Sign of Chaos

Sign of Chaos ALTERNATE COVER ART For ISBN This Is The Edition With Alternate Cover ArtworkFollowing The Cliffhanger Ending Of Blood Of Amber, Merlin Is Stranded In Surrealistic Alice In Wonderland Esque Bar Where The Mad Hatter Serves Cocktails Managing To Escape, Merlin Meets New Family Members One Of Whom Is Intent On Killing Him As Events Escalates, Merlin Finds Himself Surrounded By His Worst Enemies Including His Ex Girlfriend Back From The Dead

George R R Martin and

[KINDLE] ✽ Sign of Chaos Author Roger Zelazny –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 217 pages
  • Sign of Chaos
  • Roger Zelazny
  • English
  • 14 January 2017

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    A group read with Elena.The previous book ended with Merlin appearing in the world of Alice in Wonderland by unknown means The Amber universe can be lethal at times no matter where the people are Goodness It s frightened the Jabberwock the man remarked, looking past me What has I asked, not really certain that I wished to know That, he answered, gesturing toward the front of the bar.I looked and I staggered back and I didn t blame the Jabberwock a bit.This quote gave enough impression to appreciate the trouble Merlin was in However this beginning was relatively innocent as things got weird later yes, weird even compared to keeping the company with the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar smoking a Hookah, and aforementioned Jabberwock Some interesting people finally appear and other interesting ones reappear after fading away for a time Oberon s indiscretion during his younger year came back and bit Merlin in the behind as if the guy did not have enough troubles already He did, but the the merrier right Mysteries, action, intrigues Amber style all in less than two hundred pages combined make a book that is a fast read I have a challenge for modern fantasy writers can you create an equally great book in this limited space Speaking honestly I am drawing blank regarding such writers so far Pity 5 stars, in case anybody had any doubts.

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    The Alice in Wonderland episode in itself is worth five stars That has to be one of my favourite scenes, not just in this book series, but of all times It s so brilliantly written As typical of Zelazny, Blood of Amber ended practically mid sentence Sign of Chaos takes up from where Blood of Amber ended beautifully The previous sequel was quite eventful, and this one is no different I like how things just keep on getting complicated In the Amber family things are never peaceful, and when you add the shadows and the Courts of Chaos to the mix, you can see why our protagonist has his work cut out for him Magic can t help him much, he will need than magical powers and an awesome AI as a sidekick to stay alive Merlin also grows as a person in this one, I feel He is starting to see how some of his earlier actions can have serious consequences The I read into the sequels, the I liked how different Merlin is from Corwin Zelazny s writing is always poetic, but linguistically speaking Merlin hasn t got anything in common with Corwin Merlin narrative voice is quite different and his approach to things as well Corwin was an old soul and quite literately so , whereas Merlin is distinctly a young person Despite his magical powers, his double identity as a noble of both Amber and Chaos, and his shadow walking creation, Merlin is sometimes quite naive in a young person sort of way However, it makes perfect sense Merlin being trusting and less prideful in general, he is willing to stand out for his friend Luke, despite the risks At the same time, Merlin is certainly intelligent He is able to see the bigger picture, although not all of it obviously where would be the fun in that All in all, this is a great novel Zelanzny at his best Enough said.

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    The review will wait a bit because for lack of time I will have to prolong it for later.

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    Merlin continues on his quest to find out who has been trying to kill him for years and why Along the way, we find out of his backstory, in particular the bits involving his half brothers Jurt and Mandor More illegitimate spawn of the Amber family pop up, as does Merlin s mysterious body swapping aide What do all of these things have to do with the Keep of Four Worlds I m over halfway through the second Chronicle of Amber and I have to say I m not as captivated by it as I was the first five books While I find aspects of Merlin s mystery as interesting or intersting than Corwin s, such as the Ghostwheel and the pattern Corwin created, I feel like the first five books are getting watered down Too many people are walking the Pattern and too many are able to create trumps.That s not to say Sign of Chaos is a bad book It s full of the intrigue that makes the Amber books great Merlin isn t a carbon copy of his father, which is refreshing The Amberites are true to form in their double dealing Despite some minor gripes, I m ready to find out what happened to Corwin and what will happen to Merlin, Julian, Mandor, and the rest On to book nine

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    Some very surprising developments at the end of this volume, I m hurrying on to the next book in the series If you are a fantasy fan and haven t read this series you really should give it a try.

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    These are getting a tad homogeneous at this point, but still extremely enjoyable I m a bit irked by the fact that anytime someone asks how something happens, they get a detailed, exact and completely true response, but it s minor details I am excited to get closer to the end of the series, and see how it s going to end Still nowhere near as awesome as the Corwin cycle, but good.

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    Sign of Chaos marks return to form for Zelazny and his Chronicles of Amber Anyone who has come this far in the series this is the eighth book hardly needs a glowing review to continue reading, but after the somewhat tedious book that preceded it, this one is a welcome improvement.

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    Gr mata oti laba, ta u nedaudz nepat k, ka s gr matas par Merlinu ir saist tas gan ar iepriek j m, gan n kamaj m, ka sti izraut no konteksta nevar tu, kas man s rij s nepat k Uzskatu, ka gr matu s rij s vajadz tu b t t , ka, pat, ja lasa random sec b , tad j gu saprot vienalga Nu, bet k seri ls, ir labs.

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    Merlin is still a bit of a putz.There were a number of times in this novel where I was thinking No, you idiot, don t trust that person and tell them all your plansoh, great, you already did it And they took advantage of you Way to go But in a way, it s pretty cool that, despite the similarities due to the first person narrative, Merlin is quite a different character than his father was is I m convinced Corwin is still alive out there He acts quite a bit differently, and reacts to things differently Corwin was of a badass conniving Amberite, whereas Merlin is a bit of a hippie magician shapeshifter Chaos Lord.I also have to take a moment to praise Zelazny s action sequences This man is a master of writing combat As someone who has trained in several different martial arts and also with the sword, I can say definitively that this man knows what he s writing about when it comes to fighting There is a school of thought that says that you shouldn t write combat in too much detail, that the detail obscures the flow of the scene Bollocks The only time I don t mind an author skimping on combat detail is when the POV character who is witnessing the battle knows nothing about combat If the character is a fighter, however, then narrative of the fights need to contain the level of understanding of combat that a fighter would have Zelazny, obviously well versed in swordplay and unarmed combat himself, does this perfectly.Looking forward to the next one

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