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Crochet Lace Innovations Everything Crochet Is New Again Doris Chan Is Not Just A Crochet Designer She Is A Self Described Fiberazza, Tinkerer, And Crochet Advocate And Yet, When It Came To Exploring A Few Of The Traditional Crochet Techniques, Such As Broomstick, Hairpin, And Tunisian Crochet, She Resisted Why Would Anyone Be Interested In These Antiquated Methods Who Wants To Struggle With Strange Hooks, Sticks, And Looms Anyway After Doris Took A Few Choice Crochet Classes Taught By Her Peers, The Answer Soon Became Abundantly Clear Broomstick, Hairpin, And Tunisian Lace Are Incredibly Cool The Methods Are Easy To Learn, And The Results Look Spectacular Completely Unlike Anything ElseSo Now, Doris Has Officially Caught The Bug, And She Is Eager To Share Her Own Twist On These Techniques Crochet Lace Innovations Is A Collection OfStylish Designs That Use These Treasured Crochet Lace Methods To Create Garments That Are Not Only Modern And Flattering, But Custom Fit To A Broad Range Of Sizes Chapters Include Designs Using Not Only These Three Classic Methods, But Also The Exploded Lace Working Lace Patterns In Thicker Yarn For A Completely Eye Opening Effect That Has Become Doris S Signature In All, You Will Find Broomstick Lace Hairpin Lace Tunisian Lace Exploded Motifs Exploded Doily Lace Exploded Lace TrimTutorials At The Beginning Of Chapters Help The Reader Learn The Simple Methods Necessary For Making Each Kind Of Lace And A Special GarmentSection Provides An Essential Template For Crocheters To Follow In Order To Make Infinitely Adaptable And Wonderfully Versatile PatternsWithProjects From Wraps And Scarves To Skirts And Dresses To Collars And Belts, Crochet Lace Innovations Brings This Enduring Craft Into A New, Decidedly Contemporary, Light

Throughout my childhood I d seen my mother do needlework and learned from her by example I can t remember exactly why I was home from school that week I think I might have had the mumps, or was it after I had my tonsils out Whatever I wasn t allowed to go outside and ride my bike, climb trees or pet the neighbor s pony I d read all the books I had at home I was bored to tears and probably so

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  • 04 August 2019
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    Doris Chan is well known for her flirty crochet garments and her focus on lace Crochet Lace Innovations, first published in 2010, is a pattern book that explores three specialized crochet techniques broomstick lace, hairpin lace, and Tunisian crochet along with what Doris calls exploded lace crocheting lace patterns similar to what you would see in thread in yarns with a larger hook for a better drape.The book opens with an introduction where Doris shares her passion for crochet This is followed by a How to Use This Book page.The next 3 sections, Broomstick Lace, Hairpin Lace, and Tunisian Lace, include an overview of the crochet lace technique along with a written and illustrated tutorial and a list of tips for success The next 3 sections focus on variations of exploded lace Exploded Motifs, Exploded Doily Lace, and Exploded Lace Trim The book closes with a section called Garment 101, where Doris shares detailed annotated patterns for Jacket 101 and Skirt 101 Finally, there is a resources section which includes a guide to crochet stitch symbols and abbreviations, and links to yarns, tools, and crochet websites.Skill level This book is geared towards an intermediate to advanced crocheter There are 8 easy patterns, 6 intermediate patterns, and 7 experienced patterns.Techniques There are 3 broomstick lace patterns, 3 hairpin lace patterns, 4 Tunisian crochet patterns, and 11 exploded lace patterns.Project types There are 8 top patterns including jackets, vests, sleeved tops, and a poncho , 4 skirt patterns, 4 wraps stoles scarves, 2 belts, 1 dress, and 1 collar.What I like about this book Doris has a conversational style but isn t too chatty.The designs are striking and the photos make you want to pick up your hook and start crocheting There are schematics including for the garments and there are stitch symbols for most patterns in addition to US pattern abbreviations.This book allows you to explore several different crochet techniques while making women s garments and accessories.Some challenges about this book A true beginner to some of the special techniques may find the illustrations difficult to use as a primary learning resource Luckily, there are many online tutorials for broomstick lace, hairpin lace, and Tunisian crochet.There isn t much discussion about under layering It would be great if Doris would have shared ideas about how to layer to wear these designs in real life.Like all mostly pattern books, your enjoyment will be based on how many of the patterns you want to make All designs from the book have pictures on the Ravelry source page so you can browse and see if these fit your taste.Overall, I would recommend this book to an intermediate to advanced crocheter or an adventurous, confident, and patient beginner who enjoys crocheted women s garments and accessories I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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    I m a sucker for the intricacies of lace so it is no wonder this book caught my attention Each technique section is started off with a brief, 1 4 page blurb about the technique and includes a little history This is followed by a brief instructional of how to do the technique Then comes a few patterns for beautiful items using those techniques The directions are a bit confusing at first I ll admit that I ve not even tried these, as the patterns call for somewhat expensive yarns, that I ll not be able to afford for a while But, still, I read through several directions with the intention of daydreaming about the finished garment I never got to the daydreaming as I was trying to figure out how the patterns were written It is a little tricky, as the motif directions are given first, then the directions are given on a different part of, or a different page all together There will be much flipping back and forth until I ve got the hang of it If my finished items look anything like theirs, it will be well worth the effort.

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    I love the patterns in this book I bought it with the intention of making the sweater on the cover for my sister I ve only made one item from it so far and it wasn t the sweater The project I made was a scarf from an exploded lace motif using some random sock and fingering weight yarn I had leftover from some other projects Here s a photo of it I found the instructions easy to follow and very intuitive Once I got the hang of the motif, it was actually really easy to work only minimally consulting the book A couple of the techniques involve special hooks, so it might be a while before I try something else, but I m pleased to have this book of fun, hip, elegant styles on my shelf.

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    The reason I like Crochet Lace Innovations is because it shows you 3 different ways Broomstick, Hairpin, and Tunisian Afghan to crochet lace Now it does take time to do this good Broomstick is way easier to do then Tunisian is Also counting is a big part of crocheting lace.

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    beautiful patterns for garments and great explanation behind the design process Charts as well as text instructions, includes tunisian, lace and broomstick methods.

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    Patterns are beautiful, not many for beginners

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    There are a number of cute sweaters and scarves that I would like to make.This book would be worth purchasing.

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