To Defy A King

To Defy A KingA Story Of Huge Emotional Power Set Against The Road To Magna Carta And The Fight To Bring A Tyrant King To Heel The Privileged Daughter Of One Of The Most Powerful Men In England, Mahelt Marshal S Life Changes Dramatically When Her Father Is Suspected By King John Her Brothers Become Hostages And Mahelt Is Married To Hugh Bigod, Heir To The Earldom Of Norfolk Adapting To Her New Life Is Hard, But Mahelt Comes To Love Hugh Deeply However, Defying Her Father In Law Brings Disgrace And Heartbreak When King John Sets Out To Subdue The Bigods, Mahelt Faces A Heartbreaking Battle, Fearing Neither She, Nor Her Marriage, Is Likely To Survive The Outcome

Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one

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  • Hardcover
  • 520 pages
  • To Defy A King
  • Elizabeth Chadwick
  • English
  • 04 September 2019
  • 9781847442369

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    3.5 stars I didn t like this as much as the others in the series, partly because there were so many characters that I didn t like it s during King John s reign, so I guess you have to expect some of that Chadwick got me feeling angry about lots of characters King John, of course, and his nephew, Ida s son, but also Roger Bigod, who really disappointed me I thought he was made of better stuff after quite liking him in For the King s Favor Now that I look back, I realize there were hints in that book of who he would become I also felt Mahelt s frustration at her powerlessness in the face of men, her isolation from her family, and her struggles to meet the very different expectations of her marriage family I liked that she didn t give up in spite of everything, and didn t lose her spirit Not for lack of being squashed It was realistic for her time, but I don t have to like it.The other reason I didn t like this as much is that Mahelt s viewpoint was really limited She wasn t able to take as active a role in the Bigod family as her mother did in the Marshal household Much of the real action took place either by messenger, or in her husband Hugh s point of view, which was still peripheral I m glad I had read The Scarlet Lion because the central events were directly explored there from William Marshal s point of view.

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    I appreciate that the author stayed true to history and did her research, however, I felt like I was always waiting for action While there is plenty of conflict throughout this book, it always seemed like too docile and true action seemed to be avoided There were too few moments of excitement which, in a book that includes war, was a bit disappointing Everything was described well enough to be envisioned, but I never truly felt like it came to life for me I felt no connection with Mahelt and could never figure out how I felt about her The disconnect between the main character and myself may have caused an ever greater divide between me and the actual story, but I kept thinking that something would happen to really grab me I never found that It is a good book and I love how much research and truth it represents, but my constant thirst for action which was never quenched leads to this book being just being okay in my opinion.

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    If you are looking to immerse yourself in medieval England, look no farther than this novel Not only will you feel as tho you are really in the story, but you will gasp in shock, smile, chuckle here and there, and at one point, shed a tear or two On top of all that, you will also learn about King John s reign and the rebellions that ensued throughout.To read full review

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    The William Marshal saga concludes with the story of Mahelt, William Marshal s eldest and presumably most favored daughter In this novel, we follow her as a young girl arguing with her brothers over a game of knights, her early betrothal and marriage to Hugh Bigod of Norfolk, her happy but sometimes complicated married life, her father s falling out of favor with the English king, and the decisions she and her husband have to make to stay afloat against the tides of war To Defy a King is the only book from the series to have a woman as a central character and one who had led such an extraordinary life at that Here, Mahelt Marshal is everything a woman in her time normally isn t she is brave, outspoken and strong willed She is also stubborn and impulsive, which sometimes get her into trouble In a man s world , she easily upsets the conventional balance of things, and her father in law often thinks how her wings need clipping off Fortunately for Mahelt, her father dotes on her, and her husband, while not always supportive of her candor, trusts and respects her judgment all the same I liked how the author has explored Mahelt s relationship with the people around her She grows up loved and sheltered, and desires the same kind of affinity with her marriage family Indeed, life with Hugh has been fortunate for her, as he is not only kind and loving but is also patient in dealing with her forceful nature Even when her loyalty between her blood family and Hugh is tested during the discord in King John s reign, Hugh remains her steadfast partner and champion She cherishes the maternal affection of her mother in law Ida de Tosney but is also aggrieved by her weakness and palpable partiality to her first born son who is born out of a previous liaison with King Henry II Mahelt has also been constantly at odds with her father in law, Roger Bigod, although their stiff relationship has thawed a bit in the end Historical facts are interposed suitably in this fictional recounting of Mahelt s life King John starts to doubt her father s loyalty and tries to harass him in any way he can think of I ve first known King John from another Chadwick book The Champion , but it is here where I learned about his loathsome nature and the deplorable things he did during his reign that led his barons to draft the Magna Carta He was so despicable that I didn t even feel sorry for him when he died miserable and in pain I m a bit sad though about how married life has turned out for Roger Bigod and Ida de Tosney in this book, especially when they have beaten the odds to prove their love in The Time of Singing William Marshal 4 Here, view spoiler Roger has grown old a stern and distant person, and realized too late how much he has ignored his wife and his love for her Until now I couldn t get over the scene where he went to a secluded spot and cried deeply upon learning of Ida s passing hide spoiler

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    To Defy A King tells the story of Mahelt Marshal, favourite daughter of the powerful William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke At fourteen Mahelt is married to Hugh, eldest son of Roger and Ida Bigod Hugh s half brother is William of Salisbury known as William Longespee , and his half brother is King John The book is all about divided loyalties Hugh and Longespee have an uneasy relationship and Mahelt finds herself caught between the family she was born into and the one she married into As the country descends into civil war, Hugh and Mahelt find themselves on the opposite side to Longespee and to Mahelt s beloved father.I wasn t sure at first how much I would like Mahelt, who is very headstrong, a little spoiled and begins the book with a lot of growing up to do But while she does have the occasional Fallon Carrington moment, once she married Hugh I found myself totally on her side A paradox of historical fiction is that while readers usually prefer feisty heroines, in the past assertiveness was not appreciated in women and strong willed females usually suffered for their lack of pliability While Mahelt develops into a very appealing heroine, she pays the price for her rebelliousness than once.The theme of rebellion comes to the fore in the years leading up to Magna Carta, as the king s relationship with his barons steadily deteriorates While this novel is written from the point of view of the barons driven to breaking point by King John s abuse of his power, Elizabeth Chadwick brings balance to the narrative by allowing us to glimpse John s point of view My favourite character was Longespee, who is caught between his identification with his royal heritage, his loyalty to John and the connection he feels to his Bigod relatives Longespee can t manage to break free from his rivalry with Hugh, and this leads him into some misbehaviour, so I was glad that he eventually gets the opportunity to redeem himself.According to the author interview at the back of the book, this novel went through six drafts as a result, the text is as smooth and rich as hot chocolate, and just as delicious Enjoy

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    Once again, Elizabeth Chadwick perfectly blends together a well researched historical saga with a tender, caring romance Her characters are well drafted and I love the glimpses at daily medieval life alongside the sweeping major battles.For having an arranged marriage, I d say Mahelt got extremely lucky You couldn t ask for a better husband than Hugh Strong, jaw droppingly handsome, a great father, and always fighting for what s right those are just a few of his qualities Hugh never tried to reign Mahelt in or dampen her wild spirit and I loved that about him Did I mention how handsome he was There was one thing about the book that upset me though I absolutely loved the previous book, For the King s Favor and I completely fell in love with Roger Bigod along with Ida Roger and Ida are Hugh s parents and I was looking forward to seeing them again I fully understand Roger s conflict with Mahelt, and even enjoyed it, because they were such opposites Mahelt was so wild and Roger so by the book, it was fun to watch them butt heads as they became family However, I didn t like the portrayal of Roger s relationship with his wife at all It s disheartening as a reader to get so attached to characters and see them have their happily ever after, only to see it shattered in the next book It makes me wary that next time Hugh will be made out to be the bad guy and stop caring about Mahelt, even though he was so wonderful in this book.I really enjoyed this historical saga, even though some of my old favorites from the series weren t portrayed as I d sent by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewreviewed for

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    This was as well written as the rest of her books, but they just give me such anxiety now The characters paths to happiness are never easy and I always feel a little sad I don t like feeling sad.

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    Another amazing spirited emotional read from Elizabeth Chadwick This is a great follow up to The Scarlet Lion This time Chadwick takes us on the journey of Mahelt Marshal William s strong willed daughter If you have not read The Scarlet Lion that is OK This is a stand alone book If you love History and have not read Chadwick, you are missing out

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    Based on real life people, but extrapolated and embellished by Chadwick s imagination This continues the saga of the Marshal family through their daughter Mahelt who married into the Bigod family, another powerful family that controlled Eastern England We follow her as a young girl,her early betrothal and marriage to Hugh Bigod of Norfolk, her father s falling out of favor with the king John, and the decisions she and her husband have to make to stay afloat against the tides of war.From my perspective, it felt less the story of one woman but of two families While there is plenty of conflict throughout this book I felt no connection with Mahelt William Marshal s eldest and most favored daughter The author tried to present her as headstrong, high spirited,opinionated person,independent attitude and curiosity about politics etc but mature with age I did not get such an impression.I did not read it in this book For me, from the beginning of the book, she leaves the impression of a spoiler brat.I did not see her maturity with age I see her only as woman who makes hasty decisions she was, in fact, a powerful woman although much later in life Although the book has many characters I did not read a single sentence between Roger Bigod and his younger son Roger Bigod gives his opinion about everything but not about the arrest of his younger son, or Roger Bigod serious conversation with William Longespee since one is non stop around the king and king s half brother and another very important man in the king s administration as a lawyer considering the events and visiting, they should have some conversation in book although they are not the main characters but they are in almost every second ,third scene I m a bit sad though about how married life has turned out for Roger Bigod and Ida de Tosney in this book since their nice story is presented in the first book maybe the author could devote a little attention to their divergence But as I said before based on real life people, but extrapolated and embellished by Chadwick s imagination If you read only as a historical fiction romance, the both books are good Definitely not in the same class as authors pevious books on William Marshall so far her best books I ve read much better, thoroughly researched medieval fiction.

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