Falls the Shadow (Welsh Princes, #2)

Falls the Shadow (Welsh Princes, #2)This Is Simon De Montfort S Story And The Story Of King Henry III, As Weak And Changeable As Montfort Was Brash And Unbending It Is A Saga Of Two Opposing Wills That Would Later Clash In A Storm Of Violence And Betrayal, A Story Straight From The Pages Of History That Brings The World Of The Thirteenth Century Completely, Provocatively, And Magnificently Alive Above All, This Is A Story Of Conflict And Treachery, Of Human Frailty And Broken Legends, A Tale Of Pageantry And Grandeur That Is As Unforgettable As It Is Real

Penman received her bachelor s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she majored in history, and also received a Juris Doctor J.D degree from Rutgers University School of Law, and later worked as a tax lawyer The Sunne in Splendour, a novel about Richard III of England is one of the most popular books on the Historical Novel Society s list of best historical novels In 1996, following

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  • Paperback
  • 580 pages
  • Falls the Shadow (Welsh Princes, #2)
  • Sharon Kay Penman
  • English
  • 22 July 2019
  • 9780345360335

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    Words fail me Just leaving you with this image to let you know what I thought of this book.

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    With the exception of a few authors, I ve found most Historical fiction to be too factual and not dramatic enough In cases where the drama was heavy, the facts are off i.e look at BRAVEHEART great film but missing some Historical points, like the fact that the princess was about 7 or 8 at the time Anyway, I know my standards are high but that s the way it is and that s why I m very glad I ve found Penman.This tale centers around the power struggle between Earl Simon de Montfort, a true Historical figure, and King Henry III As the latter continues to show his incompetence, Simon realizes he must fight against the tyranny of the British king To make this even harder is the fact that the earl s sons have grown up with the sons of Henry III, which includes soon to be Edward I Longshanks and, Simon is married to Henry s sister.But, what makes this story above and beyond most Historical fiction is it s heart The characters truly come alive and burn through the page setting the readers soul on fire as we fall deeper and deeper into the story In other words, it breathes passion and most of us read to get those experiences which we fail to get in real life Enough said.REVISION NOTE I have just finished a second reading of this stellar novel and need to add a few points 1 Penman writes excellent subplot love stories 2 The relationship between Simon and his wife is well charged, lively and passionate and 3 There is a whole set of chapters about Wales, which deals with Lwellyn ap Gruffyd s conflicting loyalties to his father and grandfather A lot of this is setup for the next story in THE RECKONING edited as of 09 05 03

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    This is a book of two halves The first starts just after Here be Dragons finished, so we are reacquainted with Llewelyn the Great, his warring sons, his daughter and his awful daughter in law, as well as meeting his adorable little grandson Llelo This first half tells the tale of the bitter ongoing struggle for control of Wales between Lleweyln s sons and later his grandsons , and the marriages of his daughter We also meet his late wife s siblings, Henry III of England and Eleanor Nell , who in turn marries Simon de Montford The storytelling here is so good that it was easy to forget it was based on fact, and I enjoyed it for itself as much as for history.The second half of the book concentrates on the dramatic rise and fall of de Montford He fought long and hard against Henry for parliamentary reform, and this part of the book becomes one of plotting and civil war It also introduces us to Henry s son, later to become Edward I As ever, Penman s research is impeccable and although I found the story of de Montford s rebellion very interesting and its end very moving , I must admit I tired of so much political detail This is typically me though, so nothing new to note there My only slight gripe is that the Welsh princes, who this trilogy is supposed to about, were put very much on the backseat in the second part of the book and I missed them I do however appreciate that they and their English counterparts were linked by battles and families for several generations, and I m sure once I ve read the final book in the series, The Reckoning, I ll be glad I got the complete story.

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    I hate that I have almost read all of Sharon Kay Penman s books I know I can always reread them, but there is no recreating the first read I love her books You should read them too.

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    I am so happy I discovered this trilogy and author Although this one did not move me like the first book Here Be Dragons it was still another fascinating read I love how SKP stays so true to actual historical facts and adds just the right amount of drama.

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    OK I am loving this author and this Welsh Trilogy Book Two starts up where the Here Be Dragons ends and completes the story of Llewelyn, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Joanna The story then picks up with Llewelyn s sons and grandsons and their conflicts and turmoil as rulers of Wales That story line runs parallel with the story of Simon de Montfort s rise to power Simon is a French Nobleman who marries Eleanor Nell sister of King Henry III of England Nell is also the Lady Joanna s half sister Simon de Montfort ends up mounting a civil war against Henry III.About half way through the book I felt like the author had abandoned the tale of the Rulers of Wales and focused solely on de Montfort According to the author that is exactly what happened because the story of Simon de Montfort was so compelling that the Rulers of Wales took a back seat to be picked up again in Book 3 I hope so I love the Welsh storyline That said I also REALLY liked Simon de Montfort and his family I think Penman should have just focused on them rather than drop the Welsh like a hot potato half way through It was a little jarring.This book had less of a love storyalthough the marriage of Simon and Nell was a wonderful story of a devoted marriagebut the focus of this book was on the battles and intrigues of war, politics and the religious ideology of the time I loved Simon de Montfort and the de Montfort sons and their relationship with and devotion to their father This book had a completely different feel from book one but I definitely enjoyed it I can t wait to read book three This is wonderful historical fiction My rating Better than good but not quite excellent due to the storyline switch but still a fantastic read.

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    Seldom have I read a historic novel that stays so close to the documented facts, while at the same time being thrilling and engaging on every page.There was no point where I lost concentration or interest.Penman really makes the characters and events come alive.Falls the Shadow is the sequel to Here Be Dragons and is the story of two great men Simon de Montfort, the principal leader of the Baronial opposition to Henry III, and the progenitor of representative democracy in England It also feature s Simon s beautiful and strong spirited wife Eleanor Nell a daughter of King John and Isabelle of Angouleme, and their children.It also traces the story of Welsh national hero Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, his rise to power as Prince of Wales, and his struggle for Welsh national self determination, as well as struggles and relations withing the Welsh princely house of Llywelyn Far.The book deals with the rise of the young De Montfort, and parallelsevents in Wales and England, as well as scenes taking place in France and Italy.The book deals with the persecution of the Jews in England, and the man who stood up for their rights, the Mayor of London, Thomas FitzThomas, who continually fought for the rights and welfare of the Jews of London.Like it s predecessor, Falls the Shadow always strikes the right balance between the dramatic events that shaped the history of Britain, as well as the trials and tribulations of the men, women and children, featured in the accounts.

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    I ll admit from the start that I read Falls the Shadow soon after The Sunne in Splendour this book, while not bad, suffered by comparison Besides, I can t read too much of one author too quickly without becoming annoyed by her quirks That said, Falls the Shadow was something of a disappointment First the good As always with Penman s books, I learned a lot I knew little about the time period and this book brought it to life The major players are excellently drawn Henry III, Simon de Montfort, and Nell Henry s sister and Simon s wife in particular I especially liked Nell, who s spirited than Penman s previous heroines An author who s both renowned for historical accuracy and skilled at creating real people and interesting scenes out of history is a rare treasure Finally, tics of dialogue that irked some readers in previous books think I do be tired and overuse of character names are much reduced here Speaking of tics, though, brings me to the problems Penman seems to have taken a personal dislike to the word and, and her preferred sentence structure began to grate on me He made a jest, laughed loudly More importantly, while Penman s books always span decades, here I really felt like it hurt the story The Sunne in Splendour spans 27 years not counting the six years later epilogue in over 900 pages Falls the Shadow has 575 pages to cover 36 years Only toward the end does the story focus in enough to have several chapters set in the same year, with the result that for most of the book it s hard to keep track of the characters Simon spends years on crusade and makes a name for himself there, but we never see a single scene of it Simon and Nell go from meeting to declaring their undying love in all of three scenes together Even worse, while Simon fought to defend the Oxford Provisions and there s much talk about his belief that kings should be responsible to the people, I still have no idea how the Provisions were meant to accomplish that A bit discussion of the specifics as Welsh law is discussed in Here Be Dragons would have helped immensely for those of us lacking extensive prior knowledge of the period The provision that s repeatedly mentioned is keeping foreigners off the king s council I don t know why this was important, especially to the foreign born Simon Thus, it was hard to care as much as I should have about the ideals he was fighting for I m of two minds when it comes to Penman s take on anti Semitism here On the one hand, it s to her credit that she deals honestly with a problem that s almost always ignored in medieval fiction There are a couple of sympathetic Jewish characters, but Penman doesn t whitewash the Christian nobility, many of whom seem incapable of interacting with non Christians without becoming violent Still, I m uncomfortable with Penman s use of the two token Jewish characters besides telling us how much their lives suck, their primary purpose in the story seems to be praising London s Christian mayor Finally, Falls the Shadow suffers from being the middle book in a trilogy, if a nontraditional one There are scenes with Llewelyn Fawr, Joanna, and Elen which add little and seem to be present mostly due to the characters prominence in the last book And there are scenes with Llewelyn the younger which also add little we meet him as a kid and then he gains great renown off screen, but Penman s main concern seems to be keeping track of him long enough for him to star in The Reckoning Overall, it s not a cohesive book I don t mean to discourage Penman lovers this isn t a bad book by any means Still, it s not her best.

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    So this was an amazing read WOW, I never cared much about Simon de Montfort and went into this read with reservations as I couldn t imagine him being the lead character Boy was I wrong I fell in love with Simon and was a bit envious of Nell but I loved her too It was so nice to catch up with characters from Here Be Dragons I also realized how much I detest Henry III and also hate with a passion the soon to be Edward I although he at least wasn t a weakling like his father I dread reading the last book of this series as I know the history of it and I know the lisping welp will prevail over not only the de Montfort s but my other medieval bae, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd This was a great story weaved with history and believable fiction I didn t feel like the author took too many liberties Really great character development as well.Narration by George Holmes was actually good especially considering I m listening to a recording from a tape.

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    A re read of an old favourite SPs third novel still carries some of the historical problems I wrote about in my review of Here be Dragons but they get less with every book Despite these, she is a wonderful writer and creates a picture of the happening at any point that is hard to beat.This novel is about Simon de Montfort How could anyone fail to make this interesting He is a glorious character, a man very much of his time but yet outside of his time His character is saved from his own stubborn, black and white views by the fact that those views encompassed a sense of responsibility for the well being and justice of all people, not just the nobility A man who refused to compromise his very idiosyncratic ideals, based on a Quixotic version of the Chivalric code that few could have aspired to live up to An idealist, a perfectionist and a doer, he also seems to have had the ability to inspire great loyalty and love among people both close to him and en masse despite a complete lack of tact or any real political sense The novel flicks over to keep tabs on events in Wales at the time, also the final novel goes back there in depth and is the second best account of the fateful end of the Principality of Wales, bettered only by The Brothers of Gwynedd which I heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys this novel and its sequelae.Ms Penman successfully does bring de Montfort and his family and followers to life Despite the writing forsoothly irritant which is improving this is an excellent and well researched account of events If it s the first time you have met Simon de Montfort, I would be very surprised if you fail to find him eccentrically charming.

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