Side Jobs: Stories From The Dresden Files

Side Jobs: Stories From The Dresden Files Here, Together For The First Time, Are The Shorter From Jim Butcher S DRESDEN FILES Series A Compendium Of Cases That Harry And His Cadre Of Allies Managed To Close In Record Time The Tales Range From The Deadly Serious To The Absurdly Hilarious Also Included Is A New, Never Before Published Novella That Takes Place After The Cliff Hanger Ending Of The New April Hardcover, ChangesContains Restoration Of Faith Vignette Something Borrowed From My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding It S My Birthday Too From Many Bloody Returns Heorot From My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Day Off From Blood Lite Backup Novelette From Thomas Point Of View, Originally Published By Subterranean Press The Warrior Novelette From Mean Streets Last Call From Strange Brew Love Hurts From Songs Of Love And Death Aftermath All New Novella From Murphy S Point Of View, Set Forty Five Minutes After The End Of Changes

Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resi

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    This is a series of short stories listed as Dresden 12.5 and after his 12th Dresden novel Changes These are a collection of shorter works from throughout the Dresden files but many are around the time of Changes, Turn Coat and Small Favor Thematically, these are not just short stories related to the series, but actually tie in to the series and build the storyline That said, I kind of messed up and gave myself some spoilers by reading since I am not that far in the series, so Dresden fans, READ THESE IN ORDER.OK, so since I ve spoiled some of the fun moving forward for myself, I have at least saved many a Dresden fan from some spoilers.BTW I am a victim of one of the most egregious spoiler alerts of all time It is the summer of 1980 and a friend and I are in the theater watching Empire Strikes Back I had not previously seen the film and we were in the pre internet Ice Ages so I was literally watching and learning as the film reel wound out At the time we are somewhere during the Hoth scenes No Kidding, I could not make this up My friend leans over, we re both about 11 or 12 at the time and says, Oh You know Darth Vader is Luke s father right To this day, almost 40 years later, I have not forgiven him.So anyway, these are good stories, ranging from the mildly humorous Something Borrowed and Day Off to the somber The Warrior and Aftermath Taking place between the novels throughout, these function to add depth and characterization and world building to the Dresden universe Two stories break with tradition and are told not from Harry s perspective but from Thomas and Murphy.Good fun and an anthology that Dresden fans and will not want to miss, BUT after you ve read all the way through Changes.

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    This is an excellent collection of short stories, all part of the Harry Dresden universe, and each one introduced by the author showing where it fits the overall story line and why he wrote it The final one, Aftermath, is a massive spoiler for his book Changes, but as long as you have read past there then it is not a problem I have read the whole series and wait each year in anticipation of the next book so this was an ideal read for me All of the stories are good, some short, some long, some serious, some very funny Some are not even told from Harry s perspective although he is still there Notable for this is Backup, told from Thomas s point of view and great for giving a whole different view on Thomas, Harry and their relationship.If you like the Dresden Files then you will enjoy this.

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    The most important thing is that I got my Harry Dresden fix Everytime I read one of these books, I tear through it like a hyperactive child in a bulk candy story Well, this anthology, the thing that is supposed to get me to the next release it was okay Some of the stories were better than others Aftermath, the anticipated novella told right after the ending of Changes, was a disappointment The story itself was a typical Dresden universe tale, with the requisite slime, kicking, intrigue and bad guys Sadly, Murphy s voice sounded exactly like Dresden She had the exact same self deprecating tone, same observations, same descriptions of events the only thing that was substantially different is that she didn t say Hell s Bells every third page sigh C mon people, learn to swear The rest of the stories were a mixed bag, one was the first Dresden story Butcher ever wrote, and as such, it was rough, but entertaining All except Aftermath were released in prior anthologies, or on the web, prior to Side Jobs, with the exception of Back up, which was originally a very limited release from Subterranean Press.Readers should note that if you are not entirely caught up on the series, there are spoilers galore throughout the collection, especially in Aftermath If you are enthusiastic about The Dresden Files, DO NOT READ this one until you have finished all the regular novels File this one under Guilty Pleasures, for which I still need to make a shelf, and I m glad I was able to borrow it from a friend This assuages my guilt over being a fangirl for one of the most chauvinistic but in a nice way, popular characters in fiction.

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    Dresden Files short stories Jim Butcher s capacity to write about sexual assault and rape without having any idea that he s doing it will never cease to amaze me That s the uniting theme of this collection Harry Dresden, magical slugfests, and rape culture, woo I think my favorite bit was Harry getting turned on by watching Murphy make out with another woman on the magical equivalent of a date rape drug, and then lying to her about what happened later because it would just bother her to know Awesome Oh, wait, wait, no, my favorite was really when Thomas unloads all his vampire angst for pages and pages, then uses his mojo to rape a woman to death No, I m wrong My absolute favorite has to be when a woman who was once mind whammied into having a relationship with Harry that she wouldn t have otherwise later apologizes to Harry for it The fact that she s a rape victim doesn t actually make Harry a rapist, but it makes her apologizing incredibly fucked up Perhaps nearly as fucked up as Jim Butcher not having any apparent idea he s doing any of this shit..Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play Oh, you know, it s Jim Butcher The emotional palate hits a peak complexity somewhere around the eleventh grade boy level, and most conflicts get resolved by a metaphorical dick measuring contest, and I quite enjoyed a few of these stories Like you do sometimes.

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    4.5 stars All the Dresden fun, but with a few alternate POV s like Murphy and Thomas to sweeten the deal sign me up I enjoyed this compilation of novellas immensely maybe even slightly than the last couple of novels Every story brought something new and interesting to the table, and I kind of wish I had read them alongside the novels chronologically Overall, I d say don t skip this one it s every bit as worth your time as the main series itself.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at

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    I picked up this audiobook read by James Marsters Spike from Buffy and Angel because I enjoyed listening to Death Masks so much on audio He has a great voice Marsters takes you into the world of Harry Dresden in a fully immersive fashion I always wonder how voice actors remember how to keep the different voices consistent, and Marsters is awesome at it His pitch and cadence for each character, particularly Dresden, is spot on He doesn t lose the thread from story to story I like that despite the gender and age, the voice is fitting for the character.Some thoughts on the stories in general I didn t take notes on each story because I was too busy, so I ll have to keep things a bit less descriptive Some of the stories, I ve read before in other collections Some were new to me I havent read by Death Masks so I did spoil myself slightly, but I can live with it It wasn t a deal breaker That s something I would warn readers about if they pick this up If they are sticklers for reading books in order, this would be an issue.Story order Thanks, Wikipedia A Restoration of Faith This takes us back to when Harry was still apprenticing to get his PI license and he saves a girl who goes missing from a Troll that literally lives under a bridge I freaking love that in this book, there are real trolls in Chicago I m geeky about fae and mythical creatures like that This also shows when Dresden met Murphy, what a portentous event in his life I liked seeing Harry as a raw newbie Vignette A very short piece of fiction in which Harry discusses what should go on his business card with Bob, the fire spirit that lives in a skull in his lab Gives you an accurate perspective of Harry s personality Something Borrowed I read this in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding It was nice to hear the audio version There s a lot of story in this, from showing Harry s relationship with people who he s helped in the past, or who have fought with him, to a rematch with a very dangerous and vengeful enemy that Harry s encountered, out for blood and destroy him and those he loves It s My Birthday, Too I have a thing for Harry s brother Thomas He s hot I liked seeing them interact in this book, and there is a whole lot of action Harry s apprentice Molly is a big part of the story, along with some shoe cobbler elves Yes, you heard me right Let s not forget the vamp LARPers and real vamps as well Heorot This is was new story to me Wow, it was super creepy, and a very interesting way to integrate beer into a story This one is from Strange Brew, which I haven t read yet The monster in this story was oh, so gross, and has some neat literary folkloric origins Harry s fighting alongside Gard, a bodyguard for the mobster Marcone, who is a lot older than you d think Harry s Day Off So much for getting time off Harry was supposed to be taking it easy and getting ready for a date, but he has to help his wolf shifter friends end up with a case of magical mites, and Molly tries to blow up his lab This story was written with a specifically humorous focus I think that Dresden has a lot of nice sarcastic humor spread throughout the narrative, but the goofy factor is a little amped in this story Backup Backup is strictly from the view of Thomas Raith, and I wasn t mad about that Thomas is very intriguing The ultimate bad boy He has a dark beast simmering beneath the surface, ready to pounce and take control at any moment Marsters created a voice that is absolutely perfect for Thomas and very singular and different from Harry I highly recommend listening this on audiobook The Warrior I listened to this one in Mean Streets not too long ago Loved it both times For those Dresden fans including myself who have a soft spot for the Carpenters, this a story for you It s very much about Michael and his family and the power of being a warrior for the light, even when outside people don t get the sacrifice it entails It also shows how small acts can have such monumental results Harry learned that being a warrior for the light isn t always about picking up a sword Last Call If you ever watched Season 2 of True Blood, you will find that story arc very relevant to this story It s about a creature who uses her relationship with Bacchus Dionysus to control others mentally through beer I liked this one a lot because I always like when Harry and Murphy team up Love Hurts A strange story that puts the undertones to Harry and Murphy s relationship in the spotlight due to unique circumstances I wasn t 100% satisfied with the resolution Aftermath Aftermath is so spoilery I can t give any details Suffice it to say it s from Murphy s viewpoint and it gives some insight into Murphy s feelings for Dresden and the importance of their relationship to her.Overall thoughts Definitely well worth getting the audiobook to listen to James Marsters is so great for narrating Dresden, not just Harry but all the other characters I love this series.

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    Side Jobs is a collection of Harry Dresden short stories.A Restoration of Faith Harry goes on a missing persons case and winds up tangling with a troll.Not a bad story but not particularly good either It s the first Dresden story Jim Butcher wrote and it shows While entertaining, it has some glaring flaws, like the ten year old talking like she s 25 and the existence of a manhole on a bridge I may be ignorant of some things but I don t imagine a lot of bridges have manholes on them Still, all the Dresden hallmarks are there It even introduces Murphy.Vignette Harry and Bob discuss Harry s business card.This was less of a short story and of something that got snipped from a novel Something Borrowed Billy and Georgia, the Alpha werewolves are about to get hitched when something goes amiss.This felt like a genuine short story and was the first one in the book I reallly liked Jenny Greenteeth was pretty scary.It s My Birthday, Too Harry goes to visit Thomas on his birthday and winds up interrupting a LARP game, which is then interrupted by Black Court vampires.Another winner I m beginning to think I like Harry Dresden in smaller doses.Heorot A man s wife gets kidnapped at a beer festival and Harry is on the case But what does it have to do with a keg of stolen mead and Gard, Marconi s lady enforcer Dresden goes up against a monster straight out of Norse myth in this one and gets his ass handed to him in Dresden fashion Not bad but Harry s mouth gets on my nerves after a while.Day Off Harry Dresden tries to enjoy a day off with Anastasia Hilarity ensues.This one was great It start with Harry playing Dungeons and Dragons with some werewolves and just gets better All manner of humorous catastrophes befall Dresden as he gets ready for his date.Backup See my review of the Backup novella.The Warrior Someone s targetting Michael Carpenter and it s up to Harry to stop him Or are things much complicated than they seemSet after the events of Small Favor, The Warrior features the return of Michael Carpenter to the scene, as well as the rest of the supporting cast attached to him, including the two holy swords that Butcher ignored for a couple books The story is much intricate than it first seemed.Last Call A trip to McAnally s reveals that the place has been trashed and magically tainted beer is to blame Can Harry get to the bottom of things This is one of those stories that makes me think Jim Butcher and I wouldn t hang out if we knew each other I probably would have enjoyed it if I hadn t just read all of these other Dresden short stories but after a few stories in a row, I just can t turn a blind eye to the sexism The same way I get the idea that Jim Thompson wasn t all there, I get the idea that Jim Butcher is a misogynist who thinks he s hilarious.Love Hurts Couples turn up dead and Harry and Murphy track them to a state fair.Once again, Butcher teases the Murphy Dresden love affair but leaves us hanging The story isn t too bad though.Aftermath In the aftermath of Harry s disappearane at the end of Changes, Murphy struggles to fill the void as she tracks down Georgia, a missing werewolf and uncovers a lot of other supernatural activity.Ok This one was great and makes me want to read the next Dresden Files book The power vacuum left by the demise of the Red Court has all sorts of possibilities, some hinted at in this story Best story in the book.So, that s it for Side Jobs I liked some of the stories and hated others but it convinced me to stick with Jim Butcher through one Harry Dresden novel.

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    First read Oct Nov 10 read again Dec 10 re read Day Off, Backup, Something Borrowed, and The Warrior Oct 14 re read The Warrior 6 6 15 re read It s My Birthday, Too Valentine s Day 2017.Re read front to back 2018.Listed in the order I first read them, according to my whim Vignette Interesting to see an early draft similar to several Harry Bob conversations that made it into books Restoration of Faith Cute I enjoyed seeing how Harry and Murphy met Despite the apologetic preface about this story being a beginner s effort, I like it than either Last Call or Love Hurts The Warrior Love it It s interesting to see Michael finally and justifiably lose his cool See review for Mean Streets Backup Interesting, although not quite what I d expected The plot adds a new layer to the problems of the Dresdenverse and Thomas life, and getting a look inside Thomas head makes me sympathetic toward him than ever Something Borrowed Fun I especially love how Harry deals with the wicked step mother in law, but the chaos at the wedding and the twist on the fairy tale are good, too It s My Birthday, Too Perfect reading for Halloween, although it s set on Valentine s Day The part about the shoe store is adorable, and I always like it when Harry and Thomas work together Heorot Very good Despite having an English degree, I never took Old English and have never read all of Beowulf nor seen the recent movie , so I had to look up Heorot and Geat So I learned something because of this story Good action adventure Aftermath Very good Lots of action and a good way to transition from Changes to the next book to come I really enjoyed seeing things from Murphy s POV I liked learning about how she s learned to get along in a man s world, including her understanding and use of guy language Also interesting to get her thoughts about Harry However, there are a few places where I thought Murphy s voice sounds too much like Harry s I know people s speech patterns can rub off on each other over time, though, and Harry and Murphy have been friends for at least ten years I ve always liked Will Billy the werewolf, and his interaction with Murphy is interesting Gard is becoming an increasingly intriguing character Day Off Funny and a bit naughty It s not really much of a stretch to do a Dresden story that s mostly comedy, since there are a lot of hilarious things in the books The only difference with this story is that, for a change, no one s really trying to kill Harry The Molly portion of this story is especially funny Last Call Rather weird, even for the Dresdenverse Butcher just had to do something to Murphy I d rather he hadn t But how Harry finally takes out his attackers is funny in a cartoonish kind of way Love Hurts Something about this didn t quite work for me.

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    Note On advice from Sandi, thank you Sandi, I make note here that if you haven t read Changes you should read it before you read at least the final story in this book as it will give away the end of said novel Also it has been advised that I warn you not to read the synopsis of the next Dresden book, due to be released this April.Thanks again Sandi for the heads up This may have been the closest to a 4 star rating I ve come for a Butcher Dresden effort This is a collection of short stories novelettes that have except for one appeared else where I didn t get into the story that featured Thomas muchjust me I m probably just a Dresden addict Because of that I briefly considered a 4 but then I went on and I believe the story Day Off decided me on the 5 star rating I laughed out loud in an empty roomalone but for a cat I laughed so hard it was, well, laughable.I must admit to one fault here I opened the book to the back first and read Aftermath, which takes place just after the end of Changes I m holding on not wanting to wish my life away as my mother would have said especially at my age but dying for Ghost Story to be released.So, great book some action, some laughs, some details about Harry you might not have picked up if you ve only read the novels We get a little insight into Mac, see a little about Murphy and Harry andall in all get a good read I m going 5 stars and recommending this one also.

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