Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 1: The World According To Peter Parker

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 1: The World According To Peter ParkerAlmost Ten Years Ago, Ultimate Spider Man Launched The Ultimate Universe, A Reinvention Of The Marvel Universe That Defied The Odds And Every ExpectationToday, It Happens Again This New Chapter In The Life Of The Teenaged Webslinger Picks Up In The Aftermath Of Ultimatum And Completely Redefines The Status Quo Of Spider Man For The Next Generation With A New Supporting Cast, New Villians, And Maybe Even A New Spider Man, This New Chapter Will Keep You GuessingCollecting Ultimate Comics Spider Man

A comic book writer and erstwhile artist He has won critical acclaim including five Eisner Awards and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics For over eight years Bendis s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot

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  • Hardcover
  • 152 pages
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 1: The World According To Peter Parker
  • Brian Michael Bendis
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780785140115

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Volume 1: The World According To Peter Parker

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    3.5 stars, but I m rounding up because I have a geek crush on Bendis It really should have been a 5 star book for me, because I love Ultimate Spider Man In the end, though, there were a few too many things that I just didn t like First thing, not crazy about some of the art It was a little over the top andwell, cartooney in spots I probably could ve overlooked the art, but I m still scratching my head over the Gwen MJ switch What happened Did I miss something I m guessing this huge chunk six months, a year is missing so that the writers will have a chance to go back and tell the Between This and That story Felt kinda rip offish, for some reason Don t get me wrong, I still had a great time reading this Just prepare yourself for a lot of WTF moments.

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    Comparing this volume to the Ultimate Spider Man from before Ultimatum and you ll get your heart broken Set six months later, Peter is totally not at all dead what a cheap trick and Peter is now suddenly dating Gwen Ok There s a lot of sudden changes, apparently for the sake of having sudden changes MJ to Gwen, Daily Bugle to fast food, nearly empty house to very full one I just don t know where Bendis is going with any of this stuff I assume that we ll get explanations and full story at some point, but sooner would be better Dialog is still good enough, it s just that the plotting confuses me.

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    I definitely regret not waiting to start this until Vol 2 was actually here, because now it s ended the way it has and I just need to know what s going to happen next This was a really fun read I haven t read any of the books from the Ultimatum Arc, so I m glad I got to Ultimate X Origins before starting this one or I d have been a little confused as to what was going on.I love the dynamic between Peter and Johnny in general, so I m excited that he s in this series, I m looking forward to see how the new loving situation at the Parker house is going to go now that there s so many people live there here s hoping Vol 2 shows up tomorrow

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    Bendis takes on another Ultimate Spiderman It s a remix of the original story line, and though many might not like it, it poses interesting possibilities.Aunt May finds out who Spiderman really is early on, and Peter Parker juggles one too many female interests What , this is in the wake of a water related disaster, and a lot of children are dispossessed Mutants aren t well received in this climate Aunt May has an interesting solution to this A new superhero makes an appearance, and a re imagined Mysterio becomes obsessed with Spiderman s demise I m not too sure I like Peter Parker s look, but I m keeping an open mind, especially if the writer is Bendis It ll grow on ya.

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    Mysterio is the saving grace here The art is too cartoony for my taste, especially the anime expression on the girls And none of what s happening at Peter s house seems necessary, or fun I hope volume 2 can make up for it, but I m not keeping my hopes up I m just reading these to get to those Miles Morales stories anyway.

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    So I thought this book was part of the 2013 YALSA The Hub Reading Challenge but I don t think it was It turns out that this one said Ultimate Spider man on the cover and Ultimate Comics on the spine Yeah, how confusing can it get, right There is another Ultimate Comics Spider man, v 1 that was one of YALSA s best I also could have looked at the publishers date to realize that I had the wrong book for YALSA s reading challenge those books are mostly published within the last year I just didn t pay that close of attention when putting this book on hold from the library But it was still good So you still get a review aren t you lucky And, it just goes to show that I need to pay close attention when trying to figure out exactly what comic is what Because their names are VERY similar Anyway, about that review There was a wave that destroyed New York City Spider Man went into search for survivors And now he is a hero and everyone likes having this superhero around But there are mysteries now that the survivors have started to group together Some are trying to take advantage of the vulnerable world Others are helping Spider Man No one is certain what will happen next.Spider Man is trying to keep his identity secret Before the wave many people suspected what high school he went to A few even suspected what student at that high school he was Now people are grateful for Spider Man And when police show up at a crime scene Spider Man tries to explain himself and tell them how he didn t actually do all the bad things it might look like he did when they first see him amidst the crime and the police believe him Spider Man isn t sure what unnerves him , that the police and everyone else trust him completely or that there is than one mysterious character that keep track of Spider Man One seems to be good, while the other not so much.And to top it all off, life at home just got even complicated MJ broke up with him recently Now he has another girlfriend, Gwen who also happens to live with him and his grandma And the Fantastic Four s Flame is also living there And Bobby the mutant who has ice powers Peter Parker is concerned that with two recognizable superheroes around people will suspect that he is Spider Man So Johnny the Flame and Bobby get secret identities as Peter s cousins.Life is sure complicated when the most famous superheros turn out to be in high school And, life is a wee bit complicated when you have to save the world in between class and your after school job at a burger joint.I was very happy with this particular graphic novel I enjoyed the fact that various superheroes were in high school together I liked the idea of seeing how this group of teenagers could start to work together and for their own superhero clan And I can see how Peter Parker is a bit confused not only at what is going on at home but also in trying to figure out who in the world these mysterious super people are villain hero why are they interested in him.And let me mention the illustrations They are brilliant I totally can see the high school teenager elements in some of my favorite comic book superheroes I liked that Plus the proportions of the girls didn t seem as completely off as some of the manga I have read I liked that.This is a great start to a series that I m sure will be enjoyed over and over again Well done.

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    Ultimatum has come and gone and now Ultimate Spider Man has been relaunched and rebooted Not rebooted in starting from scratch, but mixing up the formula Which is too bad, because I really liked the formula, even if it had gotten a but tired in some places But here is the new format, and now Aunt May s house is a boarding house for lost teen heroes We ve got Iceman, the Human Torch, Gwen Stacy, and Spider Man all under the same rough Meanwhile, Mary Jane and Kitty Pride are off doing their things as well This volume is heavy on the teen drama, a little bit than normal I didn t read the Ultimatum Requiem story, so I don t know if MJ dumped Peter in that or in an untold story, but it just seems stupid Having them break up just to get Peter and Gwen together is a dumb decision and just messes up Mary Jane as a character Also, Bendis style for Kitty is very on off and in this volume, it s off I m not the biggest Kitty fan, but he s written the girl as the most moody whinny mutant in town.The new version of Mysterio is cool, though he s a very angry man and the classic Mysterio has a little bit style, but the new take is interesting The glowing head vs the bubble is probably a good choice.The art is fun and I think I may enjoy it than Immonen s but it verges on the manga a bit too much Overall, this story is still fun, but loses the focus and Spider centric story I tend to like.

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    This reboot of Ultimate Spider Man is a little serious, dramatic and still a great read Bendis knows how to make even the most inconsequential moments into something worth paying attention to, whether it s manning the register at a burger joint, getting a new roommate or negotiating the maze that is teenage love.Gotta hand it to Bendis and the artists somehow they take a laughingstock C list villain like Mysterio and make him look and act like a real threat He s finally standing on solid ground, actually menacing instead of just being a tool.I m a lifer when it comes to Bendis writing, and I respect the hell out of his efforts to improve his craft When he s got the time to put into his scripts, they are multi layered, well plotted Incredibly clear and natural dialogue, and makes for fun and exciting stories On the Bendis O Meter, this arc gets a 7 10 I m not reading this wide eyed like some of his past works, but this is solid foundation for this reboot run and is a pleasure to read.

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    I really like Ultimate Spider Man, and was immensely pleased with what it was after Ultimatum I feel like having all the awesome and awkward teen characters in one place was the only good thing that came out of that horrible event.Any who, somehow I managed to get all the way to Death of Spider Man without actually reading this volume so I read it knowing where the series and most of these characters would go I m not sure how I would of felt about it had I read it first, there are a lot of little plot hooks introduced here that pay off big time later but in moment feel like page filling asides The change in art work was something that I didn t care for at first by REALLY grew on me and really fit the feel of the comic Going back and reading this made me really feel like I had missed something essential My only real complaint is that I was expecting of an explanation for how and why Peter and Gwen got together, and was a little disapointed that it was kind of glossed over and happens off panel.

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    Maybe this was a bad place to start for Spider Man comics, but I don t understand all the glowing reviews Besides the story problems, the silly details in the artwork were distracting From the bendy curvy skinny limbs to all the girls having the same face, it was quite a mess Was it really necessary for every girl, except Mary Jane, in Peter Parker s high school to have black nail polish and eyebrow piercings I know this is a reboot and there will be some retcon ing going on, but how is this volume 1, with the first page covering than a year

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