A Falcon Flies

A Falcon Flies A Falcon Flies By Wilbur SmithIn , A Man And Woman Approach The Coast Of Africa Aboard A Swift Clipper In The Command Of An American Who Knows No Law Robyn Ballantyne And Her Brother Morris Have Waited Years For This Moment To Return To Africa, To Search For Their Missionary Father Who Had Disappeared Somewhere In The WildernessTraveling North From Cape Town, They Follow A Map Left By A Madman Into An Uncharted World Of Waterfalls And Jungle, Teeming Wildlife, Murderous Disease, And The Ghastly Ruins Of An Astounding CityUncovering Their Father S Trail, Robyn And Her Brother Are In The Midst Of A Slave Trade That Pours Out Of Africa Like A Bloody Wound Now, To Survive What They Have Found, They Must Make Their Separate Ways Out Through Pitched Battles On Land And On Sea And Through The Pride, Passions And Fury Of Their Hearts

Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon His other books include Those in Peril, River God, Warlock, The Seventh Scroll, and The Sunbird His books are now translated into twenty six languages and have so

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  • Paperback
  • 704 pages
  • A Falcon Flies
  • Wilbur Smith
  • English
  • 15 October 2018
  • 9780312940713

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    Another splendid read from this author I m going through all of Smith s books in chronological order, and have reached up to 1980 All of his previous books were stand alone thrillers, mostly set in the modern day, so I was looking forward to something a little wider reaching with this one.I got it A FALCON FLIES is an epic read, an adventure story charting the events that befall the Ballantyne siblings as they penetrate the Zambezi river and the African interior Smith throws a little of everything into the storyline there s seafaring, and pitched battles between ships there s hunting, and nature there s exploration, and the slave trade there s romance with than a touch of Mills and Boon to it there s history, and one man s burning passion for a lost city.In fact, there s so much going on that the book rarely has time to slow down, although the return of some unnecessary elephant hunting marks my least favourite aspect of the novel I thought Smith put that behind him long ago Smith s villains are vicious and pronounced than ever, although a love triangle takes pride of place in the plot strands and serves as background for an extended, impossible to put down climax.The book is really about slavery, and Smith is as realistic and unblinking in his depiction of this trade as ever You learn a lot from reading, and it s never preachy, just presenting the facts as was It s a violent, cruel story, but not without warmth and humanity in places I have to say that Zouga s character is difficult to warm to, but the story really belongs to Robyn and her constant ingenuity and bravery makes for fascinating reading.As ever, I look forward to the sequel and second in the Ballantyne series , MEN OF MEN.

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    In his other multi novel series, Smith continues to use Africa as his central backdrop The year is 1860 and slave trading remains a key form of commerce amongst Europeans and those in the Americas After missionary Fuller Ballantyne has gone missing on the African sub continent, his two children join a clipper out of England to find him Robyn Ballantyne is a missionary like her father, but also has a medical background, both areas of education she wishes to bring to the African people Her brother, Morris Zouga has little interest in anything other than the riches that the land can bring him While on their voyage, the Ballantynes learn that their captain is key in the slave trade and will stop at nothing to continue this prosperous form of economic advancement Robyn does all she can to sway the captain, while she falls in love with him, to no avail It is only when she encounters an ally in Clinton Codrington that she feels she could end slave trading on a small scale Codrington finds himself falling for Dr Ballantyne, who begins the arduous task of locating her father As Smith forks the story, both siblings begin their own adventures searching for Fuller Ballantyne and discovering the riches that Africa has to offer them Zouga finds himself involved in ivory hunting and gold exploration, but soon discovers a figurine that fulfils a long held prophecy Robyn does all she can to save those herded up for slavery and seeks to bring word of Christianity as she gets closer to Codrington Fuller s discovery opens new pathways as Smith educates and entertains the reader in the first novel of the series When Codrington puts his passions into action, he faces consequences, but is keen to win Robyn s heart no matter the cost Contrasting nicely with the Courtney novels, Smith opens new literary options with this parallel series.The differences could not be profound between the Ballantyne and Courtney series, at least based on this opening novel This novel does another wonderful job illustrating the wonders of Africa, from its people to the animals scattered throughout, but also tackles key issues brought about with colonization, including excessive hunting, slavery, and misunderstanding of the tribal ways of life Smith does weave a strong social commentary into the story, sometimes bluntly offering up an opinion, but also firmly rooting his ideas in a detailed narrative The reader should enter reading this book with both an open mind and one ready to learn, as there is much to absorb in the complex narrative Exploring African from the eyes of settlers rather than the settled, Smith will be able to tackle a series of tales from the opposing side from those offered within the Courtney novels.Kudos, Mr Smith for this enlightening novel, which paves the way for what will surely be a highly entertaining series Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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    Just arrived from Japan through BM.An enjoyable reading after has read too many serious books.This is the first book of the series The Ballantyne Novels describing the first Rhodesia historical facts when slavery was still taking place to North and South America Every slave was sold by 20 dollars and these ships are able to transport thousands of them in very inhumane conditions.A very touching moment can be described when Robyn Ballantyne find his father debilitated by the disease and being treated with affection by the local native.The next book of this series is Men of Men.So far, River God is the best book I ve read of this author.

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    Wilbur Smith is one of my favorite authors You know exactly what you are going to get from one of his novels action, drama, romance, history, and a true love of Africa His novels are pure fun and I have never been disappointed I didn t love this one as much as others because there was no central character who was purely a good guy to root for but the rest of his magic formula was in full effect.

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    This is a reread for me This time around I found it to be long and drawn out Not nearly as interesting and enjoyable as the first time around 15 years or so ago As historical fiction goes, Smith does a good job telling of early Africa and the exploration and exploitation of the continent First of his Ballantyne series.

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    My husband loves Wilbur Smith I had read a few many many years ago Then I saw that this book was available for cheap through bookbub, so I thought I would give this author another go Having taken place in Africa in some of the places we lived and visited, I enjoyed that part of the book immensely But when I finished it, I was dissatisfied because I felt no sympathy for either the hero or the heroine The hero s quest was to exploit the precious natural and archeological wealth of the continent for his own gain The heroine, while very headstrong and accomplished, was entirely too self righteous for me to like her The only person I liked was the captain and he was a slaver Call me soft and sentimental, but I like a book with sympathetic heroes that I can root for and a happily ever after ending.

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    This was the second Ballantyne novel I read, although its first in the series It steps back several generations to trace the originations of the Ballantyne family s fascination with Africa Captain Mungo St John, who is a rapscallion you want to love, despite his unsavory profession as a slaver Britain s fight against slavery, while the recently independent United States is left to slave unmolested due to treaty Great moments of naval action Robyn Ballantyne s place as a strong female character, a doctor when that was unheard of and willing to fight to the death The conflicts of morality and passion The details of the operation of a slave ship and the slave trade The contrast between Zouga Ballantyne and his sister Robyn in how the deal with finding their father, long thought lost to the dark continent, only to witness his last days Powerful, details, engrossing stuff Elephant hunting Becoming a trusted friend of the Zulus And of course, the mysticism surrounding the recovery of the falcon statue, and inexplicable risk taken to retrieve it.

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    WTF I have read other stuff from this author River Gods was great, the Seventh Scroll was good, the other two books in that series was whack a doo I had read a later book in this series that was not too bad, and thought I should start at the beginning.Started out OK, then suddenly turned into a cheap romance novel One star is reserved for books I simply could not finish This author shows moments of brilliance, and is not a bad writer, but is inconsistent When I read historical fiction I do not want a romance novel, or an occult novel.

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    Wilbur Addison Smith is the best known author on stories based in Africa All his books are based on some country of the mystic African continent It has lot to do with his birth place which is Zambia also in Africa This book is based on the slave trade which was flourishing in 18th century in entire Africa and I must say that it has been researched really well I can definitely connect with his writing after spending 2 years in Africaa real good read.

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