for us, the readerSacrificeMany YA novels have a prevalent theme of sacrifice, whether it be for family, friends, or love Okay, who am I kidding It s all for love Waterfall is no exception to this irritating clich Gabi, despite wanting to return home, is constantly conflicted over leaving the love of her life Marcello Marcello is probably one of the most boring male protagonists I ve come across He is macho, head strong, and can fight well That s it That is all there is to him He loves his family, he doesn t want to marry the woman he is betrothed to, he will most likely become heir of this estate, but that s it He shares no similarities with Gabi, anytime they actually converse they disagree, yet there is that undeniable attraction between them Gosh how I hate that sizzling air crap Gabi is equally as bad, boring, and bland if not worse than Marcello, so I suppose they make a rather perfect couple Lia on the other hand, is a remarkable character She was not swayed by the handsome hunks around her, she never took her eyes off the goal of getting home, and she sacrificed an immense amount of her childhood innocence to grow up quickly and acclimate herself with the horrors of war surrounding her I almost wish this story was told from her perspective since it would truly be a refreshing change from every other YA novel out there The sisterly love and affection between Gabi and Lia is not lost on the reader and in my opinion, what they sacrifice for each other should have been played up than what Gabi sacrifices by having to contemplate leaving behind her loverLoveI think by now you already know that this book is a romance, the love between Gabi and Marcello can hardly be called love, and ultimately the love story took away from what could have been an amazing historic story Waterfall truly had all the necessary ingredients and potential to become so much , but it didn t rise up to the occasion In many ways, I believe that this should have been targeted towards a younger audience The love story in this novel may have been better appreciated by readers who were not accustomed to well developed and slow to build romances Further, the two heroines with their kick ass fighting moves and skills may have also gained a larger fan base amongst younger children who were not expected a realistic overview of life in medieval Italy To me, the only reason Gabi and Lia were so spectacular was because they had been trained before hand how lucky for them and there were no other females to compare them with Being the only girls who ventured beyond their societal norms technically not even their own societal norms cast them in an adoring light when they truly did not deserve to be in one I don t think I need to say anything about the despicably boring love story, although I am near positive I can predict the next two books in the series due to the utter unoriginality of this one If you re looking for something unique, Waterfall is not it Ultimately, Waterfall is not a book I can recommend to anyone but younger readers who are just beginning to venture into YA fiction The time travel twist is unrealistic, the historic setting is non existent, the characters are un likeable, and the romance is not truly love The honor, sacrifice, and love that these reviewers describe to exist within this book do not actually exist Just like the title, cover, and synopsis of this story, the quote too was utterly unreliable Although this story ended on a cliffhanger ending, which I have found impossible to resist in every situation, I have to make an exception for this book This is simply one series I will not be continuing This review was inspired by Inge s review of Fallen which also used a quote to highlight multiple aspects of the story You can read it hereThank you to Lisa Tawn Bergren for sending me a copy of her book through Goodreads First Reads Many of my friends recommended this book to me but I still didn t read it This book was on my want to read shelf for a long time When I think of it now, it was on that shelf for too long I finally decided to pick it up Luckily I was in for a long car ride To be exact a seven hour car ride I couldn t put out down once I started it Now I would say that this is one of my favorite books series I would recommend this to anyone I loved every part of it I honestly can t think of one part that I didn t love This is a review of the WHOLE series This series is seriously worth reading In the long list of books that I have read, this series is definitely one of my favorites I honestly didn t know what else to write as my opening paragraph, so I just started it like that I love this series Waterfall, Cascade, Torrent, Bourne, Tributary, and Deluge are the books in the series It may seem like a huge series, but they are worth it Bourne and Tributary are the novellas of the series, but they are a must read I honestly don t know what to say about this series It is just so good No, I am not speechless over the book I have gotten over that because I have read this series than once I think I would have to say that my favorite book in the series is all of them Honestly, I cannot decide which one I like the best Each story was different and filled with adventure and romance, two genres that I love I fell in love with the characters right away Each of them was their own person Lisa did a wonderful job making the story and characters come to life I couldn t put the book down I just kept on reading and reading I was super sad when the series ended, even though it ended very well But, I am super excited to read the first book in Lisa s new series, River of Time California Three Wishes appears as if it will be like the River of Time series, just set in California, not Italy Either way, I am really excited to read it I have been waiting to post my final star rating until the end of the review, and now I finally can I would give this book 5 bright stars for the whole entire series Title River of Time series Author Lisa Tawn BergrenAuthor s Website This review was written with my own opinions and words To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln For people who like this kind of thing, it s the kind of thing they d like This book was not completely awful Though I did not like it, I understand why others might Some of the believable plot elements are interesting, I just couldn t get past the bad writing, awful romance, stick figure characters, and overall poor quality I m not saying that no one should read it, I just wouldn t recommend it.Here are some of my biggest complaints Many of the plot elements were just not believable I like fantasy books, but ones like this require too much suspension of disbelief I did not like this book enough to bother trying to suspend disbelief, so I just poked fun as I read.The characters are not developed at all The love interest is nothing than a stick figure character with a supposedly amazing physique If you asked me to describe what he was like, I could only tell you what circumstances he was in, not what kind of person he was supposed to be.And the main character Gabi is a vapid, boy crazy seventeen year old who makes me want to fall on my knees and thank God for making me abnormal The book is written in first person, and part of what made it so painful to be inside her head was the realization that people really are like this In many ways, she reminds me of the girls who were in my Sunday school class in 8th grade.Her infatuation with the love interest is painful I am a romantic at heart, and love WELL DONE romance books This does not fall into that category.Because nothing happens to draw the two together in true friendship with the other, it appears that their mutual interest is only carnal Neither acts out of appreciation for the other s true person, but out of how their appearance makes them feel When the characters confess their passionate love for each other, it seems completely fake You cannot base romance on mere physical attraction and expect me to take it seriously Over the course of the book, they simply do not interact in a way which would lend itself to a progressive increase in true affection for the other It s completely Ooooh, he s hot , not I appreciate the way he did such and such he is a man of character There is nothing inherently wrong with feeling attracted to somebody for their looks, but it has to go deeper than that before you can claim that you re in love with somebody.This girl s thought life is truly pathetic, although it does improve somewhat over the course of the book Apparently, immersion in historical Italy helps her to think less teen lingo, but on the rare occasion that she thinks something smart, she immediately goes Whoa What s happening to me Here s an example from the bookAs I shut the heavy door, I heard conversation erupt around all three tables It mattered not that they were rife with gossip about me rife who said a word like rife What was happening to me Well, I say words like rife, and I declare that this book is rife with idiocy. One thing I ve learned from reading this series is that I am totally unprepared for time travel and that I m a horrible parent because I have not prepared my children either I don t think I would last very long in the middle ages Our heroine Gabi and her sister Lia are transported from our modern times to Medieval Italy I liked how Gabi handles herself, her reactions seemed realistic I liked that she always looked for the positive and stays optimistic in the face of so many trials I also like how the author has used Gabi s past to prepare her for her life in medieval Italy Her father taught her fencing, Latin and Italian history Maybe it s a little convenient, but I liked that it made her transition easier Almost as if she was meant to live her life this way.Not only is Gabi a great character, but we also have a fantastic supporting cast in her sister Lia, and the yummy knights Luca and Marcello While we don t get a whole lot of page time with Lia, what we do get is great Luca adds a great comedic element, which helps to lighten the mood And Marcello brings the romance factor They have great chemistry together.While I m a sucker for the romance, I was glad there was to the story than just Marcello and Gabi There is a great plot full of adventure There is some violence, but its handle well and never overly descriptive I m dying for this series to be made into a movie, wouldn t that be awesome Content Clean, PG 13 Romance was clean No language Moderate violence. I found some of the circumstances a liiiiiittle convenient oh, you re sent back in time to medieval Italy Good thing your pops taught you ancient Italian and sword fighting and would have liked a bit of a culture shock no plumbing females with opinions but nevertheless thought this had likeable characters and an entertaining story Think sweeping romantic adventure Also Italian boys Always relevant to my interests.

AboutLisa Tawn Bergren is the best selling, award winning author of over 50 books, with than 3 million copies sold She is in the middle of writing The Sugar Baron s Daughters Series KETURAH, VERITY and SELAH , and recently finished a teen series called Remnants SEASON OF WONDER, SEASON OF FIRE, and SEASON OF GLORY She s also written the River of Time Series WATERFALL, CASCADE, TORRENT,

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