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Paths of GlorySome People Have Dreams That Are So Magnificent That If They Were To Achieve Them, Their Place In History Would Be Guaranteed Francis Drake, Robert Scott, Charles Lindbergh, Amy Johnson, Edmund Hilary, Neil Armstrong, And Lewis And Clark Are Among Such IndividualsBut What If One Man Had Such A Dream, And Once He D Fulfilled It, There Was No Proof That He Had Achieved His Ambition Jeffrey Archer S Latest Book, Paths Of Glory, Is The Story Of Such A Man George Mallory Mallory Once Told An American Reporter That He Wanted To Climb Mt Everest, Because It S There On His Third Attempt In , At Age Thirty Seven, He Was Last Seen Six Hundred Feet From The Top His Body Was Found In , And It Still Remains A Mystery Whether He Ever Reached The SummitBut Only After You Ve Turned The Last Page Of This Extraordinary Novel, Inspired By A True Story, Will You Be Able To Decide If George Mallory S Name Should Be Added To The List Of Legends, In Which Case Another Name Would Have To Be Removed Paths Of Glory Is Truly A Triumph The book is a fictional biography of the life of George Mallory.As someone who has read a bit about Mt Everest, I knew the name, but didn t know much about his life He was British Tried to be the first to summit Everest but died in the process Some years later, his body was discovered to confirm that he had died on the mountain, but the mystery of whether he reached the top of world wasn t solved.The book focuses on his point of view as a young boy to this death on Everest at the age of 37 He was born to climb as indicated, not just by his climbs of famous mountains, but climbing the facades of buildings at Cambridge, Venice and New York City.I don t know how much is factual and how much is entirely made up I have no way of knowing and don t care I enjoyed the story right from the start I didn t want to put the book down but since I m a slow reader, had to.As I read, I kept asking myself why I did I like it Why did I want to keep reading I can t say I came up with a satisfactory answer It s not the revelation at the end We know how it ends.I liked the style I ll call it light It s not heavy on extraneous details, though some are there.There is a touching love story between Mallory and his wife Ruth Fictionalized I don t know And again I don t care The book is filled with letters from him to her while away at war or on his expeditions It made me wish I were the sender or receiver.There is humour There is skulduggery There are the details of the climbs and the decisions about who is involved.In short it s part love story and part adventure It reminded me of reading Jules Verne s Around The World In 80 Days.I know a great many people despise Archer I m not one of them I don t know if you ll enjoy the read, but I know did Don t ask me why I can t explain it. My second Jeffrey Archer and I liked it The first book I read by him was A Prisoner of Birth 3 stars and it was a retelling of Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo 4 stars Now this book is based on the life story of George Mallory 1886 1924 who was said to be the first human being who reached the top of Mt Everest in 1924 He and his friend Andrew Sandy Irving disappeared that year and were last seen 800 vertical feet from the summit Despite the many attempts prior, Mallory s body was only found in 1999 totally preserve in ice about 600 feet from the top Whether he reached the top or not is still being debated and investigated up to now If proven that he succeeded, he will unseat Sir Edmund Hillary 1919 2008.Forget about the details of the mountain climbing though This book is not a historical account of the climb and felt like the love story of George Mallory and his wife Ruth Turner 1892 1942 The story opens when George was a little boy frolicking on the beach and without his family noticing, he walked towards a huge rock and when his pastor father saw him, the father did not run after his son because he was amazed that the boy was very brave and did not have any hint of risk Mallory lived a normal life as an English professor and dabbled on writing until he decided in 1924 to climb the Mount Everest When asked why, he said because it is there and these 4 words are not very popular among mountaineers around the world Did Mallory succeed or fail in conquering Mt Everest We don t know, right But did Jeffrey Archer make hints in his novel Yes, he did In my opinion the last letter that Mallory sent to Ruth revealed that he was not physically fit to climb any and he was afraid to close his eyes because if he did, he knew that he might not be able to open it any wrote Archer What was Archer s basis I don t know According to Wiki, Mallory s daughter said that he must have succeeded because the photograph of Ruth was not found in Mallory s body You see, Mallory loved his wife so much that he brought a photo of Ruth and promised his wife that he would put it on top of the mountain if he got thereForgive me for it took me this long to realize that you are important to me than life itselfwas the last sentence in that letter by George Mallory to his wife Ruth Turner Mallory was 37 years old when he disappeared on Mt Everest Regardless of whether he succeeded or not, the fact that his body was found only 600 meters before the summit is good enough for me We all know that the ice is melting and it should be easier to reach the peak now compared to in 1924 when global warming was still unknown to many people.George Mallory, sir, in my heart, I know you reached the top Although I enjoyed this book, as I do all Jeffrey Archer books, I was not compelled to read it every day It was almost a chore to sit down to read this so it could get back to the library on time Not my favourite of his. This is a very enjoyable telling of George Mallory s story Throughout it all you are left with a sad feeling knowing that the outcome of his last attempt to conquer Mount Everest would be his death his body was finally found in 1999 This is a work of fiction based on a lot of historical facts, but obviously no one knows if he did actually conquer Everest I won t leave a spoiler by revealing whether or not he gets to the Summit in this book Something in me though says I believe he did make it to the summit Whatever is the truth there is no doubting what a remarkable man George Mallory was This book left me wanting to read about George Mallory A very interesting element of the story was the whole discussion of an amateur expedition as opposed to a professional one, and whether they should use oxygen in their pursuit One is left wondering whether Mallory would have survived if George Finch father of the actor Peter Finch had been on this last expedition and hadn t fallen out with the Royal Geographical Society.I would certainly recommend this book which is a light easy read I really liked this book It kept me anxious for whatever came next, and the book was like a magnet, keeping me glued onto its pages especially towards the thrilling end I remmeber staying up till three o clock in the morning this morning finishing the last page It was hard to understand because it seemed like there were many characters at once entering the page and the writing was sophisticated for me but I got used to it as I continued reading This book is a true story about an englishman named George Mallory, a born to be climber and daredevil if you ask me because he is not one to fear any height, and once set on a goal, he will always follow through THere were pages of heartbreak and a moment for silence for the lives lost in the story, and I could only understand through movies how Ruth Mallory, the wife of George Mallory could have felt while Mr Mallory has been gone for the many months to reach the summit of Chomolungma, the great mountain Everest George Mallory really inspired me to continue with whatever dream I have through his own trial and errors and his will to continue He was an inspiring person, and author Jeffery Archer is one heck of a storyteller I can only recommend this book to you, so go out there and read this story Paths of Glory is a bit of a departure for Jeffrey Archer.For once,he takes a real life event and gives it a fictional treatment.Paths of Glory tells the story of George Mallory,who was once asked why he would want to climb a mountain.He famously replied, because it s there.Mallory s attempt to climb Everest when no one had yet reached the summit became the subject of much speculation in later years,after his frozen body was discovered near the summit in 1999.Did he succeed or didn t he Archer s account of Mallory s expedition is very interesting. 3.7 stars rounded to 5 P This is a novel based on a historical event whose outcome is unknown George Mallory loved climbing mountains and he had a lifelong dream of climbing to the summit of Mt Everest 29,002 ft He also wanted to be the first man to do so He promised his wife he would only attempt the climb once and if it wasn t successful, he d be content to let that lover go Funded by the Royal Geographic Society of Great Britain, the first expedition led by Mallory in 1921 wasn t successful A few years later, in 1924, he led another expedition determined to be successful this time But, George Mallory and another climber didn t return to camp as scheduled after leaving to make the last part of the climb to the summit In fact, Mallory s body wasn t discovered until 1999 He died about 1500 ft from the summit The question is, did he and the other climber die before making it to the top of the world or did they die after reaching the summit, but were unable to make it back to camp Paths of Glory is such a well researched, well written and very captivating based on true events story The love of George and Ruth Mallory made the story even endearing I got really teary at the end and I don t do that easily not even in movies History books record Sir Edmund Hillary as the first to make it to the summit of Mt Everest in 1953 But, was that the truth I highly recommend reading Paths of Glory This is not a book I would normally read but someone in my book club wanted to review it and I was lent a copy so I decided to give it a go I must say it surprised me I liked it a great deal I have never read Jeffery Archer before His writing is not flowery but crisp, fast paced and human I wasn t familiar with the story of George Mallroy, who made the first attempts to climb Everest Archer painted a picture of Mallroy as a man that was driven, honorable, loving, a climbers climber from the time he was a small child and self confident, perhaps to a fault But the real story and perhaps the one that kept me in was his relationship to his wife He wrote her every day when they were apart, even from a tent at the 40 below heights of Everest They had three children together and he seemed to thrive on his family life He was a bit scattered, usually late and disorganized He ended up teaching school when he couldn t get into a PHD program at Cambridge His wife Ruth came from a wealthy family Her father wanted to keep them in a life style in which she was accustomed They weren t socialites but appeared to be dedicated to home and family.George climbed everything, including the Eiffel Tower he spent time in a French jail for this and the Basilica in the Pizza San Marco in Venice to impress Ruth before they were a couple He narrowly escaped from the Italian Police When you have climbed everything there is nothing left but Everest, especially when no one has ever done it before After the first failed attempt when he had a sense of how foolhardy it was, how unpredictable the weather was, how difficult the breathing was at that altitude, how devastating it was to lose men in avalanches, how could he go back when he knew the dangers It seemed selfish to me for him to jeopardize his life at the expense of his children and a woman who he professed so great a love I chalk it up to self confidence gone awry, especially since he was in uncharted territory He thought he was subject to different rules because of his great strength and abilities I believe he also got caught up in the push from others who wanted him to succeed and thought he could I recommend it even to skeptics of Everest stories.

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