Two Moons in August

Two Moons in AugustThis book is a coming of age novel not that kind of coming of age novel about an almost 16 year old Sidonie The story is quite short in a good way The author keeps the plot moving I like the way it was written I like the growth of the characters.But I spent the entire novel trying to figure out what was going on the characters have the strangest reactions to each other, I couldn t understand why they were acting that way No one listens to anyone Each character will talk and the other person will respond about their own problems Which is of course is to show how self involved they are and it eventually resolved itself with the character growth I am aware that this is probably my poorestly written review I am okay with that. the sort of ya love story i ll always enjoy, no matter how old i am. There Were Two Moons Last August One Almost Full At The Beginning When Mom Was Alive And Our Lives Were Normal And Then A Full Cheater Moon At The End, That Looked Down So Beautifully On The World When Everything Was Awful And Changed And Never Would Be The Same Again A Year After Her Mother S Death, Year Old Sidonie Spends Sleepless Nights Playing Cards With Her Cat, Bogey During The Day She Lies Around And Reads Under The Nose Of Her Year Old Sister, Roberta, Who Angrily Scrubs Floors Already Clean And Cooks Meals That Are Inedible Their Father, A Doctor, Comes Home Only When He Is Too Exhausted To Stay At Work Any Longer Only The Jazz Piano Playing Of Roberta S Boyfriend, Phil, Brings Relief To The Long Summer Kieran, A Year Old Boy, Comes To Their Lakeside Community And Sidonie Begins To Discover What She Needs To Pull Her Life And Family Together AgainMartha Brooks Skillfully Re Creates The World Of In The Small Town Of Bison Valley And Reveals The Joys And Pains Of Adolescence In This Moving And Often Humorous Novel About Healing And Hope She Deftly Explores The Themes Of Mourning, Family, Friendship, And Love one of my favorite books from my adolescence i must have read and reread this a dozen times great descriptions, interesting plot enough tear jerking to make you want to call your mom. I have read a couple of Martha Brooks books and they were both great The covers, however, are not great I wish the publisher had chosen covers which would be attractive to young people. I love this book The writing is beautiful I re read this every year. Two Moons In August is about a Manitoban whose Mom died Familial aggravation doesn t enthral me but I embraced this as is Dissatisfaction is relatable and I value writers whose settings are home grown Sidonie, 16, was named from her Mom s Qu b coise background Her French speaking Aunts add a great deal of flavour later.The medical community mirrors Martha s rearing Sidonie s Dad and neighbour are doctors Her son, Keane arrives from Toronto Her sister, Roberta returns from university Special touches make this family memorable With their Dad absent, Roberta believes herself responsible Sidonie scoffs at this, letting her rule the roost which amounts to housework so long as she isn t bossed into those endeavours She lounges at the lake and the joke is that she s a superior cook The standout is Roberta s Asian beau, whom she sees daily but scarcely pursues Phil keeps their piano alive with jazz The 1950s play out on the page extremely well I smiled when Sidonie blasts her sister with outmoded phrasesdry up , like my Mom uses It s frustrating Sidonie laments being left alone in the house but wilts conversation her Dad attempts Keane s behaviour was outrageous and spoiled the best part of the story, for me He was worried about his Mom but Sidonie asked him to hold off bending her ear Her Mother s estranged sisters were visiting for the first time, in high merriment Instead of letting them settle in, Keane storms off That aside, this is a worthwhile story that really breathes It happens Martha is meaningful to me She led a workshop when I was only 17 It took guts to present myself as a writer the first move ever made about my dream She was warm, encouraging, and I have kept her councilDon t tell a story Show a story Given the title and summary, I thought there d be to it regarding the moon s , but it was nothing than a brief mention I suppose that does make for a nice title Regardless, I found this to be an insightful and intelligently written Young Adult book before that was a full on, separate genre Though it sports a copyright date of 1991 U.S edition published in 92 , the story is set during the summer of 1959 Brooks really hits home as far as I can tell with making the story feel of the correct era This had a distinct feeling of the late 1950s or early 1960s, based on my limited awareness from other books and movies but nonetheless, I think she was successful here And this was done without being pelted with pop culture references which so many fictional works often use as a tool for steering the reader to the correct time.The family dynamics explored here were very well done, with heart and understanding, and I thought this was a surprisingly engaging story There was a tenderness and earnestness to our main character that still remained fresh and true to life All in all a nice surprise for me And, now it s time for a breakdown. I only picked up this novel because I am, apparently in vain, trying to find a book I read during my middle school years I have tried, through various outlets online, to find this book, but it seems outside of my grasp Regardless, I had a feeling the word moons was in the title, but I m not willing to stake much on that feeling Needless to say, I gave this one a try It wasn t my searched for book, but I m glad I read it anyway. I love love love this book This is one of those books that you have partially memorized because you read it several times a year A young girl struggles to deal with her mother s death, a family torn apart by it, and young love, all at once Sounds a little complicated, but it all ties together really well Powerful and moving story. What the book lacked in plot and length was made up for by the descriptions and wonderful atmosphere.Maybe it s because of this lack of length that I don t feel as connected to these characters as I think I should or maybe it s just Brooks writing style Never really giving you a play by play of what s going on but instead leaving you to interpret what s just happened There are no becauses to explain it to you and somehow it took me even into the book as I re read line and line again to analyze it For instance there s a scene where Kieran wipes cookie crumbs off of Sidonie s lips after which she promptly bites her tongue, and runs to the sink to wash the blood out while Kieran tells her that one day she s going to kill herself Maybe I m just very dumb and it can be easily assumed what just took place but somehow not being told it, made me like it all the for the difference I d re read it.B

Martha Brooks is an award winning novelist, playwright and jazz singer whose books have been published in Spain, Italy, Japan, Denmark, England, Germany and Australia, as well as in Canada and the United States She is a three time winner of the Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book of the Year, as well as the Ruth Schwartz Award, the Mr Christie s Book Award, the Governor General s Award

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