Пьесы. Стихотворения

Пьесы. Стихотворения , C C C C , C C C C C C C C C

Russian diplomat, playwright, poet, and composer He is recognized as homo unius libri, a writer of one book, whose fame rests on the verse comedy Woe from Wit or The Woes of Wit He was Russia s ambassador to Qajar Persia, where he and all the embassy staff were massacred by an angry mob following the rampant anti Russian sentiment that existed through the Treaty of Gulistan of 1813 and Treaty of Turkmenchay of 1828, and had forcefully ratified for Persia s ceding of its northern territories comprising Transcaucasia and parts of the North Caucasus.

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  • 800 pages
  • Пьесы. Стихотворения
  • Aleksandr Griboyedov
  • Russian
  • 11 February 2018

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